Cynthia Nixon Introduces Son Max Ellington

02/12/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Brian Ach/ID-PR/AP

Meet Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni!

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni pose with their newborn son — who arrived Monday, Feb. 7 — in a photo taken Friday in New York City.

Nixon, 44, and Marinoni, 43 — who delivered Max — began dating in 2004 and announced their engagement in 2009.

The Sex and the City star has two children, Samantha, 14, and Charles, 8, from her previous relationship with teacher Danny Mozes.

— Sarah Michaud

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KikiOttawa on

Awww a red-head! What a cutie-patootie. Congrats to the happy Moms and big siblings.

Ashley on

He’s a little ginger!!!

Also, I love the middle name Ellington.

Momof3girls on

He is so cute!!! I love the red hair!!!

Tina on

What a gorgeous boy.

What a gorgeous family.


Emily on

Gorgeous family, I’m just having alot of trouble saying that name. Seriously, imagine you’re a teacher calling it on the roll. Max Nixon-Marinoni, pray this sweet kid has good elocution.

Corrie on

I love how red his hair is. What an adorable little guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

HeidiK on

I have to second those “awwws”… such a cute, bright-eyed little guy!!

Someone You Know on

Three gingy heads in the family…how cite!! Many blessings to all of them!

Mallory on

I love love love the red hair!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

thesportygirl on

As a huge SATC fan, it looks like Cynthia has a little Brady now with the red hair! So cute!

Sat on

Breathtaking baby boy!!! Congratulations!!

Sarah M. on

This may sound weird, but he totally looks like a ‘Max’ to me. Maybe I’m the only one…

LOVE the red hair, too!!

LisaS on

Oh my. How precious is he! Congrats to the happy couple. They’ve got themselves one gorgeous little baby right there.

Philippa on

Aaw he’s got ginger hair. So cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

CelebBabyLover on


paloma on

precious !!!!

Alexandra on

What a cutie pie. Such a sweet family picture ๐Ÿ™‚ Wishing them all the best! ๐Ÿ˜€

Sandra on

Aww so cute. And love his name, especially Ellington.

JM on

aw a little ginger. how cute! congrats to them. and i like his name.

ellie on

A wee redhead — adorable! (as a redhead I’m partial ๐Ÿ™‚ I was the only one in my family to have it; and of my three kids only one has red hair, though I always hoped for it). Sweet family, he’ll be much adored by his older siblings, I’m thinking. They’re at fun ages to have a new baby in the house.

Ella on

He is absolutely adorable!
Congrats to them all!

Meghan on

I love the way he’s looking at the camera! It’s like he’s saying, “C’mon! You’re interupting my time with my Mommies!”

kittenbomb on

I know lots of women who pay big money for hair that color! What a lovely family. Congrats!

Ashley on

Congrats to Cynthia and Christine! Max is adorable!

O/T: Since it doesn’t look like you guys are going to do a birthday post for Michael Jackson’s oldest son (and since you seem to avoid talking about his children completely, even though they are celebrity children) I would like to say Happy 14th Birthday to Michael Jackson Jr.

Erica on

Wow, he is a gorgeous little boy.

Mia on

Aw-so cute! I love his redhair too-like his mom (birth mom). Cynthia Nixon is a natural blonde–dyed it red for SATC. It’s funny how life imitates art sometimes.

Congrats to both of them!

Did they ever talk about who the father/sperm donor is?–just curious. That baby looks like his mom’s mini-me–strong genes!!

Corrie on

Ashley, his name is Prince Michael Jackson, not Michael Jackson Jr.

Brooke on

Perfect little ginger boy!!!

And I totally agree with the comment above that he does look exactly like a Max to me as well.

JM on

ashley that’s quite a weird post, there are loads of celeb children who don’t get birthday posts. if they all did then there would probably be several every day….

Jill on

JM, my thought exactly! The more famous celebrity children that are even on here all the time, don’t even get them on here.

Ashley on

Actually, Corrie, his name IS Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. Prince is a nickname.

Sarah M. on

Glad it’s not just me, Brooke.

I agree, JM and Jill. Also, once children are older, they especially aren’t featured on here often, if at all. No matter how big the celebrity is. Michael Jackson’s oldest son is 14, quite old to be mentioned on here.

yo on

Ashley, his name is definitely Prince Michael Jackson.

