Ty Murray: Jewel’s Pregnancy Is ‘Just a Miracle’

02/08/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup

As Jewel and husband Ty Murray get the nursery ready for their baby boy, due July 6, one question remains: Will their little joy — who will be their first — be a mini crooner like Mom, or a rodeo-riding cowboy like Dad?

Well, that’s for him to decide, Murray, 41, says.

“In Jewel’s profession, one in every 10 million make it, and in my sport, it’s so dangerous,” he tells PEOPLE.

“The thing we try to remember is that it’s not up to us — it’s up to him. We just want to be good, loving parents, and help him decide what his passions are.”

And this is a role Murray won’t be taking lightly. The couple, who wed in 2008, have been trying to have a baby for two years. They’re both at a point in their lives where they’re ready to start a family, he said, and “it’s just a miracle.”

“To have achieved our dreams and goals — it’s nice,” he said. “And now that we got that out of the way, we feel more settled down and mature.”

So what kind of father will Murray be? Just like his own, he said he hopes.

“My dad, to this day, is the biggest influence on my life that I’ve ever had,” he said. “He always led his life as an upstanding man, and that’s my goal — to do that for my kid.”

— Darla Atlas

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tink1217 on

Love them…Ty is a sweetheart!!

kelsey on

I loved this article, he sounds like such a great man. Congrats to them!

Holiday on

It really is a miracle! And then actually having the baby in your arms is even more amazing.

B.R on

They just sound like such a loving amazing down to earth couple. I am glad to see that their dream of having a child came true.

cathy on

Really I just love them. . .they are so real and down to earth from what I can tell. God bless them and there baby. . .cutest couple ever:)

Kat on

congrats to two very down to earth real people who haven’t lost sight of what is important in life and what keeps you grounded.

that little boy will be as lucky to have the parents he has as much as they are lucky to have him.

Mindy on

I don’t really know much about Ty Murray, but what a great blog. This sounds like a man who will be a genuinely good father and role model to a child, and really has the right values to be a good parent and provide a real-life (not “Hollywood”) upbringing. Good luck to him and Jewel with their baby-to-be

lin on

I am so happy for them. They are so down to earth and seem to know the wonderful gifts both of them have, they do not have to worry about money, but they are stable and happy. God Bless Them ALL!!

Amy on

I was so happy to read Jewel was pregnant. They both seem like such good people, that baby is very lucky.

Janey on

That will be a very lucky little boy. I love Ty and Jewel – classy and humble people.

Karen on

A blessed baby!

AJ on

Congratulations to you both! I wish you all th ebst with your baby, and you life.

Paige on

So sweet. Love Ty and I think he and Jewel are such a beautiful couple.

Their little cowboy is going to be precious. 🙂

Laura on

Soooooo happy for them!!!! Congratulations!!!! Children are such a blessing. 🙂

Jae on

I thought the same thing… what a lucky baby 🙂

Betty on

Ty is a class act! I don’t follow rodeo, but I’ve been a fan of his since his appearance on Dancing With The Stars. I’m so happy that his dreams are coming true – he absolutely deserves it.

Kim on

Maybe the baby will grow up to be a ballroom dancer!!!

Kim on

Maybe the baby will grow up to be a ballroom dancer! Congratulations to Ty and Jewel on their little miracle.

Mandy on

Can’t wait to see what their baby boy grows up to be. I’m sure he will be a nice person just like his parents. I’m happy for them.

Mia on

Very happy for them!-They seem so excited! + just to add-she’s not a country singer….she’s more like Folk/Americana–maybe her recent work is more country (I don’t know)-but I wouldn’t classify her as a modern country artist.

Annie on

Finally, someone real and normal we can read about. Best to both of them!

EG on

I can’t imagine any better tribute from a son to a father..

Stephanie on

This guy makes a living brutalizing terrified animals as a ‘rodeo star.’ Electric prods, spurs, and bucking straps are used to irritate and enrage animals used in rodeos. The flank, or “bucking,” strap or rope – which is used to make horses and bulls buck – is tightly cinched around their abdomens, which causes the animals to “buck vigorously to try to rid themselves of the torment.” The irritation causes the animals to buck violently, which is what the rodeo promoters want them to do in order to put on a good show for the crowds. The flank strap, when paired with spurring, causes the animals to buck even more violently, often resulting in serious injuries. In addition, the flank strap can cause open wounds and burns when the hair is rubbed off and the skin is chafed raw.Cows and horses are often prodded with an electrical “hotshot” while in the chute to rile them, causing intense pain to the animals.

