Jillian Michaels Is ‘In the Middle of’ Adoption Process

02/07/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Deano/Splash News Online

Jillian Michaels is about to become the biggest winner.

After announcing in December that she would be leaving The Biggest Loser to concentrate her efforts on starting a family, the fitness trainer is finally eyeing the finish line of her goal.

“I want to start a family,” she tells Access Hollywood.

“I’d like to take a year off of television and really focus on — I’m in the middle of the adoption process — and really focus on that and hopefully becoming a mother in the next year and putting all my energy into that for awhile.”

Noting that the adoption has been nothing short of “an incredible undertaking,” the future mom reveals she has finally passed the paperwork hurdles of her journey.

“I’ve completed all of my paperwork; I’ve had all of my physicals; I’ve been checked by the FBI — you have no idea!” she laughs.

With all of her documents submitted, there’s nothing left for Michaels to do but wait for that much-anticipated phone call.

“That could be anywhere from six months to a year. I’m in a pilot program for the Democratic Republic of Congo so we’ll see,” she says. “Then you get your referral and then you have to try to bring your kid back home.”

And until she receives her referral, Michaels is unsure whether she’ll be welcoming a baby boy or girl — but insists at her age there is no preference!

“I’m 36! Do you hear the clock? It doesn’t matter!” she explains. “As long as there’s a little teeny person with me, I’ll be good.”

— Anya Leon

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Nella on

I love this! I applaud Jillian for adopting a child. I wish her lots of happiness with the soon to be new addition. I’m sure she will be a good mom.

MDmomx5 on

I love her & think she will be a super mom. Good luck to her & her future child.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

yaaay! i just love it when ppl adopt!:D Congrats!

Jill on

I too love it when people adopt! Jillian will be a great Mom!!!

Natasha on

Can’t wait for her to get her new addition! She’s going to be a great mom!

Erika on

Yay! She is such a great, caring person! I really commend her for what she does on the biggest loser, I’m sure it isn’t easy for her, but she helps those people so much and changes so many lives. I also think it’s great that she is adopting a child in need, especially since she can’t have biological children.

LStew on

@Erika, she isn’t unable to have children. She’s said in the past that she can’t see putting her body through the weight gain of pregnancy (having been overweight as a child/teen).

Amy on

I thought I heard she had PCOS so it would be difficult for her to get pregnant…I think the fact that she is adopting is great!!

ForeverMoore on

Anyone else notice that she seems to be kinder and gentler this season on BL? She seems more emotional…with good reason, the thought of being a parent is very emotional and makes you look at life in a whole new way!

Ella on

Amy- Actually people who are healthy weight and have PCOS don’t usually have issues having children. In fact I’ve known people who didn’t even know they had pcos until after they had children. Unfortunately PCOS is something many people have and in my case even some OBs are unversed about it.

Lucy on

I applaude her for wanting to adopt, but if it’s true that she wants to adopt over having her own child because she doesn’t want to gain weight… wow. Regardless of whether she was overweight as a child or not, that’s such a selfish reason for not wanting to get pregnant. Right up there with not wanting to get stretch marks! I’m overweight and I still had my two children. I just lost the pregnancy weight afterwards. She pushes other people to work hard to lose their excess weight, yet she doesn’t want to deal with an extra 30 pounds? What kind of body image do you have to have to feel this way?

jayjay on

Selish self-absorbed woman chose to adopt because she didn’t want to get fat, and she wanted to save a poor starving orphan. Two really bad reasons to adopt. What’s she going to be like when the kid pees and pukes on her? God forbid if the kid gets fats, she’ll disown it.

Erika on

LStew- she was misquoted. She later said that she wouldn’t want to put her body through treatments that use hormone injections, like in vitro because she has fertility issues. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to carry a pregnancy. In other words, rather than going through surgeries and putting her body through the mill to get pregnant, she would rather just adopt. Magazines can be very misleading and often misquote people to draw more attention. http://www.momlogic.com/2010/05/jillian_michaels_pregnancy_does_not_ruin_your_body.php

Amber on

She may be able to have children but she has endometriosis and has gone through hell with that. She said it had nothing to do with weight gain. When she said she wouldn’t put her body through that, she was referring to the endometriosis.

Congrats to her!

Leila on

Well I guess she ‘can’t’ biologically have a child, seeing as she’s a lesbian. She’s smart. If I could afford it, I would have a surrogate or adopt, so I wouldn’t wreck my body. Oh well. If I have kids in my late 30’s I will have already had my fun wearing bikinis 😉

Meghan on

Yes, Amy she has both PCOS and endometriosis. The press took her comments and twisted them to make it look like she didn’t want to be pregnant because of weight, when she actually has a very real medical issue.

