Bill and Giuliana Rancic Taking a Break from Babies

02/09/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Jeff Sciortino

Bill Rancic and wife Giuliana — who have publicly struggled with infertility and featured their issues on their Style Network reality show, Giuliana & Bill, this past season — are currently taking a break after trying in vitro fertilization twice in 2010.

“Right now we’re just taking a breather,” the 2004 winner of The Apprentice, 39, told PEOPLE at Nivea’s Teach & Tea event, held last Tuesday at The Lion in New York City.

“Our new motto is to have fun. We’re just going to play the cards that God gave us and enjoy it, even if it means being without children for a while.”

Rancic explained that although he and his E! News host wife aren’t actively pursuing parenthood, the pair is open to all options.

“We’re looking at everything — surrogacy, adoption,” he says. “One of my sisters adopted a boy about five, six years ago so we’ll see … maybe.”

For her part, Giuliana, 36, detailed the rigors and heartbreak of her fertility treatments.

“For two and a half years we tried to have a baby. Almost every day there was either an ultrasound, blood work or a doctor was looking at me. It just got so invasive,” she notes. “And the thing is, IVF does work. It worked for us the first time but we miscarried, sadly. It’s very easy for women — when they fail a couple of times, when they’re not getting pregnant or not having a baby and they’ve been trying for a long time — to get into a very dark place. It’s very hard to crawl out of that place.”

Discussing their joint decision to cease actively trying for a child, Rancic says, “We realized we’re healthy, we can travel and first and foremost, we’re a family, Bill and I. Baby or no baby, we’re a family and we love each other. And we had to come back to remembering who we were before this whole baby journey — a fun couple. We’re now back doing that.”

One example of how Giuliana is having a good time? “I wouldn’t be enjoying prosecco [white wine] today if I was pregnant!”

— Mary S. Park

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Lila on

My heart goes out to them. Having dealt with infertility for several years, I know how stressful and heartbreaking it can be. Sometimes it is good to give yourself some time to heal- emotionally and physically. I wish them the best and hope that they finally get their baby.

Louise on

Best wishes to both of them, I really applaude their honesty as I think it will help others who are going through the same thing.

Cee on

Lila, I couldn’t agree with you more. I also went through treatments and had to take a break for emotional, physical, and financial reasons.

I wish them the best. I admire their courage and honesty.

Jennifer on

This couple is so sweet. I pray that they will have success in getting pregnant soon…I think they will make great parents!

Lisa on

Having dealt with the heartbreak of infertility, the expense and emotional and physical rollercoasters of IVF with no success, I give them a lot of credit for dealing with all of this publicly. If you have a strong relationship to begin with, you can make it through anything. I believe that things happen for a reason and God must have a reason for my not having children. Probably so I can spoil the 15 nieces and nephews in my life. Good luck and just remember to be there for each other. You are in this together.

Dawn on

I had a friend years ago who had tried unsucessfully for years to get pregnant. 4 rounds of in vitro and no luck. Doctors told her she was too stressed so she quit her job and just stayed home and became a housewife. She was so happy after quitting her job (she worked in the family business) Never realized how stressful it was and soon after became pregnant naturally. She now has 3 kids ALL conceived naturally. So maybe she is working too hard and not realizing her stress level? It’s worth a try?

jm on

My heart goes out to them….I know oh too well about that dark place having been through 3 failed IVF attempts before I had my daughter. I applaude their honesty and courage, and I wish them all the best and hope that their dream finally comes true one day, regardless of the parenthood path they choose.

Jill on

My heart breaks for them. I hope that someday they become parents.

Dawn, the same thing happen to my friends. They went through so many tests, blood work, shots, injections, IVF, etc. They stopped everything because they needed a break and she was pregnant in a few months. Strange things happen. I am hoping the best for them, they deserve it, they are good people!

Jodie on

I love watching & hearing about Bill & Guiliana and I too hope that one day they have a child if that is God’s plan for them. What I love most is that all of the posts here have been supporting & encouraging them – so often somebody has to be negative about such a sensitive issue. Must say something about how well they are liked.

