Kourtney Kardashian: Mason Likes to Speak Spanish

02/08/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Karl Milan/Splash News Online

Mason Dash Disick is already on his way to becoming bilingual.

“We like to speak Spanish to him,” Disick’s mom Kourtney Kardashian, 31, told PEOPLE Friday while promoting her Kardashian Glam Shapes SillyBandz at Kitson in L.A. “My mom’s housekeeper speaks it to him, too.”

So when Disick isn’t busy saying Aunt Kim Kardashian‘s name — as reported last month — what’s the tyke’s latest word of choice?

“He says ‘hug’ now,” Kourtney explains of her and boyfriend Scott Disick‘s son, 13 months. “He says it in Spanish and English — abrazo!”

And, adds the eldest Kardashian sister, “Mason is a good hugger.”

— Dahvi Shira

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coco on

“My mom’s housekeeper speaks it to him, too”…sometimes these girls make themselves sounds like such rich, ditzy, snobs. She really could have left that part off.

cheri on

Please leave these girls alone,They are wonderful,funny,beautiful women
They dont do anything wrong

Vanessa on

It must be nice to have a housekeeper. Anyways it is good that Mason is learning new things at his age. At first I thought he would know Spanish because Kourtney minored in it in college.

missy bloomer on

They’re still a family of skanks.

Kat on

I’m a speech pathologist. It is natural for a child to speak the language of the person who spends the most time with them and with whom they feel most comfortable.

There is more than a Spanish speaking housekeeper involved so why try to diffuse that? Why not just say “His nanny speaks Spanish and he spends most his time with her except for photo ops.”

Oh that wouldn’t be politically correct.

Lyndsay on

tu ares un grande idiota!

VannaPnk on

Don’t judge…If Kourt would’ve made this statement any other way…ya’ll would’ve find fault with that too. Get over it.

Dianna on

Enough already!!! If i here another insignificant thing about the Kardashian sisters I am going to scream!!! My daughter speaks both English, Spanish and is learning a little bit of Chinese not from the “housekeeper” but from myself and some cartoons, why doesn’t People Magazine do an article on me? Seriously what’s next? What type of toilet paper these girls use??!!

Vanessa on

And so are you Lindsay…Learn how to write spanish before dissing other people! You could probably benefit from some spanish lessons from the nanny too…LOOSER!

tine on

coco and missy-

if you think so negatively of them why waste your time commenting on anything. why dont you say something positive and pay it forward whores

Dede on

You people are so judgemental! So what if she mentions their housekeeper, if they have the money to afford it, then so be it. Stop hating! She’s just a doting mom who is proud of her child’s achievement and there is nothing wrong with that! Any good parent would be proud of their child’s milestones and will undoubtebly speak about it whenever they get a chance. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe shake off the Haters and do you!

Liz on

It’s “Tu eres una gran idiota” and when you are learning another language who cares where or whom you pick it up from. Sheesh, you people are exceptionally harsh!!

Brandi on

I never leave comments but I can’t help but cringe when I read some of the comments here. Do people not realize how bitter and jealous they sound? Instead of congratulating a mother on making wise choices and obvious good parenting, they find something to complain about. To the poster claiming it’s all about photo ops…obviously you missed the note that she is not allowing Mason to be filmed on her reality show now. Seems to kind of cancel out your whole “photo op” theory. I understand ONE of the Kardashian sisters is infamous for sex tapes, athlete hopping, etc…but I am not quite sure your jealousy qualifies them as “skanks or talentless”. They’re millionaires because of their marketing ability and business sense…talent? Maybe not, but successful, yes. And THAT is where the envy comes from. It’s easy, if you hate them, don’t click on the stories. If you do, you’re just feeding the media frenzy over them that you “claim” to hate.

lol on

he learned it from the nanny, but that’s ok. at least he’ll be semi-bilingual.

M on

OMG! Is she for real? The housekeeper speaks spanish to him!! What a degrading thing to say. How about teaching him your heritage or are you trying to tell us Mason spends more time with the housekeeper than any of you. SNOB!

j on

It just goes to show that the baby spends more than enough time with the housekeeper…enough said, lol!

