Victoria Beckham: ‘I Do Not Know the Sex of My Baby!’

02/13/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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Victoria and David Beckham already their hands full with three sons: Brooklyn Joseph, 11, Romeo James, 8, and Cruz David, 5½.

Will their fourth child be their latest addition to the boys’ club?

“I can go on the record and say contrary to rumors, I do not know the sex of my baby!” the expectant mom, 36, told USA Today at the launch of her latest fashion show in N.Y.C.

And despite the likely anticipation over whether the couple will have their first girl, they still haven’t decided whether or not to eventually find out the sex.

The fashionista says she and her soccer star husband, 35, simply “feel so lucky and blessed” to be adding on to their family.

Plus, there’s the obvious benefit to one more son. “We know what to do with boys,” she quips, adding that Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are “excited about having a little brother to teach how to play soccer.”

And if it’s a little girl joining the family? Says Victoria: “We’d be over the moon as well.”

— Rennie Dyball

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Sharon on

If she so much wants a girl, she will find out the sex!! and if she states that they did not find out the sex of their child, I Will Not Believe That For a Minute!!

klutzy_girl on

I’m still really hoping (and thinking) this one is a girl! It took them a really long time to deny the baby girl rumors!

Crystal on

Sharon-That’s just rude! She may not know the sex. It may be too early and also they may want the surprise. My uncle and aunt had two boys when they got pregnant with their third child. My uncle DESPERATELY wanted a little girl. They decided NOT to find out the sex and when my aunt went in for her scheduled c-section it ended up being a girl. We were all shocked because no one knew the sex. It was a very nice surprise. I am hoping for a little girl for the Beckhams but if it is another boy that will be wonderful too. Children are blessings. With all the infertility and everything I believe her when she says they are happy to be expecting again and it is a true blessing!

SP on

I don’t understand the whole I-must-have-both-a-boy-and-a-girl mentality. As a mom to 3 little boys I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if we’ll “try for that girl.” Nope! I tell those people that someday we’ll have 3 daughters-in-law. Our lives are very blessed with our boys and we wouldn’t do a single thing to change that.

Barbara.M on

I really hope she has a baby girl she’d be the next Suri Cruz =D

Mizzchel on

@Sharon. That was rude…and very childish. It makes more sense they would want it to be a surprise. They are obviously happy to be having another child…no matter what the sex.

B.R on

SP I so agree with you, there is no need to have both, as long as your kids are happy and health truly does it matter what they have between their legs? Honestly. It just like people that keep asking my husband and I do we plan on adopting a little baby since all of our kids were adopted later in life. Our first son was 10 when we met him and it took a year to adopt him, our second son was 9 when we met him and almost 15 by the time adoption was final, and our daughter was 14. And my answer is always the same no I don’t want a baby. I will be a grand mother some day and have babies to play with until then I am happy with where I am with three teens in the house, and we if are to add a forth child to the family, it would be an older child as well, the one that we know would never be adopted other wise.

As for the Beckham family I hope it’s a boy. Having three older brother would be awesome and like she said they already know what to do with a boy.

frid on

I’m pretty sure it’s a girl. In CA there is a clinic where you can decide the sex of your baby- it’s expensive- but hey, they are rich- and image is everything to those two. And it would look so “perfect” with three boys and a girl….

hayley on

i love that some people really think they ‘know’ what some one is going to do ro whats going on in their womb lol ,

snd to be fair sharon i doubt she cares what you Believe or what you don’t because lets face its….nothing to do with us ,

in fact she would be well within her rights to keep every from now untill then to herself

i hope the baby is healthy ….gender does NOT matter

Mandy on

I’m happy she’s expanding her family. I hope she does get a girl this time. Any person who says that they don’t want one sex over the other is lying. It’s in our genes to prefer one however how you deal with that disappointment is the key. With me I really wanted a girl first, but I would have been happy with a boy had I been having one. My 12 week ultrasound showed a girl! Had it shown a boy I still would have been ecstatic since I’m happy to be expanding my family and my baby is healthy. I know she’d like to have a girl but as she said she knows how to raise a boy and I bet she won’t be upset in the slightest if it turns out to be a boy. I understand completely what she means.

Bianca on

I think the most important thing is that the baby is healthy. Still I would understand if they were hoping for a little girl to join their three boys. So let’s just wait and see what gender this baby will have…

Suzi on

I so love Victoria Beckham! She carries herself with a lot of class and she has a beautiful family. I am happy for her and her family and I wish she has a girl. All the best to you Victoria and David!

K on

Bet its a boy.

Angela on

Totally agree, SP, Hayley and Bianca. I hope she has a healthy baby, as health is way more important than gender. Families can be perfect with one gender. My family happens to have both (two girls with a boy in the middle), and it could not be more perfect.

WildCat on

I hope she has another boy. I always wanted four boys and wound up with just two (no girls). A girl is nice, but I have always preferred boys and boys are easier to raise when they get to that teen era.

Sky on

I believe her.

WildCat on

I hope they have their fourth son – a little brother for the three big guys to protect and to “roughhouse” with as he grows bigger !!
I wonder if he/she will be born in the UK or the US??

Halley on

Its bologna to say that you “have” to prefer one gender over the other. Thats completely nuts. I am pregnant with #2 and would be THRILLED if we got another boy. My son is the light of my life, and I would be lucky to have another child as great as he is. I am sure she would be thrilled with four boys.

