Meet Alanis Morissette’s Son Ever Imre!

02/09/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Amazing, indeed. Alanis Morissette Tweeted a photo Tuesday of her and her husband enjoying a moment of joy with their 6-week-old son, Ever Imre. Morissette summed up the photo in a single word on Twitter. “Amazing,” she wrote.

The Canadian singer-songwriter, 36, and husband Mario ‘Souleye’ Treadway welcomed Ever on Christmas Day. Days after his birth, she Tweeted that she was “moved beyond words and so grateful” and “so in love with my new nuclear family.”

Courtesy Alanis Morissette


— Tim Nudd

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Elena on

What a beautiful happy family! Love this picture! Baby looks so cute and healthy!!! Congrats!

Mia on

What a sweet picture!-They look SO happy + the baby looks very excited/curious.

tink1217 on

wonderful happy..and baby looks so sweet!!

Anonymous on

What a BEAUTIFUL picture!!!

Liam on

Ryan and Alanis were a pair for years and years and had planned to get married. She always said she couldn’t believe someone so attractive was into her. Then they broke up. Years later, he married Scarlett and she found Mario, got married and had a baby. Ryan is now getting a divorce. Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?

Jenn on

Aww how sweet!! I love her, I’m a big fan. They look so happy and in love with each other =)

Jess on

that is such a sweet picture….good luck alanis and mario. you guys will be awesome parents

klutzy_girl on

He’s adorable!

Mia on

She sounded like she was insecure–if someone like Ryan Reynolds was so into her (vs. somebody else). Everything works out/happens for a reason-she looks very happy!

sweeet on

This is a sweet picture and they look so happy! Jodie Sweetin needs to take lessons on how to take a pic with their newborn. Absolutely beautiful!

akri on

So happy for her..She looks like she’s head over feet for him..I hope they last forever!!

Love ya Alanis!!

Summer819 on

Beautiful family! Love how the baby is looking up at them!

Flowers on

awwwwwww they ALL look happy!! Even the baby!
Alanis rules! “You live, you learn, you love, you learn…”
Happy for her! Everyone deserves happiness at some point or another in life!

melissa on

They look so happy 🙂

j on

congrats to them. love her music and time spent on Weeds. Love-love-love the pic, it looks real and not a staged picture for the press like so many others do w/their new arrivals. They look like a happy loving and connected family.

Amy on

Beautiful family picture! Blessings to you and your family Alanis, you deserve all this joy!

Amy on

The joy in this picture is breathtaking. It would be difficult to not be happy for them.

Lis on

That is precious. Makes me miss those days when my son was so little…he’s going to be ONE in two weeks… :o/

Allison J on

I love this picture! They all look so happy and in love, with each other and with their baby boy.

Yulia on

I love how happy she looks and the baby is gorgous. Actually I think she looks prettier too. Take that Ryan Reynolds.

Natasha on

Sweeeeet…love babies

Kelly on

Very happy for Alanis! Her husband and baby are cute! Ryan who? 🙂

Tracy on

What a beautiful, happy family! I’m so happy for them. I love how their gorgeous son is looking up at his momma, too sweet!!

John on

Congratulations! Great looking boy and a great picture of a happy family.

LisaLisa on

That baby kind of looks like Ryan Reynolds to me. Thus explains the divorce. He doesn’t look anything like Mario! I am just sayin….

Becca on

Beautiful family photo!! He looks so precious looking up at his mommy with a smile on his face! Absolutely precious!

ellen on

God Bless them all! I’m a HUGE fan and I hope they all live happily ever after

Gail on

congratulations! to you both.

The Revolving Diet on

What a great picture. They make a cute family and they baby is adorable!

Diane on

She has had such drama and chaos in her life…I pray that this creative musical genius can enjoy some stability and pure happiness.

Karen on

He’s precious!!!

Tiff on

cute ❤

mamsmom2 on


Shame on you, Shame on you!

denise on

I just love how that baby is looking up with smile at his mom and dad, so cute!

