Spotted: Rhea Durham and Daughters’ Park Playdate

02/02/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
GSI Media


Grace Margaret Wahlberg, 1, enjoys a slide with big sister Ella Rae, 7, under Rhea Durham‘s watchful eye at Coldwater Canyon on Friday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

In addition to the girls, the model, 32, is also mom to sons Brendan Joseph, 2, and Michael Robert, 4½, with husband Mark Wahlberg.

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Kai on

Mark and Rhea have the cutest kids! Ella look like she adores her baby sister, so cute.

Jen DC on

So cute, can’t stand it. Look at her little teeth, how much fun they are both having…

madison on

awwww! so cute! 🙂

Mia on

Someone looks like their daddy….-so cute! Wow-4 kids @ the age of 32. I wonder if they’ll have anymore? They have 2 of each.

ELO on

How precious are those girls! These photos are so adorable. I love to see big sisters doting on their little sisters.

Romy on

looks like the baby is wearing a Joah Love dress that was advertised here

CelebBabyLover on


Rosalie on

How cute!

Sandra on

Wow, they are such cute girls! One big sister looking after the little sister. How sweet is that? Wow, she sure has her hands full with 4 children under the age of 8. Adorable!

Marlee on

My girls are the same age difference as Grace and Ella. They’re super close – it just keeps getting better.

Bancie1031 on

Awe! How Cute!!! I just love this family! They are so cute …. I love how Ella is so into her little sister. Rhea, Ella and Grace looks so happy.

Katie on

They are just adorable little girls!!! What a beautiful family!! I love Mark and his wife!! I think he said he was leaving it up to his wife if they were going to have more. He said he’d be up for it. He comes from a family of 8 or 9 I think! What a wonderful man to say that!! Wish my husband would!!

tink1217 on

Mark comes from a large family..9 kids I believe!! I think they may have another. Their kids are so adorable!! Wish we would see some of Donnie and his boys once in awhile..

megan on

I love this picture. We plan to have a second child and they will hopefully be around the same age difference as these two! They look sooo happy! Of course I couldn’t even imagine having 2 more in between them…LOL. Cute family.

Tracy on

Is Rhea pregnant again? The second picture makes her tummy look a little rounded. Of course, it could be the way she’s sitting. The picture of the two sisters together is adorable!

Terri on

Looks like big sister has a good hold on her little sister. Cute.

guest on

all3 so pretty-the girls are dolls!!

Jill on

Why oh why with the pregnancy comments

Bancie1031 on

tink1217 – I agree I would LOVE to see Donnie Wahlberg and his boys on here! I don’t understand how Come we see Joey McIntyre and his kids on here but we don’t see any of the other New Kids On The Block fathers on here ….. and Donnie is also an actor. …. starting in the television series Blue Bloods right now …… unfortunately it’s unfair but we’re not the ones running it …..

Katie – Mark is the youngest of 9 and yes he told Rhea (and the whole world numerous times) they could and would have how ever many children that she wanted. He did say that he would be up for having more but it’s her decision. I honestly just love this Wahlberg family 🙂 Mark has turned into such a wonderful hands on father and loving husband!

Brooklyn on

Cute pictures! Grace is adorable!

dsfg on

I find it interesting that people constantly comment on Mark being such a great dad because of the things he says about his kids and the pictures of him interacting with them, but no one ever says that about Rhea. Rhea does the same things with her kids Mark does, but no one ever praises her. Probably because she is a woman and is expected to do those things, but any man who plays with / holds / “baby-sits” his own children is a hero parent!

Tracy on

Jill – why oh why with the negative comment? Is this not a forum where someone is allowed to air their views? I simply stated that Rhea’s tummy looked slightly rounded – fact. I also stated that it could have been the way she was sitting. I used to enjoy posting on this forum over the years as everyone was friendly and positive. Not so much now. Its a real shame.

Jill on

I honestly have to sit here in chuckle. You said, “this not a forum where someone is allowed to air their views?” It is Tracy….which is why I said what I did. I have every right to speak here, just like you do.

I never said your comment was negative or rude. But what amazes me is that you actually think that my comment is negative!! If my comment is negative, you really need to stay off this site and the internet, Tracy because you can’t handle the real world.

