Mariah Carey Is Having a Boy and a Girl

02/01/2011 at 11:00 PM ET
Marion Curtis/Startraks

It will be one of each for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

The couple, who are having twins, are expecting a boy and a girl, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

So far the parents-to-be have been cautious about revealing too many details about the babies since the couple had a “long journey” to parenthood, Cannon said in December.

Cannon, 30, and Carey, 41, are preparing for the arrival of the twins by “decorating and designing” the babies’ nurseries – one in Los Angeles and one in New York, Cannon tells PEOPLE.

Meanwhile, Cannon says that his wife has also been cooking up a storm and staying active with daily swims.

— Liz McNeil

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Indira on

Thats so cool! One of each! Did she ever say if she used fertility treatments? I wonder if they’re doing individual nurseries one for each of them.

urbanadventurertales on

Congrats!! And to PP, yes- I’m pretty sure they did fertility treatments. I don’t think they’ve ever confirmed that, but I would bet 90% of celebs with twins did fertility treatments.

Is it just me or does Nick seem to be going out of his way to make it sound like Mariah is super healthy (maybe to detract from her weight gain?) Not that she looks bad, but it’s pretty obvious she’s a lot heavier. He talks about her swimming every day and in another interview he commented about her cooking all the time, but never eating the food. Just think it’s kinda odd.

cris on

So happy for them! And, Urbanadventuretales, it could just sound like that because those are the questions that have been presented to him, since her weight gain seems to be a common theme with her pregnancy! Also, if she did in fact have fertility treatments, isn’t it common to gain considerable amounts of weight with it?

Indira on

Yeah, I think that it was all one interview but, it keeps getting segmented and a lot of media outlets are running with it.

Meghan on

They can have a Mariah jr and a Nick jr. πŸ™‚
I don’t mean this in a mean way at all, I just thought of it. Congrats to them! I was hoping they’d get at least one girl.

Natasha on

With Mariah, once again, all I keep being reminded of Jennifer Lopez….

– Arguably, two most renowned ‘diva’ personalities of their generation.
– Have both been stable tabloid fodder for well over a decade.
– Both R’n’B artists in particular who have acted as well as being musicians.
– Famous for their great curves and ambiguous ethnological looks.
– Had both been married prior to their current marriages.
– Their current husbands are both musicians who are popular on their own.
– Also, the ‘current husbands’ seem to have really settled both women for the better.
– Both experienced YEARS of pregnancy rumours that stretched from the humorous to downright bizarre.
– Allowed a lot of guessing to go on for a large part of the pregnancy.
– Much anticipated first children are twins.
– NOW? More specifically?It’s boy/girl twins.

πŸ™‚ Just a bit of fun, I thought I’d compare (I know you could probably make comparisons with 90% of celebs on this site one way or another, but I keep remembering this one!

Mandy on

Does it matter if she had fertility treatments? I had fertility treatments for PCOS to get my wonderful little baby due 8-22. I don’t understand why it matters. So what if she did? From what I understand she needed them. So who really cares and what does it matter to us?

Maddie on

For some reason I didn’t think they were going to find out the sex of the babies? Maybe they changed their minds… yay, boy/girl twins are so much fun! It will be interesting to see what these two are like as parents… I’ve been a Mariah fan since I was a little girl, so I’ve always wanted her to become a mom, she always seemed very maternal. Dare I say it, I’m glad one is a girl, Mariah has so much awesome stuff, she needs someone to hand it down to! Also these twins may be their only children, so it’s nice that Mariah and Nick are getting one of each.

Crystal on

@Meghan- That didn’t seem mean at all. Maybe they will name the girl after her and the boy after him!!!! πŸ˜‰

@Natasha- That is a very good observation although to me they are both more pop than R&B. At least J-Lo is anyway.

To Nick and Mariah- CONGRATULATIONS on having one of each. You are extremely blessed and I wish for you much happiness and healthy babies!

