Zac Brown Welcomes Daughter Joni Mason

02/03/2011 at 01:30 PM ET
Mark Sullivan/WireImage

It’s a fourth baby girl for Zac Brown and his wife Shelly.

Daughter Joni Mason Brown was born at home on Wednesday morning, Feb. 2 outside of Atlanta, Georgia, the country crooner, 32, announced via his Web site. She weighed in at 7 lbs., 14 oz.

Joni joins her three older sisters Justice, 4, Lucy, 2½, and Georgia Sloan, 16 months.

“We’re just gonna keep on going until we get a boy,” Brown, who is one of 12 children himself, recently told The Boot.

“If that’s 13, then I doubt I’m gonna be able to pull that off, but we’ll see.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Kelly on

Dude…give it a rest.

Megan on

I absolutely adore Zac Brown! He seems to have such a nurturing side to him and I bet he is a wonderful father. I love the names he and his wife choose for their girls and when they FINALLY get that boy, I am sure his name with go right along with all of his big sisters!

Congrats to you Zac, Shelly, Justice, Lucy, & Georgia.

Tina on

Love him!! Congrats!!!

Louise on

Before the slamming starts… I would have kept going until I got a daughter, so I know how he feels.

Julianna on

I love the names!!

I hope Mama has some help or is very laid back, because that’s a lot of little ones under 5!

Erika on

Wow! That must be SO much fun! 4 girls is my dream family! I don’t think that a family must have a boy to be complete, though I would do anything for a little girl!

~ on

I’m sure he loves his little girls, but it just bothers me, when any man, says they’ll “keep going until they get a boy.” Bringing children into the world is very exhausting for a woman. It makes him sound like he has no respect for that, that his wife is some baby-machine.

Mallori on

That’s my mom’s (first) name!!

Ryan on

I hate that quote. Hate it. Peeves me beyond words to hear a MAN saying that. It’s not HIS body. I agree with the previous poster…she’s not a flippin’ baby making machine.

soph on

This dude is SO selfish. Like someone said, his wife is not a baby machine. What is it with these country singers? Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Keith Urban, etc. all have multiple girls and it’s just obvious to the world that they wanted boys.

Kewky on

@ Soph Keith Urban has 2 girls! Not 4 or even 3, 2!

I also don’t like his quote but I’ll look past that to congratulate him, his wife and his daughters! Welcome to the world Joni!

Lena on

Ladies, In this day and age no one can force a woman to have babies if she doesn’t want to. There are many ways to avoid pregnancy if one so chooses. I’m sure this couple talked about it before they got married and both of them want a lot of kids. I doubt this guy is forcing his wife to procreate and be “a baby machine” against her will. It’s pretty hard to make a strong woman do something she doesn’t want to do!

Kristi on

He said “We’re just gonna keep on going until we get a boy”…maybe his wife really wants a boy too. I don’t understand why what he said is interpreted into him thinking of his wife as a baby making machine. Who knows maybe he is fine with his 4 girls and she really wants to keep going until they have a boy.


Katie on

why’s everyone so annoyed at him for wanting a boy,but it’s OK for the women who’ve posted on here to say they would’ve done anything for a girl?! double standards I think!

Melissa on

Before you judge, you might want to consider the fact that his wife is a willing participant in the quest for a boy. She might, and probably does, feel the same way as Zach, it’s life and their family to expand as they please.

stop judging and just say congrats to their newest addition.

Katie on

Totally agree with Kristi – lots of women want boys…I know I did

Gianna on

Way to make your girls feel like crap Zac! I know I would be superbummed if my father ever said that! What a loser. I hope you can see the beauty that your daughters bring you instead of acting as though the son is the prize. You have nothing celebratory to say about your darling daughter’s birth and just focus on getting another kid for what’s between his legs. I hope you only have more girls so you can see what a blessing they are in themselves.

Ryan on

Ok, here’s the thing…I don’t think there is anything wrong with couples wanting one of each child but I DO think there has always been a little sexism involved with men wanting son’s over daughters. It’s just based in culture and world history. Son’s were always revered over daughters. Daughter’s were often looked at as burdensome loads that needed to be sold off to the highest bidding bachelor. It bugs me because of how history has shown us daughters were less welcome then sons. A man has always “needed” a son to “pass on his name” or to have as “his heir” to his monetary assets and all of this nonsense. That is why I get upset over it. Just from looking at history and our past.

BUT…That said…I do believe it is just possible for couples just wanting one of each because of the experience of having one of each and how different it would be. But, I dislike when a man goes on and on about his wife needing to pop out kids until he gets a boy to name after himself like it’s 1805.

*end rant*

Sorry! I had to!

Congrats to them on their 4th baby girl!

soph on

Kewki – Keith Urban was a bad example, but my point still stands.

Tina on

So if he had 4 boys and said that they were not stopping until they got a girl would he still be so horrible. He never ever said that he doesn’t love his kids and that he wishes any of them were boys, he simple said that they also want a boy. He could want 10 girls first who knows! You people need to grow up and not judge so harshly for 1 little statement.

Cathryn on

What a loser! Be thankful to have a baby!

Megan on

I have to agree with Kristi, Katie, & Melissa. I have a close friend and she has been blessed with 6 beautiful boys, she is currently pregnant with her 7th boy; and she vows that she will keep trying until she gets a little girl. There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience the joys of raising both a boy and a girl; and if you can afford then keep on making babies! Congrats Zac, Shelly, Justice, Lucy, & Georgia.

