Yum! Easy to Make Valentine’s Day Treats from Weelicious

02/11/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Weelicious

I’m one of those people who loves everything about Valentine’s Day.

Although I’m not fond of how commercial the holiday has become, I enjoy all the hugs, kisses, homemade cards and, of course, sweet treats!

While you can easily buy your Valentine a bag of sweet tarts covered with cute sayings, why not go to the store, buy fresh ingredients and then make something special with your kids instead?

This year, my little ones (Kenya, 3½, and Chloe, 23 months) and I have decided to make Raspberry Cream Cheese Heart Tarts for daddy to show him just how much we love him.


I came up with the idea of these homemade tarts by putting a spin on one of my childhood faves — Pop Tarts. Instead of food coloring, the pink icing is made with the juice from the raspberries. And the filling is created with fresh raspberries. If Pop Tarts had actually been made this way, my mom would have probably allowed me to eat them more often as a kid.

Check out my easy-to-follow instructional video and recipe below. Also, go to weelicious.com for more tasty Valentine’s Day treats.

Catherine McCord

Raspberry Cream Cheese Heart Tarts (Makes 10-11 Heart Tarts)

  • ½ Cup Raspberries
  • ¼ Cup Whipped Cream Cheese
  • 1 Tbsp Honey
  • 1 Double Pie Crust Recipe or 1 -14 oz Pre-Made Pie Crust*
  • Water
  • 1 ½ Cup Powdered Sugar
  • 10 Raspberries for Icing or 2 Tbsp Juiced Raspberries
  • 1 Tbsp Milk or Water

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Place the raspberries, cream cheese and honey in a bowl and using the back of a fork, mash the raspberries with the cream cheese, leaving some pieces.

3. Roll the pie crust 1/4 inch thick and using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out hearts. (If you are using packaged pie crust just unroll and cut out shapes)

4. Place one heart on a lightly floured work surface and top with 2 tsp of the cream cheese mixture in the very center leaving a ¼ inch border around the cut-out.

5. Lightly dip your index finger into a cup of water and “brush” the border with the water.

6. Top with another heart, take the tines of a fork and gently press down the edges to adhere (so the cream cheese mixture stays inside the heart pocket) and with a toothpick, poke some holes at the top of the heart to remove any air pockets.

7. Place on a parchment or silpat lined baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes or until golden.

8. While the hearts are baking, take 10 raspberries, place in a strainer and press down to release raspberry juice into a bowl, should be about 2 tbsp of juice.

9. Whisk in the milk and slowly pour in the powdered sugar and stir to make icing.

10. Take a fork and drizzle the raspberry icing over the hearts.

11. Serve.

*You can use Pillsbury Pie Crusts **You may also fill the tarts with 2 Tsp of Nutella


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Sara on

I’ve seen many of the weelicious lunches..and to be honest it all looks and sounds like crap. The only thing that looks good on these lunches are the fresh fruit and cracker products. Then again fruit always looks delicious. As far as her sandwiches or sammies as she likes to call them..and various pasta concoctions-ugh-gross! I find it hard to believe that her children eat some of the stuff she puts out there.

I get what she’s trying to do here–and I’m not buying it. Just because you throw a bunch of healthy ingredients into a lunch doesn’t make it delicious. Seriously this is just a woman with too much time on her hands on a fresh farmer market power trip trying to make some bucks..and sell herself out.

I can’t even believe this is on this site..seriously she’s not doing anything special here-unless you call throwing fruit and crackers into a lunch box special?!

I’m sorry if this comes out as harsh..but I can no longer bite my tongue on this-I’m just being honest!

ForeverMoore on

Wow Sara…that was a bit brash this early in the morning. I take it that you’ve never actually TRIED anything on Weelicious. Well I have and almost everything is really good (even the pasta!) but the sandwiches are totally for kids – lots of them contain cream cheese and a fruit. But your not a kid (right?) so I doubt you’d be into those anyway. I can see myself making a lot of those recipes for my son in the future, but he’s too little right now. After all it’s a website mainly for KIDS. For me, most of the desserts are too blah…but then again I have a major sweet tooth and kids don’t know the difference between super sweet and kind of sweet unless you introduce it to them.

