Elton John: Zachary Is the ‘Most Divine Little Thing in the World’

02/07/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

As a 63-year-old pop legend, you’d figure Elton John had seen it all. And yet he says the joy and novelty of being a first-time father to new son Zachary Jackson Levon has left him a “gibbering wreck.”

“He’s only five weeks old, just over five weeks old, but in those five weeks, you can’t imagine how much love has come out of that little boy for us, and us for him, and it’s been incredible,” the singer tells the British TV show Daybreak on ITV1.

John adds: “I knew it would be incredible, but honestly I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been so shocked. I’m like a gibbering wreck in front of him. I mean, I just sit there and make up songs and sing to him in gibberish. I’m very good at gibberish now.”

John and his partner David Furnish, 48, welcomed their son on Dec. 25, delivered via surrogate in California. The new parents are taking turns with baby care, with Furnish doing late nights and John handling early mornings.

“He’s the most divine little thing in the world,” John says. “If you don’t get in the trenches, you’re never going to know about your son, or your daughter.”

Furnish says parenthood has been a revelation for him and John. “I didn’t think after 17 years we could feel any closer to each other, but I feel like the whole experience has brought us even closer together,” he says.

John acknowledges that some think he’s too old to be a father. But he calls himself “a young 63,” and adds: I knew that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, you can’t please everybody … We can rise above that and just bring our child up in the proper way.”

— Tim Nudd

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Jennifer on

Gay OR straight, it’s selfish to bring a child into the world who, statistically-speaking, will only have a parent present in his/her life for approximately 10 years. How sad for this young boy.

Lilith'smom on

Jennifer- I disagree with you. My dad was 50 and my mom was 49 when they had me which was 23 years ago.

Micah on

Let’s ask the child when he is grown up. Ask him if he would rather not be born or have an amazing parent for their developmental years. What Elton John is doing is not selfish its selfless.

Lisa on

How do you figure that he’ll only have a parent for 10 years, Jennifer? David Furnish is just 48. I’m happy for David, Elton and their son.

Kat on

@ Jennifer, I don’t think that’s selfish – a little morbid to be planning a funeral there. No one knows how long they are put on this earth for so if he can provide this child a happy, wonderful home then good for him.

trever on

I think elton john is too old to be having a child. When his child is 10 he will be almost 75, that’s a little weird.

Holly on

It’s so hard to say what age is right for someone to have a child. You think that it would be better the younger you are, but I have heard about the parents that lose their battle with cancer at younger and younger ages (like in my son’s school), or obese parents with health problems, and leave young children with only one parent. But then there is also a biblical example that sometimes parents are older and thats God’s plan. The truth is no one knows what tomorrow brings, when it’s your time, it’s your time.

H. Slater on

Congrats Elton! Your boy sounds like a wonderful joy for you and your husband! The baby is lucky to have you! Under any kind of circumstance, it is not selfish to bring a child into a happy home (to disagree with the comment above mine). May you all be blessed forever!

The OTHER Jennifer on

Wow – that’s a bit harsh Jennifer. Why can’t those who are a bit further along in life experience the joys of parenthood, the same as everyone else? It’s selfish to take that away from them.

Anonymous on

What a silly statement to make……you have no idea idea how long he or David will live. If Elton lives to 93 (like Ernest Borgnine),that child will be 30 and have had the most amazing 30 yrs with 2 loving,talented, intelligent, well traveled Parents. How lucky can a child be? More power to them!!

showbizmom on

This is a beautiful interview. I think any parent knows the exact same feeling he and David are feeling. Makes me want another one! 🙂

It’s not selfish, like he said ‘it’s not everybody’s cup of tea,but we rise above’. With your logic Jennifer every parent is selfish because I know about three different people from High School to college that lost their parents to tragic accidents when they were young. Was it unfair for my friends mother to get in her car to go to work one night and get hit by a drunk driver? Or what about those kids I read about today who have lost parents who went on a second honeymoon and died in a boating accident. Was it their fault they wanted to have a vacation?

The point is, that nothing in life is promised, some live only hours and some live till they are 102. My husband great grandmother had her last kid at 46 and everyone in her tiny village called her crazy she lived to see some of the greatest milestones in her youngest son’s life. While my friend’s mother had her in her late 20 and only lived to see her till she was 6. It’s all about perspective.