Gianna on

And for those who think that this feeling is inevitable just look at Matt Damon – he spells class. He recently had a daughter bringing their total to 4 and he spoke about with her with such pride and joy. And plus he said they’re done and they’re not going to keep going until they get a boy.

And don’t tell me its the same for boys and girls. Do you see Victoria Beckham going on about how she’s not going to stop until that baby girl comes along? She expresses her wish and then reiterates by saying how much she loves her boys and that all that really matters is that the baby is healthy.

Crystal on

I see NOTHING wrong with wanting to keep trying until they get a boy. I’m sure he isn’t FORCING her to keep getting pregnant. They probably both want a son and it’s their prerogative and right to do that. I BADLY want a daughter and I would keep trying until I got one. My friend has three girls and she and her husband have decided to have one more in the hopes they have a son. I think it’s perfectly natural to want both sexes. He’s one of 12 so he knows the drill. If they can afford it and mama’s okay with it then more power to them. You guys really need to lay off.

Ryan on

I agree 100% with Gianna. Well said.

Vicki on

I think what gets people is his new child is born and he says I wish this was a boy. It is ok to me to want a child of one gender over another, I personally preferred girls, but its not ok to make that child feel less valued. I also don’t think it should be continually talked about. I don’t know who this Zac Brown even is, but the blatant disregard for his daughters’ feelings is what offends some of us.

I imagine it rubs some of us more than if the situation had been reversed because girls have traditionally been the ones subject to being devalued.

Nancy on

I know someone who is pregnant with her 5th and always made it no secret that she wanted a girl. What happens if someone tells her boys later that she really wanted a girl. I will say the same thing to Zac Brown as I would say to her: if you want a certain gender, then adopt!

abbi on

he very well could have expressed how much he loves his girls right before or after his comment about trying for a son – that part of the quote could have been cut out – we have no clue. i have read before that they want a large family – he’s number 11 out of 12 so he’s used to that much chaos. on the flip side, matt damon could have said that he really wanted a boy, but having another healthy girl is fine by him – but that was never published. we are only privy to the information the media gives us – unless of course we’ve had conversations with these celebrities ourselves. and to the point of the story, my best friend is from a family of four girls – they are as close as sisters can be – super sweet! congrats to the brown family!!

soph on

Adoption isn’t in the cards for those country boys…

cecily on

Ugh. He sounds like a douche.

Ryan on

There is no guarantee to having one gender over the other unless you use science to help you or adopt.

I like the method of marking out a specific NUMBER of children you are willing to have and letting it just be what it is. My mom always said she only wanted TWO kids and didn’t care if she had two of the same sex or not…that once she had her two kids, regardless, she was done.

I know couples that have done this. They will say, 3 is the max, no matter what! And I think that is the way to do it. If you were meant to have a boy/girl and you already had 2 of the same and had another of the same…then you could look at it as God/fate giving you what you were MEANT to have.

Overpopulation people!!! I like the Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O’Connell method. One kid for each parent as a means to only leave behind one carbon footprint per parent. Smart thinking.

Romy on

why not just do sperm sorting if it’s THAT important then?

Molly on

I don’t have a personal problem with parents wishing for a child of a specific sex, but like someone above mentioned a friend who was currently pregnant with her 7th son, with no intentions of stopping procreating until she has a daughter, and that’s what I find careless. Why are people so willing to contribute to the overpopulation of the planet because they have a personal quest to achieve some sort of ideal family? I dont particularly care if you can afford each and every one of your children financially. How in the world do you spend quality one on one time with all of your kids when they outnumber the parents 4 to 1?

TD on

OMG seriously people. Have you seen the man in interviews he is FUNNY and light hearted. I read his comment to be the same, Light hearted. You know that after their 3rd was a girl people are asking “are you gonna go for that boy or what?” God knows I heard that a thousand times after I had our 2nd daughter. I am sure that is where his comment is coming from. He comes from a big family and I would bet this was something that was spoken about between he and his wife well before their first was born. Besides he is doing well for himself let him bring 10 more kids into the world at least he isn’t like the welfare leaches who just procreate to get a check.

CONGRATS ZAC! You are awesome =)

Erika on

I do agree with the person who mentioned sperm sorting. Not necessarily in this case, because they may want a big family, but for people who don’t want a big family, yet desire one sex. I mean, the cost of sperm sorting will probably be less than raising a few extra kids in the long run. Like I said, they may want a big family, but some people who I know, don’t and just keep going anyway. I personally don’t see anything wrong with sex selection if the family can afford it. And Megan, I hope your friend gets her little girl really soon! It must be heartbreaking to want a baby girl or boy so bad, and not be able to have him/her. As I said before, I already have a strong desire for a daughter (and I’m not even married yet. But I’ve known since I was 3 that I needed to have a GIRL! 🙂 )

Tee on

You know, his wife probably wants a large family too! I seriously doubt that she’s not a willing participant in the size of their family. Seriously, I laugh at the things people read into interviews!

I love the fact that they had a homebirth! Congratulations on baby Joni!

Sky on

I wouldn’t care if he said he wanted ALL boys. His life is just that, HIS! He’s allowed to want certain things. Just because you don’t see his POV, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Get over it.

dsfg on

I don’t see what the big deal is . . . I always wanted one of each, and if I ended up with 4 boys and then a girl, or four girls and then a boy, it wouldn’t have mattered . . . I still would have kept trying for what I didn’t have. I never had a gender preference, I just always wanted at least one of each so I could experience both.

