Spotted: Adam Sandler’s Star Speech

02/02/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

So sweet!

Adam Sandler shares a smile with his girls — Sadie Madison, 4½, and Sunny Madeline, 2 — as he was presented with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Calif.

During his acceptance speech, the comedian’s daughters interrupted their proud pop to say, “I love my Daddy.”

Sadie and Sunny are Sandler’s girls with wife Jackie Titone Sandler, whom he wed in June 2003.

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Sarah S. on

He seems like such a great Dad–love him!!

Lily on

How special is this?! What a beautiful family!!

jessi on

Love that his girls are dressed so normally – not all fancied-up like mini-adults and looking uncomfortable. And Sadie has beautiful hair!

Caleb, Leo, Ava and Evie's Mum on

I watched the video and have to say, what absolutely gorgeous little girls! Mischievous little kiddies are always the cutest and it just shows what a down-to-earth family they really are.

loren on

I like Adam and he has a lovely family 🙂

Alice on

The first pic is precious!! Sadie’s hair is gorgeous and their smiles are so sweet!

JMO on

I saw a video of this the girls were so cute. Adam was very playful with them and they shouted I love Daddy over and over in the mic while Adam joked about how he and his wife obviously have no control over them!

Sadie looks just like Adam while I think Sunny looks like her mommy!

Brynn on

I’m obsessed with Sadie’s gorgeous curls. And her shoes are awesome.

This is one down to earth family – love it.

B.R on

such a cute family, really love the way they dress the girls, clean, cute, but comfy and appropriate for children their age.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

I really love how he mentioned all of nieces and nephews!! and his girls are adorable as ever! but why wasnt his wife standing with him when they uncovered the star thingy?

Mira on

I love this guy!

Lilith'smom on

His daughters are out of this world cute!

meg on

Aw man, that video melted my heart! All the things he said about his family–parents, siblings, wife, and daughters–was just so touching. And I adored how both Sadie and Sunny wanted to be carried so finally Adam stepped off the platform to come down to their level and could hold them both. So sweet!

meg on

Oh, and Manal, you could see his wife was standing behind him, along with Henry Winkler and Kevin James, when he uncovered the star. Maybe she didn’t want to bend down in her dress, so stood behind him?

Stef on

I loooooooove Sadie’s shoes!!

Marla on

Adorable! I loved how attentive he was to his girls throughout the ceremony.

Mimz on

Seeing Adam as the dad of little girls melts my cold cold frozen from the blizzard in MO heart! I saw a bit of him on Ellen and he was talking about how he owns the house next door to their home. He said this way he can tell the girls that they can grow up and move out, to next door. 🙂

B.J. on

Awwww. Sweet girls 🙂

Crystal on

Kids will be kids no matter if it’s daddy’s big day!!! Lol! Soooo cute and CONGRATULATIONS Adam on your major achievement! Jackie looked INCREDIBLE and the whole family looked really happy! Adam is an amazing actor and I cannot think of a man more deserving of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! 🙂

Sat on

Gorgeous girls!!

CelebBabyLover on

What a sweet video! Also, whoa! When did Sadie change so much? She has really come into her own! 🙂

Rosalie on

What a beautiful family.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Adam! I can’t get over how much Sadie looks like Adam and Sunny looks like Jackie! Cute family 🙂

Ellen Smith on

One day I will wake up, the fog will have cleared, and I’ll get what everyone keeps saying about how cute these girls are. Sunny is reasonably cute, and Sadie – well let’s just say thank God she has rich parents.

Tess on

Adam Sandler has a star on the HWOF? Oh my.

Sandra on

I absolutely love this family! They look so happy and such a down to earth family. His little girls look just like him. Could you imagine being in a household with Adam Sandler? That would be great. Nothing like seeing a man with his girls and them telling him how much they love him!

SY on

The girls really should have been in different clothes. Their parents are dressed as if they are going to a nice function and the kids are dressed as if they are going to a kids’ bday party. I don’t think they needed to glam up, but some cute sun dresses might have done the trick.

Beka on

To Ellen Smith could you please have some respect. They are just little girls. Why do you have to mean about the way they look? I know that you would not want somebody else saying mean things about your kids. They may not fit your definition of pretty or beautiful. But they are beautiful and pretty to their parents and to God.

Ellen Smith on

I am just expressing an opinion – if everyone on this site can gush about their alleged beauty, I can wax and wane equally poetic about their lack of same. I’m sure they are adored by their parents.

Sarah K. on

Oh please Ellen Smith. You were not just “expressing an opinion.” Let’s just call a spade a spade. You were making a nasty remark about the physical appearance of two small children. People feel good when they say something nice about someone. Did it make you equally happy to belittle toddlers?

Mary on

I for one think they’re both adorable! I love the way they’re dressed. Long sleeve sweaters and jeans…might have been too chilly for the kiddies to wear little cute sundresses that day SY. Judging by the weather forecast on weather channel for Los Angeles it probably high 60’s early 70’s that day.

