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02/02/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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B.J. on

RE: Alaska woman child abuse:
I knew a woman who spanked her children using a wooden spoon. She would often take down their diapers to do it when they were little. Where is the line drawn between discipline and child abuse?

mary on

I used hot sauce a long time ago with our now 16 year old son. Only when he would call someone stupid. I hate that word. So it wasn’t often. To this day he LOVES spicy food! (And I never poured it down their throats. I always dabbed it on my finger and placed that dab on the tongue). And here I thought I was being smart thinking soap was not good for you, but hot sauce is editable. And look now it’s a national debate.
I NEVER berate my children. I never call them names. I love my children unconditionally but I will agree there are times when I don’t like them and wonder will I make it thru this period of childhood challenges?
It seems to me that the childs lying is done because he is afraid of the reaction his mother will have for whatever he had done wrong. So sad! My children know that they can come to us for anything! And I mean ANYTHING! Even if we are going to be mad or disappointed. In fact our children get more upset by us being disappointed in them then us being mad at them! I can’t image my kids not being able to come to us. That is a scary thought. There are consequence in every action we/they do whether good or bad intentions. Every age must learn this, BUT they should not learn this out of fear. At least I don’t believe so.
We all have different parenting skills. That’s what sets us up as being unique. Certain cultures parent their children a certain way and have done so for centuries. But I do believe there is a line to be drawn. We shouldn’t bully our children into being afraid of telling the truth. Which brings me to the conclusion that this woman has done that, bullied her children and hence they are afraid of her. Once again sad!

Mrs. R. on

I think there’s a reasonability line…. Mary – you put a little dab on your finger, then into your child’s mouth. It’s a WHOLE lot more reasonable than POURING a portion of a bottle down a screaming child’s throat. One is clearly abuse of power between a parent and a child.

I would never do either, we choose to structure our childrens’ discipline in other ways.

Jill on

Did anyone see the video of the Alaska woman? DISGUSTING. I won’t click on the link because I do not want to give her any attention. She is a vile woman.

Jacqui on

Hot sauce would never even occur to me as a kind of punishment since food CANNOT be spicy enough for me! I sprinkle cayenne pepper on everything! My son loves spicy food too. I ate a lot of Indian food, Mexican food, and hot wings while I was pregnant! 🙂

But seriously, taking things away from a child like toys, TV, canceling playtime with friends, works better than anything!

JM on

that whole idea of using hot sauce is sick to me. why don’t people try some actual parenting? it’s just lazy (however you use it!!) you have no idea what kind of affect that could have on your child and why would anyone use food as punishment. that kind of behaviour disgusts me.

i have never resorted to any physical or verbal abuse with my children and they are all well mannered, polite and kind to people. sure some of the methods i used may have been a little more taxing, required a little more of my time and taken more energy (i’m talking about using things like time out, or shock – horror calmly talking things through with them). but at least i took the time to actually parent. i would be ashamed if i had used the hot sauce method, i wouldn’t treat an animal like that let alone my own child.