Natalie Portman’s Growing Fashion Quandary — Her Expanding Baby Bump!

02/09/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Natalie Portman might be known for her effortless red carpet flair — but when it comes to dressing her bump, the first-time mom-to-be has discovered that there are new issues she has to contend with.

One major Academy Awards fashion consideration? “Leaving space for growth,” the Best Actress nominee told PEOPLE at an Oscar Nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills on Feb. 7.

But the Black Swan star, who wore a teal Lanvin dress with pink satin pumps to the event, isn’t going it alone. She has her own master stylist hard at work searching for the perfect pregnancy ensembles.

TELL US: Are you excited to see what Natalie Portman wears to the Oscars?

Reporting by Michelle Ward

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Olivia on

i hope she will wear something similar to the long with dress she had on the golden globes. she looked stunning

Anonymous on

please block SAR’s comments ahead of time!

Katie on

Is it me or is she getting so much publicity with this pregnancy? I feel like she’s all you hear about. Nothing against her, I just want to hear about the other moms to be as well. She’s not the only preggo in hollywood.

Zee on

Natalie will look gorgeous regardless of what she wears!!

Katie: If you would have scrolled down, you would have seen articles about other celebrity mothers and mothers-to-be. Unless, of course, you were forced to click on this particular article — then I can understand your frustration. 😉

Lisa on

She really is getting a lot of publicity and I’m getting tired of it.

Too bad, I used to like her a lot. Especially since she was somebody whose name you didn’t find in the headlines every other day.

Indira on

She should fire her stylist. I LOVED a lot of the things she wore pre-pregnancy but, her style thus far has been seriously lacking. Especially in that outfit they show when you click on the “master stylist” link. What a dud! Katie, I kind of agree with you. I think what made Natalie so A-list was how rarely you heard about her in the media. Now she’s everywhere! Its not her fault but, I definitely noticed as well.

SAR on

She looks bad in that picture. She used to be so much prettier. Now she looks bland and indistinct from 20 other starlets. The thick makeup does not help.

Oh, and she’s using her pregnancy to get publicity. Gosh, I’m shocked. Maybe once she wins the Oscar, she’ll do what she’s claimed she wants to do: just sit around and eat popcorn. But I doubt it.

By the by, the “role model” took up with her baby-daddy when he already had a live-in girlfriend. But I suppose that will be excused, because she can apparently do no wrong in practically everyone’s eyes.

I just wonder what, exactly, she has done to get such adoration, and such fierce defenders. Especially since it’s open season on every other celebrity who gets mentioned in here.

ecl on

Of course she is getting tons of publicity! It’s awards season and she’s winning! Her pregnancy just adds to the attention she would already be getting.

Tee on

Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing what she wears! I think she’s dressed beautifully through this pregnancy!

Anonymous on

for the 1st time ever, i’m going to agree with SAR.

SAR: see, you can express your opinion without being catty and vicious! i’m sure if you were able to word your opinions like you did this one, more people would see your point….and quit ragging on you as well!

martina on

Natalie is getting publicity because she’s doing a ton of pre-Oscar events and interviews. Had she not been currently nominated (and a favorite to win) in the best actress category, things would be different. She’s notorious for being very private, but obviously she can’t hide from the media right now. I don’t know why the “publicity” is a reason to like her less.

mary on

ARGH! SAR Nat must have stolen your boyfriend or something. Your comments are so bizarre. Jealousy is so ugly!

Truth on

@Katie @Lisa @Indira ………get a clue! Your negativity is what helps them decided who to focus on! Who ever brings on the blog hits! You are helping to make NP be the it girl. Your favorites celebs have to make lots of money with their movies, sell products, and encourage regular folks that would be us fans want to spend money at places that they eat, shop, travel, etc. etc. etc. In Celeb language…there is no bad press, or too much press…just spell my name correctly and identify my face correctly. LOL

Elle on

I’m soooooooooo bored with her! She can’t act and there’s nothing interesting about her.

Tess on

I think part of the reason people tend to defend Natalie is because she is a child star who turned out ok. She graduated college, she hasn’t been pictured falling down drunk in clubs, she’s never been arrested. When you compare her to other child stars who have gone nuts, Natalie is harmless and does tend to have a “can do no wrong” persona.

That being said, I find her very boring, her acting terrible, and I wish she would keep her mouth shut about her personal life. And I fail to see this great pregnancy fashion style that People keeps telling me she has. I don’t think wearing a bedsheet to an awards show is fashionable, but we all have different opinions.

Jordan Kleinworm on


Melissa on

Everyone keeps harping on the amount of publicity she’s gotten, and it’s true she’s gotten a LOT of publicity recently, but have you forgotten that she just starred in a movie that earned her Best Actress nominations for EVERY major award, and it’s awards season?

