BumpWatch: Victoria Beckham’s Undercover Belly

02/08/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Not much to see yet!

A pregnant Victoria Beckham keeps any hint of a burgeoning belly under wraps as she makes a stylish arrival at London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday.

The Spice Girl and fashion designer, 36, is expecting her fourth child with husband David Beckham this summer.

Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are very excited about the arrival of their new brother or sister,” the couple’s rep said in a statement.

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Erika on

I hope she puts on a little weight with this pregnancy…

momof3boys on

um, what bump?

Jill on

This is not a bump watch…..there is no bump.

Mememe on

Im surprised they didnt also include the fact that they are having a girl in this report. Not sure if CB has caught on yet, but the Beckhams annouced it here in the UK last week that they are having a girl this time.

alicia on

They did not announce that they were having a girl, the report started from THE SUN the biggest tabloid in the UK! I would take it with a grain of salt.

Bex on

Her arms and legs are the size of pencils, and bones are popping out of her neck/chest area. I imagine this can’t be healthy for an unborn, growing baby. Frankly, I find this photo disturbing, and do hope she’s providing proper nutrients for herself and her child.

Erika on

I live in the US and have not heard that they are having a girl, but I sure hope they are! It would be so perfect to see David with a daddy’s girl and Victoria with a little mini me. A girl would make their family so perfect!

She looks great!

Katie on

No bump there! Isn’t she too early in her pregnancy to tell what the baby even is?

Shannon on

There is no bump! She’s probably not even 4 months yet, which means you can’t find out what the sex of the child is anyway!

jessicad on

I read they were having a girl also, can’t remember where but I don’t believe it yet. I don’t see a bump either, thought she would show pretty quickly since she’s so tiny, I was the same way but I’m tall. I found out I was having a girl before I had a bump or even felt her move!

Catca on

She’s a bit early in her pregnancy to even see a bump. Women’s bodies carry babies differently during pregnancy, even the same mother will carry differently with each child. Gisele Bundchen and Nicole Kidman also carried small and both gave birth to healthy babies. I carried large but I’m not going to spite Victoria because she is carrying small (which she may not even be doing as her shirt is pretty blousy and would do a good job of hiding the start of a bump!)

Marilyn on

It has also been reported at Hello! magazine’s website and !Hola! magazine’s website that they are having a girl, but they are citing The Sun. Sometimes they are accurate, so it could be true.

showbizmom on

I’m pea green with envy! From the moment I found I was pregnant both time, it was obvious! No hiding for me. First came the boobs, then the face and then the belly. The boobs stayed thank God! 🙂 I don’t know how far along she is, but it just goes to show you every woman’s body is different.

miss thing on

It was reported in the sun that they paid to have a gender scan at 16 weeks and that it was a baby girl, I also would take this news with a pinch of salt but they did report correctly about Cruz,that he would be a boy and his name and that he would be born in spain unlike Brooklyn and Romeo who were born in the uk, and if you believe the chinese lunar phase and moon phase gender predictions she is on course to have a baby girl (before anyone comments on how sad I am to have checked hers, I alreadly know I am LOL) either way I wish her, David and the boys a happy healthy pregnancy 😀

Indira on

I don’t get how she looks skeletal here. She looks slender but her arms and legs hardly look like pencils.Plus she’s weaing a loose blouse and she’s barley 4 months!

hayley w on

rolls my eyes at bex , she has 3 kids that look healthy and fine to me so i think she no’s just what she is doing ….skinny women have healthy babies too,

kinda hopeshe doesn’t have negative comments through her whole pregnancy , hmmm

good luck to her i say, boy or girl they look like great parents from the small bits of thier life we get to see.

Kellie on

Bex- Please, she has 3 kids, I think she knows what to do during pregnancy. Just because a woman is pregnant, they don’t have to look big. People come in all shapes and sizes….so do pregnancy. Women gain weight differently, so please don’t act like she is putting her baby in danger.

