SnugglePie: Luxe (and Cuddly!) Stroller Sacks

02/10/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
George Bogart

Keeping the little ones warm during the winter isn’t easy.

No matter how many layers you throw on them, their mini legs and arms lose body heat really quickly — especially when the temps drop low.

Want some instant relief? Bundle your precious cargo up in SnugglePie‘s cozy Stroller Sack ($350) while you’re out and about.

On first glance, this luxe baby cocoon may seem over the top. But despite it’s hefty price tag, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Since the SnugglePie is made of natural shearling, it’s far warmer than versions made with synthetic fibers. The inner wool lining absorbs moisture and provides excellent insulation.

Plus, it’s so durable you can reuse it with newer kids or pass it down to friends when you’re done.

Even better? The wool is thermostatic, which means that in the summertime, this stroller sack — you can remove the front part — will actually help to keep your little one cool and dry. It’s no wonder Drea de Matteo is a big fan.

Available in dark chocolate (above) and rich caramel, the SnugglePie will work with any stroller with a five-point harness. For more info, go to

Stephanie Phoenix

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Angela on

Are you kidding me? The Stroller Sack costs as much, if not more, as the stroller! Wouldn’t a $25 JJ Cole Bundle Me serve the same purpose?

meme on

$350 are they for real!!! I have the same stoller, and live in Canada, where it is common for weather to hit -30’s. Put your kid in a snow suit, and then a small sleeping bag. worked great for my kids, and was way, way cheaper! Who needs to use it in the summer, really.

$350–Good God!!

west on

The snugglePie is the greatest thing that has been made in so many years. It is the purrrrrfect thing to put a child in when it is freezing cold. How great to put a child in it. It is warm, cozy and comfortable even when the temperature is brutal. It is pricey because it is expensive to make anything of such quality. It can’t be for everyone, but if you are lucky to have one, you can pass it down for generations. My children are grown but wish I had had one for them. I have grandchildren and I think it is a brilliant gift.

Jenny on

I bought one of these last year for my daughter and it was so worth the price! If you live in the city, it’s a total pain to try to bundle a ton of blankets on a screaming kid and the synthetic stroller sacks fall apart after a couple months. This will keep her warm and toasty for years to come.

fred on

if you own a pair of Uggs, then you’ll know exactly how your baby will feel inside this. is it expensive? yes. but it’ll last you longer than most of your baby’s clothes. i’ve given this as a new born baby gift to deserving parents and i still get many thanks to see their toddler knocked out in negative windchill weather. if you think a $25 polyester snow suit is going to help your kid, well i guess you can probably read their minds as well.

MiB on

Sheep skin sacks are quite common where I live due to the long cold winters, and trust me, a $25 JJ Cole Bundle Me is not warm enough where I live, unless it’s combined with a sheep skin and a doubled wool blanket or two. Or an insulated cell pad and a couple of fleece blankets if you don’t like wool. Or a heavy duty sleeping bag. Or don’t really go out for more than a couple of minutes anyways. And when you’re done with the sheepskin bag, you sell it or pass it on to someone else who needs it.

Anonymous on

You’re right it does seem pricey but I actually invested in it and to be honest, I’m thrilled with it. It’s like getting a great mattress for your child, it’s beautiful to touch and I always feel great snuggling her into it.

mark matousek on

I love Snugglepies! Not only are they beautiful and durable, but the price is not unreasonable in the SLIGHTEST. They are a great investment and worth every penny! QUALITY COSTS MONEY (and shearling is at its highest price ever). When you consider that they are collector’s items that will last a family a lifetime, and can be passed down from child to child like siblings sharing a favorite coat, the cost is completely reasonable. If you’re looking for a bargain, try a thrift shop. If you want a high quality product that will last for generations, keep your baby warm, feel and smell wonderful, then make the investment in a Snugglepies. They are fantastic!

Georgina on

That sorta shape “sack” is also really easy to make out of a blanket or fleece, and stuffing, few lines of stitches and bobs your uncle!

My mum made a “nest” as we call them, for my babe!

Bobbie on

Considering the Winter we have been having, the price is well worth it. It is a luxury item which provides necessity. If you have the money, go for it: you and your baby will be glad you did!

B.R on

A full size one for my dog sled that can fit an adult and a child together didn’t cost me that much. Good God $350 is way to much. I live far enough North that there are no road so I understand the need for quality and the needs in the cold weather, but $350 for something that small is simply over priced. You can get a custom made ones for adult sleds out of same materials for much less, all you need to do is look for someone near you that make them, and internet is so easy for that.

AHJ on

The SnugglePie is a WONDERFUL product and when amortized, the cost is negligible in comparison to what most parents spend on accessories for their children. I, personally, know the gal that came up with the concept for this product. Not only is she one of the finest people I know, she is also a conscientious and socially responsible Mom. Rather than knock her ingenuity and hard work, why not show a little verbal support for a female entrepreneur (even if the product is not for you)? 