Nina on

I really admire Jillian.I hope her quest to adopt a child goes smoothly.I believe she is choosing adoption due to her “ALLEDGED”sexual orientation.So says the gossip blogs.

molly on

My husband and I are in the adoption process right now and it is daunting-to say the least! It is a journey of ups and downs, nerves and strength-for anyone who has been through it or is going through it. I have a healthy 2.5yr old son (after years of miscarriage,surgeries etc he came (surprise) naturally, all after we began adoption paperwork the first time!) and would love to have another child to love, and to have a sibling for our son to grow up with.

Good for her for figuring out that her dreams to have a family-whatever way that is, can be realized!! I hope it is a fast and happy experience for her! She will be such a loving, encouraging and stable parent for some lucky child out there, who will make her very lucky as well!

acorr on

she wants a baby and I think that is wonderful, all she wants is a baby, I have 2 boys, but I still know that feeling of wanting to have a baby, it never leaves me. I am really hoping she gets that call sooner than later.

Jodi on

She actually said in the past she didn’t want to RUIN HER BODY by having a child. I know she was heavy in the past, but that’s a pretty crappy thing to say. I don’t think my body is ruined after having my daughter. Plus, if she’s such a great trainer, she could get her body back in shape!

Shelby on

@lstew – she has openly said she was misquoted in that aricle. What she meant that was due to PCOS, she would have to likely have surgery and go through a grueling process to get pregnant – and she didn’t thinks she could put her body though that since she could adopt.

I’m thrilled for her and think she’s going to be a wonderful momma!

Eileen on

@ LStew – you should get your facts straight before you start correcting others:


fuzibuni on

She’s a work out chick…She’s just not into pregnancy and what it can do to the female form… but really wants a baby… So adoption makes sense for her.

j on

yeah we all know that people with endo and PCOS can’t conceive. I’m sure there is more to the story that we will never know. Good luck to her.

LStew on

thanks for clearing that up, makes sense

B.R on

Adoption is amazing I truly hope everything goes well for her and it doesn’t take too long for her to get her referral, cause it’s another good six months to a year after that point that she would get to travel to actually pick up her child. I wish her all the best.

Nina Sexual orientation, true or not, has no bearing on having a bio-child, after all that is why there are sperm banks and surrogates so anyone can have a child should they choose to and can afford it.

Debbie on

Fantastic,,, another child who will have a wonderful life….. From Congo,,, amazing, those poor people there… I am so happy that a beautiful child will have a new and happy home.. God Bless, may they’re Journey be sweet and full of love……I hope she gets her “little person” soon… That is so wonderful.

Erika on

j- she doesn’t want to go through fertility treatments because of the toll it will take on her body. She may be able to concieve through treatments however, those treatments are amazing, however they take a huge toll physically and emotionally. Instead of wanting to spend a ton of money inject herself with tons of hormones, for something that may not work, she is choosing to adopt a child that has already been born and probably isn’t living in the best conditions. What is wrong with that?

*For the record, I have nothing against fertility treatments. I know they are 10000% worth it, and I have nothing but respect for people who use them. However, most people I know who have been through in vitro have said what a draining process it is, so you can’t blame someone for wanting to avoid that and adopt a child instead.

Mee on

jayjay- what a terrible thing to say. First off, she could totally lose the weight if she chose to get pregnant, because she has motivation unlike the majority of our country. If you read this whole comments section, you would see that she has fertility issues that make her unable to get pregnant. Second of all, what makes you question what will happen if the child ‘pees or pukes on her’? I know far more self absorbed people with children and they deal with it. I actually think it’s funny that you think she will disown the child if it becomes overweight, when her job involves helping people who are overweight to become healthy. And her child likely would not become overweight because she would feed him/her healthy foods, and make sure they exercise rather than playing video games. Childhood obesity happens with bad eating habits and lack of motivation to exercise, most often from lazy parenting. It doesn’t just appear if you are eating well and exercising.

Nina on

Yes,B.R you are correct anyone with money can have access to a child.

Lo on

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and I’m pregnant with my 4th child, naturally. I’m just sayin…….

Ali on

Yay @ her adopting! This is so amazing! I find adoption to be such an amazing gift to people who are unable to have children. There are so many kids in need of parents.

If she is adopting from the area she is mentioning I DO hope she manages to get a girl. The girls in that area are brutalized so viciously & have so little rights. It would be nice for her to save a young girl’s life and mold her into a wonderful person!

Thank you Jillian for helping me lose 50 pounds this year too! 🙂

Ryan on

Why do some people have to take something as wonderful as adoption and turn it into something ugly??? Who cares her motives for wanting to adopt!? Adopting a child is an incredible gift to both the new parent and the child. I don’t know why people have to interpret it any other way. It’s just weird to question her motives.