Hea on

“If she so much wants a girl, she will find out the sex!!” – Sharon

Why? It’s not as if it would change anything if the baby is a boy? I bet they just want a healthy and happy baby.

maria on

To those people who said “why do people have to have a need for a specific gender” thats crazy. Everyone wants a healthy child but sometimes people want to have that princess or prince in their life. Who are you to judge. You are doing the same thing as the other people are doing.

Lacey on

I don’t think that they really care what gender they have. It’s the press and public that are caring and hoping it’s a girl.

june on

one thing for sure, it will be what it will be !! all the talk won’t change a thing….

JMO on

Honestly when you have 3 of the same sex you don’t know any different so of course you would say it means nothing to add another of the same gender. But I’m sure if it was a girl they’d be so overly joyed by it.

And it’s just normal for people to assume you want the opposite sex of wwhat you already have. No need to get your panties in a twist over it. Just let the comments slide.

Sky on

I think they’d love a girl but would be thrilled to get another boy. Even if you want one sex over the other, I sincerely doubt you still feel that way when you see your newborn baby for the first time.

Julia A on

Some people sure have made a lot of assumptions about this family without actually knowing them. I get the feeling that it’s another boy (pure guess), but it’ll be great either way.

Indira on

Well said June!

plussize4you on

Well my main thought is that as long as the baby is healthy and mother come get through, the sex doesn’t really matter I am sure the new baby will be loved just the same as the other children.

Sherron on

SP-I thought the same thing as you, I have three sons as well. One of my daughter in laws is Mexican so she doesn’t recognize me and my husband at all as family! She only recognizes her family! My second daughter in law is an attorney very smart but weird as hell ( my son is about to divorce her). My third son is still single. The good news is we have a beautiful grand daughter and I have been a foster parent for three years to a beautiful young lady. So it is all good.

Bree on

I am one of those people that wants one of each and I have no problem admiting that and I see nothing wrong with it, my husband feels the same and we are willing to adopt if we are unable to naturaly have a boy and a girl (although we will most likely adopt anyway)

So excited for the Beckhams and whether they have another boy or a girl this little one is going to be adorable!!

Tee on

I am really surprised at some of these comments! I don’t understand why you would call this woman or any other woman a liar!

Tammy on

They’ll be thrilled no matter what sex it is. Any mother knows the most important thing is a healthy baby.

Shannon on

I guess we’ll find out in a few months! 🙂

Victoria on

SP I’m a daughter-in-law to a mother of 4 boys and have to say my mother in law is beyond great, I wouldnt change her for anything, my own mum died when I was 21 just 2 years later she came into my life and has been a wonderful mother to me. She now has 4 of us girls on her side and granddaughters too so she’s no longer outvoted by the men! All her sons have a fantastic relationship with her and i’m sure if Victoria Beckham has a fourth boy she’ll be just as pleased and doting.

As for where the new bundle will be born, she had Cruz in Spain so I wouldn’t rule out a US delivery! I think most people in the UK thinks she’s having a girl and I personally would love to see David with his little princess! Good luck to her anyway I’m sure if she’s got any sense she’ll be just happy that their baby arrives safely and is healthy.

Ratty on

Sharon, my parents really really wanted a girl when they were pregnant with my sister, but they never found out the sex. My Mum said that if she found out and it was a boy she’d be disappointed for the rest of the pregnancy, but if she waited till he was born than it would only be a few seconds of disappoint before she fell in love with him. Needless to say, it wasn’t a problem because she had a girl, but your comment is rather harsh, given you have no real idea of Victoria’s thought processes on the topic.

Devon on

I tend to believe VB when she says that she doesn’t know. She absolutely loves her boys and if they had another boy he would be so loved as well. Her and David are great parents and you can tell they have a great relationship with their kids. I’m sure they’d like a girl (most people want both sexes) but it’s really not up to them or us. The baby has already decided what it’s going to be and all this arguing is a mute point.

Kay on

I am telling my age here (not that I care [56])but there was a time not so very long ago when that was not an option. You found out the gender on the delivery room table!! Oh, they had all the old wive’s tales about how you carry the baby (high or low), whether you had morning sickness and how bad, etc. They were all guesses.

Then for genetic purposes, they were able to determine the gender before the birth. However, you only got such tests if you were in a risk category for certain genetic diseases. Everyone else had to wait.

Then ultrasound came along. And, at first, this, too was only used in limited circumstances. But it became more and more common, and now it’s considered the norm to know the babys sex/gender before birth. A few families where I go to church opt to wait until delivery, but I think most of us want to know as soon as we can. Besides, it helps w/gift selection and decorating.

I’m sure you all enjoyed this little history lesson re: determining the gender of an unborn baby. LOL

Kay on

@frid – How successful is that clinic in achieving the desired sex? Or do you know.

SAR on

Oh, they’ll find out. And I thought it was David more than Victoria who really, really wanted a girl.

One thing that’s for sure: the new baby will be extremely cute. Their boys are very handsome.

momofboys on

there are enough postings on this. But me personally am TIRED of people saying, ‘I hope it’s a girl’. I have three boys and I LOVE them. People ask me all the time if I’m going to try for a girl. No! God gave me three healthy little boys and I could care less about having a girl. My life IS complete! Whether she has a boy or girl, I hope it’s healthy.

cman on

as i have 3 daughters and a son….let’s pray that u’ll have the same children but opposite sex, 3 sons and a daughter. boys to take their dad’s footsteps and a girl to take her mom’s. god bless the family.