Noemi on

Oh Sara it looks like you’re the one with too much time on your hands. Catherine and her site is fabulous!

Becca S. on

I ditto everyone else expect Sara, my kids will only eat Weelicious food and are amazing eaters because of Weelicious! The only thing Catherine has done for all of us moms is make our lives easier when it comes to feeding our children. Love this recipe and I made them last night and they are soo yummy!! Keep up the good work Weelicious!

sam on

I just made these with my 3 year old and they are fantastic! And extremely easy! I love weelicious and look forward to trying many more recipes.

Meghan on

What a yummy Valentine’s day treat! I love the Weelicious site and have had a lot of luck with Catherine’s recipes. They are great!

Christine on

Weelicious site rocks! I’ve been a devoted follower for 3 years; I came across the site by coincidence. If all parents fed their children and ate like this themselves, we wouldn’t have the obesity problems (and many other diseases!) that are prevalent in the world.

Our palates are so over-salted, over-sugared, over-fried that we are like junkies looking for the bigger fix. Weelicious is right way to feed ourselves.

Poor Sara is a classic I-am-angry-with-myself case with many issues and takes it out on others. I hope she is able to find peace in her life. I highly recommend flylady.net to her. It’s free and a way to find peace no matter what your issue. Really.

Erin on

LOVE the Weelicious site! It has inspired me in so many ways and I have made many recipes off the site for my entire family. My 14 month old has never had a jar of commercial baby food or processed foods and I look to Weelicious for many ideas now that he is eating “adult” food.

I grew up eating pop tarts (ok, still have some in the house), but look forward to making these for my son.

Her school lunches look awesome!

Amanda on

I love this site! Such great ideas and items for my 16 month old to try and eat again and again 🙂

Cicero on

In our overly high-fructosed, over-salted, over-sugared, over-processed and time-crunched world it is refreshing to find someone committed to helping parents like me create healthy and delicious recipes and help our kids lead a healthier lifestyle. I have been following this site since 2008 and have made many of the recipes multiple times to my kids delight. Why anyone would frown upon these efforts or bash the recipes without even trying them is beyond me. I for one will back up that Catherine McCord’s recipes on weelicious are not only delicious but my kids eat and enjoy them.

I’d say more but I’ve decided to put my time and energy into these Raspberry Hearts.

Thank you many times over Catherine and weelicious.

Laurie on

Clearly Sara doesn’t have kids and doesn’t know how much work goes into planning meals and snacks – and ones that are healthy and taste good. I have made numerous things from this site and am inspired daily by her ideas and ways to provide homemade nutritous food for my son, instead of going the easy route and feeding him processed food full of preservatives. I share the recipes that I cook with friends and they always ask me how I find the time – when in reality it takes very little time to prepare most of these dishes. My husband is very picky and even loves lots of these things. Catherine does an amazing job of showing you just how easy it can be to prepare healthy food – and interesting food at that. I encourage everyone to check out her site and try some of these dishes. You won’t be disappointed!

Margaret on

YUM!! I can’t wait to try these! Thank you Weelicious for helping me cook healthy meals for my daughter (and family)!!

Rose on

Love Catherines recipes! It’s a great website. Sara: you need to realize that this is her job. I don’t think she expects us all to make those lunches everyday for kids. She is just working hard to get all different healthy (and yummy) recipes out there. Yes, there is a variety because everyone has different tastes. But Sara, go ahead and totally keep giving your kids those Lunchables that they love so much… 😉

marcy on

I love weelicious, I have tried many recipes and love almost all the ones I have tried. Not all recipes are for everyone. I have never bought a cookbook and liked every single recipe. Most of her recipies are healthy and a great way to get kids to eat and love healthy food, I have always eaten this way, and my children love healthy foods. I hope her sight encourages other mom’s to feed their families, healthy foods.

rebecca on

Sara, apparently you have become accepted of your kids eating just crackers. There is nothing wrong with introducing your kids, especially early in age, to new, interesting, and fun foods. I can only say that I feel sorry for you and your kids, and that I wish I would have found this site when my oldest was born (now 7). It gives new ideas to you everyday mom who gets bored with the typical jarred baby food, family fun in the kitchen with your kids. My daughter begs me everyday to make her ‘sweet beet cookies’, and why? because they are PINK! and yes, she loves them. Maybe before bashing something you really know nothing of, you need to stop and look and what she is really doing, and the people she is reaching. She is sharing how and why her kids are healthy and helping other mothers do the same. Why she we all be succumbed to the norm of preservative ridden food, especially with obesity on the rise with children. Maybe you need to take another look

Melissa on

I love Weelicious! I’m a total kitchen novice, but Catherine has made feeding my kids healthy stuff sooooo easy! She keeps me going with her neverending supply of ideas. Can’t wait to try these treats!