Congratulations to Jillian! I know she will make a great mother! She will certainly kick that kid in the butt and get them into a healthy lifestyle…that’s for sure! 🙂

erika on

huge congrats, jillian!!! i have lost 60 pounds because of this woman and the work she has done on the biggest loser. i wish her nothing but the best and she’ll always have a fan in me. ❤

Cecelia on

Lo, while that may be the case for you, you are not her physician; therefore, you know nothing about her medical history.

Regardless, it’s her decision. Perhaps adoption is something she thought about her whole life. If not, some women who struggle with infertility decide that they’d rather have a child than experience pregnancy and that’s fine, too.

maya on

That’s great! I love Jillian and will miss seeing her on BL, but she’s fabulous and will make a teriffic mom. Best of luck to her!

Good grief on

Well I don’t want to get pregnant and part of that is dealing with pregnancy. I dont’ care if you people think I’m selfish, it’s MY body and I will decide what I want to do with it. Hell, I don’t want kids, but if i did I’d prefer adopting, give someone who doesn’t have a home, a home, rather than contributing to an overpopulated planet. Good on Jillian and boo to all you judgy people/.

CelebBabyLover on

I wish her the best of luck in her adoption journey!

Kelly on

It’s amazing how many horrible things people have to say, out of such a wonderful situation. A woman wants to raise, care for, and unconditionaly love a child with no parents, very little and not so much love. How dare you all try to turn something wonderful into something horrible. You should be ashamed.

Angi on

Anyone willing to adopt is a hero to me. Best of luck to her.


@ Ella

Actually people that have PCOS do have issues, regardless of weight. I am a healthy weight- 132 @ 5’5′, while following a pcos low glycemic index diet since i found out i had pcos 6 years ago. I have been trying to have a baby with my husband for 6 years, and have put my body through much of the hell that Jillian has smartly decided to avoid.

My sister also has PCOS as well as one of my friends. My sister has been trying for four years, my friend for two and a half. Pcos is not to be taken lightly. I find it disgusting that the interviewer twisted her words to make it sound like she cared about the weight factor. It has everything to do with the painful emotional turmoil and the dangerous and unhealthy drugs she would be injecting or injecting into her body had she tried to have a biological child.

Gianna on

You guys are all forgetting one big thing. Even if you are fertile making the choice to adopt is extremely SELFLESS. You are agreeing to have a child that does not look like you, will always be questioned about their biological identity and may come with health/emotional issues. I am 100% fertile but I am not selfless enough to adopt. Who cares what her reasons are, adoption is extremely selfless.

Laura on

Can’t believe someone would actually call a person “selfish” for wanting to adopt. To me adopting is one of the most selfless things a person could do. Shame on you negative commenters!

Best of luck to Jullian!!!

molly on

Yes, for anyone out there thinking she said pregnancy “ruins” a woman’s body and she won’t do that to herself…she was misquoted. She said she “can’t” do that to her body and clarified that it wasn’t about getting fat etc. She was referring to what HER body would have to go through to get pregnant ie: fertility treatments, surgeries etc.

And coming from someone who has had numerours fertility treatments (4 surgeries, 10months drug treatment, miscarriages etc) I can tell you a woman’s body has its limits. Although all of it would be worth it to have a baby in the end- ou do reach a point where for some adoption just makes sense and is just as joyous as birthing a child. My body sure had reached its limit which is why I also am turning to adoption with my husband. Both ways of building a family are beautiful and it is best not to judge a woman on such an emotional and personal choice. Go Jillian!

J-Lin on

I wonder why she chose to adopt from the Congo. Will that be the new Hollywood thing?

Marsha on

Hey, how about just a God Bless You for wanting to be a mother no matter how it happens? It isn’t anyone’s business if she can or can’t have children. For anyone who wants to be a mother, it is a blessed, amazing and wonderful thing regardless if it is by “natural” birth or by adoption. Families come in all styles. As long as there is love, respect, trust and understanding, you have all you need. I had Pre-eclampsia and had to deliver my now 4.5 year old daughter at 28.5 weeks weighing only 2 pounds 12 ounces. Because of this, I was told by my doctor that I had a 30% chance of this happening with my next pregnancy. So, if my husband and I decide to expand our family, it will be through adoption. And you know what, it is no one’s business but ours!

jessicad on

I also heard that she didn’t want to ruin her body with the actual pregnancy and never heard she was misquoted until I read the comments here. That’s really sad because I’m sure it changed a lot of opinions about her, her explanation never really made big headlines and it should have. It’s still a choice most women have, I just thought she would be a great role model for pregnancy and could show that it doesn’t have to ruin your body. Mine wasn’t ruined at all, it’s better now!

I also have severe endometriosis and my daughter was quite a surprise, but I know girls who have it and will never carry a child because their tubes or ovaries are so damaged. Each woman is different with the severity, some of us can conceive while others can’t. I’m very lucky. I’m sure each case of PCOS is the same, some can can go naturally while others have to go with the injections and IVF.