Samantha on

I believe her. They didn’t find out the gender of their boys in advance, so I have no reason to suspect they are lying about this one. Heck, I have no reason to suspect they are lying at all, I don’t know them! Based on her comments, I 100% believe they will be happy regardless of gender.

I think there are people who would prefer certain genders, and others who just don’t care, and for whatever reason, people have a hard time understanding the opposing perspective. My husband and I honestly had no preference one way or the other, but I know my own mom had a strong preference during both her pregnancies, and was fortunate to get her wishes both times. I only have a single child, and am not planning to have another, but if I did, I wouldn’t care if I had a boy or a second daughter. It really just doesn’t matter to me. I have seen friends and family be disappointed recently that their second child was the same gender as their first, and they both plan to continue having more children until the achieve the opposite sex. I may not have that same view, but it’s their choice and their lives and they can do whatever makes them happy.

cj on

FRID…what a rude comment saying because she lives in Calif. & is rich, she can PLAN the sex of her child?? NOT>>>> we here in california are not aliens or freaks, we just live in beautiful weather 10 months of the year. and the Beckmans seem like fantastic, real, great & loving parents. look at their boys!! so well behaved all the time.

Italy on

I have to say I have been on this post a little bit for different stories and have only made one or two small comments, however it seems to me that everyone is so judgmental of what others say. People have a right to their opinion as you have a right to yours, so why is everyone so mean to everyone.

Darian71 on

There is no way this baby is not a girl. I am sure they used PGD and IVF to finally have a girl. Good for them for going after what they want!

Annie Catalano on

Life only hands out so many good surprises. Take them where ever you can get them. Not knowing the gender of the baby until the moment its born is one of life’s wonderful ones!

jessicad on

Well said Samantha!

I see problem with wanting a certain gender, or not. I really wanted a girl for personal reasons and fortunately I got that wish. I would have loved a son just as much, but I really wanted a daughter and I’m beyond grateful for her. People shouldn’t feel bad or selfish for what they want.

Darian71 on

I am sure the baby is a girl and that they used IVF and pgd to finally get her. Good for them for going after what they want!

Erika on

Growing up, my father always said that no man’s life is complete until he has a daughter. I have brothers, so he had sons too, but just bonded with us girls in such a great way! So I really hope that David gets to have a daughter. Plus girls are so much more fun to dress, and fun to shop for, so I think it would be great for Victoria!

steph on

those who thinks she went to a clinic to chose the sex of her baby what will happen when its born a boy? will that mean she went and they made a mistake or that she didnt go?


betc on

I think the reason why people get so upset when asked if they are going to “try” for a child of the opposite gender, (if they already have a child or children of one particular gender) is that the question implies that you are disappointed if you have another child of the same gender. That’s why people get sensitive about it, you assume by asking them that question that they would be upset if they had another boy, or another girl. As for this family, it is the same kind of thing, assuming that they would use medical procedures to ensure that they had a child of a certain gender is rude and implies that they would be disappointed of they had another boy.

J on

Really tired of way too many comments being labeled rude just because some don’t agree.

Fani on

Who cares if it’s a boy or girl as long as it is a healthy baby?

Durelle on

Ya know. She never looks “over the moon” about anything. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile. For the love of God, I hope she is feeding that baby!!!!

Cyndee on

I had 4 boys and went to a fertility specialist to have my husband”s sperm spun down to girl vs boy. It does happen; I had a girl 9 months later!!

Amanda on

What makes anyone think they know how this couple got pregnant or if they know the sex of the baby or not? They might not have cared that much, and if they already have 3 that were delivery room surprises they might like that surprise aspect.

I have preferred a certain gender with all my pregnancies but I also didn’t care THAT much, it was a slight preference I would have never done anything to ‘choose’ the sex. We had two daughters first and I WANTED a girl the second time around, I wanted my daughter to have a sister and I always felt like a ‘girl mom’. But when we tried for our 3rd I felt like a little boy would be great…and we had a little boy! i’m pregnant with our 4th and I’ll admit I’d prefer another boy, my girls are so much older now that it’d be nice for my son to have a brother close in age. Girls and boys are definitely different, I wouldn’t say either is easier or ‘better’ in any way though. If we have another girl, that’ll be great too. I thought I was having a miscarriage right after I found out I was pregnant and so I’m thankful for a healthy baby either way, but I won’t deny a slight preference and I do believe that’s pretty normal.

Alice on

Huh cj where did Frid say it as negative or rude? If rich people can choose the sex of their kid how is it an insult?

Anyway, I believe them. I think its kind of mean to imply that they’re lying or shallow just because everybody *thinks* they desperately want a girl. It’s like, they can’t just decide to have another baby.
I do hope it’s a girl but that’s just me and I bet they don’t care.

Katie on

Who cares? They’re pregnant, they’re happy. If they have a boy, YAY! If they have a girl, YAY!!

Crystal on

@J- It is okay to disagree but when you are calling someone a liar when you don’t know them personally that is rude. If you can’t see that then something’s wrong with you(was that rude?).

JMO on

if she did it the old natural way she is more then likely to get a boy as after 3 of the same sex your chances increase you’ll get the same gender. The only sure way to assure a girl is gender selection and or adoption!

