Christina Applegate Welcomes Daughter Sadie Grace

02/01/2011 at 07:00 AM ET
Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup

Christina Applegate is a brand new mom – of a baby girl, her rep tells PEOPLE.

“Actress Christina Applegate and fiancΓ©, musician Martyn LeNoble, welcomed daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble on Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 in Los Angeles,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “Mother and daughter are doing great.”

Adds someone close to the proud parents: “She’s a beautiful little girl, and they are so happy and in love with her.”

Applegate, 39, and LeNoble, 41, have been dating for nearly three years and became engaged last Valentine’s Day. The pregnancy was announced in July.

In August, Applegate told PEOPLE: “I’ll probably be a little bit hippie and a little bit Type A. I’ll take from what my mother did, which was way hippie and like, ‘Do what you wanna do,’ and bring some things that I know from watching my friends raise their kids. An amalgamation of sorts.”

— Julie Jordan and Stephen M. Silverman

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I love the name, although I am slightly beginning to tire of Grace just a little bit.

It felt like she was pregnant forever, though!

Regina on

Congrats! love the name!!

JM on

huge congratulations to them. Sadie is a sweet name. really really dislike the name Grace and it’s incredibly overused, so bland.

i wish them all happiness in the world with their little Sadie. πŸ™‚

Nella on

Congrats!!! Yay I am so happy for them! Love the name, very pretty! I had a feeling it was going to be a little girl.

kaatse on

“Sadie Grace LeNoble” sounds like a lady, i love it.

Lisa on

I love the name! Finally someone with a decent name. Everyone seems to be making them up nowadays. Love Grace! At least I don’t roll my eyes to hear it. Congrats!

tink1217 on

aww cute name!!! Congrats!!! After all Christina went through I am so happy for her!

jessicad on

I really thought she’d have a boy! How precious:) Love the name Sadie and can’t wait to see her.

KJC on

Congratulations to the new family!
She’s had a tough few years, and I am so happy that she’s healthy and happy!

Amanda on

Her name is beautiful! Also felt like she was pregant forever…LOL

brannon on

Agree that hers was a loooong pregnancy! So glad all are healthy and well and Sadie is an adorable name!

acorr on

awwwww, congrats to the new mommy. I too, love the first name they chose.

ELO on

FINALLY!!! I thought she was going to be pregnant forever. Congratulations to Christina and Martyn. I love the name.

Sydney on

Oooh, I like Sadie!


MominMacomb on

Awful name. My neighbor’d dog has that name and that what the name is…a dog’s name! I so give credit to them at their age having a child. I know when you have money it is much easier and less stres though. It’s difficult for everyday people to have children at an lder age. Between work, taking care of a house, the children errands, etc., it taks a toll as we get older. God bless that precious miracle!

Sandra on

I’m apparantly one of the very few who just adores the name Grace.
Like the name Sadie, but love the name Grace.

Laura on

I adore the name!!! I’m glad they are doing well. Congrats to Christina and her husband!

Alison on

Finally!! I never thought she’d pop. Congrats to Christina and Martyn.

ForeverMoore on

Do you ladies realize that pregnancy is almost a year long process? Of course it seems like she was preg forever!

Jgirl on

I’ve always loved the name Sadie, sweet! Congratulations on your precious baby, I am sure she is beautiful.

Amanda on

Love the name Grace! My second daughter’s middle name is Grace, there is something to be said for a classic name with great meaning. I’d rather that than a weird, made-up name ANYDAY.

Corrie on

Congratulations to them! πŸ™‚

Dana on

Congrats! I’m very very happy for her. I love the name Grace.

Amy on

Love the name!!!! Congrats all πŸ™‚

JMO on

I was just thinking yesterday that she was probably due soon! I kinda thought girl all along and the name Sadie is lovely although I was kinda gonna use it if I got a girl puppy soon πŸ™‚

Kristen on

I am so happy for her! Christina is absolutely one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite people to read about. I cannot imagine the life that little Sadie will have with Christina as her mom- I can only imagine that Sadie will have a blast and be loved beyond words.

