BumpWatch: Selma Blair’s Bikini Belly

02/10/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
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Beachin’ it!

Pregnant Selma Blair hits the sand in a bikini while enjoying a day by the shore with boyfriend Jason Bleick on Sunday in Malibu, Calif.

The couple, who have been dating for about a year, are said to “be ecstatic” about their baby-on-the-way, due later this year.

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martina on

She’s such a beautiful woman, but this bikini is unflattering (and not too appropriate, IMO). I wore a bikini during my first trimester, but it had a lot more coverage – and looked great. There are ways to look sexy while pregnant. I just don’t think that’s it.

AA on

She is definitely all belly!! Skinny mini everywhere else.

CB on

So are you saying her bikini is inappropriate because she doesn’t have the cleavage you had when you wore a bikini while pregnant? I don’t get the thought process on that comment. She looks great in my opinion and I can only hope I’ll look that amazing when pregnant. Happy for them.

Jill on

CB, martina’s comment says that the bikini she wore during her 1st trimester had a lot more coverage….nothing about her cleavage. LOL

People really need to read things all the way thru before they attack a comment! Regardless, I think this is a beautiful picture!

K8T on

She said COVERAGE – Not Clevage. You should try reading the actual comment before calling her out.

ST on

She said COVERAGE not cleavage!!! gah! rude!

lifeasahouse on

Sure, I am sure there are more flattering bikinis out there, but I don’t understand how this is inappropriate. She looks like she is enjoying herself.

Lauren on

CB – Why don’t you read a little better? Martina said nothing of cleavage but did say she had more coverage when she wore her bikini! I happen to agree with Martina though. I love Selma, but this bikini is not flattering at all with the baby bump!

Anonymous on

I think she looks Beautiful. I say if you’ve got the body, flaunt it. Especially when you are pregnant.

stephmast on

I think Martina meant that her bikini had more COVERAGE meaning it covered more of her body! I agree with her- a string bikini while pregnant, not the best idea. There are much more flattering styles that don’t put everything on display. Selma does look great, and I hope she continues to have a happy, healthy pregnancy!

Rachel on

Ummm. She didn’t say cleavage, she said COVERAGE. Get your mind out of the gutter πŸ˜›

Ki-ki on

Pregnant women look ridiculous in bikinis. Not flattering at all!!

martina on

Hah hah.. I meant coverage on the bottom. It’s uncomfortable to have those little strips of fabric on the sides – they dig into the body, and you have to constantly pull them up (otherwise you risk over-exposure). As much as I loved my regular swimsuit, I went for something that had a little skirt on the bottom and ruffles on the top. It was both comfortable and cute.

J on

Maybe CB was talking about Martina’s coverage due to a big cleavage or bum. Not everyone can pull off a tiny bikini while pregnant but that doesn’t make it innapropriate for others to wear one just because THEY can wear one…

Ashley on

I read it as cleavage too! hahah I wonder why that is?! Opps

Suzy on

@stephmast “There are much more flattering styles that don’t put everything on display.”

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps she WANTED to put it on display? your post was all over the map…”Selma does look great,” BUT she shouldn’t be wearing the string bikini? Being pregnant with my children were the happiest months of my life…why not celebrate it? And incidentally, you, Martina, Ki-ki and others might benefit from traveling in Europe…they aren’t so prudish there.

Jess on

i think she looks great….i wore a bikini when i was pregnant with my first….to each their own but i think she looks amazing…nothing wrong with showing off your baby bump

martina on

CB just misread what I said; it’s no big deal. To J, I am a yoga instructor and is probably a bit smaller then Selma. Just because I find other bikini styles more flattering doesn’t necessarily make me a fat cow πŸ˜‰ Now bum cleavage is a good one though. I shall use that expression in the future!

Judith Bechhoefer on

I think there are better and more attractive swimsuit styles for pregnant women to wear. I don’t care if you had a great shape prior to pregnancy. This isn’t flattering.