Nirav M Dave on

May be he is divine but he is not little….

Stephanie on

I don’t see what the fuss is about Mr. John’s age. I don’t see anyone saying anything about, Rod Stewart, Larry King, Celine Dion’s husband, Mel Gibson, etc. All of these men are older. As long as they love their child, encourage him to be all that he can be, teach him right from wrong, that’s all that matters. Anyone of us could pass away tomorrow. Would that mean we shouldn’t have had children? Please stop being so negative & send words of encouragement to the new fathers. It’s very challenging to raise a child. I wish them the best.

Susan on

I am the product of older parents. My Mother is still with us at almost 90. I am 45 and didn’t know any different as a child that my parents were older. I am very happy for Elton and David that they are able to share their lives with this little boy. What a joy for them all to be a family!! Congratulations!!

W on

Not that I agree with Jennifer at all (DEFINITELY not her call to make for anyone but herself), but your situation is not directly comparable so you can’t really cite your own experience to base your argument here.
Your father is 73 and you are a fully grown 23 year old adult, who at that age could possibly be done college, working and living on your own. When Elton is 73 Zachary will be 10 years old.

Butterfly on

God bless their little family…LOVE IS LOVE!

Misty on

I don’t agree with Jennifer…..no one knows how long Elton and David will live. I do know one thing, that child will live with 2 loving, talented, intelligent and well traveled Parents. They have so much to share with him and he will learn so much. So many Parents out there don’t find the time to spend with their kids or live in abusive homes. I say live and let live and stay out of their business!

Cyndi on

Who are we to judge? No child is guranteed a parent for the length of their childhood. As long as that child is loved and cared for, that is the only thing that anyone should be concerned about! I wish them long life and much happiness!!

Helen on

I agree with Jennifer that it is selfish on so many levels to have someone purposely concieve and bring a child into this world at his age, without the benefit of both a Mother and a Father, without the stamina and everthing that it takes to raise and keep up with an infant, a toddler, a young child and a teenager. There are so many parentless children out there that he could have helped to raise.

Jessica on

I don’t care that they’re gay, I don’t care that they’re men, I don’t care about how old either of them is! This child was born out of the love they have for one another. They are a caring & committed couple. They love each other & they love this child. It shouldn’t matter their sexual orientation or age. I had children young (22 yr) and one last September. I am 38. There is no guarantee any of us have that says something won’t happen to us to take us away from our child(ren). Leave this wonderful & beautiful family alone and let them enjoy their son!

Barbara Dugan on

Blessings to all. I think John and David make marvelous parents. Your son is precious. Best Wishes to all of you. I hope others learn from your joy. I think it’s fantastic, I can’t praise you enough John and David. Congrats barbara

layla on

I’m sorry but that is so gross. Guess the poor infant isn’t breastfed either…

Rebecca on

I love all you women who think just because Elton is “rich” he’ll make a spectacular parent. It may not be selfish but it is sad, but you see to understand that you have to get out of the world of marveling at all the wonderful things Elton and David can buy their son. It’s the boy in elementary school and his Dad is the oldest man in the room. I know, money buys you all kinds of things but you have to know, kids hate being different. They hate it. He can love his child to pieces but be real, the child is going to graduate from high school without one of his fathers…only because his father couldn’t get his act together until his sixties..remember, just because Elton John doesn’t think what he did has any flaw or fault doesn’t mean logic can’t overrule. Who wants to be the kid in little league whose dad needs a walker? Be real.

Laura on

A long life and parents around to see you grow up isn’t guaranteed to anyone. My father was 25 when I was born, died at the age of 41, when I was 16.

Congratulations to Elton and David. I wish you the happiest of lives.

lima on

if the baby was a surogate, wondering who the sperm donor was? Elton or David? Can’t image they would opt for a sperm banker.

Kristen on

My dad was only 31 when I was born and died when he was 37. These men could live to be 100 for all we know. I like to think my dad would have still had me even if he knew he would only be in my life for 6 years. I think Zachary is the luckiest boy in the world to have 2 loving parents.

cheryl on

Having children myself,I can only feel the utmost joy for Sir Elton and David. I bet they are amazing,loving parents.