Just because someone has four girls and wants to keep trying for a boy doesn’t mean they are sexist and value male babies over females . . . if he had had four boys he may well just as likely have kept trying for a girl.

LisaS on

What a bunch of bullcr*p some of you are spewing. The wish for girls over boys by the women on here are expressed on this site 90% of the time, and the rest of us who desire boys lay off on you about what is, after all, a personal preference. A man comes along and says the same thing we see daily on here but in reverse, and out comes the long drawn-out speeches about inequality in history, sexism in this day and age, blah, blah, blah.

Here’s a thought: can it be he just wants a boy like YOU want a girl? No earth-shaking, life-changing reasons. And all the mile-long essays you can come up with justifying why you want a girl over a boy does not make your reasons any more valid than someone else’s, nor does it hide the fact that you’re still basically saying you prefer one sex over another. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes you just want a girl. Same thing goes for people who want a boy. I know I do. Doesn’t mean I’d love my girls any less than I’d love a boy, and I don’t see Zac saying that about his girls either. Maybe that’s how you feel in regards to your own situation but he probably doesn’t. Stop projecting your own insecurities and feelings onto a complete stranger.

Crimpe on

I’m hoping he was just joking around. He probably gets a lot of flak for having four kids so close together, all girls. I have four kids really close in age, and I would get tired of the comments, so I would come up with obnoxious comebacks, like “We’re gonna keep going until we get a good one” or “I’m still trying to have one that looks like me” (my husband and I are different ethnicities), or “We’re hoping the next one will be better than these” etc.

As for overpopulation comments, I’m immune to that sting, since the very first time I took my first baby out in public some jerk walked by and yelled, “The world’s overpopulated!”

Sarah on

I find it hilarious that Zac is being attacked for him saying he is going until he gets a boy, but Victoria Beckham is expecting her fourth and everyone is saying she is probably trying for a girl! So it is ok for a women to want a daughter, but not for a man to want a son?

Congratulations to Zac and his wife, I’m sure Joni is a beautiful baby !

Liza on

I love the name Joni! It’s my mom’s name, and I loooove Joni Mitchell. Great name.

Nella on

Congrats! I totally agree with Gianna! This quote rubs me the wrong way and the reason for it being is that he said it right after he announced his daughter’s birth. It makes her birth not important as their need to have a son which shouldn’t be the case right after you had a child. I get the fact that they want a boy and that’s okay,but he just shouldn’t have said it like that and right after his daughter’s birth. It just sounds very old fashioned to me, to be saying something like that as if he’s disappointed that he has another healthy daughter.

Indira on

“WE’RE just gonna keep on going until we get a boy,”

Collaborative effort.

Mira on

If you have four kids of one gender, you’re allowed to want one from the other. Plus, it seems like they’ve been planning a big family anyway. Come on, people!

Welcome to the world, Joni. Cool name. Poor Justice got stuck with the silliest name in the sister bunch.

Carly on

Congrats to them on the new addition!
After losing our first baby at 11 weeks pregnant all I hoped for was a healthy child, boy or girl. We since have had 2 girls and are done.

I think all that really matters is the baby is healthy.

Alot of people asked us after having our girls (dont you want to try for a boy?) No a boy would have been nice too but the important thing is the health of the mother and baby.

SH on

a lot of people need to take the stick out. he was probably JOKING. you know, SARCASM. jeez…

Molly on

There is a difference between a man saying “we’re going to keep going until we have a boy/girl” and a woman saying “we’re going to keep going until we get boy/girl.”

The difference is that the WOMAN is the one pregnant for 9+ months, giving birth, nursing etc.–it’s her body, so yeah, it’s usually easier for men to make this statement than women.

Granted, Zac’s wife can be of the same mindset as him and that’s fine. BBut for those of you saying it’s a double standard to attack guys for saying this when women say it all the time–it’s not.

Personally, I think the way Mark Wahlberg handles it is great- he says that he’d love to have many more kids but ultimately it’s up to his wife, because it’s her body, not his.

Kelly on

I don’t know. I see people getting blasted all the time on here for “hoping” for a girl…

annie on

he did say “we’re” going to keep trying………..

And adoption IS in the cards for country boys. We are Alabama born and raised and we have adopted all of our kids (infertility) and we have a UNBELIVEABLY HUGE adoption group of all races (parents included!) here in Alabama, and Missisippi and all throughout the south!

Lilith'smom on

My DH wants a boy. I really have never cared what I get. I know that I just want 3 kids!

Amanda on

Wow, I see where men think women are so b*tchy just by reading these comments! It’s no wonder they want boys! LOL
All of those complaining have obviously never seen the man talk, I’m sure he was partly joking. When people ask me when we’re going to stop having kids I often say “When we get an ugly one” just to shut them up because it’s none of their business, doesn’t mean I’ll think my last child is ugly. He has an obvious answer since he has all girls, for all you know the interviewer could have posed the question in a certain way. Not to mention I’m sure if his wife didn’t want anymore kids she’d tell her husband AND they have plenty of money to do sperm sorting if it really is that important to them to get a son. Kind of shows that they are fine with having a bunch of kids and having a boy isn’t that important right now.

Taylor on

I LOVE Zac Brown! I would love a big family too, who cares about a carbon footprint? Seriously, that’s not going to affect the world tomorrow because Zac Brown has more than two kids. He can afford it and they both want a big family!

If Zac had all boys and said they were going to keep going until they got a girl, people would say how cute it was that he wants a Daddy’s Girl! There’s nothing wrong with wanting children of both genders!