Karen on

She doesn’t have much of a chest, so the top is goofy. The bottom looks like an ill-fitting diaper. She’s pretty, but the choice of swimsuit is unfortunate.

toni on

I don’t get what is inappropriate about what she’s wearing. She’s at the beach! Bikinis, even skimpy ones, are perfectly appropriate at the beach. If other people are offended at her pregnant body, that’s their problem, not hers. (And the further comments about it being possibly uncomfortable are irrelevant. If she’s not comfortable, that’s, again, her choice and her problem, not anyone else’s, and it has nothing to do with whether it might be “appropriate”.)

TB on

I think she looks beautiful. I give her credit for wearing a bikini when she’s pregnant & looking so good. πŸ™‚

klutzy_girl on

I think she looks great in the bikini. It’s really nice.

(And LOL, also saw it as cleavage, not coverage.)

Natalie on

I think she looks great! I think the bikini looks great. I do not understand what is INAPPROPRIATE here! Are you saying pregnancy is ugly? Maybe on some people, but not in this case. In the first trimester you usually do not show at all. She seems to be in great shape, all belly. So this is very appropriate in my opinion. And the strings do not dig into your skin if you are of the same physic as Selma, by the way.

Drie on

I agree Suzy,

Who cares, she’s got a great bod. Strings or no strings, coverage, cleavage, whoooo cares. She’s a haat mama.

me on

That makes 3 of us that read the word “cleavage” . . .funny how the mind processes things.

tomfoolkitten on

wow… she looks skinny. O.o

kj on

@Martina, I quite like you! I like your opinion about the unflattering photo and bikini, and, I like the way you handled the critisism towards CB. What a classy lady!

Yes, bikini = baaaad!!

Jill on

In all of the pictures of her in the bathing suit, she is seen tugging on it. Granted, the sites probably only posted those on purpose….but it just looks like it doesn’t fit. Aside from that, I think it is beautiful when women wear a two piece and are comfortable with themselves.

And I think the comments to CB were more rude than her actual response. People do make errors…no need to attack a person.

petitechat on

there is nothing wrong with wearing a bikini while pregnant in my opinion that being said i think this bikini is not the right one. it doesn’t flatter her body. it has nothing to do with her being pregnant and everything to do with an ill-fitting bikini.

Karen on

To have cleavage, you have to have breasts. She doesn’t. I took photos of my pregnant belly, and I thought it was beautiful. I think a pregnant woman in a bikini is cute. She looks like she’s wearing her little sister’s bikini and is trying to alleviate a wedgie.

megan on

I don’t think it’s inappropriate, however martina is right there would be way more flattering swim suits, and not because she is showing off her belly, she looks great. But really people who are saying other wise, just look at the crotch of the suit, it’s all wrinkly and too big (which is why she has to hold it up). Also small boobs look great on her, but really that top does nothing for them. So all in all she looks great and beautiful, but the suit is not the best, even a different suit just as skimpy may very well look better.

Anonymous on

@Susy IΒ΄m American living in Europe, and believe me, they are very prudish about their pregnancy.
If you have the body, rock it. But yet, with a less revealing bikini.

Emily on

Just throwing this out there – when the only place you gain weight during your pregnancy is your “bump,” it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy – it probably means you aren’t gaining enough weight to keep your BABY healthy.

I think this swimsuit looks so unflattering because it emphasizes how little weight she’s gained (and since she’s such a tiny person in the first place, she looks like she’s pretty far along). The adjustable side-tie bottoms are as tight as they can go, and yet they’re still baggy and she has to hold them up.

And before someone asks, no, I’m not fat…I’m just a supporter of healthy pregnancies. And classy swimsuits.

Georgina on

That type of bikini, the top specifically, it probably the most comfortable. Anything else would have wire or bones in which would make her cleavage appear bigger. Larger boobies need support, but smaller ones dont really, so the top is serving its purpose, covering her bits up, yet still being comfy. Im sure when you all go on holiday you chose the type of bikini you feel most comfy in.