Now that I know the whole story about her situation I absolutely don’t blame her, that’s awesome she’s adopting. I can see her with a girl!

tlc on

It amazes me the double standards some people have on this site. You read nothing but accolades about Angelina adopting when SHE was SINGLE herself. Nothing was said about her sexual orientation or that Angelina “was selfish and self absorbed” because she adopted Maddox and Zahara alone. But yet, here’s Jillian who is most likely going to save a child from a hell hole of a life and she’s SELFISH??

I too, have PCOS but a milder case. I have had three miscarriages and ONE healthy pregnancy (which I was on bedrest for) and have one gorgeous and beautiful son. My husband and I have never used any birth control in ten years and I have not become pregnant again. So, we are adopting a little girl. So, am *I* selfish and self absorbed too?

People here just astound me.

macayla on


The Democratic Republic of Congo is the poorest nation on earth. That probably has something to do with her desire to adopt a child from there.

Now for my soapbox…
I, for one, couldn’t care less that she wants to adopt a child from an impoverished nation ravaged by war, disease, human trafficking, etc. EVERY ORPHAN needs a home. So what if she wants to “save” a child from the nightmare he/she lives in? At least she cares enough to DO SOMETHING to help a child in dire need of the utter physical basics of food and water by providing the child a home with a mother who loves him/her. If we’re not going to “save” children from their nightmare environments, then why the hell does adoption even exist in the first place? Just let them all suffer and die, why don’t we?!

People, just be glad that there is another child who is going to have what every single child on earth deserves the moment they are conceived: a loving home and fulfilled needs.

Becky on

@Ryan..Thank you for your first (I think) post..What difference does it make if she adopts or not? I don’t care, as long as she is a good parent to the child….

Ryan on

Thanks Becky! I have posted before! :))) I just felt a need to express some things about this situation. There seemed to be so many negative comments when the whole situation is such a blessing for everyone involved. Adoption is a very selfless act and Jillian is creating a life for a child that would otherwise live a miserable, impoverished life. I wish EVERYONE who could afford it and wanted to do it could give a needy child a life they deserve. It would make the world a better place!

Mandy on

“Amy- Actually people who are healthy weight and have PCOS don’t usually have issues having children. In fact I’ve known people who didn’t even know they had pcos until after they had children. Unfortunately PCOS is something many people have and in my case even some OBs are unversed about it.

– Ella on February 7th, 2011″

Ok Ella. I’m 110 lbs at 5’2” I have PCOS! People from all walks of life have infertility issues. You just never know. I had to take fertility drugs to become pregnant. I know alot of women who are at a healthy weight who have infertility issues. In fact I know more at a healthy weight who have infertility than those who are bigger who have infertility issues. You might want to read up on it. Infertility does not discriminate by weight or anything else. Infertility is an issue that most people take too lightly. PCOS is a real and serious disease because it not only makes it difficult to have children but it causes other body issues as well.

I think it’s nice that she is adopting. It doesn’t matter if she can have her own or not. She’s choosing to save a child who might otherwise not have a home. She can give a child what it needs. I applaud her for doing this. Anything else does not matter.

Meghan on

When Jillian announced she was leaving the Biggest Loser I saw an interview were she dicussed why she had made that choice. When she started to talk about starting a family, her face completely lit up with joy. It was nice to see and I can’t wait to see her dream come true!

Just saying on

Gna said selfless not selfish there is a difference

B.R on

As an adoptive mother of three now. One domestic, two international one (USA the other Ethiopia) the fact that anyone could say that she is being selfish is beyond me. If you want to get pregnant (and can, medical issues aside since each and every one of those is different) you don’t have to take 120 hours of classes on how to be a parent, no one goes through your life (background checks) inspects your house, asks you question like “why do you want another child, the one you have isn’t good enough?” and after all that and 50 plus thousand dollars some one else still gets to decided if you are worthy to be a parent or not. How can going through all that make you selfish I don’t understand. I personally wouldn’t have become a mother any other way cause I look at my breakfast, lunch and dinner table full with happy smiling faces who love each other and us (my husband and I) unconditionally as we do them and I know in my heart and soul that these are my children, I may have not given birth to them in my body but each of them was born in my heart and soul, and each of them is a dream come true.

I wish Jilian all the luck in the world. You are in for a ride of your life. It’s going to be hard, at times it will be hell and you will wonder why are you going through all this, but trust me that smiling happy face that will one day be yours and call you mom is worth it all. Just hang in there make sure you have good support around you, and amazing things will happen. I wish you all the best in the amazing journey of becoming a mom.

Amber on

B.R.- you NAILED it.

Marla on

@Macayla and @BR-AMEN!! Giving a child in need a loving and safe, stable home is all that matters here.