Lioness on

Sorry, but $350 is A LOT. I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives that would be just as good, as B.R above pointed out. It may be a good product, but it is definitely overpriced.

Holiday on

No thanks! Why would anyone pay that much for a stroller cover?

Marla on

People value things differently and spend their money on what is affordable for them and as they see fit. Similarly, some folks spend $100 on strollers, others $1000. Do you ask yourself, “Why would anyone pay that much for a stroller?” when you walk by a baby in a Bugaboo? Some folks will find $350 to be a lot, while others will not. I may or may not be able to afford it, but it’s a super cute stroller sack. If it’s affordable for people then great, if not there are lots of alternatives out there.

Jenny on

This is a great product, it keeps my little one warm and toasty. Who can put a price on that?

Jenny on

This is adorable! It’s like a giant ugg/giant hug. So cute and super soft; I won’t have to worry about the kids being cold or uncomfortable. Perfect for those New York winters!

Jenny on

Amazing! The price can be off-putting, but the quality is well worth it. It saves soo much time and energy getting ready to head out for the day. If you live in a city like me, you know you’re going to be outside for a lot of the day, and it’s so nice not to have to worry about my daughter getting cold, blankets getting loose, etc etc. Just overall completely worth it.

B.R on

AHJ I am sorry to tell you this but your friend didn’t event anything new. Things like this snugglepie have been around for hundreds of years. How do you think people in the north have been surviving the long winters with their kids and them moving them around? First by foot and then by dog sled. I can show you one that belonged to my friends great grandmother when she was a baby. All this is, is a marketing an old idea to new people. Nothing more. Oh and lower quality since these are machine made rather then by hand which is how the should be done to insure the best quality and safety for the child. It may not make much difference in New York but in the Canadian far north it really does. Even the smallest hole can kill a new born when you have to moved at -60 plus wind.

mark matousek you are right good quality costs money. That being said I have a full size (it can hold one adult and one child together) that looks just like the one in the picture and it only cost me $200. And I can tell you for a fact that what I got is higher quality. It’s hand made by this amazing couple, who raise their own animals, and do everything themselves. I know that this will last me and my kids and probably grand kids, before we need to buy a new one. My point was that the price that they are charging is simply too much there is no reason something that small should cost $350

Holiday on

Jenny were you trying to log in with 3 different names to promote this over priced product?

Jill on

I think this is a great product. Looks nice and warm, sounds like it lasts a long time. I may have to invest in this for the LONG winter next year. I love seeing moms start businesses like this and being successful! Looks like a home run to me. Perfect quality!

Holiday on

Why would you want this Jill? You dont have any kids!

Jill on

Holiday, I do have a child. I am guessing you have me confused with someone else. Or maybe another Jill?

Emilee on

OMG! I thought these comments were for “regular” moms to help each other out on honest opinions of these products but 95% of the comments left for this ridiculously overpriced product sound like they’re from the company representatives themselves, advertising their product in bogus “recommendations from the average mom”. Shame on you for thinking moms are stupid enough to fall for it!

Jill on

Emilee, they posted this link on their facebook page, that is why some of the comments are on this page.

Joneo on

..These ‘Sacks’ are actually good but when it comes to changing nappy they are real headache. So on a day when i think its not so cold for the little one i do not use it at all. I was reading on testfreaks there are many travel system that are coming with these ‘sacks’ now. I guess they are very quickly becoming a necessity on soft travelling.

Anonymous on

JJ Cole bundle me is made of pure polar fleece – which is a carbon based fiber made from petrochemicals, if this is what you want to bundle your baby in, then by all means $35 is very affordable. If on the other hand you prefer ‘natural sheepskin’ which babies love and is full of benefits then you might want to look a little further than your average synthetic products which don’t breathe, are static causing, and overheat.

Jane on

I agree – $350 is an outrageous price to pay for a stroller cover. I bought my child a bunting bag from Elks & Angels which is pretty much the same as the Snuggle Pie but has a nylon outer which is so super easy to keep clean and it was $100 cheaper.

Anonymous on

So happy to see this on People!! I own a SnugglePie and was looking at Elks also before purchasing. You CANT compare the two products. SnugglePie is MUCH longer and fits my 4 yr old! Elks is much much shorter and not as luxurious. I cant believe some of these ridiculous comments. This product is more suitable for europeans! Its outstanding,unique,natural,lasts till your kid is 4 yrs and most of all warm warm warm. Its bizarre reading these comments. Has anyone tried checking how mucgh a shearlingcoat costs? Atleast $1000. Ugg boots? This is PERFECTLY priced considering the high cost of shearling.