Wishing them good luck with their journey.

Soco on

Instead of wasting all that money, why don’t they just adopt? They are clearly open to it and it is less of a toll on her body and there are millions of kids who need homes.

Bree on

My heart goes out to them. My husband and I are just starting to look into things like ivf after realizing that we just are not able to concive naturally.

Infertility is so hard, esspecially if drs cannot find any reason for it (like my husband and I, we are two healthy young people and there is no logical reason we should not be able to conceive which appears to be the case with Bill and Giuliana).

Praying for them and all couples facing infertilty.

fuzibuni on

have you adopted a child soco?

Inez on

I hope it works out for them. I really love this couple.

Karen on

Awww, I really like them. They seem like a solid couple. I hope the pressure is off of them and that when they’re ready it’ll happen. It’s got to be tough being in her field & announcing babies almost daily on her show!

Bree on

Soco, just because they are open to adoption does not mean that they still dont want a biological child. My husband and I have always wanted to adopt, even before we have fertility problems, but we still very much want a biological child.

Nella on

I think it’s a good idea for them to just relax for now and enjoy each others company. They seem like a great couple who will make wonderful parents one day. I wish them lot of luck through this journey, and even though it hasn’t been an easy one, I honestly believe that their dream of becoming parents will come true in the near future.

Grace on

@soco: It annoys me so much when people say “they should just adopt” for several reasons:

1. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a biological child. It really bothers me that infertile people are held to different standards than those who get pregnant easily. Fertile people could adopt too, but I don’t hear anyone shaming them for wanting to get pregnant and have a biological child. No one says to them “you should have just adopted” or calls them selfish for not wanting to rescue a baby (I realize you didn’t say that part, but lots of people say that about those who are pursuing fertility treatments.)

2. Being open to adoption is not the same as being full ready for it. And if a person isn’t fully ready, then they’re not doing themselves or that child any favors.

3. You can’t “just adopt” – It’s so irritating to hear people causually toss those words around as if adoption is such an easy process. It’s a very long, stressful, emotionally draining, expensive process that still doesn’t guarantee a happy outcome.

4. It’s not always a quick or easy process to move directly from trying to have a biological child to adopting. Some can do it quickly – and that’s great for them. But others need time to come to terms with their life, and their family, not looking the way they thought it would. Some people need to take time to regroup, to grieve over what will never be, and to gather up their emotional resources before then moving on to adoption. It’s not something that should be rushed and if Bill and Guilianna don’t feel like they are emotionally there yet then good for them for realizing it and taking the time to deal with their emotions in a healthy way before racing to the next step.

Laura on

Although I truly feel bad that they are having a very difficult time conceiving, I believe it is because of her lack of wanting to ‘gain weight’ has something to do with her ability to conceive. I was kind of disgusted when I saw an episode when she complained that she was already putting on weight when she was a few weeks / a month pregnant. Did anyone see that episode? I recall that it was during a dress fitting before she was to go on air. Plus, there was another episode where her mom said in Italian ‘Eat! Eat!’. Well…in the end, I hope they have the baby of their dreams regardless of how they have one.

Jill on

Grace, well put!

Laura, It doesn’t have anything to do with her weight.

Etsy on

My heart goes out to them. Infertility is a struggle you don’t usually expect or accept. Having had IVF myself, I know the desperation that goes along with it. Their outlook is healthy and it is so important for a couple to remember that they are a family…even before having children. I hope they get their dream, after a break…and most of all to find their way out of ‘that dark place’. Adoption is a wonderful thing, but so much grieving has to take place sometimes before couples are ready to adopt…wanting to experience the positive pregnancy test, the ultrasounds, the prenatal classes…birth…biology.

coco on

I wish them the best of luck. It’s so heartbreaking to see people who really want children and can’t have them yet those who don’t want them or are not prepared to have them, have the most. Good luck and God bless them. I am sure this is a tough and hard process.