Make it stop on

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make these broads go-away! Why are we inundated day in and day out with news on these classless, talentless and do nothing for society skanks! Even on my Yahoo page. They make my eyes bleed!

Mia on

@ KAT – That is not true… I spent most of my time as a child with my spanish speaking day care teacher. I learned a few words sure, but spanish was not my primary language just because i spent most my time with her. Don’t be ridiculous.

Mom Of Twins on

At least she didn’t call her a “maid”. I think houskeeper was a nice way of putting it.

Brandi on

Or maybe it could be that having Spanish as his second language makes more sense because that is the 2nd most common language spoken in the US so it would benefit him later in life. Both of my children speak English and Spanish, and didn’t learn it from a Nanny. But they did learn it from a spanish teacher. They didn’t spend more time with that teacher but I knew it was something I couldn’t teach on my own. And now anytime we go somewhere with spanish speaking staff, I let them test it out. Big deal. But if that were the case with her that would leave no room for the hateful comments so of course people take their own interpretation and RUN WITH IT!

Meghan on

Kardashian SillyBandz? Seriously??

Kid spends all his time with the help, unless it’s a photo op. Bunch of Fakes. That poor boy is just another way for the Kardashian girls to market themselves.

Jill on

What a cute story! I knew as soon as I read it people would bash her and her family. No matter what is said about them people are so negative. It makes me laugh though…

I see nothing wrong with them having a housekeeper. Based on the size of their house and the amount of money they make. I know some non celebrities who have them. Not a big deal at all. And just because the housekeeper taught him that…..how does that equal that he spends more time with her? And that is degrading? I think it shows that the housekeeper is part of their family. SNOB? Not getting that one either! My guess is every time he walks in the house she says hug in Spanish.

paula on

I love the Kardashian’s. People hate on them because they are beautiful. They do alot more for people then The Hilton’s. I think it’s awesome that Mason is learning Spanish. They are not the only people in the world with nanny’s. EVERY celebrity has one, even if they say they don’t.

M on

I completely agree Brandi!!! Another thing that annoys me about people leaving rude comments and talking about Mason spending more time with the housekeeper than Kourtney is of course Kourtney can’t spend EVERY MINUTE with Mason. How many people on here posting about that have kids and does your kids go to daycare??? If so, they spend a LOT of time with the daycare providers. If you could have one on one with for you kid, wouldn’t you want that instead of a stranger????

ellen on

OMG Vanessa your going to call LYNDSAY out on her Spanish writing when you are the idiot in BOTH languages loser which is what you called her is not spelled with 2 o’s. A-hole~!

Jewel on

I am so sick of all the negative comments…good god, like is too short! Just be happy for them! I LOVE the Kardashian family!!

Sharon on

I think it’s very good Mason learns Spanish because pretty soon, you’re gonna hear – for Spanish press one, for English press two instead of the other way around! There’s nothing wrong with these ladies – back off!

Judith on

I love their show and the family. What a bunch of loving people they are. Robert and Chris did an excellent job raising them; they work hard for their money; ie the stores– Dash. I hope the younger kids turn out ok; modeling isn’t the best way to go for a career choice; just standing there and looking pretty. Come on, Bruce Jenner..

showbizmom on

I think it’s great that he’s learning Spanish. My kids speak Korean, English and Spanish from their Nanny and bit from me! It’s kind of cute, every now and then we will hear my oldest yelling at her sister in a mixture of the three.
I have always wondered why some parents who do speak another language choose not to raise their kids bilingual? I don’t know much about the Kardashian sister, but they are Armenian I think. Do they speak it?

RBM on

How would anyone know how much time the child has spent with the nanny / housekeeper . Kourtney sounds like a good caring parent , I’m sure with the family bond Mason will grow up just find . How is your own family doing?

