Keith Urban Shows Off Newborn Faith Margaret

02/01/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Meet Faith Margaret! Keith Urban shared an iPhone photo of wife Nicole Kidman cuddling with their 5-week-old daughter at Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. “She just looks like her, don’t you think?” the country star asked reporters.

Big sister Sunday Rose, 2Β½, has been adjusting since Faith Margaret’s arrival on Dec. 28. “I think anybody who has had two kids knows when the second comes along the first goes, ‘Oh. There’s competition,'” Urban, 43, explained. “But she’s really great with her and has known about her for all of this time.”

Courtesy Keith Urban


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Hea on


Patty on

LOVE this family! Congratulations again to Keith, Nicole, Sunday Rose, Connor & Isabella!

aml5 on

Nothing like a chunky healthy baby that is loved!

Shirelle on

she is so cute!

Kelsey on

Awwwwww! How lovely! I love them all. They are so adorable. I love them. How freaking amazing.

gloria on

AWWWW, that is too precious! She definitely looks in this photo to have Nicole’s nose! I’m so happy for this sweet family!

terri on

Even though I’m NOT a fan of either one, bless this family.

Leslie Davis on

Congratulations to a blessed family.

Kim on

Awww, cute picture.

Vera on

What a beautiful baby!

sam on

She look’s cute as a button!

Kris on

Aww look at her cheeks. So cute.

Louise on

She looks like her older sister did in a similar photo. What an awesome happening and awesome family.

Laura on

Good for them! I wish both of those girls a happy and loved life.

Eva on

Does Keith not consider Connor and Isabella his kids?

β€œanybody who has had two kids”.

Amanda on

I can’t tell anything by that photo, its terrible quality. I can’t even tell that is supposed to be Nicole holding her.

mahgo on

Connor and Isabella aren’t his kids. They live with Tom and Keith never had a hand in raising them, so it’s understandable.

Noelle on

I find it sad that Connor and Isabella don’t even seem like her kids. It’s like she has this totally seperate family and they’ve been completely excluded. Obviously theres so much we don’t see so who knows why it is that they’re never with Nicole (or it seems that way) or what the circumstances are, but it just appears that Nicole isn’t even their mother.

Does anyone know…do they call their kids by both names? Sunday Rose, Faith Margaret?

Hea on

Is he holding his iPhone to Nicole’s chest or what? I see boobies!

Maive on

I didn’t understand at first where he was showing this off at (I was skimming too quickly I guess) and was like “what is the backdrop behind his phone……oh, wait, it’s Nicole Kidman’s boobs… it.” LOL. Cute baby!

Jennie on

Congrats Keith,Nicole, and Sunday!. I’m a big fan of Keith Urban. He has come through alot of personal struggles, and it seems he has finally happiness! I’m sure he considers Connor and Bella his children, but he will be raising these children from day one. It is a different situation.

jessicad on

How precious!!! She looks beautiful!

Sounded to me like he was referring to the competition between siblings when another comes along, which he’s had zero experience with. Why do you guys dig so deep for negativity? It’s getting ridiculous.

Sarah K. on

This again? Nicole has 4 children and Keith has 2 children and 2 step children. This is a fact of many blended families. He wasn’t there when Bella and Connor were babies so he didn’t get that experience. This is the first time he’s had babies so obviously this is new for him.

Why is that when Gisele refers to her step-son as her, there’s an uproar and when Keith doesn’t, there’s another uproar? Double standard much?

Tee on

Baby Faith looks just like Sunday Rose did at that age! Beautiful picture!

Bancie1031 on

AWE! How cute! Congratulations once again to Nicole and Keith (and Sunday).

KB on

Nice pic of phone centered right between the cleavage. Classic.

gloria on

On Keith’s last 2 albums since he’s been with Nicole, he always includes a thank you and expression of love to Bella and Connor in his liner notes. I’m sure Bella and Connor feel the love Keith and Nic have for them. But divorce is such an ugly thing. Tom left Nicole, she didn’t decide to split that family up and it sounds like she was left pretty torn up about it. But kids are funny.

When my ex-husband and I split up, my daughter was 20, but she still to this day blames it all on me and will hardly come to see me because her Dad lives in the house she grew up in and that will always be home to her. But if she really needs something done, I’m the one she calls. He was the one with the most money,(believe me he used that to his advantage) so there she stayed. I’ll never have the close relationship she has with her Dad, but I know she loves me and I’m there if she needs me. So I can pretty much relate in some ways to Nicole and I’m not going to judge her and especially about her adopted children.

Natacha B on

This is #4 for Nicole, not #2.

Congrats to Nic, Keith, Sunday, Connor & Isabella….

I think Connor and Isabella get left out of the Cruise & Kidman family news more often than not…It’s all about Suri, Sunday and now Faith.

