Jewel: I Hope My Son’s Not a Bull Rider

02/13/2011 at 08:00 PM ET

Jewel has never been known for diva behavior, so it’s no surprise that her pregnancy has been laid back.

“It’s been an easy pregnancy. I’m really enjoying it,” the singer told PEOPLE at the MusiCares Person of the Year Gala honoring Barbra Streisand in Los Angeles Friday.

“A lot of my girlfriends were like, ‘I was so mean when I was pregnant,’ or ‘’I was so emotional.’ But it’s really easy.”

Jewel, who’s nominated for a Grammy for best female country performance for her hit “Satisfied,” jokes that husband Ty Murray “would string [her] up” if she’d become a bossy pregnant lady.

“He’s not really a pamperer,” she told reporters when asked how Murray has been spoiling her during pregnancy. “But he loves me. He’s a cowboy! He’s not a pamperer.”

But when it comes to raising their son — due July 6th — the host of the upcoming Bravo show Platinum Hit anticipates that her husband will have a more relaxed parenting style than she will.

“You’d think Ty would be the disciplinarian because he’s a macho cowboy, and this folk singer would be the pushover. But I think it’s the opposite,” she says. “Ty is really a pushover and I’m kind of stricter.”

One area where the mom-to-be expects to take a laissez-faire approach is her son’s future career path, which she says will be up to him. “Ty’s a bull rider, and I’m a musician. I hope [our son is] not a bull rider — and, I think, Ty hopes he’s not either,” she admits. “If that’s what our child wants to do, we’ll support him, but we’re not going to suggest it!”

For now, Jewel is focusing on designing the baby’s nursery in their ranch house, and choosing a name. “We haven’t found one we like yet,” she says.

Just don’t expect her to listen too closely to anyone offering up tips on parenting.

“I don’t know if I want advice,” she says. “The great thing about being pregnant and getting to be your own mom is you get to do it however you want. It’s your family and your child, and I like that.”

— Jessica Wedemeyer

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Mandy on

Amen Jewel! You raise your child the way you want and don’t let anyone tell you how to do it! I can’t wait to hear the name and to see her little boy when he comes!

Hea on

Hot mama!

B.R on

I agree with her your child, your rules, your family, and pregnancy look good so good on her, I cannot wait to find out the name of their baby boy.

Indira on

I agree with her! She seems like she knows what she’s doing(already)!

KJC on

Great picture of her, and she looks awesome at the grammy’s last night as well!

Erika on

She seems so down to Earth! I am sure she will do a great job parenting! As for the advice from others, I have noticed it is occasionally just to add to a conversation, though it can get annoying when people think that their way is the only right way. She’s right- it’s her child and as long as he is loved and well cared for, she can do what she wants.

tink1217 on

she looks amazing!!!

sarawara on

I know the feeling Jewel! My heart always skips a beat when my sons try to do something that wouldn’t even faze me if my husband did it! Being a mama changes everything! But you have to let boys be boys, and they couldn’t have a better teacher than Ty!

CelebBabyLover on

Amazing what a difference a dress can make. I can see a bump in this one. 🙂

Mandy on

My hubby is a retired bullrider and I know how she feels about not wanting her little man to be one. So cool that they are having a lil boy though!

JZ on

I have always like her and was sad she married a glorified animal abuser. Down with rodeos! That said, I hope she has a healthy baby and he/she doesn’t take after their daddy.

Tammy on

Poor Jewel. I think all pregnant women deserved to be pampered.

I am very happy she and Ty are having a baby. I wish them all the best.

Me on

JZ: Do you realize that the bulls her husband rides can be worth 6 or more figures (100k +)? I While they make the bull a bit uncomfortable for a little bit, those bulls are not abused….Anyway, I am so happy for Jewel and wish her and her husband all the best!

JG on

JZ….You have no idea about the rodeo life if you think the animals are abused! No offense but some of the stuff you do to your own dog is worse than what those animals go through!

Congrats to Ty and Jewel, it is refreshing to see a couple in the spot light so down to earth about raising a child!

Tiffany on

JG: Please explain.

Marky on

JZ, I am so tired of people like you, who have no idea about the rodeo life, care of animals or anything about it, making up your mind that it’s all evil and horrid, then spilling that nonsense all over everyone else. No one can afford to mistreat the bulls, nor do they want to. Get over yourself, please, and try to realize all things PETA are not true.

This is a really sweet couple and they deserve to be happy!

K on

Thanks to Marky, people like JZ can be truly frustrating. Ignorance is bliss though right? My husband and his family are stock contractors and the care that goes into the animals is incredible. Our bulls and horses love their jobs, when the music pumps out of the speakers at the rodeo they even get jacked up. I’d love to work for 8 seconds 2 nights a week! :o)

Renee on

That is to0 funny. Glorified animal abuser. I have been around rodeos most of my life and from my experience someone should call the bull a people abuser. Too Funny.

PeopleReadingHousewife on

Yay! Her boobs are back!

Cindy on

Seriously, I love Jewel, but It kills me when people start talking about what their kids is or isn’t going to be when they grow up. They have at least 15 years before their career choices will even be discussed!! Bull-rider…Yeah right!

Barb on

How about naming him TJ? T for Ty and J for Jewel. Sure sounds western to me.

Slater on

It’s too bad Ty is not a “pamperer”, but I’m glad she’s having an easy pregnancy! Ty and Jewel sound like they’re going to be relaxed and fun parents! ❤ Parenthood is hard work but sooo fun! They seem to be halfway there! Congratulations Murreys!

sheri on

Wow she looks awesome!

Joey on

JZ- Your ignorance just embarassed you. There is not one thing about bullriding that is abusive to the animals. If you paid 60k for a bull, would you treat it bad? These bulls live in the lap of luxury for animals and are treated better than house pets. Educate yourself before you spill your ignorant comments. I am happy for Jewel and Ty. They are down to earth people and will be awesome parents. There is no getting around it though…. that little boy will be a cowboy! Best to them!

CelebBabyLover on

JZ- It says in the post that the baby is a boy. 🙂