Proud Mommy on

I am certainly not a wealthy person but I do have a housekeeper that helps me around the house once a week, so to say that she is acting like a snob for mentioning her housekeeper is just lame. I gush about my child too and those that have a positive affect on him including the lady that helps me around the house and taught him to clap (LOL), I’m not the only one that is in his life and that he learns from… No matter what these famous people say, everyone will always have negative feed back. Life goes on and bitter people will never change.

Keri on

Easy guys… let’s abrazo it out 🙂

tonya on

I’m more impressed with this baby than the entire family! These women are a mess. I love the skits about them on SNL.

Katie on

The Kardashians are good people. Kourtney is a good mom. Leave her alone. Mason is a doll!!!

tonya on

I can’t stand this family but the baby is cute. These women are not beautiful.

alexa on

@ Brandi…you go girl

RBM on

How would anyone know how much time the child spends with the nanny/ housekeeper . Kourtney seems like a good caring loving parent.With the family bond ,I’m sure Mason will grow up just fine.How is your family doing?

alice jane on

Good grief, is this board monitored anymore? I miss the old CBB.

coco, my mom had a housekeeper too, and I can assure you that my siblings and I are not spoiled, ditzy snobs and we definitely weren’t rich… Rather my mom was busy raising 4 kids and decided that was an expense she was willing to pay. Quit lumping people into categories.

The Kardashians may be spoiled (they’ve said it themselves) but I really don’t think they come off as brats. I especially like seeing what they have to say about Mason, he’s adorable.

j on

I don’t know any celebs, but plenty of regular everyday ppl that have housekeepers, they work 40+ hrs outside the house and have chosen to spend the time when they’re home with their family and not cleaning house, more pwr to them, I hope someday if I have kids and work like I do now I can afford someone to come in.

My parents wked full time so I spent my formative years w/someone watching me, I’d have loved if they’d been able to teach me another languag. I’ve spoken French to my niece and though I’m not fluent, I’ve tried to get her to know a few words, just out of respect for the area of the state where she lives.

I’m not a fan or a hater of the K sisters, but he’s an adorable child nad to me it should like she’s proud mom bragging about his latest acheivement, I would expect every mom whose commented to do the same

Mafe on

Well it’s the really! / BUENO ES UNA REALIDAD!!

Lina on

I totally agree..too many people hating and they will always find something to complay about…all that jealousy makes people sick! Not good for one’s spirit and body! I think it’s great for baby mason to be exposed to different people and languages. I think Kourtney seems to be a great mom…and his aunts adore him..more power to him.



spanish goddess on

Both of my parents had to work full time when I was a child and I had a spanish speaking babysitter. When I learned to talk I learned Spanish first since I spent most of my day around the babysitter who spoke no English. My parents were not rich by any means, just a hardworking couple who needed two incomes to raise their family. That did not make my parents “trash” because they had to hire a babysitter, I guess if they had called her a nanny that would have made them “bad” parents or snobs?

Lina on

oops *complain* typo..

M on

@Vanessa why don’t you take some spelling lessons from the housekeeper you LOSER!

Meems on

Looks like school is out again as the kids are here posting their childish comments. I’m a hard working single mom of 3 and my housekeeper speaks Spanish to the dog so go ahead and bash on that one.

Instead of cheering an obviously good mother for trying to teach her child to be bilingual y’all are just showing your jealousy.

love them on

LOVE the whole family

Karen on

If you don’t like it don’t read it.

Mira on

And the funniest part is that she’s most probably lying. If he’s saying abrazo at 13 months, he should be speaking in full sentences. This is a hard word.

chloe on

Dont look or read if you dont like. just saying…all you haters just want what you dont have and the K’s have it. get a freaking life.

Colleen on

Seriously, why does everyone who supports the Kardashians think others are jealous when someone else insults them? What the heck are we jealous of? Posing naked on magazine covers, being in a relationship with a certified jerk whom we have a child with, or something else along the same lines? It’s not jealousy, it’s pure unadulterated dislike. Dislike and jealousy don’t go hand-in-hand sometimes.


