BumpWatch: Kate Hudson’s Grammy Gown

02/14/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Lester Cohen/WireImage

No more hiding that belly!

Kate Hudson stepped out Sunday in a form-fitting, backless navy dress as she supported beau Matthew Bellamy at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Calif.

“I’d like to give a shout-out to my beautiful, pregnant girlfriend over there,” the Muse frontman, 32, said as his group accepted the award for best rock album.

As for the sex of the baby, due in July, Bellamy says “it will be another surprise,” just as Hudson’s son Ryder, 7, was.

“We’re starting to agree on names,” the rocker told Entertainment Tonight. “Hopefully we’ll think of something last minute.”

— Sarah Michaud

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tink1217 on

well..it doesn’t look terrible, but it’s not my style..she definitely is glowing though!

Lynn on

Not a fan of the dress, but other than that she looks okay!

Mrs.B on

Yay, Muse won! Kate is glowing. I can’t really see the dress from the angle the picture is taken. The color is pretty and look great on her.

I can’t wait to hear what name they choose and I hope the baby is as talanted as Matt is.

stacey on

Well, she has a revolving door of men, no surprise of her pregnancy, she is beautiful, however, not the classiest of dresses!

klutzy_girl on

I don’t like the dress, but I do love her. And I think it’s adorable what Matt said about her being his “beautiful pregnant girlfriend”.

friendly on

so was all that chatter about her getting a breast augmentation false- was it just pregnancy? As for the dress- not a good look at all! I feel sorry for her- how long was hse with her boyfriend and who is he?

Lisa on

I like Kate Hudson but she kind of looks stuffed into this dress…not a good choice.

Selena on

Friendly- Muse! You’ve never heard of Muse? LOL I had to explain to my co-worker this morning that Muse is band.

mandii on


Zee on

Yeah, not loving the dress…looks like the straps to the back are there to keep her from busting out, when..normally..they’d probably look more glamorous. In any case, I do think the color is great on her.

Debbie on

“I don’t like the dress, but I do love her. And I think it’s adorable what Matt said about her being his “beautiful pregnant girlfriend””.

Really? I thought it was incredibly awkward. He laughed uncomfortably after saying it. I wonder if she made him acknowledge her.

I’m not a fan of the band, but I understand they do have some talent. Too bad they are becoming more known for the Twilight films & being Kate’s baby daddy.

Anyway, Kate is not one of those women who look good pregnant. And this look is no exception. I’m not one of those women who thinks you have to only wear baggy clothes when pregnant. But the dress is incredibly unflattering to her shape.

fuzibuni on

wow girl, work it!

Nella on

I also thought it was nice what Matt said about her. The dress is not my style in my opinion, especially if I was pregnant, but she is rocking it and it’s her style so if it works for her then that’s all that matters. She looks happy and that’s great to see. I am predicting a July baby for them, and probably a girl.

Amanda on

I’m with Debbie I’d love to say she looks great but I’d be lying. It definitely wasn’t the best dress for her body type. My guess is girl for them

B.R on

Debbie Muse has been around way before the Twilight books and films, they have a great following that will be there after the Twilight crazy is over and I really hope it ends soon. And saying they have some talent is just rude. You don’t have to like them but they have more then just some talent. Give credit where credit is due.

As for the dress anyone brave enough to wear a backless dress gets credit in my book. Doing it pregnant takes more guts then I will ever have. So congratulations on the bravery and the baby, can’t wait to hear the name.

Stella Bella on

I’m voting it’s a girl this time. She looked great when she was pregnant with Ryder. This one, she just looks like I did when I was pregnant with a girl!

amyhhung on

I don’t really like the dress. But I think Kate is pretty so she was still outstanding at the Grammy’s. I really like her since the movie “Almost Famous.”

Ali on

Not a fan of the dress here either. She is still a fave of mine though. I think she is having a boy.

Mrs.B on

Debbie, Matt is named one of the best guitarist of all time, and “the Hendrix of his generation”…far more than “just some talent”.

Muse were popular before Twilight actually Stephanie Meyer was listening to them when she wrote the books.

TT on

The dress is unflattering on her. She’s pregnant so she should dress with some class. This dress screams hooker attire. Kate is a beautiful woman, love her and her acting, and I’m happy for her and wish she has a happy and healthy baby, and would be even more special if it’s a girl, since she wants one so bad….but she could have dressed better. She looks gorgeous pregnant though.