Anyway, congratulations to one of my favorite artists and his wife! I’m sure Joni’s beautiful like her sisters!

Jordyn on

I cant help but picture this little girl getting a little bit older, googling her name for fun, and maybe stumbling upon this page and birth announcement. Instead of seeing her daddy gush about how much he and mommy love her and how precious she is, shes going to see that she was just born and they were expressing want for a boy instead. That would hurt, and if she did have a brother by then, she might resent him and think he was what her parents wanted, not her.

Nelle on

Surely some of these celebrities can afford to use scientific means to choose the gender of their baby?

shalay on

Dear God, people, get a grip. I love how you all take every celebrity statement so literally, that you begin name calling with words like “douche” and “loser”. I wish people were better equipped to understand sarcasm and humor.

Anne on

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a farm family where the old-fashioned notion of having a son to take over when the parents retire is still pretty valid, but I don’t get the issue. My parents had two girls first and had every intention of trying for a son. Had my younger brother (who failed in his earthly mission, btw, being a communications guru) been a girl, my mom and dad AGREED that they would have one more. Granted, Mom was adamant they stop at 4, but I’ve never felt less loved or important because my parents wanted a son after I came along.

Erica on

This guy is blessed with a fourth healthy baby and all he can say is that they’ll “keep trying?” As if they failed the first four times? That’s garbage. I’m sorry, but that attitude from anyone is obnoxious considering how many people would love to have even one child. So ungrateful.

Gianna on

I agree with what Jordyn said. Just imagine if I was that girl…I would be devastated.

Macy on

So he finally gets to have a son!! Oh wait…

Rachel on

Congrats to them. I have a 4 month old boy and if I have a second child, I would love a girl, but if GOD gives me another boy, I will be just as happy. I struggled to have child, so just being able to have them, I am truly blessed!

Heather on

I don’t understand why people get so upset with the wishes and desires of other people’s families. Sorry ladies, but some people have a desire of a particular gender. It seems to be okay for women to want girls, but a man mentions he wants a boy and watch out. I remember the comments about Jamie Oliver, good grief. That is between him and his wife.

I personally have two boys and a baby girl. And yes, when we had that third I was really hoping for pink!!

coco on

wow congrats because not only was she born on my birthday but she is one of four girls! what a blessing for zac and his family.

I only have one child, a daughter, and the joy is immeasurable. I have always wanted a house full of daughters since I was the only girl growing up. Lucky them

Erika on

Nella- He didn’t just announce it after his daughter’s birth. He said it in October, when asked about the sex of the baby. It doesn’t really have to do with her birth, as it was said about 4 months ago, so I’m not really sure why it’s on here.

Alice on

I want to criticise him for seemingly minimising the importance of his daughter like “oh, girl, never mind we’ll make another one”.
… but I know I’ll have as many kids as it takes until I have a daughter so I get where he’s coming from!

Congratulations to all!

CelebBabyLover on

Nelle- Not everyone feels comfortable with gender selection.

Amanda- I think you said it best of all!

Ryan- I prefer that method, too. That’s what my parents did. They agreed that they would have two kids and then be done…regardless of the genders.

Molly- “Personally, I think the way Mark Wahlberg handles it is great- he says that he’d love to have many more kids but ultimately it’s up to his wife, because it’s her body, not his.” I agree, I think that’s a great way to handle it. I’ve seen Taye Diggs make similar comments as well…that whether or not he and Idina have another baby is ultimately up to Idina….and I admire him for that!

Also, I don’t get the comments saying Zac made his comment about wanting a boy right after Joni’s birth….because he didn’t! The article states: “We’re just gonna keep on going until we get a boy,” Brown, who is one of 12 children himself, recently told The Boot.

There’s a big difference between “recently” and “immeditely after announcing the birth!”. Anyway, congrats to Zac and his wife!

LQ on

Ew. He seems kinda gross – very male chauvinist. I feel bad for his wife. Not to mention all the daughters he apparently wishes were boys.

Taylor on

Some of you are absolutely ridiculous. When a mother talks about her desire for a daughter, she’s met with approval and best wishes. When a father desires a son, he gets slammed.

How is it sexist for a man to want a son but the same doesn’t hold true when a woman wants a daughter?

Hypocritical, much?

Etsy on

Posters seem to forget that interviews ARE EDITED! I am guessing that Zac’s wife has some say in whether she has more babies! She probably would love to have a boy too- it doesn’t make their girls any less important! Congratulations!

Ryan on

If it was said in a joking, sarcastic sense and his wife truly wants a HUGE family then there is nothing really wrong with it.

I PERSONALLY (and I say this because I am stating my “personal” opinion and not to offend anyone who disagrees) think that ginormous families are a little out of control. I know a few couples with 6-7 kids and it is mayhem. No one seems happy, the children aren’t all given attention and the parents are always miserable. So, I don’t really get it. I think a family of 2 or 3 is perfection. But, that’s just me. I guess if you have the means and finances to afford a large family then it’s fine.

I really don’t get how some of my friends have 4-5 kids on a single income. I am always baffled at how people afford this many kids!! It’s crazy to me. But, like I said, not knocking the big families out there. If you have the money and can take care of it…go for it. Whatever makes you happy.

Kellie on

Soph- You are a snob

Terri on

Well more power to them! Congrats on their baby girl!

Lena on

I have a feeling this interview was edited and published to stir the pot.

Lilith’smom on

Kellie- How was Soph being a snob???

Lilith’smom on

My DH and I are going to have 1 child and 1 child only. We don’t anymore. We actually kinda dislike kids but that’s just us.