Kristen on

I especially like the attitude they have adopted of being family with or without a child. That is one of the most difficult thing for many (including myself) who have dealt with infertility. In my case, my husband and I were turned away from adopting (we even asked for a child over six or children with emotional/ physical problems) and could not afford any infertility procedures. Luckily my infertility had a primary cause that was anatomical and because it adversely affected me in ways having nothing to do with fertility, I was able to have it surgically corrected and insurance cover it but it was still a good while before I got pregnant. Best of luck to them whatever the outcome.

Lisa on

I really appreciate their honesty and being open enough to share their struggle publicly. We went through years and years of fertility treatments and thankfully these days the stigma is easing, because of people like Bill and Giuluana.

My husband and I took a break after a while also, it can and does consume you and its good to step back for a bit and catch your breath. I hope they don’t get the constant comments of “relax and it will happen, your just trying to hard” because that is very annoying. I heard endless stories of people getting magically pregnant when they stopped treatments. Yes, it happens. But still, it just an ignorant thing to say.

Grace on

@Jill: I disagree about the weight thing. Her doctor told her to gain 10 pounds. She refused and only gained 5. That bothers me. If she had gained the full ten and didn’t get pregnant then I might agree with you. But I don’t think you know better than her doctor whether her weight is a factor.

Shannon on

I LOVE them and think they would be great parents, I give them so much credit for being open with their struggle. To those who said “just adopt” my husband and I dealt with infertility, 3 rounds of Clomid, 3 IUI’s and 2 IVF’s. After all of that we moved onto adoption- you have to be ready to close the book on fertility treatments and fully commit yourself to adoption in order to move forward. We now have a beauitful little girl, who just turned one, and she is the center of our world. Adoption is wonderful way to build a family, but it’s not something you take lightly.

One thing I learned through the rollar coaster of infertility is that if you want a family, you will have one- you just may not know the road it will take to get there.

Zee on

LOVE THEM!!! I just know they will have children one day — whether it be through IVF, a surrogate, or adoption. They will be amazing parents!!

Krista on

We are all behind you 100% Giuliana! As someone who has also struggled with infertility, I completely understand your need to take a break. I took a year long break after 2 years of fertility treatments. While going through treatment it is a fight everyday…for something you want so bad. And, each month you hope and dream, only to have to mourn the loss…over and over. It is devastating. Take all the time you need, you’ll know when you are ready to try again.

Thank you for sharing your journey so publicly! You are a hero to many of us!

For those of you mentioning adoption, I hope you’ll read this fabulous article:–friends/infertility-etiquette.html.

Jill on

Her doctor told her to gain 5 to 10 lbs and she gained 7 lbs. Her doctor also told her that her not gaining those 3 extra lbs is NOT why she did not STAY preganant. Remember…..she succesfully has been pregnant. There have been plenty of other celebrities her size or smaller who have gotten pregnant and stayed pregnant (Kelly Ripa, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Zoe)

And you don’t know who I am or why I know, so please don’t tell me what I know……

Amanda on

She sounds like she has a wonderful outlook, I do hope they become parents when the time is right for them, in whatever way they end up pursuing.

“Just adopt” is one of the most insensitive things I’ve heard. They might be open to adoption, but to be open to it and to realize that it is their only option are two different things. They might need to come to terms with that, they might need to pursue other options to have a biological child first. Adoption isn’t for everyone, it’s hard to adopt a newborn and some people want that experience, right from those very first hours. Starting a family is such a personal thing, I don’t know why anyone would think they know what is best for someone else’s family.

Mandy on

I’m sorry that she has to stop right now. I hope that things settle for them and they will become parents one way or another. They may not be ready to give up on trying for their own child before adopting. Most infertile couples want to exhaust everything before they “give up” (my speak sorry) and adopt. There’s only so many times you can try to have one before it becomes unsafe to continue.

Mia on

They seem like a very strong couple-I think they’ll have kids soon!