This is not classy. This is not living as an upstanding person. This is glorified cruelty and torture. Imagine trading places with these poor tormented creatures. No one deserves what they go through and I don’t know why people think they have the right to behave as viciously as they want.

DaneRay on

I cannot be happier for such a great couple!!! I *KNOW* they will be wonderful parents. They deserve wonderful things. I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well. These two have been in my thoughts and prayers for a long time … they are each and both such fabulous people!!!

The Revolving Diet on

CONGRATS to them!

They are a cute couple and seem to have their heads in the right place to welcome a baby into their lives!


Laura on

I hear all around town that when Jewel comes into a business or into contact with “normal” people, she’s a real B. Idk if it’s true, I haven’t ran into her yet.

lauren on

Stephanie – could not have said it better myself.

michael on

congratulations to you both!! it’s a real miracle..still happens.

Kathy on

first off CONGRATS to Jewel and Ty!!!!! it’s a true blessing to have kids.

And to “Stephanie” ( a name which i can’t stand) who are you to judge what he does for a living cause @ least he’s honest and isn’t looking for any handouts. I think because of my dealing with someone named Stephanie who is a cheater and liar and homewrecker well how do you like me judging your character based on just your name??? and i don’t know you. So i think you should HOP off your soapbox and find something productive to do …

CONGRATS to JEWEL & TY for becoming parents and have honest SUCCESSFUL careers!!!!!

MS on

Really Stephanie?

turtle01 on

Stephanie – Agree 100% what a loser profession – real men dont abuse creatures.

Mandy on

Everyone’s got something bad to say about everyone. Can we just seriously cut his crap out. For once I’d like to to read everyone just wishing the couple well without getting into what’s wrong with a couple. Someone’s always going to have something wrong with everyone you aren’t perfect either get over it! If you can’t say something nice then please don’t say anything at all. Next time you think you are perfect really stop and think. There’s no way YOU are perfect which means no one else is. STOP THIS PLEASE!

Lyndsay on

@ Stephanie:
I agree completely, animal cruely is wrong and needs to be taken seriously. This is not a way to make a living! I do wish them the best of luck with their baby but Ty needs to find a new job.

Lady on

Cute couple 🙂

Jennifer on

Congrats to the happy couple.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion….however Stephanie get a life. No one really cares! Who are you to tell Ty what profession he should do? I think that bull riding is pretty cool and it is something that is a part of Americana.

Kimi2321 on

Normally, I do not comment. However, some people DO care about the abuse and torture of animals. This isn’t singling out what is wrong with the couple but what is wrong with what he does. Of course someone makes a statement that it is “American”. What a stupid ignorant thing to say. So I guess if you don’t torture and abuse animals for fun then you are “un-American”? Seriously, give your head a shake. You sound like a complete idiot. Why don’t I go jump on your back and poke you with a hotshot and see if you like it.

I think it’s great that they are having a baby and I am sure he will make a great father. But I believe he does need a new job.

Thank you Stephanie for making that post.

blessedwithboys on

Amen to Stephanie!

Mandy on

I’m not condoning his job however there’s nothing I can say or do that will change it. I’m just tired of seeing all the negative comments about every single celebrity on here. I think its stupid that everyone has to say negative stuff about them. Would you say this stuff to your friends? I think not and you certainly wouldn’t say it to a stranger on the street. You don’t KNOW these people however much you read about them in the news. Stop the negativity. Its annoying. Nothing you say or do will change them so stop trying. I don’t agree/condone anything, I just hate seeing everyone find something wrong with everyone on here.

ecl on

Sorry, but it’s one thing to say something negative about someone not putting a coat or hat on their kid and another thing to say that you believe that what someone does for a living is animal torture. Which it is. That sport should be illegal like cock fighting and dog fighting. You can tell how weak the other side’s arguments are when it comes down to “I once met a Stephanie and she was a liar so I don’t like you either.” That doesn’t make ANY sense! You should praise people for caring about animal rights.

JM on

kathy you do realise how ignorant you make yourself sound right? saying that you hate someone else called stephanie and therefore hate the poster “stephanie” makes you sound like an immature child.

and stephanie, i 100% agree with you. i thought i was the only one who felt this way when i read people posting here talking about what class act he is and how there is finally a nice normal person to read about.

then i read your post and was relieved that someone else could see how cruelly animals are treated in the rodeo, purely for entertainment. it’s horrible!

why aren’t we celebrating people who participate in dog fights? or who train dancing bears? because it’s animals cruelty.

lucky star on

THANK YOU Stephanie!!! You go girl!