Shannon on

Enough about the bikini lol Has anyone else noticed thats alot of belly for being due late this year? I think she’s either lying about when she is due so that no one bothers her the first little bit after the birth, or she may just have two in there. I’m due the beginning of September with my 3rd and I’m nowhere near that yet! I sense a little deception πŸ˜‰

Lori on

WOW – this look like me after a spaghetti and meatball supper πŸ˜‰

Kristin on

Shannon, it says “later this year” because Selma has not announced when she is due. It could be as early as May for all we know.

Mandy on

I’m not a prude, but I have absolutely no desire to “flaunt” my baby bump. To each his own, but I just don’t find it cute.

JulieA on

Hope she’s wearing sunscreen…..haven’t seen anything that white on a beach since Moby D*ck resurfaced.

Bikini is fine – flat chested skinny girls with baby bellies, not so much.

Catca on

All I can say is I wish I looked that good when I was preggers. Congrats Selma!

Cecelia on

JulieA, she’s not trying to impress you. If you don’t want to look at her, scan to the next article. Really, it’s not that difficult.

Tillie on

She looks great!

Lorelai on

all the haters are just jealous they can’t wear a bikini and look good in it, pregnant or not

Jgirl on

She looks so great. Come on people, she is not asking you to look at her and judge..she is on vacation. We are such a judgemental society. No wonder we have so many obese or anerexic children with problems. Didn’t your mother teach you that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it? I understand this is a blog, but have some compassion.

Jill on

Haters must be jealous……….. omg…………omg……..omg…..

Denise on

As much as I hate those super tiny bikinis that show the sides of your boobs (they are vulgar), I also think that those huge bikinis are UGLY. I would rather see a fat body in a normal bikini (or a one piece, please!) than in those hideous bikini-skirts/shorts that “glues” on your body as it gets wet. Ugh! Just wear a normal size bikini and if your body isn’t that great just wear a cover-up for walks on the beach.

And Selma Blair looks amazing!

Tee on

I’m probably one of the few people that think this way but I’ll throw my opinion into the mix. I don’t think bikinis are appropriate at all… pregnant, not pregnant, teenager, even a small child. They are not modest and I firmly believe in modesty. (For the record, I also don’t believe in wearing a normal one piece either.) However, I know that most people don’t agree with me and that’s fine! The world would be very boring if we all agreed! I choose not to judge people that wear things that I think are inappropriate and just recognize that other people feel differently.

All of that having been said, I think this is a beautiful picture and I’m so happy for her!

Sat on

Boy, I hope she has a thick skin to read these comments! If for some reason she didn’t know that a day at the beach while pregnant is going to inspire unrestrained opinionating by us celebrity baby followers, she definitely knows now!

HT on

I’m pregnant too and definitely won’t be wearing any bikinis… but lemme tell ya, if I looked like Selma I would be! To those of you saying it’s not flattering… I just gotta say, “Huh?” She looks amazing. Maybe the bikini is a tad on the ugly side, but she’s still ROCKIN’ it!

Jenn on

I’m sure if she was wearing some sort of unflattering dress everyone would be commenting on that as well. Can’t please anyone these days. I personally think she looks great. If I looked like her, I’d wear a bikini too.

I’d like to know what you want to see her in….a one-piece? granny-panty bottoms and a tank style top? If she was 400lbs and pregnant, then I could see people wanting her to cover up.

jessicad on

I rocked a bikini when I was pregnant and loved it. I even dug a hole in the sand for my belly and was able to be on my stomach and it felt soooo good:) Had no idea so many people find it gross or inappropriate, who cares what people think! Do what feels right to you. I think she looks adorable and happy. I’m also getting a girl vibe from her.

Soco on

Selma looks stunning. Love her she is a great actress!

Brooke on

Selma Blair pre-pregnancy had the chest of a 13 year old boy. I am sure she is pleased as punch to have something to fill it out with.