Emily on

I kind of hope that if/when they do decide to move on to other options, they choose adoption over surrogacy. In either case they would have to make the decision that they were done trying for her to carry the baby, but with adoption they would be able to help a child in need. However, I do understand the desire to have a biological child, and I hope they are able to conceive in the future and carry to term.

Shannon on

They will probably adopt. Good luck!

TJ on

No, adoption isn’t easy but it’s certainly easier if you have alot of money and alot of connections and power. I understand that they would love to have their own child but if they can’t do it with all the money they have, then how about adopting an American child that needs a wonderful home?

I hope they can get pregnant and have a wonderful blessing but they are not getting any younger. I’m sure they know that and saying they are taking a break might really mean they are truly looking at other options. They could adopt an infant with little problems, I’m sure.

Good luck to them and I wish them well.

TJ on

She works too much and has too much stress, that is a contributing factor.

It took me 12 years to have my son so yes, I do know what she is going through. If I had unlimited money and connections, I would have done more to either get pregant or adopt. We all don’t have the resources to do that.

Good luck to them. IF God wants them to have a child, they will. That is all.

dsfg on

TJ, there is a great demand for American infants. Adopting an American infant isn’t “saving” a child or helping a child in need. There are way more people trying to adopt American infants than there are infants available. If they want to adopt one, they are free to try and do so, but there is no pressing NEED for them to do so.

If they really want to “help,” they can adopt an older child or a child from another country. However, I feel adoption should be about building your family, not about doing charity work.

Also, any child you have, whether it’s one you gave birth to or one you adopted, IS your OWN child.

leanne on

Dear Guiliana and Bill,

I applaud your willingness to share your story and educate so many people on the challenges of infertility. My husband and I struggled to conceive and after 7 rounds of medicated IUI, 2 surgeries, and 4 rounds of IVF we conceived our beloved daughter. We suffered through complete fertilization failure with our first round of IVF and turned to ICSI with assisted hatching as our last resort before egg donation. I was so ready to quit but my husband had so much faith in our doctor, Elizabeth Ginsburg at Brigham and Women’s in Boston. I have walked in the “dark place” and though I now have 2 beautiful children…5th IVF failed and our son was conceived on the 6th round…I still have bouts of what I now call “post traumatic infertility syndrome”. I am so sorry that some of the people who dared comment on this post were so insensitive. People do not appreciate or understand that infertility is an emotional loss that reaks havoc with our hopes, dreams, and our sense of purpose. My advise to you and Bill is to keep fighting when you are ready. The fact that you did conceive makes your chances for success so much greater! Please know that you are in my prayers.

angie on

I love them!! I recently got addicted to their show! I think they’re a really cute couple, and I wish Giuliana and Bill best!!

KPR on

Grace …as a Post Adoption and Attachment Specialist myself …. I applaud your words. Very well said. And again ….women …. I say this repeatedly …. as long as you do not fully support other women and mothers …please don’t expect anything in return. Come on ladies …. remember “Mean Girls” don’t just disappear ….they grow up! Don’t be one of them!

Carolyn on

My Mom couldn’t have Children so she Adopted a set of Twin’s nine day’s later my Father died of and Heart attack everybody told her to give us up because we had Heart Problem’s but she told them that she alway’s wanted Children. They are Children out there that need homes and loved . Adoption is the best thing

craigie on

I don’t know who they are but I pray for anybody who has to endure the struggle of infertility. To those who haven’t experienced it, it’s really hard to explain how it takes its toll on your mind, body, marriage, friendships and even family relationships. The depression is dark and every time you see a negative pregnancy test or have another needle stuck in your arm for blood tests, you sink deeper into it. The side effects of the meds they give you are horrible too (double migraines, hot flashes, night sweats).

My husband and I couldn’t afford IVF so we took time off from trying to conceive (after 5+ years). A few months later, you guessed it-pregnant! I’m now the Mom of two boys (ages 3 and 8). If you are going through the struggle, see my story as a sign of hope and please, love yourself and know YOU matter whether you get pregnant or not.