SAR on

No, she never does look “over the moon” about anything. She’s not the kind to smile in public. Oh well. Not everyone is.

Ginger on

Sherron I really think you misunderstood what SP was saying about having daughter in laws one day. I think you have your own problems with your “happy family”. And I also think you come off as a bit judgemental by saying your Mexican daughter in law doesn’t recognize you as family, I have to say I can’t blame her!

Ali on

Congrats to them on the impending bundle of joy! I hope they keep having kids cause they make gorgeous ones!

I love that Victoria has always seemed so into being a mom to her four sons and has never been all, “I want a girl so bad!” She just obviously wants a healthy, happy baby and that is awesome! I HAVE heard David in interviews talking about how HE wants a little girl pretty badly though…but, never Victoria. She is always very diplomatic about it and says she would be happy with either gender. Love that!

I think it’s normal to want one of each too. I don’t have kids and am not planning on any in the near future but when I do have them I would love to have one of each, with 3 as the maximum number of kids I give birth to. If I have 3 boys…that’s God’s plan for me and I am done. Shop is closed. No more! I will just see that as what I was meant to have and be very happy with it! 🙂

Jill on

There are many people who do not find out the sex of their babies. My cousin is one of them. Some people just don’t want to not and love the element of surprise.

I get how some people want both a boy and a girl, but I don’t get why people assume that everyone does….because that is not true. My cousin last night said she wants all boys and if she has a girl great. My sister wanted all boys.

I also don’t get why people hope and wish and pray for things that they don’t know if people want. Unless you really know what they want, just wish for a healthy baby.

mommyof2 on

I don’t understand all these mean, negetive comments. I agree with whoever it was that said “we all can’t seem to understand each other, those that want a certain gender and those that could care less”. I have a daughter and a son and I love them both the same, they are SO different and I love it!! I wanted a girl so bad when I was pregnant the first time and I got my girl 🙂 Then when I was pregnant with my son I wanted another girl and I got a boy instead….and ya know what? I am SO glad!! I love them both the same, they are both so fun!! I do have a friend who has all girls (4 of them) and she has no desire to try for a boy and I have another friend who has all boys (3 of them) and she and her husband really want to try for a girl, so to each his own. I never got offended when someone asked me if I wanted to try for a boy before I had my son, there is no point, that is silly. I am happy for them either way!!

Ali on

Ooops, I meant to say THREE sons but I said four! Sorry!! Maybe it’s a sign!!?

Kellie on

Durelle- What a dumb comment, all her children have been healthy. You don’t have to like the women but don’t look like an idiot please.

Darian71- I didn’t know you where there when the baby was concieve. What was it like, what were they wearing????? I need details.

ligia on

I’m sure it is a girl and with the money that they have they pick the sex with a very good and expensive treatment. Just poor people have to wait for God’s way, rich people buy they way trhu….lol

Darian71 on

Don’t you mean were and conceived?? Try to get your grammar right next time….

Whaaat? on


How harsh. I’m one happens to agree with Durelle’s comment. Victoria’s lack of enthusiasm in front of cameras is well known and commented upon. Her size and rumors about her weight and eating habits are also well documented. Durelle isn’t the first to hope Victoria is eating for the sake of her unborn child, nor will she be the last.

While I couldn’t care less what gender the unborn Beckham is, I find it odd, perplexing and even a bit sad that so many are wishing a girl upon this couple. While David seems to be an ok guy (based on what I’ve heard and read in the media), Victoria seems to have some body and self-esteem issues (also from what I’ve read). Given the problems with body image, materialism, etc., that many girls and young women today face, it would be sad for a little girl to be born to a mother who is obssessed with her image, namely her size and looks.

eileen hill on

A boy or a girl, just good luck Victoria!!!

Holiday on

I wonder if she did IVF for a girl? She has stated in many interviews that she wants to have a girl. Honestly and I know this sounds bad, I would be pretty sad to have 3 or 4 boys and no girls. I had a boy first and wanted a girl SO badly and now I have a 5 year old boy and 9 month old daughter.

eileen hill on

Boy or girl who cares. It is their live, let them be…

carey on

I believe her I think they are not obsessed by the child’s gender but the rest of the world is. I don’t think the beckhams are the type of people who would go for gender selection. They are soo british even if they live in america and in UK gender selection is forbidden. So I’m pretty sure she prefers to conceived the baby naturally and leave the baby’s sex to faith.

Lisa on

To each their own. . .I never cared to have either a boy or a girl only a healthy baby. I did, however, want all my children to be the same sex so we were either doing boys or we were doing girls (that sounds so crazy now but when you are pregnant sometimes your thinking is a little off!) Anyway, girls it was for me and that was great, although I was somewhat surprised that not one of my little girls was the dancer/gymnast I was hoping for. Little did I know they would grow up to be kiss a– volleyball, basketball and softball players. Go figure, sometimes you get what you NEED and not what you want. I would not change a thing!

Laura on

@Kellie I’m gonna take a wild guess and say they weren’t wearing anything 😉

I always thought I wanted to have a boy first, but when I found out I was pregnant all I could think was ‘omg this is my baby! I’m going to be someone’s mom!!” I didn’t care whether it was a boy or a girl because either way it was my baby. Unfortunately, my pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and I’ll never know. Sure there may be a slight hope for a certain gender but I honestly do believe the hope for a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby takes precedence over a particular gender. Every baby is a blessing and should be treated as such, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl 🙂

Stephanie on

If they had used gender selection, they would have had to do IVF AND “discarded” the unwanted embryos. There are also places that “spin” the sperm to increase the chances of one gender, which does NOT involve discarding embryos, but does require fertility meds to make sure there are eggs that are mature.