Meghan on

Such beautiful sentiments from a loving parent and all anyone can focus on is age. Sad.

saint on

Why is it that other men can marry trophy wife number 2 [or 3 or 4] and have a baby with her, but Elton John is too old at 63? I’ll bet he’s younger than some men having babies with super young wives. Let’s not forget the fact that you could have a baby at 25 and be hit by a bus [or cancer or a heart attack] at 30! Never know what the future will bring.

Just another opinion on

Jennifer – There are circumstances that are usually out of every parents control and that is how long they will live. My dad had me at the young age of 22 and died when he was 44. I was 19 years old. So was my dad selfish for not having me when he was 15 or 16 so I could have more years with him??? Your logic is baseless and silly. In most all cases what matters most is that the parents make sure that they take care of their health as well as make sure their child stays healthy.

If John and David wanted to be parents, it’s their decision. If they love and raise him the way he should be raised then that’s all that matters. Kudos to John and David on their son and for not subjecting themselves to what everyone else thinks is “the right age” to have kids. Good luck to them!

Maria on

Beautiful story ❤ So happy for them.

Lisa S on

Congratulations to Elton and David! What a lucky little boy to have two wonderfully loving parents.

Kristin W. on

A dear friend was killed in an accident a year ago. He was 31 years old. His son was 10 months old. Nobody really knows how long they have.

I don’t see what’s wrong with bringing a child into a home with loving parents – no matter their age. Mr. Furnish is only 48, nobody was telling Kelly Travolta she was too old to have another child at the same age.

kristen on

Actually, I agree with Jennifer. If hes still alive in 20 years, he’ll be practically senile.

isis on

My grandfather was 65 years old when my dad was born. My dad was over 30 when my grandfather died. A dear friend of mines father was 30 when they had their son, fifteen years later the father died of cancer. Life is unpredictable and assuming statistical death is not only a little cold and calculated but also sad. Hope for the best, they are loving parents taking care of their son who could at the moment be being raised by nannies.


I agree with Jennifer. Im sorry but he will be 73 with a 10yr old, 83 with a 20yr old….get the drift?It IS selfish for ANYONE! Lets face the fact that chances are pretty high that Elton is going to leave his son at a young age (which 20 is young etc etc) and his partner a single parent which is not fair to either one. Even if he lived forever his health will go downhill and he wont be able to half the stuff you should/want to do with your kids which he ends up robbing his son of that. I think it was selfish to do to his partner and son.So unfair David and Zachery. Instead he is going to be a senior citizen with a toddle running around. What an idiot!

Quinn on

Having lost my mother when I was still a child, I agree that waiting until so late in life to have children is a tad selfish. There are no certainties in life, but we’d all love our parents to be able to walk us down the isle, meet their grandchildren, etc. That said, no one comes with an expiration date, and I wish this family many happy years together.

Eileen on

Sure, good and bad parents come in all ages, but, personally, I’d rather have a parent on the older side than the 16 year old moms we so frequently see headlines about.

Gena on

None of us have a crystal ball. None of us have a promise of tomorrow. If we all didn’t have kids because things might turn out tragically, none of us would ever had kids. I say more power to them!!

EdieRose on

Jennifer I disagree with you. Where do you get that the baby will only be with the parent or parents for 10 yrs. How can you predict on how long either parent will live. Don’t try and Play God. He has two loving parents who will take care of him…What about all the grandparents who are a lot older and taking care of their grandkids who were abandoned by the parents? Give credit where credit is due.

Toni Marie on

Congratulations to Elton & David! Children are a GIFT from heaven. Your son is blessed to have you both as parents. May Zachary continue to fill your lives with love, joy, laughter, and many memories.

May God continue to bless your family in all that you do.

Josie on

If more children were so wanted and adored, we’d have a much different world.
Age isn’t even a factor.

Anni on

My grandma was 39 when she had my mom. My mom is almost 55 and my grandma is still around….

My dad was 27 when he had me. I am 23 and he is gone…

No one knows when a parent is going to go….

Kris on

To those who think it they are too old, you must not have had the honor of having the wise parents this child will have. Would it be better for this child to be born to a 13 y/o in junior high like several are these days?