Alexis on

congrats to them!

what a beautiful name!

Candy on

Congratulations to Christina and Martyn. I’ll bet that Sadie is a little blondie!

NM on

Yay!!!! A normal name!

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

Yaaay iam so happy for her! i love Christina Applegate! such a talented actress! & iam sure this baby will be gorgeous i mean look at these two!! Congrats

Randee15 on

Congratulations, Christina and Martyn! It must be such a triumph and a joy to have such a blessing after all your tribulations!

Yes, this pregnancy did seem to last forever! Especially odd since the date they announced the pregnancy and the actual date of birth was only six months (and six days) apart!

I think the name’s rather nice, if not my style. Sadie reminds me of the word “sadism” (but that might be just my own quirk!), and I prefer it as a nickname for Sarah, but if I ignore that weird association of mine the name itself does sound sweetly old-fashioned and pretty to me. Grace as a middle name is overused, yes, and quite bland now to me because of it; but, again, the name itself is lovely and timeless. Overall, I really can’t complain too much about it.

Hayley on

Congrats to them! Love the name, ESPECIALLY Grace! Such a timeless, elegant name! People always have to hate on something though…….pathetic.

A. on

Congratulations to them!!! I love the name and I’m sure little Sadie is beautiful! πŸ™‚

Rosen on

Grace is a classic! My goodness, anyone who chooses this name has impeccable taste.

Brianne on

Congratulations Christina and Martyn! I can hardly wait to see a picture of Sadie! Love and best wishes to all of you!!!

Barbi on

Rosen, I agree with you. Also, with everything Christina went through – healthwise – it’s by the grace of God she had this child, so the name is very appropriate. I also love the name “Sadie.” I’m very happy for them. Can’t wait to see pictures.

Lynn on

Congratulations to Christina Applegate and her fiance Martin. They are going to make wonderful parents.

Meghan on

A beautiful name for an undoubtedly beautiful baby!

Becky on

Love Christina and love the name..Wish them lots of love and luck…

@MominMacomb..You really think that Sadie or Grace is a dog’s name? I’m sorry that life didn’t turn out the way you thought it would be, but really sweetie, lay off the ugliness and bitterness…

madison on

yay! happy 4 her! πŸ™‚ nice name πŸ™‚

Indira on

I really really really really really hate the name Sadie. I always have. I don’t know why. Congrats to the couple tho!

momof3boys on

– mom in macomb – a little bit harsh on your post. Why comment on her age? there is no ‘ideal’ age to have a child. There are a lot of women in their late 30’s and early 40’s having children. It’s called ‘being ready’.

meme on

Beautiful names. I love them, and obviously they do too. That is all that matters.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations! Like the name …. knew it was going to be a girl! Can’t wait to see a picture of her ….

lilly on

i think the name is beautiful, such a normal name for a actress, lol but i have to say i love her and i think shes a great actress, and i think her age is fine for having a baby, everything happens for a reason, i bet she is glad she waited to have a kid until now, imagine if she had one 5 or 6 years ago, then she would have been raising a child and going through the cancer ordeal so i think its perfect timing. I hope Christina and baby are doing well, hope to see some pics of the little cutie soon, oh and ppl saying its a dogs name is crazy most ppl name there animals after people names, like come on ppl, and Grace is such a beautiful classic name, goes well with the last name, how is the last name pronounced anyways?

soph on

No, Rosen, it just means they are sheep.

Becky, want to lay off the ugliness yourself? Nice condescension there.

Tee on

Beautiful name! I’m so happy for them!

Shawna on

Congrats to them, I bet the baby is adorable. I did have a dog named, Sadie, alot of people name their pets “real” names like Sadie, Molly, Missy ect..but they are meant for humans, if someone chose to name their baby “Fluffy” or “Rover” then that might be different…lol.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them!

Sadie has been one of my favourite names for a while and I think it goes great with Grace. Beautiful combination.

