Jessica Alba’s Daughter Honor a True ‘Princess’

02/11/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Dominique Charriau/FilmMagic

Whether she’s frolicking around Paris in a sundress or keeping cozy stateside in a Fair Isle knit tunic, Honor Warren is arguably one of the most best-dressed tots in Hollywood.

And with a mom as stylish as Jessica Alba, that should come as no surprise!

According to the actress, her 2½-year-old is already serious about her fashion.

“It’s crazy! It’s totally nuts, I mean she wants her high heels everyday,” the 29-year-old told PEOPLE at a Revlon event at the Trump Soho Hotel in New York last December.

“I usually try and give her an option, now I stopped doing that because she just goes nuts and she wants to wear everything. She wants a princess dress everyday so I have to say, ‘This is a princess t-shirt, princess jeans, those are princess cowboy boots’ and she’s cool with it. Yeah, she’s kind of obsessed with princesses.”

Alba also says Honor enjoys going through her beauty routine alongside mom. “I get a cap of something and I give her a clean brush and she just pretends. She’s allowed to have pretend makeup.”

Hana Choi, with reporting by Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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S on

I love that she tells her that ‘these are princess jeans’. So adorable. Honor is such a cutie!

Lyoness on

I like her idea! That’s sweet… “princess jeans & pretend makeup”

B.J. on

I don’t have kids yet, so I’m curious: Is this princess obsession actually typical of little girls nowadays, or am I imagining it? Growing up, I was a tomboy, and I despised the princesses and none of my friends really cared for them either (Ariel was our least favorite). But now, it seems like most girls are really into it, obsessed in a way that wasn’t typical 25 years ago.

I worked at Disneyland, and saw so many little girls in princess dresses every day. I was thrilled when I saw a girl dressed up like Captain Hook once, she looked adorable!

Alice on

B.J., I think you simply didn’t see it when you were little (well… depending how old you are). Many little girls have loved princesses for a good long while, not all of them but growing up, I and a lot of my friends and cousins had princess dresses and loved princesses.

It kind of makes sense that kids will dress like a character of their gender. You don’t have to, but generally they’re the ones you will identify with. Funnily enough, the dress I see the most on girls in Disneyland is not a princess dress but Minnie’s. It’s a really cute dress.

Anyways, I love how Jessica dresses Honor in general! She’s as cute as can be!

Indira on

I think as a culture, the concept of being a ‘princess’ has become very popular. I watch a lot of wedding shows and a lot of women talking about looking and feeling like a princess. I think the idea has been around for a while but, businesses have definitely caught on to make a profit. I’m in my 20s and don’t recall any one of my friends or classmates being obsessed or even referencing princesses.

jessicad on

Princess stuff is all over the place now though. I was a tomboy as well but liked Cinderella. Just seems like the clothes and toys that come along with movies or TV shows now are ridiculous. My daughter won’t sit still long enough to watch movies yet, most of the time I’m pretty happy about that since she’s not influenced as much, would be nice for an hour of silence and rest for Mama though:)

I love the way Jessica dresses Honor. I know some people think it’s too mature looking but I think little girls look precious in that style.

Lexi on

She’s becoming one of my favorite moms. It’s great that Honor loves girly things but that Jessica puts her mommy foot down and doesn’t let a 2 year old call the shots. She always dresses her child appropriately for all occasions, whether it’s an errand run or a day at the park.

Tee on

This is one of the best articles I’ve ever read! How refreshing to hear about a parent that takes control over their child! We never see Honor wearing high heels and crazy outfits. Instead, Jessica has found a way to satisfy Honor’s need to dress up at home and still puts her in regular clothes when they go out! I love it!

Mommy of 2 on

cute story! My daughter also likes the “princess” things also. I think that it is cute. I let her pick out her own clothes the only rule is that they have to be weather approprite. I think self expression is very important.

BTW B.J. How could you not like ariel?? That was my FAVORITE disney movie!!!

Emmy on

B.J my daughter is 2 and is totally into the Princess thing as well! Its something she discovered on her own, i love it though! 🙂

SAR on

Honor is so cute. Jessica just loves being a mom, it’s sweet. And Honor definitely looks like she enjoys modeling her outfits. She thinks she’s DA BOMB.

Kat_momof3 on

it’s sometimes a phase… I think little girls just get really into whatever strikes their fancy… remember, tangled came out recently… and princess and the frog before that… so that’s one reason.

My daughter was really into them, too, at that age… and she goes back and forth… but even though she wants everything princess, she is very much a tomboy.. she wants a “princess” soccer ball, “princess” cleats, and “princess” dinosaurs. I think to some extent it’s healthy… it means she wants to be treated like a princess… she wants to be special like one. I’ve been trying to teach her that every girl is a princess and deserves to be one… and that her brothers are prince charmings… and that a prince charming is what she should aspire to… someone who treats her right, loves her, and that they are special and deserve the same.

Right now, she says her brothers are ninja princes and she’s a samurai princess, and that when she puts her “mask” on (pulling her knit hat over her face), she’s a samurai power ranger… and she has informed me she’s the purple one (I doubt there is a purple one… but that’s her favorite color)

Terri on

I don’t ever remember going through a princess phase. I do think it’s a little more predominant now that Disney spits out another princess movie every few years. Anyway, I love how Jessica describes whatever Honor wears as Princess attire.