Congrats to them and good luck in the future!

irwin on

Although age is a legitimate concern, I’m very sad this young boy doesn’t have a mother. Adults with medical help can create all kinds of arrangements that suit their own interests but it is always in the interest of the child to have their mother and father.

Kids conceived through artificial insemination started their own website to try and track down their biological relatives: fathers, sisters, and brothers. You can call your “arrangement” a family if you want to but biology can’t be ignored.

Read more about real families on pg. 132 at:

By the way, Elton is correct that kids are divine, and so is the fact that it takes a man and a women to create them.

ecl on

2 points: 1. Children born to same sex parents tend to turn out to be happier and more successful than those born to a man and a woman. Why? Because they are all wanted. There are no mistakes. And because those people tend to have more resources. 2. To those who think older parents shouldn’t have children: Perhaps it is the other way around. Perhaps younger people shouldn’t have children because they don’t have the resources to raise them. While we’re at it, maybe poor people shouldn’t have children… hopefully you get my sarcasm and my drift. Who is to say who should and shouldn’t have children? Watch out! It might be you being attacked next time!

jessicad on

Well the divine force that brought them their son obviously didn’t have a problem with their age, sexual orientation, or anything else you guys can come up with to be so hateful about. If you believe in God and believe children are a gift, what’s your problem here because God obviously didn’t have one.

Liz on

It sickens me to the core that this precious little baby wasn’t able to bond with his birth mother. There is something very special and unique between a mother and her child, and he was robbed of it.

Diane on

Too Old?….i am 57 and my husband is 60..we have a 3 and a half year old AND a 16 year old….tell me we are old..our son keeps us young and my daughter..well..she may put me in my grave..she is the troubled one…..and we have grandkids to boot…so…age is only a number

Heidi Lee Turcotte on

I think it’s wonderful!! No matter what age we are if we have the time,love and energy to give to a child… nurturing and guidance so be it. It’s a blessing for child and parents.

Margie on

Ok, What if the child dies…Everyone is saying Elton, David are old.

At least he is wanted…not killed because he/she cried too much.
Left in a car to go gamble in hot weather.
Shaken so hard that the child is brain damage.
Left in bathtub to go finish playing a game on internet and drowns.
Has been sexual abuse and damage is severe..A baby!

Think folks…..

Trudy on

I don’t think this is right! I feel sorry for that poor child! He is going to think that having 2 men raise him is right and it is not right! He should have thought twice about wanting to adopt any baby from anywhere! It is just wrong! Poor child is goint to be ridiculed and he is too old to be raising a child, let alone with a man!

Iara Brasil on

I want to hear the song that this baby is going to inspire Elton

Melissa on

Wow so much negativity. I sure this child will be loved and how dare people say such negative things. And for those who think it’s sad that the child will be without a mother, no one said that they aren’t allowing or welcoming the surrogate mother (or another female figure) into their son’s life. Even though it’s rarely talked about, this can happen.

@Trudy-Who are you to judge? Times change and at least this child will be loved and hopefully less judgmental than others. Every child goes through ridicule no matter if they have one parent two moms, being raised by a grandparent, etc…If you don’t think it’s right, then don’t read it.Numerous studies have shown that children of same-sex couples are just as adjusted if not more adjusted than children raised by a mother and father. You know, there used to be stereotypes (there still are) about children being raised by single mothers and how wrong it was. Times change. Stop being so judgmental for all the wrong reasons.

Kim on

Gosh you women are killing me – Jennifer has her opinion and she’s valid in many respects. I’d hate to be in sixth grade and have my dad be the only guy in his seventies..of course, you all are thinking of this from your point of view..the idiots who say well my dad had me when he was 33 and he died when he was 37 does that mean?? blah blah blah – no it means (from the kid’s point of view) that when the kid is 12 and performing at school, his dad will be the oldest dude in the room. The other kids will notice the difference and probably will make fun of him..loving parents are great but we are talking about the kid and his life and his friends and his movement in society. And yes, people were telling Mrs. John Travolta she was too old and HEY, just for the record – the chick who says same-sex parents raise happier and more successful kids, LOL I got about 200 pages of statistics that tell you that you are way off base. You my dear put too much emphasis on money – money does not make a happy family – but you are a woman though, and its pretty typical.

