Why Nicole Kidman Kept Baby Faith a Secret

01/31/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
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Now that the world knows, Nicole Kidman says keeping quiet about her 5-week-old daughter Faith Margaret was one of the toughest things she’s ever had to do.

“I wanted to be able to tell everybody because I was so excited about her,” Kidman told Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Why keep it a secret?

“We just decided this was our thing together,” Kidman, 43, said of keeping the news quiet with hubby Keith Urban. “It kind of just perpetuated itself.”

“[And] it protects her,” Kidman added, “and it protects everyone in the situation.”

The Aussie actress, who presented at Sunday’s awards show, announced the latest addition to her family on Jan. 17, three weeks after the little girl was born to a gestational carrier at The Women’s Hospital at Centennial Medical Center in Kidman and Urban’s adopted hometown of Nashville. She joins big sister Sunday Rose, 2½, and Kidman’s kids from her marriage to Tom Cruise, Isabella, 18, and Connor, 16.

As for the name Faith Margaret, Kidman says she was influenced by family – and her adopted southern hometown.

“It’s that southern double name,” she says. The name Margaret was her grandmother’s name, who Kidman told Rancic “had her last baby at 49.”

Said Kidman of her beloved grandmother: “She’s my inspiration.”

— Brian Orloff

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alice jane on

After the nightmare Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, and their surrogate went through, I find it totally understandable why they’d keep Faith a secret.

It definitely was a surprise though, they did a good job keeping the pregnancy under wraps! Very happy for them, Sunday, Connor, and Isabella.

Amanda on

I love this family. So real and sweet. I wish them the best with their new baby, and from the sounds of it there might even be more in the next few years!

brannon on

Don’t blame them! Love double names when they are carried off correctly 🙂 Hoping to try it myself!

Nancy on

Gee, I wonder if the Angie haters will think the same about Nicole’s choice of names. Sunday (church day) and Faith. Oh my, what terrible names!!!! Actually, I like them.

jessicad on

I don’t blame them for wanting to keep her a secret either! They seem like great parents and I wish them the best:)

Jess from Ohio on

I completely understand why she and other celebs keep their baby news under wraps. I mean, of course I enjoy hearing it and obviously reading this blog for it, but I do understand and respect their decision to do so. It protects them, their child, and their surrogate mother.

maggie on

i adore this family….i love the story behind Sunday’s name too. how sweet. Read an interview recently where keith said ‘without nic there wouldnt be a sunny’ how sweet. will the whole family join keiths world tour this april i wonder?

Leila on

Although Sunday is an unusual name, after hearing the story behind it, I now think it is great. Like Keith, I had more than a few lonely sundays and I can relate to the change brought by having a family.

jana on

Oh, please! What about her other two children? And, the term “gestational carrier” seems to sound rather cold considering the gift this woman was willing to help create for them. You know, she does have two older children…lets give Tom and Katie some credit there.

Tee on

I totally understand why they kept this pregnancy a secret! I hope they choose to share a new family picture soon though, because I would love to see baby Faith!

Jana, I’m confused. What do Tom and Katie have to do with this story?

maggie on

guys take a read of the liner notes on keiths latest album…the part he dedicates to Nic mentions ‘this family we are building’. i remember reading it and thinkin, are they pregnant? the dedication also says ‘all we need is faith’. all makes sense now!

steph on

so if its southern double name then they are calling her faith margaret and not just faith. and props to her grandma if she had last child at 49 and that was back in the day when most people had all their kids young!

steph on

Jana why do Tom and katie deserve credit?? Your post made zero sense!
I also think this proves that we really do not have any idea what goes on in these people’s lives, all those people saying crap like Nicole doesn’t see her kids, she didn’t want them etc truly have no clue and this will forever be an example of just how private this family can be.

Terri on

Who are the Angie haters?

Manal on

I think its beautiful how she had her children in nearly every way possible!! adoption , pregnancy and surrogacy!! amazing!

Kat_momof3 on

I am glad they successfully kept it under wraps… the paps are too nosy (as we learned from Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick’s situation) and it’s not fair to the gestational carrier to have that on them.

If they’d said they were expecting, the paps would have tracked her down, no doubt.

This way, she was able to carry on the pregnancy without all that extra stress and worry.

Julie on


I was a gestational carrier for a couple and preferred to call myself that as oppossed to the “surrogate” or even worse the “surrogate mom.” I wasn’t the mother of the twins I carried, I was the carrier. I felt as though surrogate mom or even just surrogate took away the status from the mom-to-be. Since most women who are in the situation to need a gestational carrier have already had enough dignity and rights stripped away from them I prefer to be one that takes anything more away from Mom.

Most gestational carriers agree with me. We are just the host and are gladly carrying the baby/babies in order to share love and joy with a couple that most of us have had with our own children.

soph on

I like double names – but that is one awkward double name. In most cases the middle name should be shorter, like Faith Ann or Faith Lynn. Try all you want Nicole (and Keith), I don’t think of either of you as “southern.”

Meghan on

I don’t see what’s so awkward about it, Soph. Besides it’s in honor of a loved one.

soph on

I get the loved one part. It’s just a long name to say and I doubt anyone outside the family will always remember to say them both together.

Mandy on

I’m happy for them. I can understand the reasoning for them to keep it quiet. I’m glad they have another miracle no matter how they had it.

pia on

i love nicole and keith. 🙂
am i the only one not DYING to know why she decided to go with a surrogate tho? i dunno why but it facinates me… maybe we’ll never know, but i’m glad she has another little baby girl to love.

Michelle on

Um Jana…her older kids are mentioned in the article, as is Tom Cruise. So, your point is????

KTP on

Soph it sounds like you’re being a bit hard on them.

What about Ann Margaret, Sarah Jessica, Sarah Michelle etc? I think Faith Margaret flows beautifully… and I hate the “southern” tradition.

I have only recently warmed to Nicole and I get sick of hearing all the hateful comments about her mothering. There is no doubt she’s had to earn her motherhood the hard way, not sure why people feel the need to bring her down.

CelebBabyLover on

soph- If Nicole and Keith are anything like my parents, they won’t care if people outside the family forget to say both names together. When I was little, my family called my by both my first and middle name (and, like Faith, my middle name is in honor of a family member), as did my parents’ close friends and even some of my dad’s colleagues (my mom was a stay-at-home mom until I started school). But virtually nobody else did….and my parents didn’t mind a bit (neither did I)!

steph- Exactly! If Nicole was able to keep Faith a secret, she can certainly keep her visits with Bella and Connor under wraps! And when you think about it, we don’t really see that much of Sunday, either! Anyway, I hope we get a glimpse of Faith soon!

Amanda on

Pia- it’s pretty widely known that Nicole has fertility problems and she has said on multiple occasions that becoming pregnant with Sunday was a miracle. They probably wanted their kids close in age and knew it wouldn’t be possible naturally.

Jana- nothing about your post makes sense. If I hadn’t had preterm labor issues when I was pregnant I wanted to be a gestational carrier. Gestational means the baby is Nicole and Keith’s biologically and carrier because she was the one who carried the baby. She’s not the mom in any way and I am positive that Nicole and Keith are completely thankful for her and her role in bringing their daughter into the world.

soph on

KTP: Perhaps so. CBL: True.
I’m rethinking what I said. 🙂