Tracy on

Jill, what I said was ‘Is this not a forum where someone is allowed to air their views’? Your reply is exactly why Moms and Babies has lost its appeal for me. Can’t handle the real world? I have 2 beautiful daughters and found this site (celebrity baby blog as it was) in 2005 when I was pregnant with my first. It was a lighthearted site where people posted about celebrities who were expecting and similar experiences in their own lives. Recently its become very bitchy and I was merely commenting on that. How you can comment that I ‘can’t handle the real world’ is beyond me as you don’t know me and I don’t know you. I wouldn’t dream of resorting to personal comment as that’s not who I am.

Alice on

Aw, so cute! I’m glad to see Ella is enjoying having a little sister. To me, they look a lot like their dad.

LisaS on

Wow. Now we’re telling people they need to stay off this site and the internet because they can’t handle the real world. Right. Definitely not rude. Didn’t realize anyone but a mod could tell a poster to get off their site.

And I thought Tracy’s comment was perfectly harmless (if a bit irritating if it happened to me).

Jill on

Tracy, my original comment was not negative. You made a statement, as did I. My biggest pet peeve on this site is when people send off the vibe that their opinion is the only one that matters and if they don’t agree everything else is full of negativity and bitchiness. That is the vibe I received from you. In my next reply, I used sarcasm…..and a lot of it. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Please reread my statement. I said IF……because nothing about my statement is negative.

And Lisa, I didn’t tell her she had to get off the internet. Don’t twist.

LisaS on

Telling someone maybe they should stay off the internet is exactly the same thing as telling someone to get off of it. No need to twist anything–I see enough of that on here. I normally wouldn’t waste my time with such posts and posters, but if we’re going to act all innocent and defensive, at least have the decency to try to be a bit more respectful and kind in your posts.

Tracy on

LisaS, thank you. 🙂 Jill, Please understand that my original post on this story wasn’t meant to be anything but an observation. Will definitely think again about posting on this site in future if vitriol is all that is received in return. Its just not necessary.

Jill on

Not so…..but think what you want. I have never had anyone tell me I need to be more respectful and I have been here for years.

dsfg on

I also found Jill’s original comment to be slightly rude. Sarcastic, yes, but sarcasm IS often times rude. But I have to agree the pregnancy comment (and other “she must be pregnant” comments on this site) to be pretty irritating. Not only do I see nothing “round” about Rhea’s stomach, but even if it was slightly rounded, aren’t stomachs SUPPOSED to be slightly rounded? Sorry, not everyone has washboard abs, especially after giving birth to four children.

Jill on

How is why oh why with the pregnancy comments rude or negative?

LisaS on

Tracy, no problem. I thought your comment really was pretty innocent compared to all the other nastier stuff posted on these boards that the majority on here seem to have no problem sweeping aside or joining in just because they don’t like the celebrity featured in the article.

Jill, let me just put it this way since you’re obviously not getting it and then I’m outta here: suppose I tell you that your post was rude and so maybe you shouldn’t be posting on this site. I guess you’d think it was a nice thing to say and you’d be all right with that.

Jill on

I have already asked why it was rude/negative about saying…..why oh why the pregnancy comment? No answer, please explain. It has been explained why saying pregnancy comments to someone can be perceived as rude. I could twist your words Lisa and have the same reaction…..but I chose to not twist.

Mrs.C on

Dear Jill and Tracy:

I am sure you are both nice and respective women but remember don’t argue about one silly post and act rude to each other… Think positive. Remember what’s most important: Unlike the other mom’s in hollywood Rhea actually took her two beautiful daughter’s out for a mommy and girls date and had fun…And it was just Rhea “no nanny” just mommy and the girls. I admire that sooooo sooooo much. I hope Rhea and Mark have five more kids….(With Rhea’s ok of course). All four of their children are beautiful and I hope they have a long healthy,happy,safe,quiet and loving family life. I hope they find their path’s in life and have their own children & families!!!!! For right now,I just pray that they stay healthy and enjoy being kids. I admire Mark and Rhea for their parenting,I guess there is great parents who actually put their kids first in hollywood after all…..