CelebBabyLover on

Indira- I’m guessing not, since it says that there’s one nursery in LA and one in NYC. So most likely those two cuties (I’m sure they’ll be adorable) will be sharing a room. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I love the fact that Mariah has been swimming every day. I love to swim, too!

cris- Excellent point! That could be at least partially why Mariah has gained so much weight. Some of it might also be water weight. I’m also wondering if maybe she has gestational diabietes (which can cause weight gain). If I’m remembering correctly, GD is more common both in older women and in twin pregnancies. I’m not saying that she DOES have GD, just that that could be an explanation for her weight gain.

Nella on

Congrats to them! It’s great that they will have a chance to raise both a boy and a girl! As far as using fertility treatments, i also believed they used them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using them in my opinion. Mandy- I hope you’re not offended, I don’t think the previous comment was meant to be taken in a negative way it was just a simple remark/question. Whether they used fertility treatments that is none of our business, but making a simple non negative comment about it won’t hurt anyone. Fertility treatments are being done more now and have helped so many people to be able to have children so talking about it is perfectly normal in my opinion.

Nella on

Congrats….I’m very happy for both of them. I just had to add this, they have said they want to remain private throughout the pregnancy, but they are giving out more information than I thought they would such as this one. As a fan of this website I love to read any news baby related so I am more than happy to find this news out, however really private people wouldn’t be giving out so many details about their unborn children yet that’s just my opinion.

Niko on

Things keep getting better for these two. Congrats!

martina on

Mandy – thank you for your post. I am puzzled by all these questions “did she or didn’t she”… Who cares??? Why does it matter to anyone? It is such a deeply personal thing. And what’s wrong with fertility treatments anyway? It just means she was willing to make huge physical sacrifices to become a mum. IVF is hell on wheels, my sister is in her 6th cycle currently. Not something most people would like to discuss with strangers.

hayley w on

I think the reason allot pf pregnant stars are careful about what they say about what they eat what they do what they say is the sheer reaction when they say something that a few may night like…..aka the ‘whale’ comment from miss portman.

I any one dares to admit they eat bars of chocolate with out taking the wrappers off some of you go off like they are smoking crack so of course they try to say they are eating healthy is the only way to please the ‘mummy police’ yeahs she is big errrr duh its twins and every woman carries in their own way im guessing ita water weight with mariah just like with me, i had just peed on the stick and i couldn’t do my jeans up lol

it doesn’t matter how she got pregnant she doesn’t have to admit any thing to any one all that matters is she is healthy her babies too and that she gets to join this ever so amamzing blessed group of women that get to be called mummy.

Every mother she be pleased for her rather that make snide comments about her eating habbits, how she got pregnant , weight gain or marriage.

Sydney on

Are these guys publicity hungry or what? When interest in them is at a low ebb they’ll release more info to keep them in the tabloids and gossip columns every week!

klutzy_girl on

Yay! I now can’t wait to hear the babies’ names. I saw an interview with Nick where he said they will be unique, but not too unique. (Kinda scared, kinda excited!)

Ashley on

Of course she is! Would you expect anything else? ;–)

Dee on

YAY, one of each…that’s awesome. I wish them a happy, healthy continuance of pregnancy and a pain free delivery πŸ™‚

Sophie on

@Mandy perhaps they are just curious about fertility treatments and the prevalence of twins associated. Urbanadventurertales could herself/himself be undergoing fertility treatments and are wondering what the chances of having twins are. There have been a lot of twins in the celebrity world lately.

Urbanadventurertales was just asking a genuine question, I don’t know why you are so defensive about it. It’s a positive thing.

dsfg on

“I was hoping they’d get at least one girl.”

Really? I was hoping they’d get the sex(es) THEY prefer since they are their children.

brannon on

Again … doesn’t matter and doesn’t matter! Maybe he is mentioning these things in DEFENSE of his wife whom people seem to love to bash. Picking on a pregnant woman’s weight is just really mean. She is carrying TWINS.

Shannon on

Cutest family ever!!!