Cecelia on

Trudy, since when were you elected the judge of what is right and what is wrong?

That little boy has two loving parents that will give him all the support and encouragement to grow into a wonderful man. What’s wrong with that? As for ridicule Zachary may experience in his life, I’m sure he’ll grow to be confident enough to not let ignorant opinions from people like you affect him.

Also, Liz, do you hold that opinion for all surrogates and children adopted or is it just in this situation? What’s important is the bond between parent and child. Women are not superior child-rearing beings just because they are in fact female.

D. Burnett on

Elton & David: One’s child/chldren don’t care how old their parent(s) are, and/or if we happen to have 8 legs, two heads, etc. The ONLY two things that our child/ren want(& need), is our LOVE & DEVOTION…24/7. Stop giving a crap what some in our society think/feel toward you both, negatively. At 55 yrs. old, it’s my greatest wish in this world, before I die, that ALL children can/will be born wanted. I don’t give a rat’s a$$ HOW a child is conceived…as long as he/she is WANTED, loved, & cared about. David & Elton, I so would like to see the both of you have more children…if circumstance(or fate) doesn’t allow this to occur, @ least, as the mother of two teens, I feel appreciation & comfort in the fact that you are raising a child who is/will be, such a wondrous gift to our world. Donna

D. Burnett on

By the way, REBECCA….ANY parent can end-up HAVING to use a walker….age doesn’t discriminate. A 2 yr. old child’s parent can (God forbid) suffer a stroke, survive a car accident, etc. One’s child/ren DON’T care. Now, upon reading the previous comments here as I have…it’s a comfort to me that MORE of us than not, support ANY child, being born wanted, loved, cared about, etc. To those of you who make it obvious that you get off on trashing Elton & David…….I SO hope, you’re not parents, and/or don’t plan on breeding.

Rebecca on

I was adopted, and I will tell you as an adopted person that no matter how much “love” and giddy feelings the two men have as adopted parents, they have cheated this child out of having a mother.
There is a reason why children are born into a family with a mother and father, and no gay man can be what a mother can be to a child.
I’m also a mother so I understand both sides.
Not every mother should be a mother – not every person should be a parent, however a child deserves to have a mother and father as their parents…it’s just not fair to the child, and the child WILL have deep issues because of this…

Amy Carmona on

I agree with Iara — I keep thinking of “Blessed” and how that fits. Anyway, I agree that age, orientation, etc. are not the most important thing. I am sure they have a “back-up plan” as well. There are so many grandparents raising the children that are not cared for by their own parents for any number of reasons, so it’s not that unusual to have older parents.

What I feel is most important of all is the love these two committed partners have to share with a child, regardless of what logistics helped this happen. I wish them all the best.

kim on

i’m dying to see pix of this little one!


I think you’re all, well most of you anyway, are missing the most important point. This baby was conceived out of love and will be raised that way and that is what’s important. Leave your own mommy/daddy issues out of it.

sullyjo on

Wow, you guys…an article on how great a baby is turned into this massive debate on gender raising issues and age issues. Shouldn’t we as a human beings just be happy for others? I don’t see anyone with two moms or dads commenting saying how they were robbed of the other gender….a guy just spoke in front of congress, an educated, well-spoken and LOVED man who was raised by two women…

this life is not guaranteed, I’m sorry that’s the way it is. My cousin died at 27, leaving a one and a half year old. Yes, money doesn’t buy you happiness or long life but Elton has access to the best doctors, exercise equiptment, etc….is he an older parent? yes and in a way i see what ppl are saying but he seems like he’s going to be loved regardless…not abused, not neglected but loved and isn’t that why most of us have a child?

I am personally happy for them.

Deborah G on

What does age really have to do with it. I lost my Mom at 37 when I was 9 years old and my Dad at 49 when I was 24. And I am now 57…..Congrats to David and Elton. Enjoy!