Kathy on

AMEN TO MANDY!!!!!!!!! the negative junk needs to be left off and simply wish parents the best….

to the heartless and selfish folks…STEPHANIE, KIMI l & LYNDSAY YA’LL GET A LIFE….

be happy for a couple who wanted a blessing and have one…..i hope if you have kids you don’t put your negative attitudes and judgements on them and make them turn out like you.

Learn to be happy even if you don’t like what someone does….cause i can’t bet that if your husband or sig other did something similar and it paid your bills etc you wouldn’t say ANYTHING!!! just think about that..


cdtucker1 on

You folks that are speaking negatively about rodeo don’t have a clue!!! Ty is associated with the PBR now–Professional Bullriding Inc. I can’t speak for any other organization, but I know in the PBR, the bulls are considered athletes right along side the riders.

The rope around their abdomen is tied VERY loosely and if you’d ever been to an event you’d know that. The bull athletes are highly valued. They have their own facebook pages, fan clubs, etc. One of the top-rated bulls recently sold to another owner for $350,000. Do you people SERIOUSLY think that owner is going to let anything bad happen to that bull? Even if he doesn’t pet it or cuddle it, he’s going to protect his investment.

Furthermore, there’s a vet onsite at every event and bulls are pulled from the event if the vet deems them unfit. The bulls in the PBR are required to be fed certain food every day and they have strict rules on hauling the bulls to the events to make sure the bulls stay safe and healthy. If you do a little research, you’ll know how well the bull athletes are treated. Go to the PBR’s website and under the category at the top “Bulls” click on animal welfare. You’ll see how seriously they take the safety and treatment of the bull athletes.

Jill on

Stephanie, I totally agree and have never commented on a post because I have no respect for someone who could this type of profession. Thanks for saying what so many of us feel.


And Kathy, your “comeback” of I don’t like your name? Is quite childish.

Kimi2321 on

Thank you Kathy for proving my point. None of your posts make any sense and are really childish. I also enjoy how you put my name in capitals so people will be sure to read my post, as well as Stephanie’s and Lyndsay’s.

I don’t see how my post was heartless. Should I make it easier for you to read?

Hurt animal for fun=bad.

Kirby on

cdtucker1….an actual voice of reason on this website!!! How refreshing!!!!

Congrats to Ty, Jewel and their little miracle!

ELO on

Jewel is so beautiful, she looks like a porcelain doll. I am so happy for her and Ty. Can’t wait for them to welcome their little one.

Oldweller on

That is adorable. They seem like a cute couple. I hope they stay good to each other.

Stephanie on

Okay, people, calm down. If you don’t like my post, or my name, deal with it. It’s very simple equations. Humans don’t like to be tormented. Animals don’t like to be tormented. Is this so hard to understand? People just seem to have this problem of saying that they’re more important and can do whatever they want. So make up your mind. Either discrimination and exploitation are wrong … or they’re not. No picking and choosing who is okay to exploit and who isn’t.

fuzibuni on

Just want to know how many of you who are against bull riding have ever actually been to a rodeo or are you just reiterating the propaganda you’ve read?  Have you personally seen how the bulls are treated?  Because if you have, then you will realize they are prized by their owners… much like a thoroughbred race horse is.  The last thing they want is to have the animal get hurt or wounded.

If you are against animal husbandry in general then you better not eat meat, wear leather or wool, use any animal based products or have pets of your own. Otherwise you are just full of hot air.  And if you are vegan… then I say have fun because in 15 years your bones will be weak and your hair falling out.

It may seem brutal to some of you tender souls out there, but humans have canine teeth for a reason.  Life is inherently brutal folks.  Just driving to your job each day or washing dishes is an act of violence if you think about everything that went into making your car, the gas, the water for the dishes etc.

So while some of you are busy protesting the treatment of rodeo animals, perhaps you might take a moment to think about the fact that the clothes you are wearing might be made by a child in a sweat shop in china, or the fact that your country is needlessly sending our soldiers to wage war in afghanistan and pakistan all in the name of freedom.  

If you want to crucify Ty for being a champion bull rider, then I suggest you look into all the ways that your own life impacts the world and other people.  You will quickly realize that unless you live in a bubble on Mars that it is impossible to walk down the street without killing something.  So live your life and try to be a good person, but don’t think you are holier than anyone else.

Stephanie on

1) It’s not about trying to be holier-than-thou. The reality is that we all take up some resources and cause some impact just by being alive. However, there is a huge difference between that and intentional cruelty. You might accidentally bump into someone but there is no reason to knock them down on purpose.