Cheri, they’re not beautiful! They’re “infamous” cause their sister made a home made sex tape with a semi-famous singer’s brother. If that never happened, no one would know what the hell a Kardashian was 🙂

sarah on

Vanessa… um.. let’s not correct someone spelling something wrong and then make a spelling error! lol it is loser not looser…

Carol on

I really wish that this girl would kick that loser (Scott) to the curb. He is the biggest loser I have ever seen and all he wants her for is the gravy train. So please kick his sorry butt out and find a good man for you and your son. Your son does not need this big jerk, loser as a roll model.

Good luck to you and your son.

B.R on

He is 13 months old rather then focusing on him saying one word in another language what not focus on him speaking more. He is in a passive phase of learning so he should have about 5 to 7 words to say and be mixing them with body language.So if he said hug in any language it should be combined with open arms waiting/wanting a hug, until then it’s just a word he heard and repeated without it having any true meaning to him. Repeat any word around a child enough but use it out of context the child after a few weeks will repeat it back but they will not have any idea what it means.

Kimmy on

that’s because they ARE rich stupid. having a housekeeper isn’t a bad thing…it’s only stimulating the economy.

Maggie on

It’s doog to be bilingual.

My children are both bilingual speaking English with me ans French with their Haitian nanny.

Nargi on

Many people are now speaking more than one language…

My two children are fully bilingual English/French.

They speak English with me and French with their father who is Cameroonian.

Denise on

I really don’t see any problems here. I would hire a housekeeper if I could afford one IN A HEARTBEAT! What is wrong about it? It’s not a crime, you’re giving someone else a job. How many of you here actually enjoy working full-time only to come home to yet another job, which is clean your house? And if she taught a few words to my child in another language, I would LOVE it. No, I’m not a snob, I just wish I didn’t have to clean.

Sarah on

I grew up speaking English with my father, Japanese with my mother and French with my Algerian babysitter. Being bilingual, you are open to many cultures and countries…

SuzyQ on

Carol, I second the motion. What does he do to earn his keep, seriously? Did he have a career pre-Kardashian gravy train, or did he have another wealthy family to mooch off?

Vergazo on

Babies first sentence will be bola de Putas!!!

Maggie on

Sorry, I wanted to say ‘it’s good to be bilingual’.

ellie on

good thing – he’s going to need that skill at the rate the country is going.

Melania on

I don’t think it sounds snobby in the least. We grew up with a Spanish speaking housekeeper. Many people have housekeepers and they are not rich. There is nothing wrong with wanting spend your time doing something besides cleaning. My parents were just hardworking people who thought it was worth the money to hire someone to clean.

lisa on

wow, FYI everyone, Kourtney GRADUATED with a Bachelors from Arizona State in Spanish. I mean are you people that shallow to assume that automatically the housekeeper is teaching Mason and that all housekeepers are hispanic? Get a clue people.

elle on

Wow, I’m floored by how swift the comments came rolling in for this trio….These poor sisters can’t catch a break no matter what they say!

Lucy on

There is nothing wrong having someone to clean.

My sister and I grew up with a French-speaking Congolese housekeeper and my parents were not particularly rich. At all events, I can still manage and understand French pretty well.

Jessica on

How old are you woman? My guess would be grown women with children, husbands, careers, families. Grow up! But your jealously aside and move on. You have more important things to worry about in your life.

Janet on

I assume Kourtney knows how to speak Spanish herself. She apparently got a minor in Spanish while studying at the University of Arizona. And yes, she did graduate from UA!

Michael on

I am Mexican American and speak spanish fluently and I dont think kourtney’s comments were snobby at all. She’s just saying that he speaks spanish and gets it from their nanny. whats wrong about that? ya’ll are just jealous. get a life!

sue on

Que tema tan aburrido…who cares what the Kardashians are doing. Having a housekeeper is perfectly fine, plus AWESOME that little Mason is learning spanish! It´s amazing what doors can open for someone who speaks more than one language… I speak English, Spanish, High German, Low German and Portuguese. Let´s not be too judgemental people.