Although they *might have* done that, the Beckhams don’t strike me as that type. I honestly believe she would be happy either way.

Just an aside, but we intentionally did not find out the gender of our kids. It was a surprise both times! There are so few things that are a surprise anymore, so it was nice.

Mia on

I do hope they have a girl–they have been pretty honest @ wanting a daughter. After 3 boys-it would probably be nice to do something different.

And just to add-if you have 3 boys or 3 girls…doesn’t necessary mean you will have daughter-in-laws or son-in-laws. If someone is gay it will be more boys to the family-or-girls!

Emily on

Hmm these comments are interesting…it’s a hard one. If I was Victoria I think I would want a girl after having 3 boys. My mum was really particular about what she wanted when she was pregnant. She wanted 3 girls and ended up with 2 girls and a boy (which she is really happy with. I think it has rubbed off on me a bit – For personal health reasons it would be better if I had a girl and I would like a girl, however I do find it refreshing hearing mums-to-be saying they want a boy or simply don’t mind at all.

CelebBabyLover on

Whaaat?- I get where Kellie’s coming from. Victoria was quite skinny throughout her first three pregnancies and all three boys were healthy, so obviously she knows how to keep a growing baby healthy…..and thus we probably don’t really need to worry about whether she’s eating enough!

I also want to point out that Victoria would have to be SEVERELY starving herself in order for the baby to be unhealthy, and she’d probably be in very bad shape long before the baby. This is because, when a woman is pregnant, her body makes the baby a priorty. That means that the baby will get whatever it needs even if it means the mother won’t get everything SHE needs. If need be, the baby will even draw nutrients from the mother’s tissues (such as calcium from bones and teeth) to get what it needs.

Jill- I understand where you’re coming from, but in this case, we know that David at least really wants a girl.

Ali- I agree! Victoria HAS spoken about how she’d like a girl, but she always follows that up by saying she would be just as happy with a fourth boy. For that reason, I doubt they did gender selection.

Kay- I totally agree! I also want to add a little bit to what you said about not being able to tell gender before birth not that long ago. In addition to old wives’ tales, some doctors would various “tests” they would use to determin gender before birth. Naturally, though, their accuracy wasn’t the best, and when the tests WERE right, it was probably just dumb luck.

The ob/gyn my grandmother used when she was pregnant was one of those doctors who had test they would perform to determin gender. Not only that, but this doctor was known for having a high accuracy rate with his test. He performed it on my grandmother several times throughout her pregnancy, and each time the results showed she was having a boy.

Well, imagine the doctor’s surprise when my mother popped out and proved that test wrong! From what my grandmother understood, the doctor quit using that test after that! LOL!

Point being, it’s interesting to think of how pre-birth gender determination has evolved.

As for Victoria and David’s baby on the way….I have to admit I’m hoping for a girl! I’m curious as to what a girl combo of David and Victoria would look like, and I think David would be adorable with a daddy’s girl!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and a little bulletin to the Beckham boys: You can also teach a sister how to play soccer! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Laura- ROFLOL!

Janey on

They are great parents, I don’t understand why people are calling them liars. Victoria seems to be genuinely happy she is having another baby, regardless of the gender.

Kresta on

I have 3 adult children and I am so glad I never knew the sex of my babies until they were born. I am nearly 52 and I never even had a scan with my first baby who was born in 1981. I shall always treasure the surprise at each of my children’s births. I know that finding out the sex of my children at birth will be the biggest surprises of my life.

Emmy on

Holiday, hope you do not have anymore kids then, because ” God forbid you have another boy”! I think its rude of you to say that it would be so bad to have three or four boys with no girls wth????? that is a insult to women who happened to have all boys! I happen to have both genders and i think that women who have the one gender are so lucky, especially all boys as i think brothers have great relationships as adults. Thats just my opinion and i know that is your opinion. Fine.

Gianna on

Look at Victoria Beckham…she has the sense to say she’d be very happy with another boy, because she realizes that a healthy baby is a blessing and because she is sensitive to her boys’ feelings. This unlike that loser Zac Brown who comments “We’re going to keep going until we get that boy” not caring that his website posted that comment along with the birth announcement of his newest daughter.

Nancy on

As a mom of 1 adopted child, I also get tired of people asking if we are going to adopt again. What is wrong with deciding to have 1 child? What if a person cannot afford to adopt again? Why are people so nosy? I would never dream of asking a fertile person if they are going to have more kids or a boy/girl.

TJ on

I love boys! Girls are hard! Yep I said it. Just think of how much this girl would be photographed and watched constantly, commented on her “style” and etc. Nightmare for her.

Durelle on

Yes,her children look healthy b/c they were hungry and they eat when they are hungry now. She’s a waif, looks like she comes from a starving 3rd world country. doesn’t matter if I like her or not. The truth is the truth. You’re the idiot if you can’t see the obvious. Maybe you have an eating disorder too.
Dumb A**

samantha on

If they are BOTH so happy, why is it that we NEVER see a photo of her smiling!! EVER!! she’s such a sourpuss…but I guess she thinks it makes her look “COOL”…ugh!! be happy and show it!!

