Buddy Valastro Welcomes Son Carlo Salvatore

02/14/2011 at 06:30 PM ET
Courtesy TLC

Fresh out of the oven!

Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro is a dad for the fourth time, his rep tells PEOPLE.

Valastro’s wife Lisa, who also appears on the TLC show, gave birth to son Carlo Salvatore Valastro on Monday, Feb. 14 at 5:11 p.m.

The baby boy was born at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston N.J., weighing in at 7 lbs., 3 oz. and measuring 20 inches long.

“We feel so blessed to welcome a healthy new baby into our family,” Valastro, 33, tells PEOPLE. “Lisa’s doing great and we can’t wait to bring Carlo home.”

Carlo joins elder sibligs Sofia, 7, Buddy, 6, and Marco, 3, at home in Hoboken, N.J., where Valastro runs Carlo’s Bakery.

The baby’s names each honor a man close to the family’s heart: Carlo, for the man Valastro’s father took over the business from, and Salvatore for Sal Picinich, who worked in the shop as a baker for more than four decades and whom Valastro considered to be a second father. Picinich lost his battle with cancer in January.

TLC will air a one-hour special celebrating the new baby on Sunday, March 6 at 9/8c, capturing the family preparing for his arrival, Lisa’s baby shower, and the birth of Carlo.

— Charlotte Triggs

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Selena on

Yay! A Valentine Baby! Congrats!

jen on

Congrats!!!! Im sure the baby is so cute!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see pictures! : )

Anonymous on

Wow, that was quick…not even two hours ago. The name seems fitting. Looking forward to seeing the special air in a few weeks.

Mallory on

Good gracious, they didn’t waste any time making the announcement! LOL! Congrats to the family, another solid Italian name! And how sweet that he got his middle name after Sal who just passed away. πŸ™‚

Indira on

I really like the name salvatore! congrats to them!

Kat_momof3 on

Lovely! I love seeing Buddy talk about his family, his wife, and how much he loves them all… you can tell he’s a great husband, father, son, brother, etc.

I wish him and his wife and children all the best with their new addition!

Lisa on

That’s the fastest announcement Ive ever seen! Was People mag in the delivery room or what?? LOL, anyway congrats!!

Meghan on

I thought for sure that they were having a girl! But another boy will be a great addition.

I love the Italian name, and it is nice that they are honoring Sal who they just lost. As a longtime fan of the show and this family, congratulatons to the whole Valastro crew!

Meghan on

Congrats! And I have to agree, I can’t believe how quickly that birth announcement went up! What a great birthday though.

Regina on

Congrats Buddy & Lisa!!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

Erika on

At first, I wanted them to have a little girl, but I am happy that they had a boy so they could add a tribute to Sal! I’m sure he is beautiful, just like their other 3 kids are! Can’t wait for cake boss tonight!

Mimz on

Congrats to the whole Cake Boss family! I guess everyone else was holding down the fort at the bakery on one of their busiest days of the year! They must have been so excited and busy. I would have loved to hear the cheers when it was announced in the store. Love the name!

Amy on

Aw I grew up with 3 younger brothers too. God bless Sofia though, haha!

missy on

Congrats to the family! When I was a child, I lived right around the corner from the hospital that Carlo was born in. This post brought back some fond memories:)

Jennifer on

What a wonderful valentines day gift, and the fastest announcment ever! I read the headline and was like “Hmm when?” then thought that said 5am and then was like, whoa, that was like a few hours ago! haha! Congrats to the beautiful family!

Nella on

Congrats on the new addition! Valentine’s day baby!! Yay! I’m so happy for them, they seem to be in love and it’s great to see that.

Amanda on

Congrats to the family! I just love how devoted to his family Buddy seems on his shows and this baby will no doubt be as loved as his brothers and sister.

fuzibuni on

Strong name! It flows really well… Carlo Salvatore Valastro. Nice!

Laura on

I agree, very strong name! They are a very cute family. Congrats to them!