Sat on

Love the name! I wonder if there is any connection to Joni Mitchell.

soph on

I’m wounded, Kellie.

Gianna on

To all those questioning the double standard with wanting boys and girls:

1) Let’s not pretend we were all born yesterday – because males have historically been preferred, wanting a boy is associated with chauvinism and wanting a girl is associated with having a modern outlook. As much as that is unfair it is true.

2) When Naomi Watts, Victoria Beckham etc. have voiced their opinions in wanting a girl they do not say things like “we are going to keep going until…” or in any way insinuate that girls are the prize. They talk about loving and cherishing their boys while still harboring a wish for a daughter.

3)Males wanting boys are viewed very differently from females wanting daughters. As the child bearer, it is more acceptable for women to have preferences because she is ultimately producing the child.

Kellie on

Soph- I didn’t know you could feel anything.

Taylor on

Gianna, it still doesn’t make it right.

Since the past is in the past, it’s ridiculous that today, women wanting daughters are praised while men wanting sons are berated.

As for the way in which female celebrities have stated their desire for a daughter, unless you have heard it from their mouths in an interview, you have no idea what was said versus what was written by the interviewer. The same can be said for Zac’s quote.

Ironically enough, some mindless fool claims that by his quote, Zac doesn’t love his daughters but no one says that Victoria Beckham doesn’t love her sons because she wants a daughter. There’s a fine line between “I would trade all my daughters in a heartbeat for one son” and wanting a son IN ADDITION to the four daughters he already has.

amandamay on

it’s really unfair to judge someone most of you claim to never have heard of based on ONE quote that was taken completely out of context. and as someone else pointed out, the interview was not given immediately following the birth of his daughter, it was given while his wife was pregnant, in october. i’ve seen a few interviews of zac brown and he seems very sarcastic and silly – so i’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he was joking.

soph on

Wow, Kellie. Have I hit a nerve with anything I’ve said? Must have.

JM on

Taylor what website have you been on? people always criticise mothers here for saying they want daughters (and dad’s for saying they want sons).

personally i think zac brown’s comments make him sound ignorant and stupid. he just doesn’t sound like a very bright person. i mean let’s say he had 12 kids and they were all daughters, how would the 12th daughter feel. what he says makes it sound like he’s going “oh, just another girl”. i would hate it if i read comments like this by my dad.

mochababe73 on

I didn’t read all of the comments. However, I wonder if the roles were reversed would we say the same thing. I have two very active boys that keep me very, very busy. I love them to death. With that being said, I have repeatedly said that I don’t want anymore children. Yet, even complete strangers ask me when I am going to get pregnant again and try for a girl. Really?!

I don’t get nasty or make ugly comments. I tell everyone that I have two children and to have three would be greedy. Then, we all laugh. Leave the man alone. He wants a son. Sometimes, I wish that I had a girl, but I love being th only woman in the house MOST of the time.

By the way, congratulations to them, and I can’t wait for the next baby. Their kids have such nice, normal names.

jessicad on

Plenty of celebs and women commenting on here have mentioned wanting a daughter and they absolutely do get negative criticism! Nothing wrong with wanting a certain gender.

A house full of girls sounds like my dream, congrats to them!

candykane on

Nobody sees if there was a question before hand like :are you done yet? Wow all girls? How about a boy and so on. If you have four little girls back to back to back of course you are going to get some comments. And that would be an answer

I don’t even understand the big deal about it.

Ashley on

To Megan: Your friend has SIX boys with a seventh on the way?????? Holy God almighty, that poor thing…7 boys 😦

Gaia and Laban's mom on

I have been on this site for years and, I gotta say that a double standard does seem to exist among the posters. If a celeb or poster says “i hope I have a girl” or “oooh I hope gwen has a girl this time” it stirs no trouble. If someone says they want a boy, watch out! I don’t think that wanting one devalues the other. My two aunts all wanted girls and they got boys. My mom is the only person in my family to have a girl. I’m pretty sure some twenty five years later nobody is feeling sore about the outcome! I have a boy and a girl but if I have more children I want boys. Its a preference! I think theres something special about being the only daughter.

Bellamy on

If people like Rebecca and Jerry really cared about overpopulation, they wouldn’t have had any biokids. After all, by having one for each parent, they’re continuing the current level of overpopulation, not reducing it. Plus when you think about people like Zac who already has more than two, people who DO care about overpopulation should refuse to have any and/or just adopt to offset the breeders. I personally don’t want kids, but if I did, I would adopt and I think those people who do care about overpopulation should do the same. I mean it’s a bit hypocritical to tell people who don’t care about overpopulation to watch how many kids they have and then go have one or two kids of your own that contribute to the problem.

Jgirl on

My DH and I are going to have 1 child and 1 child only. We don’t anymore. We actually kinda dislike kids but that’s just us.

– Lilith’smom on February 3rd, 2011

Really Lilith’smom?? I feel sorry for poor Lilith. I think I would rather see a man have lot’s of kids and actually like kids than a couple to have one child and “kinda dislike kids”. How repulsive.

tlm on

Goodness ladies … he didn’t say he didn’t love his 4 girls … he said “We won’t stop until we get a boy”. From the way some of you talk you think none of his daughters will grow up thinking he loves them … what a crock. And Soph … where do you get your silly ideas … lay awake nights thinking up garbage? Just because someone has all girls doesn’t mean they really want a boy … grow up.

candykane on

@ bellamy I have 5 kids and find it very offensive to be called a breeder. I am raising my kids to be productiv citizens. And they will be your ssi later on. If you get it because there are not enough young working people

soph on

You really told me, tlm.

dsfg on

Wow, I’m surprised . . . How many children a couple should have is something that BOTH members of the couple need to decide together! It’s COMPLETELY irresponsible to say that it should all be left up to the woman as she is the one who may get pregnant! If the woman doesn’t want to get pregnant, fine, but there are other ways of building a family!