Of COURSE she’s going to be getting publicity. If this were a nerdy guy tech blog, I’m sure we’d be reading way more about Jesse Eisenberg than usual. And she’s asked about her pregnancy because that’s what people are interested in.

Have you guys even stopped to realize that she has given almost no interviews (if any. I can’t think of one except for the recent magazine cover story she did — was it InStyle?) other than at awards events that she HAS to go to and HAS to be gracious and answer the reporters’ questions. No actor in her right mind would walk the red carpet at an event in which she is nominated for a major award and refuse to spend two minutes speaking with a reporter.

If she’s still being quoted in unique interviews every other day after awards season, then yeah, I’ll concede she’s overexposed, but for now, what do you expect?

And regarding the whole boyfriend stealing thing, is that even true? I haven’t seen a single even remotely credible source saying that. Just seems like a lot of gossip to me. Even Wikipedia doesn’t include that detail.

Jill on

I think Natalie is looking beautiful these days! Pregnancy really makes her glow. I am glad that she has movies going on right now because that just means we get to see her more! I love seeing her all dressed up at the events. She looks beautful!!

I am rooting for her to win the Oscar! I hope when its all over she relax a bit before the baby gets here. I am so happy for her and her fiance!!

Something About Baby on

She looks great in just about everything.

Tink on

Melissa thankyou! I think your post is the most logical and normal one of late, in regard to NP. Some people need to relax and wait and see how things play out instead of jumping to conclusions.

Ryan on

I don’t think she has a chance of LOSING the Oscar. She’s got it in the bag.

As for her style…I think she looks beautiful most times and pregnancy suits her! She has that GLOW! 🙂

That said…I still think her Golden Globes “rose” dress was the most hideous thing I have seen on the red carpet in a long, long time. Eeeek! So tacky looking!!!

Hope she goes with something simple and elegant.

Still getting a “boy” vibe from her despite hearing a bunch of people say they think she is gonna have a girl. Don’t know why! Just a vibe! :)))

Jen on

Standing ovation for Melissa’s logical post. Hopefully all the complainers will read it and open their eyes/minds… or simply stop posting complaints about seeing Natalie Portman. Some of us are excited to see what she will wear at the Oscars. If you don’t want to see her anymore, use your mouse and scroll past those posts. It’s not hard!

Naomi on

@Melissa – Here’s the link to NP’s allegedly boyfriend stealing ways:

Jill on

Naomi, You just proved Melissa’s point.

Gaia and Laban's mom on

I honestly think blue valentine’s Michelle Williams is more deserving of the oscar but, american awards are a lot about money and celebrity anyway. Portman is a competent actress but, I dont think she made black swan the movie that it was. I also don’t understand why posters insist on censoring each other but, on other articles say negative things about celebs they dislike?!? Everyone has their faves its not a big deal!

Sadie on

Melissa, the boyfriend stealing story is from the NY Post/Page Six. Obviously a story like that is going to come from gossip rags, it’s not like Natalie herself is going to discuss it. Some people choose to believe it, others don’t.

fuzibuni on

ok people magazine… that’s enough for now. Maybe a post every once in awhile. But daily? Natalie seems nice and all, but I’m gettin tired of this ho. And side note, but if I were her, I’d fire that “master sylist.”

martina on

In terms of Natalie’s pregnancy style, I don’t see anything special. She’s very short; it’s difficult to dress a bump on a short girl. As for her acting abilities and whether she deserves the Oscar… Come on, we are talking about the same “prize” Gwyneth Paltrow won over an amazing performance by Cate Blanchett. But none of it warrants personal attacks on Natalie. It’s sad that anger and venom have become the signature style of this site.

Ryan on

Yeah, I agree with the above post by Gaia and Laban’s mom about Michelle Williams deserving the statue. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better acting in that film. Intense drama…soooooooo realistic. I adore Natalie and think she is sweet & gorgeous…I just didn’t think her performance was as special as some people are giving her credit for.

It reminds me of the year Jennifer Hudson won for Dreamgirls. I swear, I thought her acting in that film was HORRENDOUS and I was shocked that she won the Oscar for it…I don’t get what the big deal about it was? She scream-sang through the whole movie and her acting was wooden at best. It was so strange to me that she got so much praise for that role!!! Still frustrates me to this day.

Then she followed it up with her amazing role in Sex & The City: The Movie…in which her acting “skills” were reminiscent of a high school production of some sort. Yikes! She can’t act. That’s just my opinion. Sorry! She can belt a song out though…that’s for sure!

Anyways, Natalie looks gorgeous…pregnancy suits her. Can’t wait to see what she has.

Ali on

Fuzi, real mature calling her a HO. Nice.

Jill on

If no one comments on the posts…then they will no longer appear. When you comment a LOT they will keep them around. So continuing to tell People that you don’t want Natalie posts, is only going to make them do more. Which is fine…by…me!