Lyle on

I think little sweetheard Looks just like Mommy & Daddy, Nicole n Keith.

Aleks on

I love Nicole and am so happy for her and Keith! They are wonderful people and parents.I named my daughter after her sister, Antonia.

Rach on

I’m sure with Tom’s controling ways, he did not allow Nicole to be a mother to Connor and Isabella. The only reason Katie is photographed with those 2 kids is because they all live together and therefore go out to dinner and events as a family. When Tom is done with Katie, she will no longer be involved in their lives.

Cesa on

I am thrilled for Nicole and Keith and their four little ones. They seem to be wonderful parents so their kids are blessed to have them.

Amber on

@Noelle – I was reading an article/interview with Nicole the other day and she discussed her relationship with Bella and Connor. It went along the lines of “When Tom and I split, they made the decision to remain living with him and Katie. I love them, but there’s nothing much I can do about it. So I try to be the best Mum I can be despite not being with them all the time.”

I think it’s a common misconception that Nicole somehow “chose” to be apart from her eldest two children.

Putting all that aside, congratulations to this gorgeous little family!

Raina on

They are a beautiful family and I wish them all them best.

I am sure that Connor and Bella feel just as much love as Faith and Sunday. If they do spend time with their mom (Im sure they do!) They don’t want to be chased by the paparazzi so they prob just have family time at home.

Michelle on

The fact is that Connor and Bella are older and not as intersting to the paps. And despite being a whackadoodle, Tom does a really good job of shielding them from the spotlight. Trust me, they are not being ignored by either of their parents.

Allison J on

What a cute baby! It will be interesting to see which parent little Faith resembles as she grows up. Sunday Rose looks like Keith, to me. Maybe Faith will resemble Nicole more. Either way, they have two beautiful little girls.

Amanda on

Conner and Isabella were fairly old before their mom married Keith. I don’t think of my mom’s husband as my ‘step dad’, technically he is but he’s never been a dad to me. He’s a great guy and I’m happy that he makes my mom happy but he’s not my dad and I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t consider me his child. It’s just how it is.

That baby is gorgeous!

Gem on

Connor & Isabella are older. They aren’t little children suddenly dealing with a new baby, which is what Keith was reffering too. They’ve allready dealt with new babies before (Sure & Sunday), so they won’t be kicking off. Keith Urban was reffering to impact of a new sibling on a young child, their role in family dynamics, isn’t related to that specific issue he was reffering too.

Their’s an 11 year age gap between me (the oldest) and my next sibling, I’m sure I reacted differently to a 2 1/2 year old at not being the baby anymore.

Its OK to not mention step children at everyopportunity.

alice jane on

It’s weird how people think they know the family dynamics of people they don’t even know. I doubt anyone who is not in Nicole, Keith, Isabella, Connor, Tom, or Katie’s inner circle actually knows what goes on in that family. The way it should be, in my opinion.

Faith Margaret looks like a little doll, so sweet!

Ebony on

Congrats to the couple, may THEIR ENTIRE family continue to blessed. I do not understnd why people are so focused on negative things stick to the topic of the article.

Anonymous on

Awwwww. She does have Mommys nose! But Sunny looked alot like Nic as an infant and now she is the spitting image of her Daddy! Right down to the gap in her cutie-pie teeth! Congrats to the happy family! Nic and Keith deserve all the happyness that they have created together. Wonderful loving couple.

Susie on

Gorgeous but what else would you expect? Sunday Rose is beautiful too. Look at the parents it’s hard for those girls to not be beautiful!!!

Nicole on

For anyone having an “issue” about Connor and Isabella get over it!! Tom has complete control over that situation. I have no doubt that was the arrangement from the get go and that is exactly why Nicole is not involved. Seriously though, who cares what the relationship is between her older children and herself, it’s her personal business and the article was about the beautiful baby girl they just had so stop the negativity

Rachael on

Congrats to the entire family, it’s very obvious how excited and tickled they are to be parents!! I’m sure they all try to be good parents, and I give the older kids credit for not wanting to be in the spotlight and raised like normal teenage kids…

I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise at all, but I can’t imagine he makes it easy for anyone to see his kids and there is a reason Suri is constantly photographed.

Can’t wait to see more pics!

steph on

Oh please, you people didn’t even KNOW about their new baby, as if you even have a tiny clue about the relationships between NIcole, Keith, Isabella, Connor, Tom, Katie and the little ones. Its really sad that you write crap about these people when you obviously have NO idea…

adorable on

Much happiness to this cute family. So happy for Nic and Keith that they have these two beautiful little girls!

aly on

Congrats to big siblings Isabella and connor and lil sis Sunday. This is an amazing real couple that values the important things in life and keeps the press out of their life and not filming their children everyday. Nic and Keith keep up your journey!!! You 2 are amazing.