Lady on

She said that they did not…but then again, why would she have to admit if they did? It’s their business…nobody elses. Besides…who cares…they had a miscarriage & were having trouble getting pregnant…so im extremely happy for them…what blessings…cant wait to hear the names!!!! CONGRATS !!!!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Mariah and Nick! I can’t wait to hear the names that they choose and then to see these little ones!

urbanadventurertales – it’s a proven fact that it’s HARDER for women to conceive twins later in life …. a woman is most likely to have twins while in their late teens to early twenties because that’s when she is most fertile and for it to be boy/girl that would mean 2 eggs were releast at the same time. Now identical twins is where she only releases one egg and then it splits into 2 meaning 2 babies (which can happen at any age) ….. So yes Mariah probably had fertility treatments – I; myself, am going through fertility treatments right now so I know first hand about this. Whether she admittedly had fertility treatment or not, it doesn’t really matter, all that matters is that Mariah and Nick have 2 healthy babies with a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Bancie1031 on

OH and another thing …. everyone wants to talk about her weight gain but with twins the average weight gain is 50 – 65 pounds. I have 2 friends that both have twins right now (one set is identical and the other is boy/girl), both DOCTORS (completely different Dr.’s) told them each to gain about that much weight …. EVERY pregnancy is different. My cousin’s wife, in her first pregnancy she gained almost 70 pounds and had a HUGE stomach, then with her second pregnancy she gained 15 pounds and the day before she went into labor you couldn’t even tell she was really pregnant (looked maybe 4 – 5 months pregnant and was still in her regular clothes), she had boys both times …. like I said EVERY single pregnancy is different.

Lucy on

I’m pretty sure the chances of having twins goes UP with age. Look it up.

Lisa on

Ugh… Is this going to be an everyday occurrence now, Mariah Carey posts?? So irritating when certain women get pregnant and they think they are the only ones in the entire world to ever be pregnant. Yammering on and on about what they eat, how much weight they gain, cravings, decorating, blah, blah, blah.

Congratulations!! enough already

Sydney on

Bancie1031, you are more likely to conceive fraternal twins at an advanced maternal age. With identical twins every single woman has the same chance as the next.

Mandy on

When you start fertility treatments they tell you what the chances are of having twins. The longer you are on them the more of a chance you have of having twins. Each one is different. With the fertility treatments I had it was a 20% chance of twins. With injectables the risk goes higher. That info can be looked up.

I think we bother celebrities too much by incessant wondering into their private lives. There’s no reason for us to know if one has fertility treatments or not. It should be up to the celebrity to tell us what they feel like telling us and for us to not bother them by incessant questions. If they want to tell us it should be their choice. Besides infertility is a taboo subject still. Most women are scared to admit their body doesn’t work the way it’s SUPPOSED to. It makes you feel like crap. You shouldn’t ask every woman who is pregnant with twins if she had fertility treatments, they might feel embarrassed about it.

Its like the weight issue. Pregnant women feel as big as a house anyway. Yes make them feel like crap by telling them they are huge or they need to lose weight. Like someone said the RECOMMENDED weight gain for twins is 30-50 lbs. How do you think YOU would look with an extra 30-50 lbs on you. Not to mention everything that pregnancy does to you like swelling. That will make you LOOK like you are bigger than you really are. She looks beautiful and I don’t think she looks too big. She looks just right.

I’m happy for them. And I still say there’s no reason for us to KNOW if they used fertility treatments to get their twins. That’s NOT info we NEED to know. If they CHOOSE to disclose that information that is up to them. We should NOT be saying stuff like that on here where these celebrities can read it. They do read it. It’s not right for us to bother them like this.

cris on

For those of you complaining about them being media whores, this is the SAME article/interview that has just been recycled each day.