Laura on

Yeah Ellen Smith, I agree with Sarah K. You were just being rude and nasty. I would love to know if it really did make you happy to belittle toddlers. It takes a very insecure person to pick on someone else for their physical attributes but it takes an extra special kind of person to pick on children. No one likes a bully.

On the other hand, I have always liked this family. They seem so real and down-to-earth. I also like how the kids were dressed- they looked like kids. The pictures are really cute and you can see how much those girls adore him!

Hea on

Ellen Smith – I bet Sadie’s way cuter than any kid of yours ever will be. Oh, and I’m just expressing my opinion now, right? mhmm

PDX~Sara on

I was elated to see that everyone was saying positive comments, but then I read until the end where low and behold nasty comments…I’m so used to seeing nasty remarks about Adam’s sweet little girls. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sadie looks like her dad. Yeah, yeah, yeah, thank god she has rich parents. I agree w/ others that said, “does it make you happy to make snide remarks about small children?” Really, come on. Jealousy kills. Adam has two beautiful little girls, a hot wife, AND he’s rich rich rich!!! You WISH you had his life!

Ellen Smith on

Wow – expressing a contrary opinion certainly gets one into trouble on this website. My remarks were negative, but certainly not nasty. I don’t have to jump on the “gee, they’re beautiful” bandwagon to express an alternate opinion. Once they have their pics published, as they do on this website, they are open to commentary, both positive and negative.

Stephanie on

Ellen Smith, please just be quiet. Yes you are entitled to your opinion, but quite frankly, it doesn’t sound like anyone really wants to hear it..over and over and over.

Ellen Smith on

I love getting all the other posters riled up. I may have posted a negative comment, but all of you have been less than welcoming to an opinion other than the majority. Who is nasty now?

Mary on

You’re still the nasty one Ellen. You don’t seem to get it. Of course we aren’t going to join you in belittling an innocent child. “Less than welcoming to an opinion other than the majority” It’s not as if you’re expressing an opinion on meat loaf or even frickin politics…you’re trash talking about a little kid!

I would like to see a photo of you. You wont post one though because it’s so easy to hide behind a internet handle.

Mary on

This is Ellen:

Jill on

I normally jump all over people when they said rude things about children. I don’t think her initially comment was rude. She didn’t use a rude word to describe her, as many do. It is her opinion. I didn’t think the “at least her parents are wealthy” was necessary….money shouldn’t have to do with anything. Everyone should be able to express their opinion.

Kristine on

Beautiful, down to earth family 🙂

shalay on

I don’t think all children are cute. And when that’s the case, I simply don’t say anything at all.

Ellen’s remark was inappropriate. These are innocent CHILDREN. They will someday grow up and be able to Google their names and see these horrible comments people made about them.

It’s despicable that some people bash children and then defend themselves with the right to free speech. Have some class and grow up.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary, shalay, et al.- I agree! It’s one thing to say something like, “I don’t find the girls that cute myself”, but to say “As for Sadie, well let’s just say thank God she has rich parents,” is rude and uncalled for, IMO.

That being said, I’ll admit that I actually didn’t find Sadie that cute when she was a baby and a toddler (and that’s very unusual for me. Usually I find all kids cute!). But now she has really grown into her looks, and I don’t understand why people are still saying horrible things about her looks (and I’m referring to comments left on other threads about the Sandler girls here, not specifically to Ellen!).

I also want to say that looks aren’t everything. The most important part of beauty, in my opinion, comes from within!

Sarah K. on

Ellen Smith, sorry but you are still the nasty one. I can’t believe you’re arguing semantics about whether the comment was “negative” or “nasty.” Everyone else is coming to the defense of children after you made a nasty (oh, I’m sorry – negative) remark about their physical appearance. You clearly have no tact.

Marni Gillet on

It was an important enough event for him to wear a suit and his wife to be dressed up. But yet again, these two little girls appear to not own a SINGLE pretty outfit. Jeans on such a special day isn’t appropriate.

Laura on

Marni Gillet, when you got your star on the Walk of Fame what did your kids wear?

dsfg on

Marni, I agree. It’s odd the parents are dressed up (suit, dress) but the kids are in jeans and sweatshirts. It really doesn’t matter though; it’s not the most important thing in the world.

“Marni Gillet, when you got your star on the Walk of Fame what did your kids wear?”

That’s pretty irellevant and uncalled for. Whether or not Marni Gillet got a star on the Walk of Fame doesn’t matter; I’m sure she’s been to a formal event before. If you disagree, please disagree respectfully; there’s no need to be catty and immature!

Anonymous on

Hey Ellen you’re a bi*ch! Just my opinion though…

Jill on

I think the children could have been dressed up a bit more. Reese Witherspoon’s kids dressed up for the occassion, which was nice. I think they could have as well. Children don’t have to wear dresses or skirts, to be dressed up.

But looking at this picture….

Tee on

I love how they made such a special event into a family affair! Such sweet pictures!

CelebBabyLover on

Maybe the tried to get the girls in to wear fancy dresses but they weren’t having it!

Jill on

You don’t have to wear a dress to be dressed up or look nice 🙂

guest on

beautiful family-I wish I was related to sandler-he is so good to the people in his life