Anne on

She’s definitely having a girl.

Lou x on

I think she looks great, however the bikini clearly doesn’t fit her! i’m all for bikini’s, but i think a halter-neck/sporty style would suit her figure much better. to me it looks as though she is wearing a ‘normal’ bikini,just in a larger size. (particularly so with the bottoms)

This one, as seen on Myleene Klass, looks much more practical+dare i say it, sexy. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-448618/From-maternity–Myleene-looks-blooming-lovely.html

To me, although people are saying her costume is’unflattering’ i would say its more ‘inappropriate’…she is in danger of flashing at any point! lol

L x

Suzy on

Sorry, “Anonymous,” but I beg to differ with you regarding Europeans and pregnancy attire. Part of the reason that I purchased much of my maternity wear from European designers was because they embrace a more form-fitting style, which in my personal opinion, celebrates this very special time, instead of hiding it under a tent. “If you have the body, rock it?” Seriously? How do you define the pregnant body? Every woman carries their child differently. Perhaps you aren’t quite grasping the European style because you are an expat living there, or perhaps you are just entirely missing the point, because I assure you, Europeans are not prudish with regard to the pregnant body. And I have many European friends who are NOT American, who would vouch for this.

Kelly on

I think the picture is beautiful. I truly believe that pregnant women are one of the most beautiful images on this earth. Yes, she appears to be holding the sides of the bottoms up, but who cares? Congratulations Selma on your pregnancy. I hope you have a healthy, happy baby!

Mungo on

I like everything but her hat.

cynthia on

I agree with the lady who said pregnant women look ridiculous in bikinis!..gross!.. a once piece would be better or a top that covered that belly

Windy on

Wish I looked that good when I was pregnant!

showbizmom on

She looks good! I’ll admit I am Jealous!!! I could never rock a bikini anytime during any of my pregnancies. I’d hate to see what folks on this site would have said, had there been a picture of me in a one piece at 4 months! I will say though, I’m sure she’s fine with her chest, but if she’s anything like me she’ll be prayin for her boobs to stay after the baby weight and any other weight starts to go away….

Three years later the weight has gone, and I’m still prayin I’ll keep the boobs!! πŸ™‚

Cecelia on

Tee, what do you think women should wear to the beach or pool then? No judgement from me. I’m just honestly curious since you said you don’t believe in wearing bikinis or one pieces.

Anonymous on

pack the bikini away for 9 months – who wants to see that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Elisa on

Why is everybody knocking her? She looks healthy!

Deb on

Obviously no coverage she’s hanging onto it like a coat o a cold day

Amy on


I think she looks spectacular. If you want to wear a bikini, wear it, no matter if you are skinny, fat, pregnant, not pregnant. What is it to you?

Andrea on

i think so is a gorgeous woman but the swimsuit itself is sorta ugly. if it was a different pattern, then itd be tons better. but she is definitely rockin the belly! congrats 2 her!

Anna on

I can’t believe some people on this site. Why insult her? She can’t help being flat chested! And I don’t even think she is that flat chested.

The word inappropriate should be banned from this site too, people seem to have problems with everything. The bikini looks fine, she is not showing anything that shouldn’t be seen.

Tina on

Hmmm, Martina, perhaps if Selma saw your pregnant bikini pic she would not think you look as great as you think you did. And perhaps Selma thinks she looks great, and, really, isn’t that all that matters?

How does one get a vibe re the sex of the baby from an image on a computer screen??

Kristin on

She looks impressive. And is quite brave! Bravo Selma! Own it!!!

Laura on

You know, I’m all for a woman being confident while pregnant but why not be classy about it at the same time? A one-piece can be just as sexy without being so obvious.

momofboys on

I think it’s just an unflattering picture. It looks ‘weird’. Her right leg looks so much smaller than her left leg, just because she is walking. She is extremely white, while her suit is bright colored – hence making it ‘awkward’. And unforatunately, her lack of a top half just doesn’t look right. Agreed, she’s a beatiful woman, but not in this swimsuit!