2) Of all the things that could be said about thoroughbred racehorses, I don’t think we can call them ‘prized’. Ankle injuries are all too common in this animal-enslaving enterprise that breeds 1,000-pound stallions for huge, strong upper bodies but ignores their human-sized ankles that carry the body’s weight. This genetic-altering and selective genetic-breeding process is akin to the meat industry’s breeding of pigs who have huge, extra-fleshy upper bodies but weak arthritic legs. Read up on that if you must.

3) Vegans all will have weak bones or hair falling out? Really? Do YOU actually know any or are you just reiterating propaganda you’ve heard? How do you explain the growing number of people who have been vegan from conception and are now adults and having no problems?

4) I’ve already explained the happenings of the rodeo. If you don’t care, then you don’t care. Whatever.

Kathy on

For you STUPID folks i said i had a problem with a “stephanie” and how would Stephanie on here want me to jude her simply by her name (as she has done on Ty for his profession)…..as another reader pointed out Ty is with the PBR PROFESSIONAL BULL RIDERS so he rides bulls he is not cruel to any animals because the animals are rode not tortured…… so know your subject before you spout off.

And for those names i put in all CAPS in an earlier post your welcome cause i wanted to make sure folks read your postings so they can see the narrow minded people and judgemental folks that are out there. Cause i am willing to bet that if your spouse or partner was a PBR like Ty or a RODEO cowboy and it provided you with what you needed i don’t think you would have jack to say. 🙂

Hope you all live a blessed life and that you don’t have folks judge you for your line of work or profession…

Go fuzibuni !!!! and Stephanie read up and know what PBR is and then what the Rodeo cowboys do …..i do agree everyone has the right to their opinion and to dislike but to judge a Celebrity or well known person based on your lack of knowledge is not right so know your subject before hand.

Kathy on

FYI JM………I think you should learn to read and note my last post where hopefully i explained it a bit better for you.

you people that are negative well good luck cause you seem like you are going down the wrong road……

Good Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Megan on

Seriously Stephanie?!? Who are you to judge how Ty makes a living? “People” say that circus animals are abused too… have YOU ever been to the circus? If so, I guess you condone the abuse of animals. Do you know anybody who goes hunting or fishing? GUESS WHAT SWEETIE… people who do that end up killing the animals and eating them or hanging them up in their house like some kind of trophy! I don’t believe tying a rope around a bull for 8 seconds is considered animal cruelty. Get a grip lady!


Toya L. on

Awww Congrats to them, I love them as a couple. As far as Ty’s profession goes; yawn it’s not illegal. I’m glad I read this post though, I’m getting ready to go and buy me a juicy angus burger.

Stephanie on

Why, yes. Circus, hunting, fishing, rodeo = all cruel, all unethical, all unnecessary. Glad you realize that too.

Maggie on

Stephanie, give it a rest girl. Just wish the happy couple the best with their pregnancy. Just make sure the makeup you slathered on before you posted, has no animal components.(Good luck with that one!) Make sure your shoes have No leather in them and that EVERYTHING you contact today has not additives are preservatives that were tested on any animal! (Good luck with that one too.) Oh, yeh maybe your leather handbag, wallet and belt do not match and that may be why you are so darn cranky today. CONGRATULAIONS MR. and Mrs. MURRAY!!!! MAY you have a healthy, healthy, bouncing baby boy. SOOOO happy for you!

ecl on

Just because an animal is prized for what it can do for you, doesn’t mean that it is humanely treated. I was a horse back rider for many years before I saw the light. People regularly spend upwards of $100,000 on their horses, buy them expensive blankets, spend loads on vet care and say how much they love them. But the fact is that riding wreaks their bodies and they all end up basically crippled at a very early age. As for all of us who are against this and “should wake up because we send troops to Afghanistan…etc”, I think you are confusing the two sides. My guess is that the people who are against animal cruelty and rodeo are also against the war, while the people who are defending it are pro-war. Those beliefs tend to go together since either you value life or you value putting your head in the sand for your own comfort and well being and convenience.

Megan on

Genius Stephanie… obviously being the narrow minded person you are; you got ahead of yourself and didn’t read my post carefully. I simply ask… have YOU ever been to the circus; if so then YOU condone the abuse of animals by buying tickets!

soph on

Thanks Kathy, your post just pointed out once again where shrill harpies like to congregrate…at People’s CBB. Issues galore…

Jill on

It is comical to sit back and watch those of you coming down on people for voicing their opinions on Ty’s profession and being against it. That is that opinion. You then come in and tell them they shouldn’t judge, etc….and you are only judging them by asking them about their makeup, purses, fishing, etc. Also, by calling them names. You want people to be nice to everyone……but you are not being nice yourself….Double standard much?