Mina on

How wonderful! I love this show and this guy and they seem like great parents. I am sure if it was a girl they would have named her Carla Sally or something. Its nice to know his name has meaning and it goes well with the other names. And the name sounds wonderful too. Soo happy for them. Its refreshing to see such loving people, even of people who arent blood, but just as much family! =)

Sarah S. on

I am sure they had their hearts set on the name already, but wouldn’t be nice if they named him Carlo Valentino for the day he was born? Anyway, congrats to the family!!

eternalcanadian on

Oh that is wonderful news! I enjoy Cake Boss and just saw the show where they announced to the family the pregnancy (yeah, a bit behind here!) and Buddy’s sisters were guessing if it would be a boy or girl. The needle and thread trick suggested it would be a girl, and I guess it was wrong! πŸ˜›

Also especially nice Buddy and Lisa remembered Sal in naming the new baby. And naming the baby after the bakery? Hah, that’s pretty cool!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Buddy and Lisa! I can’t wait to see that episode!

TV on

Congratulations to Buddy and Lisa. Can’t wait to see the one hour special that TLC will have leading up to little Carlo’s birth. I’m guessing that’s the reason why the birth announcement on the newest Valastro went out so quickly.

Shannon on

Love all the children’s names!

Shannon on

@ eternalcanadian: Carlo is the baby’s grandfather as well as Buddy’s legal name, so he’s a third generation name, not named after the bakery πŸ™‚ Love that they honored Sal too!

tanya on

Congratulations Buddy and Lisa!!

Molly on

Does anyone know what Buddy’s real name is–is it Carlo? Then what is his son Buddy’s real name?

Amanda on

Shannon, Buddy’s real name is Bartolo which was also his father’s name and is his oldest son’s name, so it is a multigenerational name…just isn’t Carlo. Carlo is the name of the man who Buddy’s father got the bakery from. I’m sure, given this family’s nature/culture, that they were very close to him like he was family. Either way, it has special meaning to them and the bakery is a big part of their life.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them both as well as their families! I love his show and I’ll certainly tune in for the show on March 6th.

Crimpe on

I don’t know this family, but I think that is one fabulous name they gave him.

Mandy on

Yippee a Valentines baby!!!! Congrats and what a name to live up to!

eternalcanadian on

@ Shannon, Carlo is the name of the person Buddy’s father, Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Senior, took over the bakery from. Buddy’s sister Grace named her daughter Bartolina after her father.

Linda on

Congratulations to my favorite baker and his wife Lisa…..Carlo is beautiful…..Hey Buddy, are you taking some maternity leave? I can fill in for you if you like……If Only!!!!!! Happy Happy Valentines….I love the gift your wife gave you…..Congrats again…..


Julie Major on

congradulations Buddy & Lisa on your new son Carlo he is beautiful enjoy your 4th as you did your first 3 there beautiful children again Happy Valentines day to you and your Family

FC on

Aww, a V-Day baby. Talk about a true gift of love there. Congrats to them, and I’ll be checking out the TV special, too.

jenni on

love these guys! congrats!

Amy on

Congrads on your new baby we love the show and how it shows how real familys are and how you make things work in the hardest of times.

Ann mela on

Congrats to Buddy & Lisa, May God Bless Baby Carlo Salvatore.I watch your show all the time, I would not miss it and some times I watch it over and over. Being a native New Yorker and Italian it brings back so many memories of ny child hood and growing up in a Italian family. My father had seven brothers and two sisters and they always played jokes on each other as you do with the family. Love you guys ! Bless you all with good health. Can’t wait to see the new cooking show….

melaine on

hope you love your son buddy your cakes are awsom i wish you could make my daughter a cake she would like a cake that has a hawkeye football stadim with some people on binches and the football plyers on the field. your wife looks relly nice i love that you guys love each other.

Evelyn on

Happy Valentine’s Day…congrats on a beautiful baby boy, best wishes..

Pat Dazis on

Congratulations on the new baby. I am so sorry to hear about Sal.. I only found out today. I know he is happy to be remembered in such a lovely way.
God Bless

Kim on

CONGRATS!!!!!I am sure he is as handsome as his daddy and as sweet as his Momma!!!We love you guys and wish you nothing but the best!!!!!Can’t wait to see the show today!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to the new addition!!!! We had our Baby girl on Valentines Day πŸ™‚ That is def one heck of a Valentines Day gift!

m. on

hi but what does the name buddy stand for?is it short for another name?

Isabella on




Erin on

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful
Son. He has joined a wonderful , fun, loving
family. May his life continue to bring you countless
Joy, and blessings.