Charmed on

@MominMacomb, Sadie Grace is not a dog’s name, it was actually my great-grandmother’s name. Its a pretty name for a little girl, and a lot better than what half the celebrities name their kids these days

Anonymous on

Omg! Congratulations! Wonderful news!

lyns on

OMG people, why is it when a celeb has a baby we start bagging the name? each parent has the right to choose what name they want!! yes im not a huge fan of Grace anymore cos it is getting used all the time, i think this is the 15th person i have seen with Grace as a middle name, but it what THEY wanted, and to see someone saying thank god to see a normal name, just because you have a unique name doesn’t mean the name isn’t normal…. some ppl don’t want their children to go to school with 5 kids in the same class with the same name as them!!! congrats to them i say

lisa on

The 1st thing I thought of when I heard”sadie”was my bosses old dog.I’ve never known someone named sadie.that being said,the more I think about sadie grace the more I like it.seems very girly&lady like.amazing journey for christina to get from cancer patient to new mommy.congrads on christina’s health&happiness.

Fifi Spotrover on

Goodness GRACious! A dog’s name? Yes, I know two people who named their dogs Sadie, but I also know someone who named their dog Bob. People name babies and furbabies the names they love, so that’s a ridiculous thing to say about a traditional name like Sadie. I know so many people named Grace I could scarcely count them all…most of them my friends’ children. But, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a beautiful, classic, timeless name. Congratulations Martyn and Christina and welcome to the world, Sadie Grace.

Shea on

@MominMacomb I’m 44 and currently my husband and I are charting to conceive (the old fashioned way without fertility of any kind), I am still fertile and my cycles are completely regular and I gave birth 26 months ago. Women aren’t as old as they used to be. We take better care of ourselves, we eat better, exercise more, live healthier lifestyles and look much younger than we used too. Look at the sitcoms from the 50’s and 60’s, those TV mom’s were in their mid 30’s, look how old they looked. Look at your mother or grandmother’s high school yearbook photo’s how much older they looked then you did at their age….

It’s not a big deal for women to have babies at an older age, (especially when you have had previous children).

BTW…I hope what ever happen to make your day so bitter gets better and your mood lightens. Life is too short to have such a hateful outlook.

Hi on

I really like the name. It somehow fits the parenting style Christina has chosen. As for the whole “dog’s name” thing, so what if it is? It’s certainly better than a superhero’s name (Kal-El Cage) or an airport worker’s name (Pilot Inspektor).
And didn’t she announce she was having a girl a few months ago? I thought she had, but maybe I’m thinking of somebody else. Anyway, I’m glad she had a girl. I feel like a lot of celebrities are having boys right now.

sam and freya's mum on

So happy for her, healthy baby girl after everything she’s been through. Her pregnancy seemed to last forever…! Sadie Grace flows nicely, IMO. Not hugely keen on their names separately, but combined sounds pretty. Always think of Sadie the Cleaning Lady when I hear the name but is cute. Congrats to her parents.

I agree with Lyns – my son’s name is certainly ‘normal’, only because we found it hard to agree on another boy’s name, daughter’s not common at all, which I like, son’s teacher commented knowing one other Freya and how she liked it – don’t come across it that often as not to everyone’s style, all have diff taste. My 6 year old son started a new school this morning and there were 3 Olivias in his class!

Sheila on

LOVE the name!! Congrats!

Gaia and Laban's mom on

Really not a fan of the name at all but, I like a different style of name. Its not a big deal, a difference of opinion is expected. Especially with something so personal as a name.

Romy on

very cute!

Anonymous on

“sadie grace” sounds like “say grace” lol i don’t like sadie as a name. it’s a nickname for mercedes. i can’t picture a 35 year old woman named sadie. i like grace. it’s overused, yes. but its a classic and it never loses its elegance.

Steph on

What a blessing! Christina’s been through so much and now she actually gets to experience motherhood. We should all hold our children a little tighter and realise how lucky we are to have good health and families!