CelebBabyLover on

Ashley- Well, Prince Michael is how PEOPLE and other sites always list his name. Plus, his younger brother is Prince Michael II, but nicknamed Blanket. So obviously Prince isn’t a nickname, since it wouldn’t make much sense for a child to have two nicknames, one of which they never go by! ๐Ÿ™‚

In any case, I agree about the birthday posts. Years ago there used to be birthday posts on this site, back when it was CBB….but they stopped even before PEOPLE bought the site. The only time birthday posts are done now is if a birthday gallery has been made for the kid. And even when that happens, it’s generally a one-time thing. Usually when that child’s next birthday comes along, there is no gallery or post.

And as for why MJ’s kids aren’t talked about it at all on here…..My guess is that PEOPLE just wants to help give the kids as “normal” of a life as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ashley on

@ CelebBabyLover, you’re right, I didn’t really think about the fact that there haven’t been many birthday posts since People took over. I guess I’m still used to how they used to run things.

Prince really is a nickname though. They’ve called him Prince since he was born, but there’s also a video where Michael’s singing to him at around 4 months old, and he’s calling him Baby Michael.

The kids legal names, at least on the birth certificates that are floating around the Internet somewhere are Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II. The oldest is legally Michael Jr., but Michael’s grandfather Prince passed away around the time that Prince was born, and I think they nicknamed him that, but legally, he is Michael Jr.

maritan on

Congratulations! They look so happy to welcome Max. He is adorable.

Jennifer on

Look at that red hair! So precious! Congrats to them!

Sarah on

What an adorable little guy, Cynthia and Christine look so happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Judy Pokras on

Congrats to the happy couple. That is one GORGEOUS baby!
I’d love more info on who gave birth. And was there a way to use the DNA of both women to create the baby? Or was there a man involved? (I’m not making a joke. Lee Silver’s 1990s non-fiction book “Remaking Eden” spoke about how this would be possible.)

I wish the family much happiness!

ali on

Beautiful baby Cynthia.

Doreen on

Congratulations to all three of you! And you have such an adorable baby. May your life be filled with all the happiness in the world!

Cecelia on

Congratulations to Christine, Cynthia, Samantha, and Charles. Max is adorable!

Judy Pokras, there was definitely a man involved. Whether Cynthia and Christine know him, personally, or used a donor, I don’t know.

As for who gave birth, that was Christine. She could’ve used her own eggs or Cynthia’s to become pregnant. Again, though, I have no clue about the specifics.

E on

Wow, I canโ€™t believe everyone in this post โ€“ congratulating this couple on the arrival of their sone. Were they able to conceive on their own? No, they are not able to – This is not a true family. Adam and Eve were created to replenish the earth not same sex couples. Its shame that real family foundations are not valued anymore. I feel sorry for this child already and all children that belong to same-sex couple as they are raised in a lie and are being deceived by their parents. I just pray that all will come to their senses soon.

concerned christian

E on

People Magazine – I am very disappoined in you. I see that you don’t value all opinions. Just because I am not congratulating this copuple like eveyone else, my comments was not posted. What I shared in my comment is the truth and the people need to hear the truth. I was really looking forawrd to having some positive feedback from my comment – I am not hear to preach but I would really appreciate to be a part of the discussion. You claim to value everyones opinion expect Christians. Why? The company that I work for is a People subscriber as well as many friends of mine. It will be ashamed when they all cancel their subsription when they learn how biased you folks are. I realy like your magazine until now – its the only celebrity magazine that is not trashy.
Well, you may have just lost a huge audience which is too bad but I have to stand up for what I believe in.

No longer a fan of your work.

Previous post
Wow, I canโ€™t believe everyone in this post โ€“ congratulating this couple. This is not a true family. Adam and Eve were created to replenish the earth not same sex couples. Its shame that real family foundations are not valued anymore. I feel sorry for this child already and all children that belong to same-sex couple as they are raised in a lie and are deceived by their parents. I just pray that all will come to their senses soon.

Lori on

I do not agree with this-children should be brought into a marriage between 1 man and 1 woman. It is the way God intended it to be. Please do not make it into something that should be admired- it is disgusting.

FC on

Lori and E, I don’t see where your concerns are needed in a post about a baby announcement/debut. You can have your opinions, but I don’t think they’re needed in this particular post.

Anyway, I think Max is adorable, love that he has red hair. Congrats to Cynthia and Christine.

Amy Allen on

Dear “Christians,”

Jesus preached that everyone is God’s child. Take your hate elsewhere. I’m praying for YOU! This beautiful baby will be loved and cherished.