I can’t believe some of you people think that the man should have no say in how many children he has . . . This is definitely NOT a decision that should be left totally up to the woman. If a man doesn’t want to have more children, it’s unfair to any future children for the woman to try and get pregnant again.

Jennifer Redgrave on

I have three daughters and my husband and I are still trying to have a boy. I have a friend that is 28 and had twin girls and 3 years after they had again twin girls, and they are open to more kids. Hope Zac and Shelly have a great future and hope they get ready to raise four girls !

Lisa on

SMH! Seriously, you all sound like idiots! I doubt that he doesn’t love his daughters just because he said that they are gonna keep trying until they get a boy! My best friend and her husband have 2 girls and she just found out that she is expecting again and really, really wants a boy this time and she wants a boy more than he does! And she has already said that if this baby is a girl, she’s trying again for her boy! And she loves her girls very much like Zac obviously loves his! Stop being so anal all the time!

Lilith'smom on

Jgirl- Ummmm….that was a joke! LOL! Wow! Sarcasm!

soph on

It’s the “trying again” part. Why can’t you be happy with the kids you have? So, what, if you have five girls, you’re going to keep having your snot-nosed kids until you get your precious, magical boy? Stop overpopulating. Or if you do, home school your brood, because nobody wants to deal with all those kids of yours.

Jill on

They can have as many children as they want. Their choice. They are not overpopulating…they are not harming their children. They are happy with the children they have, but they want more. I wonder why people who don’t have money keep having children….Or people like Kate Gosselin who don’t have money and have kids with a show in mind to pimp out her children for money.

Lena, “I have a feeling this interview was edited and published to stir the pot.”
–Totally agree with you!!!!! As are half of the posts on this page. And people feed into it EVERY time!

amandamay on

“you’re going to keep having your snot-nosed kids until you get your precious, magical boy? Stop overpopulating. Or if you do, home school your brood, because nobody wants to deal with all those kids of yours.” – soph

soph – i really hope you won’t be having any kids… i can only imagine the rude, judgmental “snot-nosed” bullies you’d raise.

mmh on

I see people like my mother-in-law who loves her boys more than anything and who was then blessed with a granddaughter who she could not be more close to… Life doesn’t always work out like you think it should, but usually it does work out =)

soph on

Love how you presume to know anything about me, amandamay. Here’s a tip: mind your own.

Rose on

@Soph: I’ve read comments from Tim McGraw that made it obvious he wanted a boy. I don’t read enough of Alan Jackson articles to know whether he wanted one or not, but I have read a few and he seems very happy with his girls. But I have read almost every Keith Urban article and he has NEVER said or even implied that he wanted a boy instead of girls. I have no idea where you’re getting that from.

soph on

Rose, I already said using Keith Urban was a bad example – that was in my second comment. I fully acknowledge that. However, nowhere in my post(s) did I mention interviews or quotes, I just said it seemed obvious.

Jill on

Soph, how is your new name working out for ya 😉

amandamay on

soph – i only presume to know what you’ve said her on this page – you have been rude, bratty, combative and snarky. all i was saying is that if that’s how you behave in general, those would be unfortunate qualities to pass on to your kids.

amandamay on

oh, and soph, one more thing – if you want me to “mind my own” – how come you feel the need to stick your nose in zac brown’s business? how is that any different? you’re “presuming to know” him from one single comment. pot, meet kettle.

Rose on

@soph: I realize you said that Keith Urban was a bad example, but you seemed to be amending that simply because he only has 2 daughters and not because you realized you were wrong.

You can’t possible know how they feel about it. You’re just being judgmental and making huge assumptions – and it makes you look ridiculous.

The only country music singer I have heard expressly say that they wanted a boy, other than Tim McGraw, was Trace Adkins who said that he wanted to keep trying for a boy and that he wanted to find out if it was a boy or girl before it was born so that if it was a girl he could deal with his disappointment now and not be disappointed in the delivery room.

Rose on

@amandamay: good point about soph. I find it hilarious that she’s making assumptions not only about Zac Brown, but also about several other country music singer – and even admits that she’s not basing it on things they have actually said – and yet she seems so bothered by people making assumptions about her. What a hypocrite.

soph on

Um, duh. I never said I WASN’T making assumptions. You ladies aren’t very smart, are you? And I have every right to criticize, be judgmental, and snarky, as well as tell any of you not to presume to know me. You’re being as rude as I am when you name call and take passive-aggressive jabs towards me or anyone else, yet you seem to think you’re taking the higher ground during it. None of you EVER learn…

Sky on

Soph, your comebacks are amazing, incredible, just SO DAMN COOL! I wish I had the intelligence and wit that you have. Unfortunately all I have is sarcasm.

soph on

Calm down, Sky.

Sky on

I think you should calm down, soph, as you are apparently “stalking” this comment section. Go find a life.

soph on

Hahaha. I’d say “take your own advice” but it’s quite obvious, isn’t it?

soph on

By the way I find it hilarious that anything I say to people is said back to me. “No, YOU should. No, YOU.” Sooo original.