Amanda on

I also don’t see a bump but a lot of women don’t show early. Assuming she was 12-14 weeks when they announced a month ago (and she could very well have been further since she wasn’t showing so they had no rush to tell, she’s probably 16-18 weeks, I’m on my 4th pregnancy too and with my first three nobody would have been able to tell I was pregnant. I’m earlier with my 4th and showing a little sooner, but it’s different with each one, just cause she isn’t showing doesn’t mean anything. My fundal height was measuring 4 weeks larger than how far along I was with my 3rd and people were always commenting on how ‘tiny’ I was, looks don’t mean much! I’d bet they do know the sex but I wouldn’t believe the reports until they confirm them.

Chloe on

I was wondering when we would see Victoria out and about again. Besides her 1st pregnancy, it seems that every time she falls pregnant, she disappears from public view or covers up with huge poncho’s etc. When sh’e not pregnant, there’s a new photo every day. Suppose she’s a little more withdrawn and protective when pregnant though. Congratulations to their family.

Angela on

Maybe I’m just being sensitive but it drives me nuts when people comment on a certain gender making a family perfect or complete. It’s love, not gender, that makes a family perfect.

Bridget on

For those that are commenting on her size…First of all, she has always been skinny, and second, you never know, she could be getting sick like a lot of women do when they are pregnant, and have lost weight because of it. Like others have said, she has had 3 children so I am sure she knows how to treat her body while pregnant. Also, those commenting on the sex, you can find out at 16 weeks(I did with my second) and I am sure she is further along then 16 weeks anyways.

PoshieBoo on

Victoria looks too tiny to be pregnant yes, but she is always this tiny. With her last pregnancy, she was all bones and had the tiniest tummy but Cruz was born healthy. Same with Romeo and Brooklyn. So I won’t be worried just yet. 😉

Mia on

I hope it’s a girl-Congrats!! That must be so exciting!-a girl after 3 boys.

JMO on

She’s always been skinny and she wasn’t big with he first 3 boys. And I had a friend that was super skinny her entire pregnancy and as soon as she popped the baby out you never would of known she gave birth! Not all women just get huge! I’d say she’s 3 months along if that. And I did read it was a girl also. I hope it is. But either way I’m happy for them.

candykane on

We new we were having a boy at 14 weeks and 5 days on a regular ultrasound. So she could already know what she is having

SAR on

Dang, she’s skinny. I know that’s her trademark, but…Victoria, it’s OKAY to gain weight when you’re pregnant!! Eat something, please!

Shannon on

She has definitely gained weight. She was so underweight before.

lulusass on

People she hasn’t always been skinny, look back at very early spice girl photos.

Devon on

There are loads of other photos in this set and in others, you can see her shirt is quite baggy and that there is a bump under there. Victoria has said that her children are her biggest priority and from what you can see her eldest 3 kids are healthy sized boys. She knows what she’s doing and wouldn’t put the life of her child in danger.

cara on

She has NOT ‘always been skinny’ ! look back at photos of her in her early 20’s and she was a normal size.

I saw her in person once and she looks strange, it is very clear she is not naturally skinny, her head, face and boobies are so big compared to the rest of her (it was when she had all those long hair extensions, so that also made her head look bigger). Plus she had so much make-up trying to cover up a really bad skin day. She looks even skinnier now than she did then, if that is even possible.

I did read she was about 16weeks pregnant so she could easily have found out the gender.

CelebBabyLover on

Angela- I think the reason people are making those comments about Victoria and David is that they themselves have stated several times that they would love to have a girl. So naturally people are hoping they get their wish. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve seen the girl rumor as well. I hope it’s true! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I also meant to say that, from what I’ve heard, it’s possible now to find out the sex of a baby very early on in the pregnancy. Although it takes awhile for the boy or girl “bits” to actually form, ultrasounds show two lines where they will be, and the way these lines line up with one another differs between the genders. So, based on the way the lines are, an ultrasound techinication can sometimes tell (albeit not as accurately!) what gender the baby will be.

Perhaps someone else could explain it a bit better.

Ruthella on

She has NOT always been skinny, by any stretch of the imagination. Before, and during the first couple of years of, the Spice Girls Victoria was ‘normal’ sized; UK 10-12.