Lika on

i think that probably the only people who really need to know about bill and giuliana’s or anyone elses’ baby plans are the people babies. quite frankly i don’t think the rest of us really care. have them, don’t have them, just keep quiet about them. keep your infertility, your miscarriages, your surrogacy, your ivf, your pictures of your belly to yourself. WE DON’T CARE. And yep, i’ve been through it all. and i still don’t care about your public pregnancy or lack’s not news to anyone but your family. stop trying to make it so.

Someone You Know on

BRAVA to Mr. and Mrs. Rancic for saying they’re a family with or without children. My fiance and I have made the decision not to have children and have made a family for ourselves.

My prayers go out to those struggling to have children whether biologically or through adoption.

Nicole on

Dear Guiliana and Bill,
I agree whole-heartedly with Leanne and applaud your willingness to share your story and help educate so many hopeful folks. Your story has been extremely well told on your show and I personally appreciate seeing such honesty from both your perspectives. Guilana – my heart just hurt for you when I found out you were no longer pregnant. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I can handle watching your story as I’ve “walked the same walk” through (6) miscarriages & have experienced infertility as well. Similiar to you, I also experienced my 1st pregnancy resulting in a miscarriage & like many others, the thought never crossed my mind that I was going to lose that 1st pregnancy.

Please know that you are truly helping so many people by deciding to share your story. It was nearly 11 years ago when we first started trying to have babies whereas infertility, and miscarriage in particular, wasn’t openly discussed amongst friends, co-workers, etc. I really felt like I was one of very few that was going through this misfortune. Because you have chosen to share your personal story, many will not feel they are all alone in this dark place any longer.

You both will know when the time is right to try again or pursue another avenue to find the babe of your dreams. Please known that there are many of us out here that share a similiar story and we have a heavy heart for your past struggles and support you along your journey.

My best advice is that you both share your ups and downs with close friends that you can trust to keep your story close. My spouse and my friends truly helped give me the courage to heal and keep trying. I wish you both the inner strength to continue your baby dreams.

Signed, Mommy of 4 miracles

elisabeth on

Bree, Grace, Coco, Shannon, Amanda, KPR and Craigie,

Thank you your comments were all well said.

My husband and I set out on the road to growing our family in 2005. In 2007 we began the process of adopting two girls. For 9 long months we prepared for their homecoming our families were so excited. Then in February when we returned from visiting my husband’s gravely ill mom we found out the girls would not be coming home to us. The adoption had failed to no fault of our own. Three months later my husband’s mom died.

The next year 2009 we had a little bright spot. I got pregnant but because my OB hadn’t given me an RX for a medication I needed (but didn’t know at the time) and our son was stillborn, and I was due on my birthday. Before I got pregnant things were rough, longing for a child. After my son died things got very dark. Usually when someone has a baby in our church or is sick in the hospital our church has a team of ladies who make them a meal for that evening and deliver it to their door. Well they didn’t do that for us. Some friends sent cards, others called my family to see how I was. One friend became pregnant with a son after having IF issues for 10 years. They have an adopted son as well (I only say adopted for the sake of information in this story he is their son and is just as wonderful as his little sister) she her sis and her mom all invited me to her baby shower. They said they’d let me know when the shower was. Well they didn’t let me know and no it didn’t just slip their minds because it was that week I spoke with her sis and asked when the shower was (she invited me weeks earlier) then that weekend they posted pics on facebook of the shower. I’d never been more hurt in my entire life. Then once she was almost due she was constantly complaining about the date she’d be born, the state (her husband was transferred out of state for work) she’d be born in it angered me so that these trivial things she was complaining about in my presence and in emails. It was then I ended our friendship and we’ve been friends all our lives.

So here we are almost a year later and we’re ttc his brother or sister.

To those who think it’s just so easy to adopt- it’s not.

Adoption is expensive although foster care adoption isn’t. But then there are those kids who have severe severe health issues and each profile more often than not will say “best if their the only child in the family or the youngest” well that doesn’t fit us.