Marcia on

I am so glad that Nicole FINALLY was able to have children of her very own with someone she obviously loves and is very happy with…Keith Urban. Congrats and good luck to Nicole, Keith, Sunday & Faith. Also to Connor and Isabella too. (Don’t forget that they also have a half-sister, Suri Cruise.) So that is a big family for Connor and Bella….

Ronda on

Yes, Faith Margaret looks like Sunday Rose did at this age. Time and again, I have expressed pride in the accomplishments of Nicole and Keith. I do it again. This little girl is so lucky she has loving family, parents, and siblings. The miracle of love is seen in these children. I am so happy for all of them. These are sweet little girls. I can imagine Isabella and Connor are happy with their little sisters, but at the same time not interested in the paparrazzi. People should respect that.

ali on

I admire the fact that Nicole lives a somewhat normal life with Keith and isn’t living an abnormal life the way she used to with Tom Cruise. Tom lives the way he does because he is, “Tom Cruise, Actor” and thinks he is too special to live a normal life. I’d hate to break it to Mr. Cruise that Nicole is an actor too, and perhaps even a better one with more awards than Tom? Yet she continues to live a normal life without having to sell baby pictures because HIS baby was so damn special. I’d imagine Nicole is far more happy with her new life than the old one with Tom.

As far as Bella and Connor, I feel sorry for those kids. Tom wanted nothing but control yet he seems to be the one who side steps those kids. Nicole got screwed over with her first two children because of Toms control issues. There is nothing she could have done without having to drag those kids through the mud to get some custody but against the all mighty Tom Cruise? Perhaps she didn’t feel it was worth it to drag Bella and Connor through all of that.

Taylor on

It’s amazing how Nicole and Tom have clearly moved on but those who have no meaning to them still bitch about the situation.

If Nicole truly thought her children were being taken away from her or the situation was being controlled by Tom, she would’ve gone to court and fought for them. Instead, she and Tom made the decision to put their children’s best interest at hand and allow them to live in the only city they’ve ever known in order to live the lives they were most familiar and comfortable with.

Susanne on

“Does anyone know…do they call their kids by both names? Sunday Rose, Faith Margaret?”

Noelle, I do not know if they call their kids by both names, but I would imagine not. Most people don’t. I have noticed this as a trend with People and a lot of other publications referring over and over to celebrities’ kids by their first and middle names — Honor Marie (Jessica Alba’s kid), Ella Bleu (John Travolta’s kid) and so on. It’s really overdone and annoying, much like the constant reference to so-called “baby bumps” in every story and photo about a pregnant celebrity.

AJ on

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl! All the best to all of you!

dsfg on

Anonymous, Keith’s older daughter is named Sunday, not Sunny.

VAR on

She’s a beauty! Congrats Keith and Nicole…happiness to your family and God bless.

coe.p on

My guess is that Scientology is what keeps the older kids with Tom and away from Nicole who renounced the religion when she and Tom divorced. She now has a wonderful and sweet family with Keith that is emotionally happy and well. I am so happy for all 4 of them. You are so fortunate to have found each other, Nic and Keith. Congrats. Love to watch you both.

CelebBabyLover on

Taylor- Exactly! Also, Nicole has spoken many times about seeing Bella and Connor. She has just always been a much more private person than Tom. I mean, we didn’t even know they were having a second child until after Faith was born! That should be plenty of proof that we really have no clue as to what really goes on in the Kidman-Urban family!

That being said, I also want to point out that Tom can’t really control Bella anymore. She’s 18, so legally she is an adult and can make her own decisions. She doesn’t have to do what her father says anymore! Mind you, I don’t think Tom ever DID prevent the kids from seeing Nicole, as what he and Nicole have said contridicts that. I’m just saying that in Bella’s case, the choice of when and how often to see Nicole is now hers and hers alone!

Michelle- Exactly! Two young adults are simply not going to be nearly as interesting to the paps as preschoolers, toddlers, and babies are! πŸ™‚

All of that said, Faith is adorable, and I hope we get to see a better shot of her soon! πŸ™‚

Tracey on

I think it’s so nice that they call her Faith Margaret instead of just Faith. Margaret is such a nice name that you really don’t hear much anymore.

Phyllis on

Congratulations to the entire Kidman/Urban family. I am sure that this baby will be as loved as any of the rest of the children are! Let everyone find happiness and peace with this new addition!

Gale on

Am I the only one questioning why they are calling Sunday the “first” child when in fact she has two older siblings who are no longer seen or talked about?

nattycountry on

Oh, she’s a cutie !!! Nice of Keith to show us the new family’s addition. Congratulations to both of them.

Alice on

Absolutely lovely picture. I am so happy for Nicole and Keith that they have added beautiful Faith Margaret to their family. I am a fan of both of them and they are lovely, amazingly talented people.