If she is healthy, and it seems that she is since she’s conceived, good for her, but there’s no denying that this is not her natural body shape. She clearly views maintaining this tiny size as part of her job, which I think is a shame.

If she is having a girl, I hope she doesn’t pass on her eating habits to her daughter. I say this as a recovered Anorexic who faces the same issues with my own kids.

MiB on

Well, the SUN has a 50/50 chance of getting it right ;). Victoria has always been pretty good at covering her bump with loose clothing, so I think she will keep doing it this time around as well. As for the concern that the baby will not get enough nutrients, Victoria will have to be quite malnourished for that to happen as the fetus always takes what it needs even if it means that the mother to be doesn’t get all she needs. (Just fyi, my collarbones are clearly visible, and I am in the middle to top range for a healthy BMI for my lenght, so visible collar bones do not indicate that someone is too skinny.)

Cp on

I think she’s having a baby through a surrogate mother and she doesn’t want to say it.

Hea on

Victoria isn’t naturally this skinny which makes me kinda agree with Bex. I hope she has her health in check and that they have a healthy and happy baby. 🙂

Sandra on

come on, the reason they know she’s having a girl is because they most definitely did that spinning thing where they chose the sex of their baby. They have the money to do that. For years she’s been saying she wants a girl so I can’t see that she’ll go naturally into a pregnancy knowing it could be another boy. Celebrities always get what they want because they have the money to do so. She already had 3 boys I don’t think she would go for a fourth knowing the chances that she could have another boy. Come on, why doesn’t anybody see this?
And why is having just 3 boys not perfect? Why does everyone need one of each?

jessicad on

Nothing wrong with wanting a girl. I wanted a girl more than anything, for personal reasons.

Mia on

Her frame is naturally small (including chest)-she has implants. –Even if she’s not “showing” yet–maybe she’ll just pop later on. She is probably only at 4 months if they know the sex. The genitals start forming in the very beginning of the 2nd semester.

Posh was always my favorite-I liked her style/dark hair. Except I did like Geri/Ginger-being a redhead (even though hers is dyed).

M on

Awww!!! She’s having a stick figure!!

Jill on

CBL, Phew!!!I am glad you arrived, to explain what everyone feels and to explain everything to everyone. I was starting to get worried.

JAE on

Hi Mia – Victoria stated in an interview last month that she recently had her implants removed. Personally, I think she looks better without them.

Jill on

I read that she is going to pose on the cover of Vogue, exposing her belly….

erilynne on

People need to realize that some Women’s bodies are different then others. You shouldn’t say ‘EAT SOMETHING’ cause she most likely is but doesn’t gain it very fast!

And the last time I checked this was a baby site, so they are reporting on her because she is one that is expecting, just cause there is no valid showing of it yet doesn’t mean you can criticize everything about the article.

Mia on

@JAE-that would make sense with the new baby. I guess I meant overall (or in most recent)–she had implants-vs-her small frame.

ericka on

She’s obviously taking care of herself otherwise she wouldn’t have carried her 3 previous pregnancies to term. If there is ANY issue regarding her weight during her pregnancy it’s your own issue. I’ve seen pictures of her when she was pregnant previously and she was all belly. Some women just have that kind of body where they are all belly, my cousin literally had a basketball attached to her and as soon as she had the baby you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant.

Don’t be rude and assume because you can’t see a bump that she’s starving herself and this baby. She’s just not showing because she’s not that far along and she’s also very lean. She’ll pop once she gets further along in her pregnancy. I find all these comments on her lack of being a heffer SUPER rude. Give her a break. Women amaze me…complain that other women are haters and attach each other’s bodies then turn around and do the same thing. It really is amazing the behavior people display.

Have you ever heard of people who lose weight during pregnancy? My mom LOST weight when she was pregnant with me because she was so sick and couldn’t keep anything down. She only gained after like the 7th month. Give this girl a break…she’ll have a ball on that belly soon enough!

Ruthella on

Ericka; you don’t understand what ‘literally’ means, do you?

ericka on

I do, thank you for checking. It’s nice that you’re trying to make a point about something that really has nothing to do with anything. That was incredibly observant of you 🙂

God Bless!