Terri on

I think I meant to say prevalent. lol

peggy t on

as the grandmother of 4 grand-daughters, making ‘princess’ dresses is wonderfully rewarding! the youngest will be three in march & her first ‘princess’ dress is almost done. i think it’s great that Jessica calls the tune as well as encourages the princess in her daughter – after all, shouldn’t all girls no matter their age, be able to think of themselves as princess? it’s gotta be good for self esteem & everyone deserves to have a positive self-esteem.

CelebBabyLover on

What a cute story! That being said, in terms of princess obsessions….I was a rather weird kid. I was pretty much 50 percent tomboy and 50 percent girly-girl (although I didn’t go through a princess phase). I was just as likely to play with dolls as I was to play with my brother’s Legos and action figures (with his blessing most of the time, and usually with him….but there were a few times I sneaked into his room and played with them when he wasn’t around! :)).

I was also just as likely to be having a pretend party of some sort as I was to playing things like Star Wars, secret agents, or Indiana Jones with my brother. And in further proof of my weirdness, one of the phases I went through was a phase in which I pretty much ignored all male movie characters and focused soley on the females (nobody told me I should do that or pressured me to do so. I did it all on my own!). Thankfully, that phase didn’t last long!

Smith on

A little confused why this is “new” news when the quote is from December? Weird.

I think Honor is one of the best dressed celebrity kids – and so adorable!!

JM on

i think it just depends on the child. i have two daughters, the older one has been known to go for princess things quite often, she likes dresses and dressing up. my younger daughter is a football mad tomboy and wouldn’t go near princess stuff. and i can’t really remember having a princess phase myself. in fact when i was little i can remember being annoyed that the female disney characters were so boring. i much preferred robin hood and peter pan, i always felt they had the most interesting parts in the films.

i don’t think it’s anything new, just differs from child to child.

B.J. on

Mommy of 2- I thought Ariel was a brat! I was very young when the movie came out, but she always seemed whiney to me. I liked Ursula better! I was weird too, maybe 🙂

I always preferred the movies about animals – The Lion King (all time favorite), Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats. I can’t help but hope my future kids will love the animal movies as much as I did.

Thanks for all your thoughts and comments, ladies!

Shannon on

Love her approach.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes a pregnancy announcement soon.

Mommy of 2 on

B.J you should check out all dogs go to heaven!! so cute!! I cry my eyes out every time though!!

B.J. on

Nostalgia! I miss the old cartoons like All Dogs Go to Heaven and Fievel. They don’t make ’em like they used to!

Today I saw The Princess And The Frog and it was kind of scary (“shadow monsters”), but the 80’s cartoons were freaky too (Dark Crystal, anyone?)

soph on


Holiday on

I just got back from taking my 2 kids on a Disney cruise and pretty much every little girl on the ship wore a Disney princess dress. I felt like my 9 month old was left out so I bought her a little Cinderella dress! I am in my mid 20s and I do not remember this princess craze from when I was a kid.

alice jane on

This talk of All Dogs Go to Heaven and 101 Dalmatians is making me so nostalgic! I’ve seen 101 Dalmatians recently but would love to see All Dogs Go to Heaven again!! As much as I loved the princess movies, I was crazy about the animal ones too.

As a kid I had my days where I was obsessed with princesses and just wanted to stay in and pretend I was one, or play with my princess dolls, and then the next day I was out looking for frogs and playing outside. I think the Disney princesses are just way more marketed today than they used to be, so little girls can’t really get away…

I think Honor’s always dressed adorably, especially when she’s in the princess cowboy boots; I loved this article!

CelebBabyLover on

Shannon- Actually, she’s indicated that she’s leaning towards adoption for her next child (she’s mentioned it in several interviews, and I think she even said in one that she doesn’t think she’ll have any more biological children). So I’m thinking we may hear an adoption announcement this year. 🙂

JM on

i think the pixar and dreamworks movies have laregely taken over from the older disney cartoons. there are some really lovely CGI films out there. Finding Nemo is a favourite in our house (both the kids and the parents 😉 ) and it has a lovely message and great characters. Toy Story, Shrek (1 +2), Up, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles etc are all really really lovely and well made films.

i agree that i prefer those to the “modern” disney films. (even though i realise that pixar is part of disney)

CelebBabyLover on

alice jane- Ah, 101 Dalmations. That’s one of my favorite Disney films!

JM- I agree! Modern Disney films are largely absent from my collection, whereas Pixar and (especially) DreamWorks movies are prevelant in my collection! The Shrek Movies (1, 2, and 4. Although I like the the third one as well, I admit that it isn’t as well done as the others. It’s ironic that the fourth Shrek movie is basically about Shrek having a mid-life crisis, because I think the Shrek series was having a mid-life crisis with the third movie!) are among my favorites.

I also count all three Toy Story movies among my favorites, along with various other Pixar and DreamWorks films. 🙂

Sydney on

Looks like Shannon was right!