Anne on

Yeah a girl would be awesome for them, but a new little boy is just as exciting. Haven’t we moved away from gender stereotypes in the 21st century?! Man AND woman can do whatever they want. HEALTHY is all that matters.

B.R on

Nancey I understand where you are coming from, but the sad truth is that so many people out there don’t see adoption as something personal that you may not want to discus. With my family people know that my husband and I have money and we adopted 4 older children and plan on stopping here but all the time we get the “so next one is a baby? right?”.You have no idea how many times has my husband had to take me away from people before I would say what I really think about them. Mostly fund raising events for the countries we travel to, so I have to be nice to these people. It’s like they think we are collecting children, when each and ever one of our kids has come to us in very special way when we honestly had no plans on starting or expending out family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but so many other there don’t understand that. Our children chose us and each other as family. Even the most well meaning of people don’t always get how personal adoption is and how hard it is. Just surround yourself with people how understand you and love you, it’s the best advice some one told me after my fist son. I am happy for you, that you and your child have found each other in this crazy world and wish you all the best.

Angel on

It is a girl for the couple!!! 🙂

Grace on

@Mandy: It’s unbelievably narcissistic of you to insist that every person in the world feels the way you do. Not everyone has the same thoughts, experiences, and feelings that you have. Some people really don’t care.

Samantha on

Let’s try not to generalize too much. Comments like “girls are hard” are so overly simplistic and meaningless. It is not gender that makes a child easy or hard, it is temperament, and that can even vary throughout the child’s life. All children are different and all parents will have different experiences. My parents would be inclined to say that boys are harder because my brother was a very difficult child, and I was very easy going. Just like I would be inclined to say that I found the baby phase very difficult, but really love the toddler phase. Many people wouldn’t agree with me, but that is only because they have not gone through my own experiences. Neither person is right or wrong for their viewpoint, and making broad comments like “girls are high maintenance” or “girls are so hard” is really rather silly and foolish sounding. Remember that all kids are different due to their own personalities and gender really isn’t what makes a person who they are.

Also, in regards to Victoria being thin, I think it is presumptuous to assume she must be unhealthy. I am quite thin. I don’t know my weight, but I wear a size zero, so I guess I’m thin. However, I don’t really do anything too special to stay thin and I certainly don’t have an eating disorder. I just eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m satisfied, and I don’t eat if I’m not physically hungry. Thin is my natural state. I would never just assume that someone who is bigger is clearly unhealthy, or spends their whole day binging on junk, I would hope that people wouldn’t assume that someone who is slender is starving themselves or will pass on an eating disorder to their children. Yes, some thin people are unhealthy and some have eating disorders. But some heavy people are also unhealthy and also have eating disorders. Let’s try to be jump to conclusions based on speculation.

Megan on

SP, that is a great way of looking at it! I’m pregnant for my 4th time and only have a little boy. We had a daughter, our second pregnancy, but she died before birth. I’m having another boy now and I get asked all the time when we’re trying again and everybody wants a girl. Thank you for giving me the daughter-in-law idea!

Diana on

Every child is a blessing so don’t read anything into this article that is not stated. Too much news today is based on speculation and it makes real news less credible.

Anonymous on

While David said BEFORE that he wanted a little girl, that doesn’t mean that he has his heart set on one now. I at least have not read one single interview, of late saying that either of them want a specific gender. I would love to read it if its out there. Sometimes people may want a girl with their second and after multiple boys, change their mind. I agree with those saying, we don’t actually know which gender they really want because they keep saying either is fine.

Erica on

I never found out the sex with my 3rd baby. It IS possible to wait until the baby is born, Sharon. Many people still do that. I’m glad to hear that they don’t care if it’s another boy. Many people care so it’s refreshing to hear that they just “feel blessed to be adding to their family.”

Jennifer on

I feel really sorry for her because if she has a boy people are going to say she wanted a girl and if she has a girl people are going to say it’s the child she wanted more than the others. Why can’t people just leave her alone? What business is it of anyones?

I have 3 brothers younger than me and when my mom was pregnant with baby number 5 a rumor went around our town that she wouldn’t keep the baby if it was another boy. What a cruel thing to say!

meme on

I bet Victoria is really annoyed with everyone making assumptions that she wants a girl only.

I am expecting my third, I already have two girls. If I hear one more person say to me, “so trying for a boy?” No. We are trying to add a member to our family that we can love and enjoy. We pray for a happy, healthy baby, and will be blessed with whatever we get.

Not everyone is hung up on the sex. People seem to be more concerned about the sex of their unborn child, than whether it will be healthy.

Sky on

CelebBabyLover, please don’t start pulling the “sexism” card over something so silly and irrelevant!

Sarah on

I think the public seem to want her to have a girl more than she does. She’s clearly stated that she’d be delighted with either. While I agree that she’d be over the moon with a baby girl, I’m sure she would not be disappointed with another boy.

Kellie on

WHAAAT- So what she doesn’t always smile in front of the camera. does that make her a bad mother or something. I have a problem with people like you picking on someone’s weight, who looks perfectly fine. Unless you personally know her eating habits?