Adoption isn’t as easy as it was many years ago. Most teens are keeping their babies or aborting them. And those adoption agencies are quite expensive.

How a person chooses to grow their family is nobody’s business but their own.

Best wishes B & G

molly on

I hope they find what they are looking for, whether it be a biological child, adoption, surrogacy etc. Infertility struggles is such an emotional and multi-dimensional thing to go through. No one- no matter how that other person struggles, can understand what a couple goes through, will be able to accept and not accept etc. I have learned not to judge on the matter, especially after my own struggles the past five years.

For me and my husband, we were always okay with adoption even before marriage and trying (I am adopted and he has a sister who is too) and didn’t think it would be an emotional issue if we couldn’t conceive children ourselves but then when we couldn’t I had to let go of the idea of not having a biological child (not because that mattered so much to me) but to not be able to experience pregnancy and child birth, nursing etc…the things women usually get to do in life and most of us yearn for I had to mourn before moving on.

Ultimately we got lucky and stopped trying and began adoption and poof, I finally had a healthy pregancy and had our son. But I am so glad we are doing adoption now for a sibling after more infertility troubles since our sons birth. We hope to have the best of both worlds and a beautiful and diverse family.

Whatever Guilanna/Bill or others do- you must keep faith and hope and as they said, remember the love that is there from the beginning and in time your family tends to unfold as it should-hard to remember when you are in the trenches-for sure! Best of luck to them!

Kellie on

I too have been struggling with fertility problems and for the past year have been working with a fertility Dr.
After two failed IUIs, surgery and my third attempt at IUI, my husband and I are now in the proccess of starting our first IVF.
I totally understand the strain it put’s on you. Phyically, mentally, emotionally and financially.
You are going to the Dr constantly for ultrasounds, blood work and it is extremley intrusive.
Injections are crazy. Sometimes between all the injections and meds you have to take you start to feel like a drug addict.
I feel for you Bill and Giuliana, I know the pain that you have and continue to feel on a daily basis.
Before we started working with a fertility Dr, we had seriously looked into adoption, but sadly they don’t make it easy for people to be able to adopt.
Between all of the red tape and expense. It really should not be this difficult.
My prayers are with you guys, I wish you the very best as you coninue to persue your dream of having a baby.
Don’t GIVE UP!!!!

God Bless You,


Anonymous on

This sounds like a really healthy choice, and it’s so nice the see the example you are setting by reminding people of that. There are a lot of people out there who have kids before they have this foundation and that’s part of why divorce is so common. Best of luck to them and when and if they decide to be parents in the future they will be wonderful. Enjoy this time!

Lori on

I hope that they will adopt. I don’t have anything against surrogacy or IVF, but there are a lot of children already in existence who need loving homes.

Jessica on

It is such a secret most women have to carry. You walk into a fertility clinic almost afraid to look up.. to see someone who might know you… It is a shame. I decided to come out to family and friends and tell my story of infertility. The everyday struggle to have another baby was horrible … until I just stopped trying. I couldn’t take in anymore and that was the month I got pregnant. I will have my baby girl in one week. I pray they will have their baby soon too!

Heidi on

Some of these comments are quite distrubing. How about we keep insensitive comments to ourselves? Not everyone’s case is the same and not everyone can conceive immediately. Let’s just say that we wish the best for Bill and Guilanna and whatever decision they make, whether surrogacy, adoptions, continue with IVF, it is THEIR decision and should be respected.

Tammy on

Been there done that and it is the best thing to do because that “dark place” is indeed dark and not very pleasant and doesn’t help your body adjust to all the stress put upon it to conceive. Conception is fine but adoption is great, too. Best wishes to you both as a couple, family and potentially parents! It will happen.

Anna on

I know how hard is to go through infertility… I wish them the best on their journey. The time will come and will be perfect!

cutiebean79 on

Best wishes to this family – I love that they are so open about this real struggle that so many other couples face. So many celebrities hide the problem like there is something “wrong” with it. Bravo to standing up and giving infertility a voice!