Tee on

Cecilia, it’s an honest question! I’ve always been a very modest person and never felt very comfortable in a traditional one piece swimsuit. That discomfort strengthened several years ago when I became old order Mennonite. If I’m put in a situation where I need to wear a swimsuit, I’ll wear one that covers my body from my neck to my knees. A really good set of pictures can be found at http://www.wholesomewear.com.

Let me also say that I don’t particularly care to see men in swimming trunks either. (I don’t find them modest!) For me, the body is meant to be covered and shared between only a husband and wife. But again, that’s just me! I know I’m not the norm when it comes to things like this.

CelebBabyLover on

Tina- I’m not saying this is what Anne meant, because I honestly don’t know. But a lot of people try to “guess” at the sex of a baby by the appearence of the mother’s belly (“high” is supposed to mean a girl, for example, and low a boy, while gaining weight only in the belly is supposed to mean boy, and gaining weight all over is supposed to mean girl). But that being said, I don’t get the speculation myself.

Those old wives tales are rarely correct (for example, Britney Spears carried really high with both of her pregnancies, and she had boys both times. Naomi Watts also carried rather high but had boys.).

Kristin- Exactly! “Later this year” is virtually always what Moms & Babies says in regards to a due date for a celeb that hasn’t announced any sort of due date. And even if she HAD said she was due in the later part of the year, we have seen time and time again on this site that you can’t always tell by bump size how far along a woman is in her pregnancy. πŸ™‚

Emily- Not neccesarily. Someone women gain weight only in the belly during pregnancy even though they eat normally. Different body types gain weight differently. Also, for a baby to be unhealthy due to it’s mother not eating enough, the mother would have to be starving herself quite severely. Not only that, but the mother would be in really bad shape long before the baby. This is because the mother’s body makes the baby a priorty and ensures that it (the baby) gets all the nutrients it needs even if it means that, as a result, the mother won’t be getting what she needs.

The baby will even draw nutrients from the mother’s own body tissues (for example, calcium from bones and teeth) if need be. I also want to point out that we’ve seen plenty of celebs on here who gain weight only in the belly and go on to have healthy babies. Nicole Richie and Samantha Harris are just two examples.

Bottomline: Everyone’s body is different, and what’s a “healthy” weight gain varies from person to person.

As for the bikini….I don’t get the uproar. What in the world is wrong with pregnant bodies?

Anya on

A pregnant women is beautiful whether she decides to wear a tent or a string bikini. If you have issues with your body, keep your comments to yourself. Work on loving the skin you’re in…

JulieA on

Cecelia, using your logic, if you didn’t like what I had to say, then DON’T READ IT!


Megan on

I think she looks great! I don’t understand how the bikini is inappropriate though. It’s not any less appropriate being worn by a pregnant woman than someone who isn’t. I’ll be 9mos pregnant in May and am so ready to get outside with a bikini on. I think pregnancy is beautiful and big pregnant bellies are so cute! Don’t like it? Don’t look a second time πŸ™‚ I won’t be any worse looking than my 300lb neighbor that comes outside in little tiny shorts and nothing else haha.

martina on

Dear Tina – where did I say Selma did not look great? Why not read what I actually wrote before responding. Thanks.

Nash on

I love Selma but I also agree this bikini doesnt look good on her..I am for flaunting your baby bump especially of its your first, but before you do, take another look in the mirror. The bikini makes her look kinda unhealthy. I am otherwise happy for her…

dsfg on

Some people LIKE being flat-chested. It could be she’s very happy with the way her boobs normally are and wants them to go back to their normal form post-pregnancy. Don’t assume everyone wants or likes boobs . . .