Lilith’smom on

YOUR original Soph….lol…She can’t think of anything better Sky!

soph on

Is that how you identify yourself? Solely as someone’s mommy?

Sad. Maybe you should go back to school and learn about contractions. You’re, not your.

Sky on

Thanks Lilith. I’ve decided to stop feeding the troll… so I won’t be replying to her anymore. 🙂

Janey on

Do not like him, with those comments. His girls are always going to feel like they are second class.

Lilith’smom on

Soph- LOL…I noticed it after I pressed enter…lol

Emmy on

So what is so wrong with him saying that he wants a boy? He loves his girls, wants to have a son also, his life! He is not asking you women to come and babysit his kids, or even pay for them , he and his wife will be taking care of them, so why feel so passionate about him wanting a son?

Oh and these women going on and on about overpopulating the planet, oh please!!!!!!!! Just stop with that!

Oh and Soph, so glad i do not have you as a friend! 🙂

Libby on

Oh boy. It kind of reminds me of the time where Jamie Oliver was expecting another child when I read this here.All those who wanted Jamie to have a boy got slammed,but the thought of a fourth girl sounded oh so sweet.

It is redicilous to even discuss about it.If they want to keep on trying for a boy,then leave them alone.It is their life and their decision.Not ours.This article doesn’t reveal if his wife is for or against this “C’mon we keep on trying” thought anyway, so give them a break.

And about the whole “overpopulation” crap. If you want to complain about people overpopulating the world you should go to China or India first.;)

“Girls aren’t as valued as sons.”: Really?Well…let me think about it.When you ask mothers why they prefer a girl over a boy the reasons are often pretty much the same: “I want to do all this girl stuff with her”,”Now I can buy lots of pink stuff and clothes for her”, “I want a little princess”, “I love pink.” Soooo…if “I” would be prefering a girl over a boy because of those shallow reasons, then “I” would be the one not valueing my kid enough ladies.;)

Congrats to your fourth child!:)

“Do not like him, with those comments. His girls are always going to feel like they are second class.”

@Janey: That’s BS!It is absolutely normal for someone to have a desire for a certain gender,especially when your first kids are all have the same gender.What is the problem in there?That doesn’t mean that he loves his kids any less.That’s redicilous.


Lilith’smom on

Emmy- I think everyone is glad they’re not friends with Soph.

soph on

Haha. You uppity, passive-aggressive crazies think you’re really something…yet you simply can’t ignore me…

Lilith'smom on

Get a life instead Soph. You’re (you are) right Soph anyone on this site can be mean. So I’m going to say whatever the hell I want. You are a fake, sad, ridiculous person.
Ta ta…bye bye…I’m done speaking with a brain dead moron like you.

Rose on

So how is the baby’s name pronounced, like Johnny or like Joanie?

soph on

Yes, there it is, “I’m done.” Couldn’t match wits so you backed down, huh?

Ta ta, Mommy Dearest.

Rose, why on earth would it be pronounced Johnny?

Kam on

I am one of three girls, my parents said they always wanted a boy, and I have never felt like that meant that they didn’t love me. These posts are entertaining, but congrats to the family and the new addition!

Alli on

I don’t think it’s wrong for him to want a boy, but I think it’s pretty tacky to say it in the press. He doesn’t even sound like he’s excited about his girls… it’s just “well I guess we’ll have to try again.” I would be pretty hurt if my dad said something like that.

Leslie on

Congratulations to Zac and his family on the newest little girl! I can understand him wanting a boy being surrounded by all women; I think that comment about trying until they have a boy is taken way out of context sometimes. The only thing that bothers me are the names – the first names Georgia and Lucy are kind of cute. Justice I’ve never heard used for a girl, and Joni is cute, but just a little heads up to Zac – Mason is a boy’s name. Anyway, good to know little Joni is healthy and happy. I’m sure she’s adorable.

Lilith’smom on

Rose- It’s pronounce Joanie…Well that’s what I think but I could be wrong!

Zee on

Well, with the growing number of people who are getting gender reassignment surgery (which, by the way, I think is truly wonderful for those who wish to better themselves and their lives) perhaps Zac won’t have to worry all that much in the future. 🙂

Ryan on

Wow, this discussion got really scary fast. Ay yi yi.

Jeez, we are all entitled to our opinions. If some of us feel like it is innappropriate for him to say that to the press then let us say it and if others think it’s ok…so be it. No need to feud and bicker over it.

I’m still gonna stick by my view that it is often (NOT ALWAYS…but often) sexist reasoning that leads a man to wanting a son. I only say this because I have been raised around a culture where a man is put on a pedestal and doted over like he is a king. I find this annoying and irritating. I hate that a huge portion of my family continually names their first born sons after the father to “honor” him yet would never show that same “honor” to the mother by naming a girl after her. It’s a double standard.

I’m a male and I honestly just think it’s wrong to revere a man this much in a modern day society. Hearing people name their kids after the father is my BIGGEST pet peeve. It crawls under my skin and I just find it so offensive in a really underminingly sexist way.

If Zac is just being playful and stating that it would be nice to have a little boy…good for him. If he wants an “heir” or some kind of token namesake…it’s ridiculous.

And ya know what else…comments like this, “We’ll just keep going until we have a boy/girl” rub me the wrong way too because of two people who have been in my life that have had fertility issues and never have been able to have a child of their own. This just seems like a slap in the face. Like, “Hey! Look at us! We keep having girls but ya know what…let’s just keep going till we get a boy just for the heck of it! haha!” It’s just rude. I think of my friend who wept every night just hoping for one baby…ANY gender…but it never came to her. I think of how her marriage gradually fell apart because of the turmoil this caused and the depression she went through for knowing she would never be able to give birth to her own child and then I hear people like this bragging about popping out kids and doing it in a way where they don’t sound grateful for the healthy ones they already have.