Jesse on

To E & Lori…really? Like that married hetero couple in Florida where they abused their children and the body of one of the twins was found in a plastic bag in the trunk and the other one is in intensive care in critical condition? My only concern is for the welfare of a child. It could be a married couple, non-married couple, gay or lesbian couple that raises the baby for all I care, as long as they take good care of that child and raise it to be a loving, upstanding member of society. Which by the way, in a study most children of lesbian couples are. So think about that one while you are acting like a judge and jury. Why is it people claiming to be Christian are always so judgmental, negative and nasty?

Oh and just so you know, I’m a Christian raised woman, married to a Christian raised man with a beautiful little boy.

Jesse on


So you know, I believe that Michael Jackson’s mother, who has custody of the children, is a Jehovah’s Witness, so they probably don’t celebrate birthdays. Maybe they do, but just a thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

Emily on

Hey E
People doesn’t immediately post anyone’s comments, they take time. Not that I can figure out why, its certainly not for censoring hateful, bigoted claims wrapped religious superiority. Free speech is a lovely thing. As is acceptance. Maybe less of one and more of the other.

– from one christian to ‘another’.


Just one more example of how people away from God’s Word live without blessing… Too bad for the older kids. I am sure all these people are nice but their actions are certainly not blessed… Sodoma and Gomorah…

hank on

This is not a religious statement, but there is something amiss about gay couples who use a surrogate or sperm donor or egg donor to conceive.

If you want to venture outside the normal realms of human society- so be it. But to take advantage of Science and twist it in this way, to deviate from the natural order is not right. In nature, two gay male species are not able to pro-create. That is nature’s way of saying- You are missing something because your actions are not in nature. In Nature, two women are not able to procreate for the same reason. For this lesbian couple to ‘marry’ and feel that they had a baby together is falsifying the facts. This baby is no more the non-child bearing mother’s baby than Cynthia Nixon’s kids from her marriage are. There is a reason that adoption exists. Use it, folks . Celebrities have the money. If you think you are going to be gay, put yourself on the waiting list. Banning adoptios to Gay couples is another way of nature telling you you are doing something not natural.

E on

Thank you Lori and Mixi. One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess.

And to Emily – I posted my orginal message on Monday and it was never posted. I guess People thougth it was too controversial. Had I not post and let them know that I was going to cancel my subscription they would have posted my comment.

And one more thing โ€“ to all those other โ€˜Christiansโ€™ or who claim to beโ€™Christiansโ€™ need to stop and examine themselves. As a Christian your main duty is to win souls for the kingdom of God and not conformed to the ways of this world. Please examine yourselves. Thatโ€™s all I have to say.

Mari on

Is that her husband? He is awfully feminine looking? What did she see in him but the baby is beautiful.

Ellie on

I agree with Hank….aside from religious aspects, this isn’t what NATURE intended. There are sooooo many children in the US with no hope of ever finding a home. Why celebrities feel that they have to leave the US in order to adopt is beyond me, and using a surrogate is even worse.

Jillian on

E,please……it takes time. Threaten them they don’t care. There are posts right now from a poster telling someone to hang herself. They post everything. Especiallly comments like yours. I find it interesting that in all the time this post was up….you, lori, and mixi all come within moments of each other. I guess you think my child shouldn’t be here bc it wasn’t natural. I had to use fertility treatments.

Kim on

I find Cynthia Nixon to be a bit hypocritical. Babies are a blessing and bring so much joy yet she is pro-choice. How can any mother be pro-choice? And with all of the money she has, she and her partner couldnt adopt a child that already exists? This is not cool.

kcs on

I’m confused. Which one was the sperm donor? The one with the mohair sweater?

Linda Roberts on

Love the red hair. The baby looks just like Cynthia’s partner. Great picture and family.

Tricky on

I work in a child protection unit, I spend my working life with “true families”(ie one man, one woman) who abuse, neglect and abandon their children. E your concept on “true families” is narrow minded,I am the single parent of three happy, health children I don’t consider us any less a family because there is no man in our lives.

Me not being a christian woman, was always under the impression where ever you find love you find God. I do not believe you “spread” the word of God and if your “kingdom” comprises of hateful narrow minded people, I only hope I ended up in the “kingdom” of Cynthia, Christine and Max.

sunny on

It’s no wonder lil Max is such a good looking kid, look at the woman that birthed him, she’s gorgeous…wow!!!

Michelle on

Tori and E…yeah Married Couples like the mom that just killed her two kids for mouthing off. Listen I’m sure in church they taught you to be tolerant and forgiving. And while you at it, go ahead and cast that first stone, if you aren’t without sin. No sin is greater then the other. If you want to take that route then just pray for the child, and hope that he is raised well, healthy, and educated.