I think she has always been cute and pregnant is even cuter!!

And calling someone a “ho”……wow.

Ali on

Seriously, calling Natalie a “HO” is ridiculous.

jessicad on

Why isn’t her boyfriend catching heat? It all seems to go to her, men can’t be “stolen” unless they want to. He’s the one who cheated, for all we know he told her he was single or something. Who cares! I think she’s adorable and I’m kinda getting a boy vibe from her too.

Tess on

Jill – when enough people complained about the daily dose of Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba posts, suddenly those posts stopped. So, someone is reading these posts.

Toya L. on

Thank you Jessicad- how in the hell does someone steal a person? Now if she messed around with someone who she KNEW had a gf then yes IMO that’s what I’d call trashy. Still HE’S the one who had an alleged live in gf *which makes HIM the alleged cheater* and should be held the MOST accountable but we don’t even know if that story is true. She looks gorgeous pregnant.

Jill on

Tess, I do not believe that is why those posts stopped. I think those posts stopped because people were not commenting on them. People actually comment on these. If you look at Natalie’s posts….there is debate and she averages 20 plus comments. Jessica Alba’s post got nowhere near that many and Jennifer Garner’s did here and there. It is all about the amount of comments. They don’t bring in enough comments and there isn’t any “drama.”

Jill on

Oh, and there was just a post about Honor earlier this week and “her style.” Natalie is a hot topic.

Romy on

it is kind of strange that it is rarely mentioned that her fiance was heavily involved with someone else when they met. then they quickly get together and get pregnant. he does not have a good reputation for nice personality. I wonder if she will stay with him much longer? I know it’s harder to make that choice with a baby involved though. Look at Kourtney Kardashian!

Romy on

jessicad, it might be laineygossip that called him out, not sure of others

MiB on

Well said Melissa. She’s seen a lot right now because it’s award season and she is nominated for a major award, and it’s only natural. Jennifer Garner has dissapeared from the site because she is working on location, once she’s back in LA again and back in her daily routine, we’ll see her again, and when she starts promoting her new film, we’ll see even more of her. Even the most media shy celebrities can’t avoid publicity when they are promoting movies or nominated to awards even if they are good at avoiding the press at other times. That’s how it works.

And well said jessicad. Why is is always the women that are called home wreckers? You can’t steal a person (unless you kidnap them), and if you let yourself “be stolen”, then you are an accessory of the crime. What do you think she did really? Start a campaign of seduction in order to steal a happily married man? Drug him with a love potion? Kidnapped him, locked him into a dark cellar and hoped he’d develope the Stockholm syndrom? It is true that people are always hurting when a relationship breaks apart, but relationships don’t usually break apart like a flash from a clear sky even if it can seem like that both to bystanders and to the parties involved. You can’t steal love, you can only get it from someone who is willing to give it to you.

Anyways, I guess I am the only one who liked the last couple of dresses? Even the one with the red roses? I didn’t really like the ones she wore at the very beginning, but that is a tricky stage to dress when your normal clothes are too small, maternity clothes are too big and you tend to look like you put on weight rather than pregnant.

tlc on

I want to give Melissa a standing OVATION!!! Bravo hit the nail right on the head.

People like SAR, who for whatever reason has a very disturbing vendetta against Natalie, keep posting their comments just fuels the mags to print MORE about Nat, not less. A negative comment is still traffic to the site and more hits on the thread. For those who don’t want to read more about Nat, then DO NOT OPEN THE THREAD!

In Hollywood, there are going to be the “hot” celebs of the month, week, year. It goes in waves. Natalie has been in a few more movies so she’s going to be the talked about girl for a time. Hell, it used to be that every second post on this site (before People) was about Brangelina and nobody seemed to complain then. Then it was all about the Kardashian girl, then it was all Nicole Richie. It goes in waves.

It’s just too bad that people like SAR can’t keep their personal bashing crap to themselves. You want to get your point across? That’s fine but do it with respect. You hate her? Fine, but personally bashing is out of line. Bash her clothes, bash her style but to call her a HO? That’s just bizarre for one, but really nasty too.

It astounds me how people can “Hate” or “Loathe” someone they don’t even know in real life or have never even met.

Jen on

Three cheers for tlc!!

SAR on

— Of course she is getting tons of publicity! It’s awards season and she’s winning! Her pregnancy just adds to the attention she would already be getting. —

My point exactly. It’s interesting how her pregnancy…oh, and her engagement, too! — was so perfectly timed.

Jen on

SAR, do you truly believe that anyone would care so much about winning an Oscar that she would get pregnant just to gain attention for the media coverage? Is that what you’re saying?

Hi on

tlc, SAR wasn’t the one who called Natalie a ho. That was a poster named fuzibuni who was far meaner on this thread than I have ever seen SAR be. Don’t lump.