I recently watched a documentary on the sex trafficking among the world’s poorest nations and it was sickening. I want to scoop up those little children, the girls in particular, to spare them from the horrors of that life.

I cannot wait to see the article announcing when she gets her baby.

CelebBabyLover on

Mandy- Children you adopt are just as much your “own” as children that come from your womb!

MiB on

Isn’t it lovely how we’re all different! Some would rather have a biological child through any means possible, others would rahter adopt. I know people who dream of biological children, but would not go through any fertility treatment (wether for religious or health reasons), I know people who want children, but only through adoption, I know people who want children and go thorough with every possible treatment, I know people who’d do anything not to have children, I know people who se adoption as the obvious answer to their fertility problems. Jillian chose to start a family through adoption, so that is obviously the right way for her whatever the reason is, and I wish her the best of luck!

paula on

I can’t believe anyone would have the nerve to call adoption “selfish”. I could make the argument that getting pregnant is “selfish” given all the children already on this earth that are in need of parents. The fact is, how a person chooses to build their family is an extremely personal decision. We’re so fortunate that we live in a time when we have some choices.
Congratulations to Jillian…I wish her a smooth adoption journey.

Jill on

CBL, the point is that even if Jillian can have a child on her own, she is chosing to not do that and have her own child through adoption.

Not sure why you are trying to twist things…either way the child IS HER OWN…..shaking my head……

B.R on

Mandy I know you are trying to be nice with what you said but just like you said that people should learn more about infertility issues and PCOS, you need to learn more about adoption. Adoptive parents such as myself and other think of children we adopt as OUR OWN. Never will you hear an adoptive parent go “this is my/our adopted child” can you imagine what that would do to your son or daughter? What emotional damage that could cause them? If you are going to think of your adoptive child as anything but your own do the world and that child a favor and don’t adopt them. Adoptive children are your child, just as if you had given birth to them, never ever do you think of them as anything but your own. Secondly the whole saving a child thing. When you start your adoption process the first thing they will tell you is that if you are doing this to save a child and not cause you want to start/add to your family, is for you not to adopt. Cause at the end of the day you are doing it for the wrong reasons. If you want to save a child, sponsor one, if you want a family adopt one. All three of my kids came to us differently, one out of Canada, one out of USA and one out of Ethiopia, and not once have I thought of any of them as anything but my own or as I am doing the world a favor by saving this child. I look at them and see parts of my heart and soul sitting around my dinner table, looking back at me. They were never and will never be saved adoptive children, they will always be nothing less then our children, parts of myself and my husband, that were always meant to come back to us. I have spoken to so many other adoptive parents and they all feel the same way. Adoption is personal, even more personal then getting pregnant and giving birth. Cause with giving birth you don’t have a choice of your child’s age, gender, health, race, when you adopt those are options and ones you have to think about long and hard before you sign your name on a paper that will allow someone else to search the world for your child. So please read more about adoption before you end up speaking to an adoptive parent that is the middle of hell trying to get their child and you end up saying something that will insult them rather them be a nice gesture you were meaning it to be. Cause trust me adoption under the best of times is stressful, it took me four years to get my son out of Ethiopia, four years of watch my son grow up and me not being able to be by his side.

Jill on

Mandy, I see nothing wrong with what you said…..and do not see you as saying that adopted children are not the child of the person adopting them. How I took your statement is that as a person Jillian may biologically be able to have her own children…..but she may not be chosing to do so. She is chosing to adopt…..which will result in her becoming a mother to her child. I agree with you that for many people it doesn’t matter if they can DELIVER there own children. Some would rather adopt.

I also see nothing wrong with using the word “save.” The reason Jillian is having a child is because she wants a family. The reason she is adopting may be because she wants to protect, rescue and save a child from a life he/she doesn’t deserve. There is nothing wrong with that. I have never heard of any adoption agency saying that is wrong. Again….the reason she wants to be a mother is because she wants a FAMILY. The reason why people adopt from these countries is to protect these children.

Jill on

“Cause with giving birth you don’t have a choice of your child’s age, gender, health, race, when you adopt those are options and ones you have to think about long and hard before you sign your name on a paper that will allow someone else to search the world for your child.”

Um…..that is fantabulous that you have been given the choice three times, but that is not the case for most people adopting. Consider yourself extremely lucky.

B.R on

Jill when you sign up with the adoption agency those are all option that you have to chose from. Canada for example with not allow you to adopt a child with TB if they come from another country but if the child is in Canada and has TB they are able to be adopted. These are standard questions that all adoptive parents get asked. If you only want to blond, blue eyed, perfectly health baby boy, you will wait longer and no agency would come up to you and ask you if you would like a black, 5 year old, girl, with a hearing problem, it’s not how adoption works. See that was my comment of why people need to read about it more. Agencies job is to find the best match for your family and what you know you can handle as a family. Not everyone can deal with have three kids that come from three different backgrounds. I know I have see families fall apart half way through adoption cause one of the parents came to a conclusion that they could deal with a child of a different race.