Lisa on

I’ve never liked her music, it actually drives me nuts but what a beautiful family. I’m so jealous, congrats to the happy family, may you enjoy a lifetime of happiness together. Love one another completely and live life to the fullest.

LoopsFroot on

Oh how precious. That pic just screams HAPPINESS!!!

Momof4 on

Nice 🙂 They look very happy although at times I miss the old angry Alanis music…lol. She got me through the 90’s….hahahaha. Happy for her and her family.

SarahJane on

What a great photo! LOVE her!

jordan on

Best family pic ever!

Annie on

Gorgeous, natural, happy family. All of them look precious.

Angie on

What a wonderful picture of their family!! I love the way their son is looking up at them 🙂 So precious!!!

Sarah on

Oh shut the f…..up Lisa Lisa
Amazing picture!!

tomkitten on

aww… they look so happy! And I love how aware/alert the baby is! He looks truly intrigued with this curious new world he’s existing in. 😀

Carole on

Cette photo est l’image même du bonheur.

ella on

Celeb baby pictures like these are the best ones! You see a lot of love and joy and no photo set or makeup artist can create that!

Jordan on

looks like his always been apart of the family 🙂

Lady on

LisaLisa Wow, ignorant much?!

Beautiful frameable photo

C on

What a sweet picture! They look so happy – even the baby looks like he’s smiling! 🙂

Denise on

I love how the baby is looking up at them.. so precious.

Anon on


Gini on

Love the baby spit up on his t-shirt.

Jonathan on

Looks like she has finally “met the man of her dreams, and has became his beautiful wife”. Ironic ain’t it?

Good photo. I love the babies expression.

Nella on

One of the best family pics I’ve seen on this website! I love it! Ever looks so cute and the parents look beyond happy! I love Alanis, and her voice is unique and beautiful. Seriously Lisa Lisa, wow talk about rude!!! Sometimes I wonder what people are on when they post some comments on this website hehe.

LisaS on

Wow. That’s a beautiful picture. They look so happy.

Mira on

LisaLisa, this is some first-class, funny trolling. I lol’ed. I do hope, you weren’t serious, of course.

Beautiful pic. I love Alanis’ music and wish Alanis and her husband boundless happiness.

kal on

Filled with joy at the sight of this beautiful family! Way to go, Alanis! You deserve it.

Annetta on

Beautiful Family Pic indeed! My first thoughts were they look Very Happy and in Love!

nadine on

Magnifique, il n’y a pas d’autre mot!

SAR on

Wow, he is BIG! He’s going to be a beanpole like his mum.

Anonymous on

Very sweet…..looking genuinely happy. What a photo!

lilly on

aah his suvh a sweet lil baby, most babies look all the same to me, but he is so adorable, i love then name btw.

CelebBabyLover on

What a cutie!

Gaunt on

Went to high school with her, gave her her start at the coffee houses, had to listen to her version of the anthem each morning. I think I deserve some royalties or something.

Congrats Alanis…

Heidi on

Love the name Ever!! I used to have a friend with that name!! Very unique!

Tina on

Look at that sweet baby! Congrats!

Angie on

Such a beautiful picture! Congrats to the family!!

Annie2 on

Aww, everyone looks so happy! Beautiful baby. The picture actually looks natural, too, more candid than posed. The parents look ecstatic!

Melissa on

LisaLisa… you can’t POSSIBLY be kidding right? The baby is mere weeks old, plus he’s laying down. He really doesn’t look like a whole lot of ANYONE at this point.

You have to love people like you that do nothing but stir up trouble and cause controversy! Orrrr not! LOL

Love this picture and they do look amazingly happy! ❤

Hea on

LisaLisa – A lot of babies resemble Yoda or a chimpanzee. That doesn’t mean anything.

KikiOttawa on

They are radiating pure bliss. Congrats to them.

maryanne on

Gee, what a cutie! With parents as good looking as the two of you, I shouldn’t be surprised! Best of luck! Bring him home one year for an ottawa winter!!! He’ll be thrilled with the snow (at first). “You oughta know!”