Tina on

As a child of an older parent, I do find it sad that while yes my dad is still around and I love him dearly, one should not have to go through the trials that I have had to so young. Yes I know that parents can get sick at any age, but his health problems are the problems of older people and in my teens I should not have had to go through that. I love my father with all of my heart and would not trade him for the world. My point is just saying that it is harder on the kids, and I can’t even count the number of times that nurses have thought I was his granddaughter or how many people have told me that I am to young to have to deal with all of this. Trust me it matters what age you have children. It cuts your childhood short and makes you grow up to fast. Ok I’m done!

JennyM on

People die at any age. A woman (or man) could have a child at 21 and die in an accident or from disease at 31. I guess that would make EVERYONE that chooses to have a child selfish because we “might die” before our child reaches adulthood? Besides it is quality not quantity. A WONDERFUL, engaged parent for 20 years is better than a “not so engaged” one for 50. All that matters is that the baby is loved and well taken care of (and I don’t mean monetarily). Best of luck to Elton, David and baby Zachary!

Jill on

I don’t understand that logic……here is why…when a child is adopted they are not bonding with one or both of their birth parents. One a child is adopted by a single parent, I read very few comments about how wrong it is for he/she to do this alone. How is it any different? For example, their child has two parents and Sheryl Crow has adopted and her children don not know their birth parents and don’t have a father. Is a fathers relationship not as important? I am assuming Sheyl’s situation also makes you sick!

IMO, as long as a child has a loving home, it doesn’t matter what gender the parents are….

GH on


j on

Yay for this couple and the family they’ve created. People need to get off their high horse, if you feel it’s immoral thats your right,yes we have free speach in this country but please in this case why do you want to poo-poo on a great story about these two ppl have a child that is loved & adored as well as well cared for by both dads and I’m sure their nanny. Does not matter if your young or old, we can all die today or tomorrow from disease or accident.

Gabe on

I don’t get the comparison. Choosing to have a child at 63 knowing your time may be limited is very different to dying unexpectedly once you already have a child.

CAB on

I try to never post on here with a negative comment about other people’s comments, but I would like to know where God was handing out the guarantee cards on how long everyone will live? My very dear friend died at 37 years old from a heart attack, she left behind a 10 year old and 6 year old…There are no promises for a long life, that’s why we need to live our lives to the fullest and be happy. God Bless this beautiful family.

Hea on

We can all be dead tomorrow so all that matters is LOVE.

Melissa on

@ Kim, Why am I a chick? Just wondering why you would use that word. I stated that research has shown that children of same-sex parents as adjusted as those with a mother and a father. I didn’t say anything about happiness I would love to see the sources and links for those 200 pages of research that show that children of same-sex parents are less happy or successful and hopefully it is not one of those religious sources that haven’t actually done any research. And I said nothing about money so maybe it’s you being the typical woman and thinking about money before seeing that this child has 2 loving parents.

JAE on

Give it a rest people, it’s getting old! This is the same topic that is brought up EVERY TIME there’s an article about Elton John on here.

mypiecesandbits on

Thank you very much Jennifer for turning a beautiful article into a heated debate of negativity.
I am incredibly happy for John and David. This article made me smile. Their son is obviously cherished and loved greatly. I wish nothing but the best for their family.

Meghan on

While I read Elton’s beautiful thoughts about his new son, my heart literally warmed up…and then I got to the comments section. You people really can suck the joy out of everything, can’t you?

JM on

eurgh people like Kim and Trudy are the problems in society not same-sex parents.
just think, if people like you weren’t so narrow-minded then you wouldn’t have to worry about kids being bullied for having same-sex parents. children learn things like homophobia and racism as home, just as they learn tolerance at home. maybe think about that and then wonder whether you should be so quick to judge.

oh, and btw there have been countless studies that show that children from same-sex families are just as well adjusted and achieve just as well academically and have just as good social skills…

Elton Fan on

I just find it odd how ELTON himself said several years ago that he was way too old to have a child. He also said he was too selfish, had a crazy, jet-setting lifestyle, and was too set in his ways to change. He hasn’t led a particularly healthy life either, though he has been sober for a while now. He seemed to imply it was David who wanted a child. However, he said he was perfectly content with his godchildren and didn’t need to have a child.

Did Elton magically get younger years after he said that and quit his selfish, diva ways? It seems to me that he was set on getting the Ukrainian boy, was told “no,” which is something he is not used to hearing especially in such a public way, and set out get a kid to make up for that blow to his ego.