For the record all of my children came to us, our first son happen to have had his last foster home next to my friends house. He met his brother in Ethiopia while his father and I were working there. They came up to us holding hands, and our fist son asked if he could share half of his food and water with his brother, what else could my husband and I do other then adopt our second son? The boys chose each other as brother and us as parents. As for out daughter, she is my husbands biological child that he didn’t know about until her mother was losing her fight with cancer. So we all packed up moved to Arizona and spend the last six months becoming a family with our daughter and her birth mother. Before her mothers passing both my husband and I adopted her, this way at the time of her mom’s passing there was not going to be any questions or fights over who was going to take care of her. So you see not once did we choose our children, they choose us, and I for one would not have it any other way.

See after Jilian gets her referral based on the questions she has been asked before, she will get a picture and basic information about the child. Then she gets a choice to either to accept that child and move forward and legal adopt set child, or she can say no. If she says no, then she goes back on to the waiting list until another child matching her choices comes along. So trust adoption is much harder in so many ways then giving birth.

Jill on

I have multiple adopted relatives and friends. I am not going to get into an adoption debate. The point I was trying to make is that with adoption it isn’t as simple as getting a child with the specifications you mentioned. You don’t write it down and thats what you get…..doesn’t work like that all the time. I actually don’t know anyone who has adopted who cared what they child looked like, etc bc they just wanted a child.

IMO, since i have been involved with both, trying to get pregnant, staying pregnant, and having a baby is much harder. And that takes a major toll on a relationship.

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- You’re always telling me not to speak for others…but now you just spoke for Mandy!

jes on

Even if her reason for adoption is purely cosmetic, so what? Its her choice to adopt and you people are just a bunch of jealous haters. Sorry your stretch marks are nasty but it was your choice to pop one out so quit trying to make other people feel bad for making a different choice.

B.R on

Sorry Jill you are right I had a better look at my adoption papers, you don’t get to choose they eye colour, but race, age, and health are still on there. On my second set of adoption papers from Ethiopia I even get to choose if I want a child with all body part, if I am ok with missing finger, arm, or leg. You say you are involved in other people adoptions ask them about how they made it through their first two sets of questions, when you feel like you are shopping for a child? And secondly my original comment about it being easier to become pregnant then to adopt, read it again, it doesn’t include women with health problems. I myself can’t have bio children, and each women out there that is trying and can’t get pregnant has different reasons for it and her own hell to face. And that is something I would never say is easy.

Jill on

CBL, I have no idea what Mandy’s opinion is on the matter and have not spoke for her. I gave MY opinion on the matter. MY THOUGHTS!! My comments are to YOU and are MY thoughts. Mandy may come back on here and say she doesn’t agree with me. And that is fine and dandy. But I NEVER said, “what Mandy means is……” Everything I said is what I believe based on the comments of people. I don’t speak for others….only myself.

B.R, I have been through the adoption process. And none of us have ever felt like we were “shopping for a child.” The reason….because we didn’t care if the child was a boy or a girl, a baby or 2, those were not important things when starting a family. It didn’t seem like “shopping.” That stinks that your experience has been like that for you. It shouldn’t be like that for anyone and I am fortunate that in all of my experinces with welcoming children to our families, had no one say that….maybe it depends on the location. Being as this is a very personal matter and very debatable and everyone’s experience is different. I repect your opinion and experience but can see, ours are very different. And will leave it at that.

BS on

I still can’t believe so many people are attacking celebs who adopt or use a surrogate! I myself have no desire to give birth to my own children and it has nothing to do with “ruining my body” or anything else that has been said. I know that I will be the same loving parent whether the child was created in my body or in someone elses body. That to me seems like a calling, I should adopt. There are so many unwanted children (born and unborn) that need families to love and take care of them. I would love to see more of a trend in adopting. As for using a surrogate…some people have health problems that would put their own lives as well as their fetus at risk! Would it be so bad to have a career that doesn’t make time for child birth and recovery anyways??? Priorities are different for everybody, but it by no means changes how a child will be raised! People need to stop being so judgmental of celebs and the decisions they make. Stop trying to make everyone agree with your own beliefs and accept everyone has a little different of a perspect on things.