Elisabeth on

If you want a good indication of why there are so many body image issues and eating disorders, just take a sampling of the comments in this story. We pick people apart because they’re too fat, because they;re too skinny, because they have stretch marks, because they have unwaxed eyebrows, hairy legs, dirt under their toenails, a wedgie.

For the love of peace and self-confidence people, get a grip. Stop nitpicking, get off your high horses and go find something positive and constructive to do.


Emmy on

I think she looks amazing! She can pull off wearing a bikini for sure!

Karen on

Bottom line is this – regardless of being pregnant or not, there are bathing suits made for every body style imaginable – from small-chested, big-chested, curvy, plump, whatever. This particular style, especially the top, is not flattering to her figure whatsoever – irregardless of her pregnancy. I have no problem with someone showing off their pregnant belly if that’s what they want to do (not my personal choice), but at least try to pick a suit that flatters or enhances your figure the best it can – not detract from it.

Lola on

Suzy – I agree with anon…although I’m American living in Europe (Spain), I still say the same. Pregnancy is not embraced as much as it is in the States…look at the average age of European moms – they have kids later in life for fear of being fired from their jobs while they are younger. Therefore, they’re a little more conservative with some aspects. I think what you are trying to say about being less prudish is their love of going topless. Yes, many women choose to go topless at the beach. HOWEVER, I have NEVER seen a pregnant woman do so. They tend to wear one pieces or modest bikinis. Try experiencing something for yourself, before shooting out an opinion that’s not so nice. =)

heather on

Selma was a sack of bones before, so i’d say this is improvement for her. however, that particular bikini is really unflattering.

JulieA, perhaps she’s not into the whole skin cancer thing. nothing wrong with some 50 spf.

kct on

although selma’s bikini is not the most flattering style for her, i think her body looks great. i thinks it is perfectly acceptable for a pregnant woman to wear a bikini at the beach. believe me, i have seen much worse bodies (not pregnant) in much less cloth on the beach…


It looks like she is uncomfortable with the bikini bottom and trying to hold it up. I think she could have picked a more flattering cute bathing suit.

AMichele on

I thought I saw it say “cleavage” too at first..haha! I’m pretty sure she probably doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks really. Screw it…rock the bikini..who cares if it’s inappropriate or not..it’s her body and if she feels comfortable in it then go on w/ your bad self Selma;)

Bella on

I cant wear a bikin but Im not a hater. Everyones different and thats ok!

I think if shes comfortable, WHO CARES how we think it looks? Her mans happy, shes happy. Its all good!. Ever wonder how many outfits YOU wear in the course of a week where people including your friends say “not so flattering”?

Im just saying.

Rosalie on

She looks great!

Suzy on


I HAVE experienced Europeans being less prudish about pregnancy attire, and I don’t appreciate you suggesting that I have not experienced it myself. Why in the world would I have made my initial post, had I not.

I was NOT referring to topless sunbathers…that is an entirely different subject. I WAS referring to European maternity wear, which unlike traditional, more conservative maternity wear in the States, does not conjure up images of big, flowy shirts and dresses that hide the pregnant figure. Rather, my European friends (and myself) have worn maternity clothes that are more fitted in nature.

The point in relating that experience to this article was to illustrate that Selma also apparently shares the desire to show her figure. Your point about women waiting longer to conceive in Europe is absolutely irrelevant here…like topless sunbathers, it is a completely different issue.

Crystal on

Personally, a mother of 2, I feel this is quite LOVELY! To embrace your weight gain and love it is phenomenal! I think too many women; especially celebrity types, are too worried about “their shape”. I as well ran around nearly 8 months pregnant in Thailand in a bikini; My husband found me sexier than ever. Tons of people love pregnant belly and most are not embarassed nor grossed out by it. APPPLAUDS to Selma!

Lisa on

You can see her ribs still!

Anne on

Umm @Emily, that is just not true about staying skinny when pregnant not being healthy for the baby. I am 5 months pregnant now, and can tell you that in a healthy pregnancy, you should only gain about 25-30lbs, and only about 5-7lbs of that weight should be added fat. I am as pregnant as Selma and still wear the same size that I did before pregnancy minus my waist size. Gaining too much weight is what is really unhealthy for a baby and mom.