Mandy on

I’m not judging I’m just saying that it’s rude and inconsiderate that you post something negative about a person who is having a wonderful blessing coming into their family. This isn’t a post about HIS job and how it could be cruel. I don’t like bull riding at all, but I’m not going to blast his job since this is not about that. It’s about their child and should be about their child, not you voicing about animal rights. They are having a baby. We should all be telling them how wondrous it is that they are having it. It’s not a bad thing that they are having a baby so we should be congratulating them not berating them for the type of job they have. I’m not judging anyone just asking for the soapboxing on your views about anything other than us telling them how great it is that they are having a baby. Everyone has a different view about things and there’s a right place and a wrong place to be doing that. If you want to speak about animal rights and how horrible you think it is then please write your own blog. Please don’t comment about it on a story that it doesn’t pertain to.

Kellie on

Stephanie- How about do some research on Ty, before spewing things you don’t know about.

Also turtleo1- I guess your definition of what a man is and mine are different. It’s no wonder so many shrugg at animal causes because people come off so snobish.

Tee on

I can’t tell you how happy I am for Jewel and Ty! (The same way I felt for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban!) They have tried for awhile now to have a baby and it’s wonderful to see their dream become a reality! I am really looking forward to hearing the name they choose!

alice jane on

First off, I’m really happy for Jewel and Ty. They seem like a wonderful couple who will be wonderful parents, and I mean that.

Personally I don’t know much about rodeos, etc in America. If what people are saying about the PBR is true and the animals are actually treated humanely, I think that’s a step in the right direction. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the norm. I’m from Alberta (Canada) where our “pride and joy” is the Calgary Stampede… Let me tell you, that is not humane. Too many animals (lots of them calves) die from broken spines, amongst other things. No matter how kindly you treat the bull, horse, whatever, you’re forcing them to do a dangerous sport for entertainment’s sake. Personally I don’t see how it’s different than say, dog-fighting, but that’s just me. To answer a question from above, I have been to the circus as a kid and never gone back, same with the zoo. In my opinion things like rodeos, circuses, zoos, etc are not what animals are meant for and I don’t support it.

CelebBabyLover on

Mandy- Right on!

Stephanie on

I don’t happen to think telling the truth is rude or inconsiderate. Agitating an animal for entertainment profit is. People don’t like to hear about it when they’re doing something cruel and that’s too bad. It’s going to be true until it’s not true anymore.

Meghan on

There’s nothing wrong with ‘telling the truth’ or your version of it. But there is a such this as time and place. A message board where a man is talking about impending parenthood is not the time or place to take an animal rights stand. Go hang out at an animal rights website if you want to talk about ‘mean old bullriders’.

Stephanie on

Meghan, I have a right to be here as much as you do and if you don’t like my post, you’re welcome to skip over it. I don’t need your permission on what I may or may not speak of.

Meghan on

Yes, we all have the right to offer our thoughts, but multiple posts saying pretty much the same thing over and over again about something completely off topic get incredibly tiresome.

Becky on

Best wishes to them..

KeriM on

Stephanie (or any of the other protesters), do you eat meat? If you do, where do you get it? The grocery store? Because THOSE animals were treated a lot less humanely than the animal-athletes of the PBR. Also, hunting is inhumane? Really? That’s where I get my meat–humane and environmentally friendly.

DIana on

FIrst i want to say congrats. I know trying for long can be discourging. I wish them the best of luck with their little boy

Next i would like to say that this is a baby blog. I know people have the right to say what they want. I was told something a long time ago and it fits in with this blog…..” opinions are like A–holes. everyone has one and everybody thinks everyones else’s stinks”. So as this being my opinion..i think that if you are against his profession then go to his website and tell don’t put it here when all people want to do is say thier congrats and move on Stephinie…i think you just making people mad…..and thats not cool

ecl on

My guess is that Stephanie probably wouldn’t have put her opinion here if the thread hadn’t started with everyone talking about what a good role model he was. *Then* her comment became relevant to the discussion.

Lindsey on

As an avid Jewel fan – I’m sooo happy for them!! Plus, I’m due July 6th as well! Hooray for July babies!!

SweetThang on

Why do you let stuff like this go on here people.com? dont carry on fights, if you feel so strongly then do something other than complain on a magazine article comment place. just relaxxxxx….

Jill on

Why is this a miracle? What am I missing? I feel like his comment may have been taken out of context because I struggle to see how this is a miracle.