Ava on

You people are idiots. Kourtney and Scott (or any other Kardashian) are not fluent in Spanish, which is probably why she mentioned her housekeeper, who likely is. So Mason speaks spanish with the only person around him a lot who is fluent in spanish. Entienden ahora?? Big freaking deal. Oh, and I have a housekeeper and I live in a shoebox. You gonna hate me too? Sheesh. Dont worry about others. Live your life to the fullest or dont complain when others have what you want. And FYI hating = hostile complaining.

B.R on

All this arguing seems pointless to me this a child who said one word in a different language. If we go by that standard I could say that I and my children all speak about 30 some odd languages, when the truth is I can only speak, read and write 9, the rest I know a thing or two about enough to get by when I am traveling, asking where the bathroom is and things like that but by no means do I actually speak the language, and neither do my kids or husband. We all speak English, French, my husband, sons, and I speak Amharic and my daughter is learning it right now, and her and I are teaching her brothers and dad Spanish since we both know it. So on any given day you will hear all four languages being spoken in my house, most times in a same sentence. To me that is what it means to truly be bilingual not know a word or two in a different language. So people should just stop with all the pointless arguing.

Jessica B. on

I personally find it disgusting that anyone would make such harsh judgments about another person. I WISH I had enough money for a housekeeper, and if she as bilingual and kind enough to share a little but of her knowledge with us, even better! Lay off if you don’t like them, or at least don’t comment.

Jessica B. on


JJ on

So what, so he learns Spanish from the nanny. He also learns Wookie from his aunt. What’s the big deal?

Anna on

What’s degrading about her saying the housekeeper speaks Spanish to her child? I think it sounds cute. Obviously the housekeeper is part of the family if she is talking to the baby.

Angela on

Ellen, perhaps you should learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”. What you meant was “you’re”, as in “you are”.

omg on

For some reason, I have a feeling the whole “my mom’s housekeeper speaks it to him too” was taken out of context. Whose to say the ENTIRE quote wasn’t “He hears it on the TV, my family and I teach it to him, and my mom’s housekeeper speaks it to him too.”

Ali on

To Brandi:
Get your facts straight Scott demand too much money from the network thats why mason isn’t on the show. Google it!!!! And its probably true Manson spends more time with a nanny/ house keeper. I could care less if the Kartrashians paid someone to wipe their a$$ with a fist full of 100 dollar bills. So Brandi get your your story straight and stop defending skanks that could care less about your fat a$$.

pearl on

I am a Latina, and the thing that irritates me is that this is the first time I hear them talk of a Latino being around and OF COURSE it happens to be the damn maid!

I am surprised she didn’t say the house keeper speaks Mexican to Mason..

alicia on

well said brandi!

nicole on

lots of jealous comments on here. if you hate them so much why read the article. i like them. i watch the show. just don’t like Scott. i think Kourtney can do a lot better.

flower on

If you defend the Kardashians in any way, you are a complete moron.

steph on

man alot of you all get worked up over these girls…lol. I dont know why everybody always has to call out who has nannies and who dont like its a contest or something. I for one figure everybody in hollywood have nannies and when i see pixs of celebs and their kids I dont think o i wonder if off to the side somewhere they are hiding a nanny…lol. Alot of non celebs have nannies and/or put their kids in daycare. So i dont see what the big deal is. Either way nannies or daycare the parents isnt around their kid 100% of the time, there is no difference. I dont mean to be negative but I cant figure out if those who have these negative things to say all the time are jealous or just negative people in life??


MiB on

It is natural for children to pick upp languages language from the people who surround them. When I was Mason’s age my mother spoke her mother tongue to me, my father spoke his mother tongue to me, their common language was English, my au pair spoke Norwegian with me and we lived in Paris, so all in all, when I was 13 months I spoke words in 5 languages. This is the reality for millions of children over the world, there are many countries where more than 1 language is spoken, there are many families with roots from other countries than where they live, there are many families where the parents have different mother tongues.