I wish Zachary the best and that Elton enjoys a long life. He will be in his 70s when Zachary is yet to finish elementary school. I also hope his mind and health don’t deteriorate and that he adopts a healthier lifestyle and diet.

Anne on

How can people be so full of hate and negativity when a new family is full of love and joy? Yes, this little boy has two fathers. Two fathers giving him all he needs. He’ll have female influence enough in his life, rest assured.
And about the age thing – yes, Elton may be a little old, but consider this: He waited to become a father until he was wise and well-balanced enough to care for a child. Selfish? Hardly.

Sky on

Holy crap I hope you’re kidding Liz. Why would he “bond” with someone that will have no place in his life? This is clearly just an issue of homophobia and not an issue of mother/child bonding. Would you say this same thing when a single dad has to raise the baby because his wife died in childbirth? Would that “sicken you”? Doubt it. And children who are left abandoned at birth by their “mothers” and taken in by their uncle/grandfather to be loved. How horrifying!

Sky on

Anne- you make a very valid point. I think having a child at 15 years old is way worse than at 60. Some people would argue that there are very responsible 15 year old parents and that’s fine…there are also some really great 60 year old parents.

Meghan on

Eltonfan, Perhaps meeting that Ukranian boy awoke something in him that he didn’t even realize was there. For example, my sister in law never wanted children, until her brother became a father. Spending time with her niece caused the desire to be parent to develop and she and my brother are trying to conceive now. A year ago, I would have been shocked if I heard she wanted a child, because she was so set on not being a mom. Life’s funny that way.

Anna on

Dying young and leaving your child parentless is not a choice, but Elton John is already old and he has made the decision for his child to loose his father at a young age (20 is also a young age) deliberately.

Really on

Really people? Honestly, if someone is gay it doesn’t make them any less of a parent or person. I hate close-minded people who can’t see outside of their little bubbles of “marriage should be between a man and a woman” and all that crap. I respect your right to express your opinion and your right to religion, I really do, but honestly what’s the point of expressing hate and disgust? You think you’ll change someone’s mind, or influence their opinion? I think not, and I know I’m probably not influencing yours, but I think it is just ridiculous that these two people cannot express their love for their little baby without outrageously hateful comments from every side.

Jessica on

I like how the main criticism here is that Elton is going to be old as heck when Zachary is growing up. Oh, no…. maybe kids will make fun of Zachary. THIS IS LIFE. I remember high school – it sucked. Not because my dad was old… because kids can be mean as hell!

If we are going to worry having dad in a walker at his elementary school graduation will make Zachary un-cool, I think we’re missing the dragon in the room. HE HAS TWO GAY PARENTS. Having one of them be 63 at his birth is the least of his worries with regards to kids making fun of him. Come on people.

By the way, my dad was 60 when I was born. In elementary school, middle school, and high school… yeah, my dad was actually older than most of my friends’ grandparents. Yeah, people noticed, made fun, made those comments kids make. It was the LEAST of my social worries growing up!

Dad still rides his bike, walks his dogs, golfs, and chases women too young for him every day. He’s more active than I am! I am nearly 25 years old, and after two bouts with cancer and the onset of palsy, dad is still trucking along great! He still manages his own investments… he’s not decrepit or senile.

And you know what? I would bet Elton has more money than my dad and can afford better care if any issues arise! You think he hasn’t stopped and thought “What if I die when he’s young?” Do you think he hasn’t set up the absolute best care money can buy for that child and David just in case?

With that said, KUDOS to Elton and David (and Zachary). Elton will appreciate every moment he has with his son. He is grateful for him every day. That is rare. Most people I know with new kids always throw around “Well, I don’t regret having him, BUT….”

The child is growing up in a loving, very capable home. He will have excellent medical care, excellent education, and excellent and accepting parents.

Zachary is LUCKY. You guys need to get over judging others and supporting the crap you spout with logical fallacies. He’s too old, two men making house is against God, takes a man and a WOman to make a baby, whatever. He has a loving home and will never want for anything. His parents will be loving and accepting of him and support whatever he wants to do with his life. He will never be hungry or cold. Many children in the world are not so lucky.