I applaud her for wearing a bikini. Pregnancy is beautiful, and it should be celebrated, not hidden.

Cecelia on

JulieA, your name calling only highlights your lack of intelligence.

Tee, I appreciate your kind response.

magsmom on

Where did the name “Baby Bump” come from? I hate that terminology for being pregnant. Also she really should wear a one piece..

Steph on

You know what’s most ridiculous of all? The fact that any man can wear NO TOP AT ALL, could be 500 pounds with his belly hanging out and that is perfectly ok, but people are so disgusted by seeing a pregnant woman’s belly!

What is with all of the negative comments? She’s too white, too skinny, too flat chested? And I’m sure all of you guys look like perfect supermodels!

@Emily- there is no reason to say her pregnancy isn’t “healthy,” just because she seems to be putting weight on in the belly. I’m pretty sure all women are different and Selma has a small frame anyway.

Jude on

OMGosh! Really don’t understand some comments here either!! Selma is beautiful pregnant like this! Absolutely stunning body! Love the baby-bump-flauting! I could do witout the cowboy hat, but that’s irrelevant.

Jude, from Europe.

CelebBabyLover on

Anne is correct about weight gain during pregnancy. However, I want to point out that 25-30lbs is the recommended pregnancy weight gain for a mother who was of normal weight before concieving. Underweight women are advised to gain more than that amount, and overweight women less. πŸ™‚

Jill on

I actually just had a long conversation about weight gaining with my doctor and later with my friends. My doctor does not put pressure on weight gain unless it becomes a huge issue, but that may be because of my personal situation.

Here is what I was given and told.
You should always check with your doctor on how much weight you should gain because every individual person is different. The amount of weight you should gain is determined not only by your pre pregnancy weight but also by your BMI and your health and your baby’s health.

BMI less than 18.5: Recommended weight gain 28 to 40
BMI 18.5 to 24.9: Recommended weight gain 25 to 35
BMI 25 to 29.9: Recommended weight gain 15 to 25
BMI 30 or greater: Recommended weight gain 11 to 20

Nella on

I agree with Steph! It’s her body and she can wear whatever she pleases. I happen to think that her belly is adorable and making judgements because someone is too pale or flat chested just isn’t nice in my opinion. She can’t help if she doesn’t have big breasts or tan skin! Every woman has a different view on pregnancy and that’s okay, but no need to be catty and rude about it. It’s sad that this site has become almost like a soap opera and I hope it doesn’t stay like this.

Mel Hieatt on

Personally I think she looks pale and thin and I find it disturbing that she has ribs showing around her distended belly 😦 I think its more flattering to wear a one piece when you are pregnant… she just looks a bit fragile for my tastes!

MooMoo on

Ghastly. *shudders*

kiki on

All the women commenting on this topic should GET A LIFE! I’m so sure Selma Blair even remotely cares what you all think. Women are so CATTY and it is because they are JEALOUS/INSECURE w/themselves. There I said it. Now which tough guy is going to put me in my place?

Jill on

Kiki, are you 12? Sorta sounds like it. They tell people “get a life.” Jealous and insecure…okay, then! Do you feel better that you got that off your chest? So, I am a “tough guy” for responding? You just have us all figured out don’t you! Anyone who doesn’t agree with you is just a catty, insecure, jealous, need to get a life, tough guy!

Racheal on

I think is very unprofessional to wear a bikiki while you are PG! and the fact that they have not dated that long….. she seems to be around to much. Was married then right away dated and though she was PG then…. to bad…will see how long she will last with this dumbo.

Jessica Gallardo on

She looks great. The bikini covers her boobs, butt and crotch so how is it inappropriate. BTW, thats a Zac Posen for Target bikini. Funny, glad to know we have the same suit…very cute.