I don’t know. That’s just me. I know this will get people screaming at me. Bring it, ladies.

Arg... on

Zac and his wife can have as many babies as they want. At least our tax dollars won’t be used to support his kiddos. Congrats on the new baby girl!

ginnie on

geez people, why does anyone care how many kids he and his wife have its none of our business, yes we like to be noisy, but just because he makes a statement about how he and his WIFE will keep trying for a boy, come on people instead of ranting about someone that can actually support his kids, why don’t you rant about all the women who have baby after baby and live on welfare, which means we the tax payers of the world support..thats whats ridiculous…and yea i know everyone is entitled to their opinions but you don’t always have to voice them in such a manner that you take away from joyful news of the birth of this precious little girl Joni..Welcome to the world Joni!!!!!!

Rose on

Thanks. I figured it was probably pronounced Joanie, but I recently just discovered that the author Joni Eareckson Tada’s name (which I had been pronouncing as Joanie) is really pronounced Johnny. So now I figure you can never be too sure!

Vanessa on

I have 2boys an one girl an iam fine with that. if i had all boys i would be trying for a girl. You never know what god going to give you. So get over it. You never know the next one might be a boy…

Me on

Guys, Zac seems like such a nice, down to earth type of guy in all his interviews. Has a sense of humor as well. So what if he wants a boy…just b/c he says they are gonna keep going till they have a boy doesn’t mean they will and it doesn’t mean that he is making his wife pop out kids. My grandmother had 6 girls before getting a boy, then another girl after that. I had 2 boys, my sister has 2 boys, and when I was pregnant with my last son, I wanted a girl, we all knew I wanted a girl. My husband wanted another boy. We got a boy, do I love him any less b/c I wanted a girl? No, I love him so much. We are done having kids now, but if I could I would try for a girl. (after 2 c-sections though, I am done) There is nothing wrong with what he said. Reading a comment rather than hearing it you can not tell what kind of spin (funny, sarcasm, serious..etc) he put on it. I have seen him in several interviews so I would assume he was being silly myself…but you guys on here need to calm down!!!

Joni on

Congratulations to Zac Brown and his family. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!

Joni on

For those who aren’t sure… My name is Joni. I pronounce it Jo-Nee, like Joni Mitchell.

Shannon on

Ok seriously those of you who have made hate comments about Zac’s willingness to have more children need to keep those comments to yourself. Obviously he and his wife love children and wanted the children that they have. All of you who want to twist his words or assume you know him and his wife and THEIR intentions, shame on you! How dare anyone judge someone’s else’s life and motives! You have no idea. The conversations he and his wife have had regarding their family and the way they want to live their lives, is theirs! I’m sure he’s well aware that its his wife’s body that goes through the pregnancy and delivery, and most obviously it takes two to create a life, so she obviously would have to be a willing participant.

Rose on

@Shannon: You don’t get to decide whether other people get to voice their opinions. I don’t agree with all of the negative comments on here, but it’s really getting old that some of you seem to think that you get to dictate to other people what they can and cannot post about.

Kelly Bussey on

First of all, Zac is an awesome man having known him myself and his wife is lovely. Do not take what he said in a negative manner as it was not meant that way. He simply LOVES his wife and LOVES kids.

Laura on

I am extremely blessed to have had 7 sons and finally got my girl! Wouldn’t trade my handsome smart sons for anything but the joy I experienced when I had my girl (and still do) is something money can’t buy. I pray Zac has 10 girls before he has his boys! We need more celebrities like him!! I home birthed all mine as well!! Didn’t know who Zac was, but now I’m a fan!

sullyjo on

My name is Joni–also after (presumably) Joni Mitchell–it’s pronouned Jo-knee…I clicked on this link when I saw that they named her Joni–I meet so few of us in the world!! and everyone thinks my name is Joan–no, it’s Joni!

So personally, I like the name :)….and i think he was being sarcastic about we’ll keep going til we get a boy–he comes from a big family so he and his wife probably want lots o’ kids! That’s what I got out of the article…..


You people on here are rude and hurtful. The birth of their baby is a joyous occasion. And I know MANY MANY people who have all girls or all boys and say things like “we’d like to try once more for a…” And there is nothing wrong with that! That is in no way an indication that he doesn’t love his daughters or has made his wife a “baby making machine.” I’m going to guess that she has been a willing, happy and active part of these children being born as well!

Joni on

I LOVE the name and I LOVE the Zac Brown band!!!

I am a Joni in my 40’s not too many of us around!!! Thanks for keeping the name alive…and yes, me too, my name is JONI NOT Joan, or Joanne or anything else, it is JONI!!!!

Congrats to Zac Brown, his lovely wife and his beautiful girls!! and if you keep going and have a huge family….GO FOR IT!!! we have 5 kids ourselves and wouldnt have it any other way!!!

Anonymous on

Zac is NOT one of 12 children! GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT PEOPLE!

sandy on

whats so bad about wanting a boy really ????!!!!!!!!!!!

jennie on

He needs to be thankful he has 4 healthy girls. I also can’t stand hearing comments like this, in jest or not. There are millions of couples in the world who can’t have children and he takes it in stride that he will keep having kids until he get the boy. I feel sorry for his daughters when they are old enough to realize that they weren’t enough for their father.