Admire them so much for making every effort to be and act as normal as possible. To share their baby’s picture like you or I would, in a phone photo or hospital photo and not selling them to the highest bidder.

Nina on

I’m so happy for them! They seem so good for each other, and it’s wonderful to see Keith drug-free and happily married with two beautiful daughters. Now that Nicole is over the nightmare that was that Scientology nutball Tom Cruise, I couldn’t be happier for her.

dsfg on

Gale, KEITH referred to her as the first child because she is HIS first child.

And for the millionth time, Bella and Connor have ASKED their parents not to talk about them to the media. I would too if I were a teenager!

dsfg on

Susanne, I agree!

dsfg on

“Trust me, they are not being ignored by either of their parents.”

Michelle, do you know them personally?

Kim on

@Gloria, God Bless You. Been there. They even come to me now about how disconnected their Dad is to them as adults because of the third wife. SAD! But they always call on Mom to FIX their problems. We should start a support group!

Congratulations to Keith, Nicole, Sunday Rose, Connor and Bella!!
Faith Margaret is beautiful!

Joanne on

Nicole has so much more class than Tom. Would you all be happier if she and Keith jumped on Oprah’s couch to tell the world about their new child???

missy on

It’s funny to me that when you read a Holmes-Cruise thread, you don’t see anyone bashing or even mentioning Nicole. Then when you open a Kidman-Urban thread, half the comments are bashing Tom. Nicole fans really need to move on and get over it. It’s been 10 years.

On another note, Faith is really cute. Congrats to the family.

Alexis on

@Susanne – yes, they call both girls by their full names: “As for the name Faith Margaret, Kidman says she was influenced by family – and her adopted southern hometown. “It’s that southern double name,” she says.”

I think both girls names are lovely. πŸ™‚

Tina on

Congratulations! I wish them ALL, including Isabella and Connor, the Best.

Courtney on

dsfg- keith has called sunday ‘sunny’…he said that in the people article about a month ago…there was the one part that he said that without nicole there wouldn’t be a sunny.

Crystal on

Who is the woman in the picture with the baby? That is not Nicole. Congrats to the Kidman-Urban family!

Trish on

Sweet baby girl, Congrats to them!! Yes, that’s Nicole in the pic!

CelebBabyLover on

Crystal- I’m pretty sure it is Nicole. πŸ™‚ I think it’s the poor quality of the photo that makes it difficult to make out that it’s her (plus it’s a side-shot, rather than full-on face shot).

dsfg- Exactly! Both Tom and Nicole have said that Bella and Connor have asked that they not talk about them to the media. Nicole is just respecting their wishes, and I think Tom is trying to but it’s hard for him sometimes (he actually said something like that in the interview, that Bella and Connor have asked not to be talked about but that sometimes it’s hard for him to remember that.).

Anyway, obviously both Tom and Nicole did something right as parents to Bella and Connor, because both Bella and Connor seemed to have turned out very well! πŸ™‚

Terri on

I love this couple. So happy that Nicole has found happiness.

kim on

could not agree more! What an amazing family! LOVE to see even a small part of it…so inspirational!

Jill on

Well, Crystal is pretty sure it is not her πŸ™‚

Angie on

It’s so funny to read all these comments. The article was about Keith showing off baby Faith for the first time…not Bella, Connor, or Tom. If you all want to get right down to the specifics Bella and Connor were adopted so they are in no way linked to Sunday and Faith – except being “step-brother and sister”. Nicole has said in many articles that her adopted children don’t like Nashville and that is why they don’t live with her. Also, Connor is into making movies so LA would be the place for that. I am sure that there is a whole lot more to this story that we don’t know… (BTW – you never see Keith, Nicole, Sunday, or Faith’s names in any of the Cruise-Holmes articles, so why bring up Tom, Bella, and Connors names in the Kidman-Urban articles?!)

They named her “Faith Margaret” because “Faith” is what they had to rely on in order to expand their family. “Margaret” is Nicole’s Grandmothers name (info from People Magazine and

I have heard Keith and Nicole refer to Sunday as: Sunny, Sunday Rose, and Sunday so I don’t think they go by “Sunday Rose” and “Faith Margaret.”
And you can tell that’s Nicole in the picture – look at pointy nose πŸ™‚

dsfg on

Angie, Bella, Connor, Sunday, and Faith all have the same mother, so they are NOT step-siblings. If you still don’t know what a step-sibling is, look it up in the dictionary.

And the fact that Bella and Connor are adopted is pretty irrelevant to your point, so why did you even bring it up? They are in fact linked / related to Sunday and Faith, regardless of whether or not they are adopted.

Kathleen on

Your new baby is beautiful. What a wondrous family. Blessing upon you

Gigi on

So cute!!!

Darby Cambron on

That is the most cutest picture I have ever seen! πŸ™‚