B.R on

Jill you may not care and neither did I but many do. Adoption agencies are filled with people wanting a blond, blue eyed, babies. Why do you think child trafficking of young babies out of developing countries is so high? Cause most people still want a child that looks just like them, they want a baby this way the child will never know it was adopted, and health is something we all want for our children. Statistics still show that health white babies under six months are still in the highest demand from adoption agencies in North America. See my husband is a doctor, I became a nurse after we married in order to help him more, and every other year we pack up our family and we live in another country that needs help, the most at that time. We were in Pakistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, USA and many more. The main reason why we go is to help put children in need through the adoption system, legal as fast as we can. Death, birth, health reports we are the ones that work on that. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone looking for a family members in order to make sure that a child is alone in this world, that they are able to be adopted, and I know what kind of information I am asked and have to fill out on the paper work for each country. The question about child, race, religion, health, and not general health either, I have to report the smallest of scars, skin discolouration, and so many other small things that truly shouldn’t matter. Did you know that missing a tip of a finger to North America is looked upon by adoption agencies and the courts as a disability. Trust me I have see the system from the other side, and see beautiful amazing kids get left behind cause the weren’t perfect enough for what the agency was look for. And why wrong gender, age, missing 5% of their hearing. Trust me at times it feels like people are shopping for children. Some people go into adoption with open hearts and mind, but you will be shocked at how many don’t. Please don’t take my word on it, have a look, read, heck google it, you will see the other sad side of adoption, and you will know why as much as I believe in adoption sometimes it just feels hopeless, and why those of us that work on the other side call it child shopping.

Jessica on

Whether or not it is true that she doesn’t want ruin her body with a pregnancy, I don’t think she is being selfish. Perhaps it is VAIN, but in no way is adopting a child who would grow up without parents, a selfish thing. Congrats to Jillian! I am sure she will make a wonderful mother.

Kate on

She will give that baby a home. Why would her being single matter? Would it be better for the child to spend his/her life in an orphanage? When people criticize single parent adoptions, they argue that kids need two parents. Do you really thing every orphan gets to be adopted? Most of them remain in orphanages. So the alternative of Jill adopting a Congolese baby is not always a couple adopting the baby. The most probable scenerio is that the child stays in the orphanage. I really admire those who choose to adopt and I hope I will be able to do so in future.

Susan Barnes on

As a Single Adoptive Mom myself, I am extremely excited for Jillian. I adopted a little girl from China back in 2003 and she is the light of my life!! I wish Jillian the best of luck and a life filled with happiness!

chelsea on

I don’t think she is selfish because she wants to adopt instead of carrying her own child. There are so many children in this world that don’t have a loving family or a safe home to live in. Why should she create her own child instead of giving a child that is already here a good home and a loving mother?

Whether her reason for adopting is because she doesn’t want to ruin her body or not is really none of our business. Plus she has worked extremely hard for her body so I can understand deciding to adopt for that reason AND because there are so many parentless children already in this world.

Bella on

Wow…im a little disheartened. Sacrifice a biological baby because you dont want to gain weight? Thats insanity.

Thats absolutely not a jab (I am all for adoption, and have an adopted sister) I just cant imagine. But whatever makes her happy, theres enough children to go around. 🙂

B.R on

Susan Barnes how hard was it for you to adopt from China? If you don’t want to answer I understand adoption much like birth is very personal. The reason for asking is that my husband, kids (all three are adopted) and I, were hoping to add a beautiful little girl from China to our family, but we have been getting mixed reports from different agencies, and families that have adopted children from China. Any information that you maybe willing to share I thank you for and wish you and your baby girl all the best things in the world


Who cares why she chose to adopt instead of get pregnant! Its HER body, a body she worked quite hard to get and one that makes a living for her as well. I will never understand why people have problems with this- its not YOUR life! Live yours and let other live theirs. Yes, I have children and no I didn’t adopt them, but whats right for me isn’t necessarily right for others. Some people can so judgmental and self-righteous! If you don’t have anything nice to say…then SHUT UP!

Mirah Riben on

SHAME on Jillian Michaels for adopting from a NON-HAGUE nation! The Haguge Convention on International Adoption has been ratified by the US at long last and unites nations that agree to adhere to some MINIMUM guidelines to protect children form being trafficked illegally for adoption. Adopting from a non compliant nation leaves the door wide open for corruption, such as adopting a child who was stolen or kidnapped or otherwise coerced from loving, caring parents who did want their child adopted.

In the Republic of the Congo, where she has chosen to adopt from, the children are not certified as orphans and until after the adoption is approved within the Congo but before the child is issued a VISA to come to the US. She may well wind up with a mESS like Madonna, and if so, my prediction is she will not win as madonna did because she hasn;t boguth this community a school etc. as Madonna did to get what she wanted.

ALSO….SHAME on Jillian Michaels for not adopting one of the more than 120,000 children here in US foster care who she could have adopted! Those who applaud her are IGNORANT of the FACT that all adoptions are not equal and all are not altruistic.