Or was the debate about them having a housekeeper? Goodness, I would have one too if I could affort it, I hate cleaning and washing dishes and I felt the green eyed monster rise when a neighbour called me the other day and asked if I could let his housekeeper in as the keyless lock on the front door was broken. We both live in one bedroom flats, in a middle class area. He’s obviously got more money than me, but none of us is even close to being rich. I have worked as a nanny, and none of the families I worked for was rich, yet some of them had a cleaning lady/house keeper coming over once a week. A friend of mine hates cleaning just as much as I do, and she could afford a cleaning lady, but she would rather travel for the money, so she cleans herself. Housekeepers and nannies are not just for the rich.

JM on

See i kind of agree with Cidny, these people are “reality” stars. they WANT every detail of their life to be analysed. they put their private life on tv what do they expect to have happen? i don’t see how people can’t understand this, they can’t have it both ways and say that they will put every little pointless detail of their life up for grabs but only if we only say nice tihngs about them?
i say let them choose. do they want to be “celebrities” or do they want to be private individuals like us?

Alejandra Petho on

i think speaking in spanish and english to a baby is a good idea if her knows two or more laguages is a good thing i speak english, spanish and italian.

Hea on

Are some of you suggesting that it’s shameful to be a housekeeper? Especially if you happen to be of Spanish heritage? A job is a job and I think their housekeeper deserves some respect from YOU guys. It sounds to me like he or she is an important person to this family since baby Mason is in contact with him/her and I’m willing to bet the housekeeper likes the job. I bet it has nice benefits and whatever American jobs may have.

Lady on

You people on this site are fricken lunatics, always so negative & judgemental…wow…go find ur lives seriously!!!!

Grace on

@Colleen: Well said. It amazes me how the “you’re all jealous haters” people never realize how simple minded and childish they sound.

@JM: Great point.

kmcalister on

I saw Kourtney at Fred Siegel having lunch, and she gave Mason a Spanish game to play on her iPhone. Of course I looked it up, it’s call Babblemania Spanish.

Anonymous on

You know im not going to diss these girls. Their beautiful. Talent..umm maybe not but they market very well. I just dont understand why they would teach him spanish if thats not even their heratige. Their Armanian. Like i love that mason is learning spanish, Me being mexican . But i find it more important that he knows his heratige first and the language. I mean i wouldnt want my son learning chinesse first instead of spanish. Love what thier doing but they should teach him his heartige thats all im saying. No disrespect.

Britta on

What do you mean with high german and low german!?
Eine Erklärung diesbezüglich wäre nett…

J.J. on

I don’t understand what the trash talk is about. The nanny speaks Spanish to him…and so? It’s nice to expose him to another language..though it may not be a guarantee for when he’s older. I don’t think there’s nothing wrong to what Kourtney is doing…she too needs time for herself that’s why the nanny is there..it’s not like she NEVER spends time with him. Btw..I am familiar with 3 langauges including Spanish and am in the jist of learning another..Hindi. Kourtney es un madre muy bueno, pero no puede a pasar tiempo con Mason todo el tiempo. Cada persona necesita a hacer cosas por si mismos!

NL on

I just love that family!They are a close knit family and good,non judgemental people,very funny and entertaining,that’s why I watch their show and read every little bit about them,so why do you know so much about them HATER if you’re not interested? I hear housekeeper all the time,in case you STUPIDS did’nt know,housekeeper is a modest way of referring to a MAID! True to Kourtney,she’s a soft,lovely,well brought up young lady!

Not her housekeeper on

I AM a housekeeper (not Hispanic) and I do not find her comment offensive at all. Also, I do not clean for any celebrities. Tone it down, haters.

Madalena on

There’s nothing wrong with what Kourt said.
It’s great Masons learning a new language at such a young age!
If Kris’s Housekeeper speaks spanish to Mason, thats a good influence and i dont see why Kourtney wouldn’t want to tell these things :).

Anonymous on

I love the kardashian family, read all about them and watch more about them love them all.

steve on

I love those girl, the dashian. they made themself a name. they put themself in the market. If kortney is makerting her son, that is what she want. it is in their blood. for your negative you are bunch of moron. You do not have anything to do so go ahead and insult them to see if dashians cares