Elizabeth on

I have made many of the Weelicious recipes for our family and haven’t found one yet that wasn’t delicious! I made these tarts the other day when she posted them on her blog and they were excellent!! As for having “too much time on her hands”, in our society we all do, its how we use all that extra time that will determine our personal contentment and peace of mind. Instead of zoning out in front of the tv or a video game, Catherine’s kids (and the kids of all the people who share her parenting style) are learning to celebrate not just the taste of food, but the process of preparing it and its direct relationship to good health. She isn’t just “throwing a bunch of healthy food into a lunch box” she is creating balanced meals whose flavors are thoughtfully designed to contrast and compliment each other. Keep up the great work Catherine, we love Weelicious!

Angela on

I love Catherine and her website. If you have not had the opportunity go to weelicious.com to be truly inspired on creative ways to add variety to your childs diet. Looking at what she has packed for lunch for the day always helps a busy mom like me find creative and fun ways to make my son’s lunch not only healthy but enjoyable. It is always a surprise for him when he opens his lunch box and he loves it. Thanks Catherine for the inspiration and this recipe looks amazing.

Shanna ~ My Favorite Everything on

LOVE Weelicious! Catherine’s rice cooker Mac & Cheese is a staple in our house! There is always something yummt to be found 🙂

Karesse on

All I can say is these tarts are insanely declicious, and healthy! My girls ate them all up and I gave it to them without the icing first!! I have to say that not only is Catherine a life saver to myself and a handful of other moms, her recipes are easy and healthy and if you know anything about kids there all different and some are easy to feed and others aren’t. I have 1 of each and there has not been ONE thing that I have made from Weelicious that they both haven’t loved and wanted MORE of! Way to go Catherine. thank you for helping us busy moms and introudcing some amazing foods and ingridents that I have never thought to use! Keep them coming, we love you and your hard work!!! And thank you for dedicating YOUR TIME to making our lives easier and sharing them with the world!

PS- as for the nasty commenter, if you don’t like the recipes or the site WHY DO you keep reading and trying the recipes? You are obviously NOT a fan so why are you even on here reading about her success!?

Heather on

I LOVE Weelicious! I have probably 20 recipes in my recipe binder from Catherine that I make on a regular basis for my two year old. He never had a jar of baby food, and he doesn’t get processed food. Whole healthy food is what is missing for so many people today that is causing not only obesity, but all sorts of other health issues. Weelicious helps me make easy homemade food, that 9 times out of 10, my toddler loves!

Melissa on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! Weelicious is a fantastic for EVERYONE to eat healthier and I am so happy that there is a mama out there taking the time to educate and share her recipes and knowledge with the rest of us! My family has loved everything we have made from the blog and can’t wait to bake these sweet treats up for their dad for Valentine’s Day. Thanks Catherine!

Amy Mc on

This recipe looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it. I echo the positive comments about Weelicious. I think the site is fabulous and the recipes are fun and unique. Thanks to Catherine for her wonderful work supporting families.

@Sara – please remember that words hurt. This is someone’s life work.

Alex on

I need something easier!!

Marla on

The recipes look on this site look interesting and I will try them (especially the crock pot oatmeal). But honestly, there is nothing healthy about sweetened cream cheese in between pie crusts. And I am not hating, I have three little boys who are fantastic eaters ( they love steamed broccoli, french green beans, cauliflower, raw peppers, etc.).

I do appreciate people who make parents pause and evaluate what they are feeding their children. This though, is just as bad as a pop tart.

Carrie on

I think the Weelicious website is awesome! She has some great recipes, and more importantly, reminds me to have fun cooking with and feeding my family.