Elaine on

There is nothing more adorable than red hair on a teeny tiny little baby, congrats!

geppetto on

Cute baby , they are all cute. But,yuck. Two kids with a man, and one with a woman. Its going to be one confused child.

anonymous on

she is one mean looking dude.

peace on

Congradulations to the happy family! children are a blessing. So happy for you two.

btw, haven’t you people heard that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?? becuase i hear haters in the comments and unless you are in a family with two same-sex parets, you don’t know what you are talking about becuase you do not have first-hand experience.
just my opinion

Trina on

As long as a child is raised with love and kindness, who cares about having 2 mommies or 2 daddies? At least they are a family! Congratulations!

Nancy on

I really do feel it is wrong to bring up a baby in a same sex marriage. The child will feel so confused when growing up – having 2 mother’s. A child should have both a mother & a father. I don’t agreee with same sex marriages and never will – It states in the bible that marriage should be between a man and a woman so if you believe in the bible then you know what is right. This world is really getting to be so liberal that anything goes – no morals anymore. That is so sad – I just feel really sorry for the little baby having to grow up with 2 lesbians. How is he going to know what a normal relationship is? Very Very Sad.

Alicia on

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…. or my saying…
until you can walk on water or turn it to wine judge only yourself.

JM on

E – “concerned Christian” not the words i would have used. “bigoted, prejudices Christian” yep that sounds more like it.

to me christianity (all religion) is mumbo jumbo so i don’t give crap about adam and eve. i do care about children being raised in a loving home and i hate to break it to you but being a christian family does not necessarily guarantee that.

Humanist – amazed that some people are still living the dark ages.

Hi on

Tricky- Enjoy herself there. It’s a REALLY fun place (not).

cd on

+best of luck burning in hell

JM on

if people on this thread are an example of what being christian is, i can’t see why anyone would want to be one. it seems to be a belief system filled with hate and bigotry. i am so happy to not be a part of something like that and to know that my kids aren’t being raised in such an ignorant environment.

Deane Middleton on

The baby is named after Christine’s father, who is also Max and who is from France. He was my college french instructor and I knew Christine when she was a tiny girl in 1972-73.


And here I thought everyone can blog their opinions..
To JM…so I guess you beleive you came from an ape?
whatever…Just remember our time here on earth is limited..not forever…and one day when you meet your maker..even if you dont believe God exits…we…ALL OF HUMANITY….are accountable for our actions, words and thoughts…
God is if that is “mumbo jumbo” then I feel sadness (not sorry or pity since your grown)..but sad for you because your truly missing out on a beautiful, fullfilling relationship…and in case you didnt know bible stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth…
SO good luck….
BE blessed…

JM on

ninak, i have plenty of love in my life from real people who actually exist.

and as far as evolution goes, go back and do even the tiniest bit of research on it then we can talk. the argument for creationism is ridiculous, i can’t believe anyone with half a brain cell actually still believes in it. actually makes me laugh. but some people like believing things for which there is absolutely no evidence and also enjoy denying all the evidence that is put in front of them for other things.

i guess another thing i can add to the list. if being christian also makes me stupid, well then that’s just another reason alongside ignorance, bigotry and prejudice for not being christian.

you’re really not selling your case here….

El on

Wow, you “christians” truly are disgusting.

Is this what Jesus taught you? To come onto a post celebrating the birth of this beautiful baby boy to his two mothers, and spew filth and misquoted bible references? What happened to just loving the people and hating what they do?
Little Max is certainly lucky to be raised in such an open, accepting and obviously caring family environment. Can’t say the same for your kids!

Kate on


perreynoid on

Perhaps you shouldn’t leave links to previous articles about Cynthia that tells her kids ages if you’re going to be completely out of the ballpark at this point in time.Just read what you wrote.”Nixon, 44, and Marinoni, 43 โ€” who delivered Max โ€” began dating in 2004 and announced their engagement in 2009.The Sex and the City star has two children, Samantha, 14, and Charles, 8, from her previous relationship with teacher Danny Mozes.” Began dating in 2004,YET you claim her daughter is 14! How could she be giving birth to her daughter at the same time she started dating her now wife?!?!?!?! Moving on. You say Charles is 8. Ok. So he would have been born in 2010? HOW was he born in 2010 when Cynthia was ENGAGED to her partner in 2009? SAMANTHA IS 22. CHARLES IS 16.WHY DID YOU JUST TAKE 8 YEARS OFF THEIR LIVES? YOU LEFT LINKS TO ARTICLES WITH THEIR AGES FROM 2 DIFFERENT TIMES AND YOU STILL CAN’T GET THEIR AGES WITHIN AN 8 YEAR RANGE?