Be happy for these two! They are in love and so excited to welcome their little bundles of joy that they have waited so long for!

chelsea on

Why is it that every celebrity that has twins, has a girl and a boy

Kristin on

^ They don’t. Ricky Martin has twin boys, Jerry and Rebecca have twin girls, Sarah Jessica and Matthew have twin girls, Celine Dion has twin boys, Marcia Cross has twin girls, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon has twin boys, Jenna Jameson has twin boys, Julie Bowen has twin boys…

And yes, the second half of this article is just quotes from one the other day. You can tell it’s old when they put a link to the original article. Obviously they were just trying to make this piece longer.

Congrats to Mariah and Nick!

Amanda on

Congrats to them! How wonderful that they get to experience both a son and a daughter. I’m sure both will be absolutely adorable!

Bancie- It is pretty well known by anyone with medical knowledge that advanced maternal age increases the likelihood of fraternal twins. Being part African American also would have increased her chances and if she had any family history that would increase her chances as well.

urbanadventurertales on

@Bancie- actually it’s more common for women who are older than 35 to spontaneously conceive twins. But I still am pretty positive that Mariah (along with Jennifer Lopez, Rebecca Romaine, Marsha Cross, etc) had fertility treatments. Not that it matters, I just think the chances of them conceiving twins spontaneously is pretty unlikely.

I’m a mom of twins (had them when I was 26 and I did not use fertility meds). I gained 37 lbs. and I’m an average sized woman. Fertility meds can make some women gain weight, but not all.

Hea on

Is he her husband or her pr-manager?

B on

Why do people always assume that a “source” is reliable? This is just turning into tabloid crap. Why not wait until one of the actual parents confirm this?

martina on

Mariah is 41 y.o. and is a plump girl to begin with. What do you people want from her? With twins she’s likely not allowed to work out. Of course she’s going to put on weight.

She’s going to get trashed no matter what. I gained 28lb with my 1st (5’6/120 lb normally) – and some idiots still asked if I were having twins! Now I am pregnant again, and several people told me enthusiastically I looked “huge”… with a 15lb weight gain at 26 weeks! I will never understand why people think it’s ok to comment on a pregnant woman’s body. It is so wrong – because they don’t really know the circumstances, health situation, etc. I wish people would stop judging. Especially women judging other women.

sky on

@celebabylover. having had gestational diabetes myself, it does not cause weight gain if diet controlled and exercise. it only causes weight gain only if it goes untreated. in fact, you stay thinner than the rest of the other pregnant moms as your diet is so much better. she has weight gain as she is carrying twins and younger moms can get GD too.

Kate on

How far along is she?

Mia on

One of each-Congrats to them!!

I think they did use some kind of fertility treatment/or help along the way-there were pics of them going to a clinic..etc. The chance of conceiving twins is much higher-but since this is their first full term pregnancy it seems more likely that they did have some kind of assistance-Vs. Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie already had 1 baby (Shiloh) so twins was just a happening occurrence.

She’s due in late April-early May, but since it’s twins she’ll probably have them early-mid April.

Jill on

Bancie, I hope your doctor is not giving you that information because it is not true.

The reason why this site takes one interview and makes 5 posts is because of all the hits this site gets. So, news flash, if you want to see less of them, don’t comment and you will see less πŸ™‚

Sky, Exactly!

THEY confirmed they were having boy/girl twins!! So it is a confirmed story!

Indira on

Why does it matter what she’s having?

Why does it matter what the names are going to be?

Why does it matter what her pregnancy cravings are?

None of it matters but, I was just curious. Don’t bite my head off. I was more so wondering because I read boy/girl twins are more common with IVF.

Mia on

Boy/Girl twins are the most common set of twins in general-it’s actually less common to have two boys or two girls -vs-one of each. Even less common for the twins to be all identical vs. fraternal (even more so with bigger multiples like triplets..etc).

steph on

“A source confirmed”….a source…so NOT Mariah or Nick…I’ll be waiting for an actual announcement from them before I believe this article.

Gemma on

People get so defensive here! No one has attacked Nick and Mariah for (possible in vitro) or weight gain etc, so why the fuss? This is a forum and everyone has the right to ask questions…some of you just like to stir trouble.