Maddie on

Not really a fan of the name Sadie, but have always loved Grace. Congrats to the couple… although i can’t help but think what pretty baby’s Christina and Jonathan Schaech would have made…sigh. Kidding aside, congratulations to the happy couple! I’m sure they are elated with their little girl.

CelebBabyLover on

Anon- I didn’t know that Sadie was a nickname for Mercedes. You learn something new every day! πŸ™‚ I must say I prefer Sadie over Mercedes myself (and if they’d named her Mercedes, people would probably be going, “Who names an innocent child after a car?!” LOL!).

Hi- Nope, she didn’t. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I meant to say earlier that Christina’s baby actually isn’t the first celeb baby named Sadie. Adam Sandler’s oldest daughter is also Sadie. πŸ™‚

J on

Geez Mominmacomb, tell us what you really think about Christina’s baby and life…

Danielle on

I just love Christina! Gosh, I was just starting to think she was like Bonnie Swanson (On Family Guy), and be preg for 10 years lol. But congrats!!! I have been waiting to hear what name Christina would pick, I knew it would be normal, she said it would be too, For some reason I was thinking she would go with

I LOVE that name Sadie Grace Lenoble..sounds so girly and cute! I bet she will look like her mother!

Sydney on

Anon – Sadie is not a nickname for Mercedes, it’s a diminutive of Sarah.

Mira on

I like the name. First time I hear that people use it for dogs. I associate it with the Beatles song “Sexy Sadie”. Wonderful association for me. And the full name does roll off the tongue beautifully…

Sarah M. on

Natalie Grant (a Christian singer) had daughter Sadie Rose on December 17th, 2010, also. Finola Hughes (a British actress) has a daughter named Sadie Beatrice, born Oct. 7, 2007.

While I’ve heard it for dogs, I’ve heard it more for people than dogs.

Congrats to them! I’ve been waiting for this news!!

anna on

I have a friend who is 89 and her name is grace evans. what a name.

Anonymous on

Mominmacomb probably got pregnant at 15 and is a grandmother at 33, that’s why she can’t fathom anyone over the age of 35 having a baby. After a pack a day and one too many donut holes, of course she can’t fathom keeping up with a baby.

dsfg on

“I have a friend who is 89 and her name is grace evans. what a name.”
Huh? How is this at all relevant to this article? No offense intended, perhaps I missed something . . .

Wow, the responses to Mominmacomb are pretty rude. I did not find her comment “bitter” or nasty as others did. I read the responses to her comment before I read her comment. I was very surprised when I did read her comment, because I thought it was going to be rude and nasty, but it wasn’t. You people need to calm down. You can disagree with someone without rudely attacking them.

Lisa on

Sadie is an older name that has been making quite a comeback in the past fifteen years or so. At least it’s an actual name and not something completely ridiculous. It’s also my great-Grandmother’s name, so I don’t find it weird in any way. I think it’s cool that it’s in vogue again.

Congrats to Christina & Martyn. That is going to be one seriously gorgeous little girl. Enjoy every moment with her. =)

Val on

Isn’t it ironic that some people posting that they hate the name “Sadie” have gosh awful names none of us would want ourselves? I love the name Sadie and reading the news of her birth brought smiles. Congratulations to the happy family!

Val on

Beautiful name! What a great little family!

Annie on

Love Christina! Congrats!

soph on

Um, Val…not everyone’s real name is the name they’re posting under, I’m sure. Mine isn’t.

Gabby Turner on


aleigh on

So very happy for them, especially after all that Christina has gone through health-wise. I personally don’t like the nams “Sadie” but “Grace” is timeless. At least the names aren’t so far-out there like some of the people of today are using/making up. Many wishes for happiness and continued good health to them all, I’m glad she’s been able to experience motherhood……there’s absolutely nothing more rewarding than to hear the word “Mama” for the first time! Prepare to have your heartstrings pulled for the rest of your lives! =0)

Madison on

Congratulations To Christina Applegate & Martyn Lenoble! I Love The Name Sadie Grace.