Is Penélope Cruz & Javier Bardem’s Son Named Leo?

02/09/2011 at 01:30 PM ET
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

It was a slip of the tongue, but a friend of Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem may have announced their newborn’s name to the world.

The couple have remained mum about their new son’s name since Cruz gave birth in Los Angeles on Jan. 22. However, Spanish film director Santiago Segura referred to the baby as “Leo” when chastising a group of reporters, according to Spanish media reports.

“I know what you want and you don’t understand why they don’t come running to show off the baby and say, ‘Look, here’s Leo,'” Segura reportedly told reporters when discussing the press-shy couple.

When pressed about the name, Segura reportedly replied, “Yeah, Leo. I think so. That’s what I think I heard. But they haven’t said anything.”

The Spanish lovebirds quietly married last July and are notoriously private.

Reps for the actors were not immediately available for comment.

— Alla Byrne and Peter Mikelbank


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Franny on

Hm, it could be LEONARDO (spanish/italian origin).

Lisa on

aw I like the name Leo! Very cute (if that is his name) congrats again to the couple on their baby boy!

Jessica on

I love that name. It’s on my list for boys names.

Leo, Caleb, Evie and Seb's Mama :) on

I hope so… I love these two and I absolutely love the name Leo (completely unbiased as you can see 😉 )

Allison J on

Leo is a lovely name. “Leo Bardem” sounds good, and it’s so normal! Although…I was supposed to have Javier’s baby! LOL He is just too handsome for words. And Penelope is gorgeous. They look like a very happy couple.

Alma on

In Spain I think you get both of you parent last name.No ?

stephaie on

Leo is cool name it is my birth sign born in August.

dsfg on

Alma, they get both last names, but they use their father’s name as their surname. So if I’m correct, I think the baby’s full name would be Leo Bardem Cruz, but he would go by Mr. Bardem or Leo Bardem, omitting the last name, just as American’s usually omit the middle name.

Anonymous on

dfsg, yes you’re right. that is done with the majority of spanish speaking cultures

Shannon on

If it is that director is a jerk for spilling the beans!

Sonya on

Actually his full name would be Leo Encinas Cruz.
Javier’s full name is Javier Angel Encinas Bardem and Penélope is Penélope Cruz Sánchez, the first last name being given to the child.

shirabee on

sonya- you are right! other sites have reported that that is his name- leo encinas cruz!! i think it is a wonderful name! congrats!

Mia on

I love the name!-sounds great 🙂 I bet he’s gorgeous.

I guess Bardem is Javier’s stage name–not legal name.

Leonora on

I think that it was a very passive-aggressive “slip” on the director’s part to say the baby’s name…almost like he wanted so badly to show he was “in the know” that he stole the parents’ rights to disclosure (or nondisclosure, as the case may be.) I don’t like that behavior at all. I would not be surprised if the baby’s name is Leonardo, as traditional his parents are and true to their heritage in terms of names. Leo is a cute nickname. Congrats on whom I am sure is a gorgeous baby boy!

CelebBabyLover on

Cute name if it’s true!

marta on

sorry but you should not believe anything coming from Santiago Segura… it might be true, but it may also very well be a joke…

And Leonardo sounds terribly cheesy in Spanish, they might have named him just ‘Leo’ (trust me, Leonardo Bardem sounds hilarious in Spanish, if they went for that, now there is proof they intend to live in the US for ever)

steph on

I am surprised that since the baby was born in american one of those sneaky reporters hasnt gotten the birth certificate, like they like to do and announce the name. That drives me crazy that people are allowed to get those and then announce the name of the baby when people would like some privacy.


sara on

@Marta, why would Leonardo sound cheesy and hilarious in spanish? just asking

alana on

@Sara, I am from Spain too, and trust me, Leonardo is not a very popular name, it’s considered to be an ugly name actually, don’t know the reasons… Anyway, the kid could be just Leo, because another Spanish actress, Cayetana Guillen-Cuervo, named her son Leo, and it’s not a nickname, his name is just like that.

About Santiago Segura, I don’t know if we should believe him or not. He may have slipped and said the name (I saw the interview and he was unconfortable after saying it, so it could be true), but there’s another chance that he was just joking and messing with the press. He’s quite a funny guy and he’s always making jokes. Anyway, sooner or later we’ll get to know the baby’s name, not that I care much anyway.

Oh, and Bardem is Javier’s mom’s last name. She’s a great actress, Pilar Bardem. Yay for her for always being so nice and acting like no one else… I guess her son takes after mom!!!

Kathryn on

Nooo!! That’s my secret baby boy name 🙂 I don’t want it to become popular!

marta on

It would be difficult to say, but it does sound like that. It is an old name, totally out of use now. And together with the surname, it gets even worse… it is something cultural, sorry that I cannot explain it better 🙂

Anyway I did not know that Javier’s first surname was Encinas, that combination does not sound as bad.

sara on

Thanks for answering, Alana & Marta! I live in Italy and it’s a popular name here, especially among children. It is actually considered a nice and classy name here, I find it interesting how the same name can have such different connotations in different countries.

sgv on

“And Leonardo sounds terribly cheesy in Spanish, they might have named him just ‘Leo’ (trust me, Leonardo Bardem sounds hilarious in Spanish, if they went for that, now there is proof they intend to live in the US for ever)”

mmmhhh really? I live in Italy and Leonardo is a popular name here, sounds strange to me that in spanish is cheesy, because I am peruvian, so I speak spanish too and is not cheesy at all! maybe it sounds hilarious to you?? but I’m sure not all spanish people thinks the same.

IMO Leonardo Bardem (or Leo Bardem) sounds great! good name choice 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

alana- I agree about the baby’s name being just Leo. Jeff Gordan named his son Leo, too. 🙂

marta on

Many Peruvian people lives in Spain and their names are usually longer than the Spanish ones, and definitely different, they sound totally not Spanish (I mean the nationality here, not the language obviously!)

In many countries, people have a first name and a middle name, which is uncommon in Spain save for a few combinations. We do have 2 surnames on the other hand. So, it really changes from a country to another, and of course not everyone in Spain will find it cheesy but believe me, it is not a normal name, it sounds terribly odd… You can see that Alana had the same opinion, noone from Spain would say it is a common name…

Victoria on

Hello everyone! I’m from Spain. I’ve seen your comments and I have to explain you something…In Spain people have a single or compound first name and two surnames. The first one is the first of the father and the second one is the first of the mother (the first of the maternal grandfather).

The name of that boy is Leonardo Encinas Cruz because his father’s name is not Javier Bardem but Javier Encinas Bardem. (He use firstly and only Bardem as stage name).

I assume that when he grows up he will use, as his father do, the name Leo Bardem because it sounds more commercial despite of Bardem is not her surname.

Para las españolas que hablan entre sí en inglés: ya os vale…

julie Walsh on

What an incredible discussion. Let the parents name the boy however they choose to. Leonardo is a fine name and the boy is adorable.