Lucie on

I wonder that if they did do treatments, if they went to one of those Baby places where you can choose if it’s a boy or a girl. Maybe that’s what they did when/if they inserted the eggs? Just wondering…

Jill on

B.R on

If you watch the interview that she did when she announced that she was pregnant she talks about having surgeries after her pregnancy to correct the problem of not being able to carry full term. From my understanding she had two surgeries and then injections in order for these babies to happen, and it took her about two years to do so. She even addresses her weight gain and says herself that it’s is from the injections, like it happens with most women, but she wanted nothing more than to be a mom and if this is what it takes then she was/is more then happy to do it. Plus you get to see them as a couple and how truly sweet they are to each other and she wouldn’t answer questions on his behalf she asked the reporter to wait till he came out. It just goes to show the true respect in their relationship and that there is so much more to them then we see. There were pictures taken of her three days after she lost the first baby, cause it was around the holidays and she didn’t want to upset her family by the sad news so she put a smile on her face and waited till after the holidays. Now to me that shows a really strong women, who puts her family first. She will be a great mom, and something tell me he will be an amazing dad. I wish them all the best.

ecl on

So infertility is nothing to be ashamed of, but we can’t talk about it? There is absolutely NO WAY that all these stars have twins without help. I appreciate it when they discuss what they went through in order to help lessen the stigma. Of course, they don’t have to, but it’s nice.

Kelly on

Why do people get all up in the air when a reader “hopes” an individual/couple/family gets one gender or another…Actually, I think it’s silly on both the original poster and respondent’s part.

Jill on

Kelly, for starters, wishing and hoping and praying for someone you dont know, is silly because you dont know anything about them. Second here is why…..unless you know what the couple wants its silly. If they want twin boys and you are praying for twin girls, you are doing the opposite of what the want. Quite silly to me! Personally I think it’s weird that people get so into people they not know and start wishing for girls or boys. How bout wish for healthiness……especially since she has already had a miscarriage.

Now all I was doing was answering a question…..not starting a debate. So hold back your attacks.. Say what you want, it’s your opinion……and this is mine.

Brooklyn on

Wow, some of these comments are so mean . . . what did Mariah or Nick do to any of you? Gosh, she’s been one of THE biggest music stars in the world for two decades (hence the interest in her), and has gone through some very painful personal times (unfortunately, we know all about that even though it is none of our business). Now she has wonderful personal news to share, and it’s about time–that’s the stuff I wanna hear about! I am so happy that she has such joy in her life now, with a husband who clearly adores her, and the babies they long for on the way soon!

Samantha on

CelebrityBabyLover – sky was right, GD only causes weight gain if it’s not being controlled. I had GD (at 24) and gained a total of 20 lbs. I started the pregnancy at 105 lbs (I’m only 5’2″), and I controlled my GD with diet alone (couldn’t exercise because I was “high risk” due to early dilation). What I was told, since I didn’t fit the “standard” for having GD, was that it really is mostly genetics. Do people in your family have Diabetes? Then you’ll be more likely to have GD. If not, you’re more like to not get it.

Danielle on

It amazes me how people complain about them wanting fame….but then respond to the article?

GD is pregnancy induced diabeties. It occurs because the hormones produced by the placenta effect the pancreas from producing insulin and reposnding to glucose in your body. The danger is that if not controlled, the baby gets high levels of glucose which has its own health concerns.

Twins can be faternal or identical. Spontaneous faternal twins are more common over 35 as women can release more than one egg at a time.

Idenitcal twins are actually more common in the beginning on a womans reproductive cycle or the end as the theory is that those eggs are more susepticle the genetic make up allowing them to split. I was 37 when I had my spontaneious idenitcal twin girls. I still get asked if I had fertility treatments… and I tell people that the outcome is no different and would my kids be any different?

Nina on

I think it’d be really cute if they named the daughter Carey. πŸ™‚


that is soo cool i got twins boys they are 3 years old they be 4 aug 28 twins was so hard so i am so happy for her my twins are my worlds