Durelle- I’m sorry, I called you by your given name, an idiot. I didn’t know that was a secret.Making fun of her kids, how sweet of you! Just look at recent pictures, I know youre hard of seeing but their is nothing that is screaming 3rd world hunger.

anon on

Victoria was the one who most recently commented on the gender of a possible fourth child ( in her Vogue UK interview last October, she said that the chances of her having a girl are “slim”), a few months before she announced her pregnancy.

It has been ages since I heard David, in passing, saying that he would like a daughter. He has hardly talked about expanding his family in recent interviews. In the last couple of years, he has been very vague and general regarding his desire for another kid, let alone his wish for a girl.

Ali on

I think it’s so rude when people say things like, “Girls are harder to raise” HEY! I’m a young woman and I was NOT hard to raise. My parents had far more troubles with my rebellious younger brother. I was an honor student and never gave my parents a ton of grief. My brother, on the other hand, was a nightmare in his teen years for my parents. I know a lot of parents who say their boys were harder then their girls and vice versa. It’s not cool to stereotype that raising a girl is hard because they are “high maintainance” or that you have to keep an eye on them more because they need protecting more then a boy. That stuff makes me mad! It depends on how you RAISE the kid and how the kid developes socially and there are so many aspects to it then just “girls are just harder to raise then boys because they are GIRLS” that kind of stuff needs to just stop being said. period.

L on

I don’t think there is one person on this that wouldn’t want to have a son and a daughter. Not that you don’t love what you have but if you could choose you would. Sorry you don’t know what you have until you do. Yes as long as it’s healthy but there is nothing wrong with still hoping for the opposite sex of what you already have – doesn’t mean you won’t love the child regardless of what it is. Come on people just be honest there is nothing wrong with it!

L.C. on

Not everyone opts for finding out the sex prior to birth these days. I will be a grandmother again in June and we do not know what our second bundle of granchild joy will be and I LOVE that we don’t know.Didn’t know the first time either. It is hardly far fetched to believe the Beckhams have opted to not find out. In actual fact I am appalled at how many ridiculous comments my daughter gets for not finding out the sex of the baby prior to birth. Being surprised is the absolute best in my ever so humble opinion so hold off on the nasty judgements and just wish them a healthy baby.

Grace on

@L: That’s the kind of thought patterns toddlers display – I’m cold so everyone else must be cold. Not everyone feels that way.

B.R on

L your are so wrong, not all want both genders. Most people these days are just happy to have a health child and honestly could care less about the child’s gender. I hate people like you that think they can decided and tell others what they should and shouldn’t want or feel. I personally never cared, I never thought I would be a mother and when the miracle happened and I met my first child I honestly could have cared less about the gender, I was just happy to hold my child in my arms. So no L most of us don’t want a boy and a girl, and could care less if we get all of one, both, as long as we get a happy health child to love and take care of. And that is the honest truth.

Elena on

A few people hit the nail on the head when they said that Victoria may not be finding out the gender precisely because she does have a gender preference. When I was expecting, I decided not to find out the gender in advance because I really wanted a girl (not for any reason like “girls are better”, but just that was what my heart wanted, that’s all). I did not want to find out in advance because I knew if the baby was a boy, I would be disappointed for the rest of the pregnancy, whereas if I waited until birth my love for my son would quickly overcome that disappointment.

My husband didn’t care what we were having, so he let me run the show and decide that we would not find out until birth.

When my baby was born and I heard “it’s a girl”, it was the best surprise of my life. But next time, we might find out in advance because neither of us has a strong preference for having another girl vs a boy, and it may be fun to have a different experience from the first time.

Alex509 on

I grew up in a family with 5 girls, and therefore, knew that I wanted to have all boys when I was a mom. I now have 3 beautiful boys and want ta have another boy this time. Of course, a healthy baby, takes precedence over a certain gender, but given the choice, I want another boy. First of all, I like being the only female in the house, my boys treat me like a princess. Secondly, financially it makes more sense, I already have EVERYTHING for boys. Also, we know how to be boy parents, we are good at it and with 4 kids, life will be a bit chaotic, so if we already know what we are doing, that makes things easier. So I do not believe that everyone wants one of each, because I know that I dont! I am a happy mommy to all boys!

Annie on

After my second pregnancy, I was DETERMINED to not find out with #3 – because of all the RUDE comments. When I told people that my second son was a second healthy baby boy I had people say “oh, I’m sorry” or “better luck next time.” Our #3 was our third boy and I was so glad we waited to find out when he arrived. Much harder to make stupid comments about a beautiful new baby. Oh and the real winners are the ones who make their comments in front of my boys about how “I’d kill myself if I had three boys – how do you do it?” Seriously, that’s the quickest way to bring out my inner momma bear.

J.J. on

To those who say that a healthy baby is the most important are absolutely right. HOWEVER there is NOTHING WRONG with having a preference..people have different reasons to why they want a certain gender..I know some women who tend to be uncomfortable with men (due to abusive relationships.etc)..thus want to adopt only daughters. As long as that person don’t put down one gender or the’s all ok. I really would like to have both…both boys and girls have a special uniqueness, but mainly they are just children and will behave like children…so they will have their sweet moments and temperments :p There’s no such thing as “Girls are better than boys” or vice versa. It’s a ridiculous stereotype and there are never any guarantees of what you expect..but one thing that you can guarantee is raising a good human being..period. I do hope Victoria does get a little girl since that’s what she always wanted…but I’d be just as happy if it was another little boy also..and I’m sure she’d be thrilled as well.