Mirah Riben, author, THE STORK MARKET: America’s Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption Industry

B.R on

Mirah Riben as much as part of me agrees with you on the whole Non-HAGUE nation part, and I truly hope she was informed by her agencies what all that means for her child, I can not agree with you on the adoption out of USA part. I just can’t. As a mother of three adoptive children, all three from different countries, I simply can’t. Yes there way to many children in USA that need good loving home, just as they do here in Canada, but children in USA and Canada eat every day, go to school, have clean drinking water, clean cloths, baths, a roof over their head and so much more. Something most children in international developing countries don’t. At the end of the day every adoptive parent is different, and it’s is not our place to judge them on what is right for their family. You say she should adopt from USA. Why? Why choose a child that has food and water over one that doesn’t? And what makes you think, you have the right to tell her what is right for her? What she can and can’t deal with, live with as a parent? People think I am harsh when it comes to adoption, cause I refuse to adopt children with great physical, and mental disabilities, cause I know with as far North as I live and spending every other year out of country I just simply couldn’t care for them as they should be taken care of, so at the end I would be hurting this child more then helping them, but you, you are 100 times worse. Tell her she should be ashamed of wanting a child out of a different country. Not your place to judge her and tell her she should be ashamed of her choice and her child. Shame on you for being so rude to her about her choice.

Oh and a friendly piece of advice. If you want to people to pay more attention to domestic adoptions, and you want to educate more people on why they should adopt from their home country, and at the end be the voice for all the kids that are in the foster care system in the USA, you may want to be A LOT NICER to people, and hell of a lot less judgmental. Cause honestly after what you wrote here, instead of recommending your book to people, I will tell as many people as I can not to read it. Cause a person as cruel as you should not be a voice of adoption or children.

PS most of us on this site are a lot more educated on adoption then you are. Since most of us have had to choose a route on how to become a parent and even if we can at a lot. So don’t call us ignorant, cause it just goes to show the world just how truly ignorant you are about the daily struggles of women around you.

Jill on

No one is required to have a child or adopt at all, so she has no obligation to adopt a foster child in the US. To think she should, only shows your ignorance. I for sure won’t be buying you book.

Jill on


Nancy on

I have just read snippets of comments here so am not responding directly to any one. I am a mother of an adopted daughter. I chose her sex and age. I would not go over a certain age and I only considered a girl. Comments here suggest that is wrong. Adoption is not the same as child birth. There are boys and girls out there of all ages and races that need homes. It is perfectly acceptable to choose the one that will best fit into your life. Being an adoptive mom is hard work eliminating as many obstacles to your relationship with your child is smart. I am so blessed that my daughter and i are such a great match. I can do all the things that i always dreamed doing with a daughter and she enjoys them as much. I think i too match the profile of what she wanted in a mom! That has really helped us through the challenging times. And I could have had a biological child but I am single and thus my preference was to adopt. Finally know it is very hard to adopt even though there are 100s of thousands of kids needing homes her even in the US. So Jillian’s choice of Congo may be because that was the best option for her.

Jnet on

I completely agree with B.R. Also, I would bet that Jillian’s agency is Hague certified even if the DR Congo is not Hague certified. Unfortunately, in Guatemala the Hague treaty has eliminated the possiblity of foster moms carrying for children until they can be brought home to their forever families… in Hague nations, children live in orphanages where they do not attach or receive the kind of individual attention that they deserve. I don’t think that being a Hague nation insures anything… Also, I don’t feel like children in the US are more deserving or entitled to a home than children abroad. Truly those abroad have fewer options. I have traveled to Guatemala several times bringing simple medicines to clinics– people live in such conditions that you could not imagine in this country. Does anyone live without access to clean water in this country? Do you see little children working in the city dump unattended collecting plastic bottles for recycling so the family can buy beans and tortillas? For whatever reason, if someone finds it in their heart to open their home and form a family, they should not be condemned. The world has lots of children in it and so many need a home. It is not a better choice or a less selfish choice to elect to build a family through adoption rather than natural childbirth. As one who has been through the fertility treatments, I can state that they are not pleasant for MORE than cosmetic reasons. If you work… if your job is not supportive of your fertility appointments (which are generally unpredictable)…. if you don’t like feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster…. if you have trouble charting, and remembering to take note of your cervical mucous everytime you go to the bathroom, and take your basal body temperature every morning before you stir too much or get out of bed…. if you object to being asked a million humiliating personal questions about your most intimate moments with your spouse…. you might find that infertility treatments are not for you. I am sure it is worth the effort if it is a success, but I don’t see how we could love a child carried in my belly any more than we love our child that is entering the family through adoption.

K.K on

Congrats to Jillian for wanting to give a child a better life!! I wish her and her new child all the happiness in the world!

cindy on

so happy for you and your new family

laura jerles on

PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY’RE LESBIONS…………..what the hell
are people thinking !!!!!!!!!!!!!