Jill on

Who are all these men she dated that she was bound to get pregnant? Maybe she wanted to….

TV on

Probably going to get a lot of comments about this but that dress does not flatter her at all. In that dress her baby bump actually makes her look bloated more than anything else.

Sharon on

By the look on her face it looks like she is pushing her tummy out to make it look bigger!! or she just let one ripp (fart) LOL, but that dress looks terrible, for such a goood looking girl.

Emily on

BR I think Debbie was pointing out that it’s a shame that a band with such talent, though not of her taste, are being acquainted in mainstream media with a teen franchise.

Debbie, I also agree with what you said about Kate, she’s stunning but doesn’t manage to keep that hollywood perfection when she’s pregnant.

CelebBabyLover on

She looks great!

Hea on

Debbie – If you understand music you can see the greatness that is Muse. I’m not really a fan fan but they are good. They will be greater still.

Kate looks wonderful although I don’t fancy the dress and it’s quite a bad angle. It looks like the photographer snapped her pic just as she was about to turn around.

Jaedyn on

I vote for another boy 🙂 Either way, I bet they will pick out a name as beautiful as Ryder Russell. Ryder and Tyler are by far my fave boys names, so… Hoping for another nice name 🙂

collete on

why is kate classless when she’s following almost the exact same trajectory as ‘queen of class’ gwynnie?!

hayley on

is sadly not shocked by the bitchy comments about kates old boyfriends, how she looks pregnant ect ect , its become the norm here rather than say something opinion based is just a sarky little comment here and there, online bullys…lets hope your children don’t copy the behaviour you display.

i am not a huge fan of the dress, but the colour is lovely and she looks glowing xxx we as women don’t always get it right. good try though.

Shannon on

I blame the pregnancy hormones. 🙂

Lis on

I just think she is so excited to show off her bump, hence the choice of dress! And I find it to be too cute that she (seems) to love her baby bump! I personally ❤ baby bumps too!!!

Sasha on

Hey, if she likes it then it is fine with me. Get it Kate! LOL

Terri on

Interesting dress. I’m not crazy around the gold, but I guess you need something to keep it together!

Shannon on

Love her, but not a fan of the dress. It looks like a home ec project gone wrong.

Brooklyn on

Not a fan of the dress…I think she could’ve picked a better colour and shape of a dress!

Tessa on

Looks trashy

Em on

I don’t like the dress. Reminds me of Elizabeth Hurley’s infamous Versace dress.

I hope it’s a girl. I’ve never been good at guessing baby’s sex. (I’m actually always wrong) But they really want a girl so…

citygirl on

She’s skanky. Always looks as if she is in need of a shower.

megan on

She’s pretty. But that dress looks like a homemade early 90s clubbing dress. Blech. Kate can afford nicer dresses than that

momofboys on

that is the ugliest maternity dress I’ve ever seen!

Sarah S. on

I loathe that dress on her. It looks so trashy and not suitable for a maternity dress. Sorry Kate, this time you fail.

Lily on

Though not a huge fan of Kate’s acting–think she’s an interesting person. As far as Muse is concerned, they are brilliant musicians whose worst songs have been chosen for the Twilight movies. Having seen them three times this year and often before can state they are much better live. Also, Matt, Dom and Chris are notoriously shy about speaking in public and rarely do so. Well deserved. Good luck to Matt, Kate, Ryder and the baby and Chris, Kelly and their five.

nettrice on

I think she look like a pregnant rocker and totally appropriate for the event. She also looks like she has boobs for a change… real ones, not implants.

allison on

I agree with a lot of you-Kate is a beautiful woman but that dress is doing her no favors! What was Rachel Zoe thinking?

Amanda on

That gown does look odd on her because she’s pregnant. She’s so beautiful, wish she would have worn something befitting of her style.

Lady on

Not a fan of the dres….or her…but I love babies & blessings sent to her & Matt!!

I didnt really know too much about the band before the Grammys…im into diff kinds of music…but let me just say..they ROCKED OUT…i loved their performance…they were jammin!!!

blabla on

well that dress looks just ghastly. i really don’t like her.
too bad matt broke up with gaia polloni…those two made such a cute couple.