Samantha on

J – You really believe EVERYONE wants a boy and a girl? Really? I can’t imagine why you would think you know what EVERYONE wants. That’s such a childish way of thinking. Like another poster, I had iffy fertility and only wanted one healthy child. I didn’t care what gender my child was. And I didn’t want more than one. I went into my pregnancy planning to have a single child, and got one. Mission accomplished. Everyone has a different vision of the “ideal” family, and that’s great, that’s what makes the world so interesting and wonderful, but then people like you seem to have the darnedest time understanding that not everyone wants exactly what you want. That’s so perplexing to me, that an adult could maintain such a simple thought process. Sad.

erika on

sex selection is pretty common- i know more than a few people who have done it…either through microsort or ivf with pgd. there are a lot of doctors who will do it only “for family balancing”- which VB would definitely qualify for since she already has three boys and no girls…and it’s not that expensive either. less than a new honda odyssey. 😉

B.R on

Annie thank you I am so borrowing the “inner momma bear” sentence for next time someone start on the whole “well you should have a baby thing” and insulting my kids for all being different and adopted later in life:):):)

Sabrina on

Why doesnt this woman ever smile???? What doesnt she have to not smile about??

CelebBabyLover on

Sky- I certainly didn’t intend to play the sexism card! I apologize if my comment came off that way.

Mia- Thank you! I want to say that exact same thing, but wasn’t sure how to do so in a tactful way. Thank you for solving that problem for me!

Now, as for the comments about Victoria never smiling….she is on record saying that she doesn’t like the way she looks when she smiles (and, although I personally haven’t seen pictures of her smiling, people who have have commented that her smile DOES look odd).

Samantha- Exactly! I have never gotten why some people think that thin automatically equals unhealthy. I have a friend who is quite thin. I’m sure that when people look at her (especially from the back, since for some reason she looks even thinner from the back than from the front!), they wonder whether or not she’s eating. Well, not only does she eat, but she practices the “everything in moderation” policy. In otherwords, she eats a fairly “normal” diet. She is also, incidentally, one of the healthiest people I know (she rarely even gets colds!).

She just happens to be blessed with the tall-thin body type and a fast metabolism! Bottomline: A person’s weight isn’t always indicitave of how healthy (or unhealthy!) they are!

kazumi_yumi on

sharon, do not let your hate get the better of you. it is so much easier to be a nice person than be a nasty and bitter one.

As for the gender preference, it is perfectly normal to want to have the opposite sex if you’ve already had one of the other, take me for example, i am now 32 weeks pregnant, when i found out that i was on the family way, i wanted to have a girl because my first-born was a son, i am already having the wonderful experience of taking care and seeing my beautiful son grow and learn each day and it would be nice to know how it would be having a daughter. But nonetheless, even though i wanted a girl, i thought that if the baby turned out to be a boy, i would still love him as much because he is my child. i just wanted to point out that there is nothing wrong with that.

And i am having a baby girl =)

stephanie on

Maybe she’ll get lucky like I did, I have 3 boys and finally had a girl. 4 boys would have been too much.

Lisa on

I chose to be surprised with my pregnancy. I wanted a girl. I knew if I found out it was a boy, it may inhibit my ability to bond with him. My husband, of course, wanted a boy desperately as the first child, so I didn’t want him to be dissapointed. I knew either way, one of us would overcome that feeling of dissapointment when we saw and held our baby.

We had a boy, and I am NOT dissapointed at all. In the future, of course, I want at least one girl, but I would be okay with all boys. I’m going to choose to be surprised, because I know I would feel a bit dissapointed if it were a boy next time. I don’t want the guilt associated with that.

Cecelia on

Stephanie, I think I’m quite lucky and I have four sons. I suppose what one person thinks is too much is just right for another.

Ali on

I’m with the people who think that having a household of more then 3 boys or more then 3 girls would be too much. That is why I never plan on having more then 3 kids. If I have all boys…so be it. But, anything over 4 kids to me is just craziness!

I can’t even imagine doing that in the financial aspect. It’s gotta be insane!

God bless the people who do it. haha.

Michelle on

For the record, the only 100% way to pre-determine gender is to do IVF with PGD. It can be very expensive and no doctor would ethically do it just for gender selection. It is reserved solely for when one gender might be a carrier of a defective hereditary gene. I also seriously doubt a couple would put themselves through IVF just to try and get a girl. It is very hard on your body. If you have never been through it, you have no idea.

They had sex, they got pregnant. There is a greater probability it will be a boy. They will love him tremendously!

N on

Yeah. My neighbors went to a fertility clinic after having 3 girls so they could have a boy. I forget the percentage they gave them… they weren’t guaranteed a boy, but they did wind up with him, so I guess they got their monies worth. I am on the east coast.

anon on

Pregnant fashion designer Victoria Beckham wants “a big family” — but not as big as Angelina Jolie’s. Already mother to three boys, Victoria hopes to keep having more kids until she has a girl. The former Spice Girl, who says she doesn’t yet know the sex of her next baby, tells CNN’s Alina Cho in a special airing tomorrow: “[If I] don’t have a girl this time, then maybe I’ll be lucky enough and have a girl the next time.” Asked if there could be a fifth baby, she answered, “There could be. Who knows?” But a sixth? “Well, I’m not Angelina. I don’t know. I mean, come on.”

SOURCE: New York Post, February 18, 2011