Mariah Carey’s Pregnancy Cravings Revealed by Hubby

01/31/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Eating for three would make any appetite skyrocket. With twins on the way, songbird Mariah Carey has been whipping up some delicious home-cooked meals every night, says husband Nick Cannon.

Only it’s the father-to-be who’s packing on the pounds.

“Last night we had smothered pork chops, collard greens, red beans and rice and a pecan pie with homemade whipped cream,” says Cannon, 30.

“She cooks it, tastes it, but instead of laying up and eating it, I end up eating it. I think she craves it, but once she cooks it and smells it then the cravings go away.”

One thing she is eating? Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal. “We have a lot of it!” says Cannon, who helped launch the new breakfast food in L.A. on Saturday.

Something else Carey, 41, has plenty of these days? Time to relax at home.

With a routine consisting of swimming a few times a day and “decorating and designing” their twins’ nurseries — “We’re building nurseries in both L.A. and New York” — the comedian, who will shoot his first live stand-up special at the Palms, Las Vegas on March 5, says Carey is “extremely healthy and getting her Martha Stewart on.”

They’ve even narrowed down names for their twins. “They won’t be crazy names like Carburetor or something,” he says. “But they’re definitely unique.”

— Jessica Herndon

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momof3boys on

I’m actually looking forward to hearing the names now. Plus, I can only imagine two babies in your stomach. With one, I was SO hungry, but couldn’t each much because my stomach was so small.

Auntie on

Hoping the best for Nick and Mariah.

Shannon on

Mariah Carey cooks? Who knew?

Sherry on

Wow–now wouldn’t that be great if every pregnant woman was like that? The cravings go away without touching the food and it’s the husband who gets fat!! 🙂

klutzy_girl on

I can’t wait to find out the sexes of the babies. (There was a rumor both babies were boys, but Mariah said no, so now I’m thinking girls or one of each.)

And that’s a creative way to get rid of the cravings – Cook it and then feed that something to your husband!

elle on

Wow, good for Mariah! She cooks! 🙂

Kathy on

I’m sorry, but the girl then pigs out on other stuff that she’s not cooking because she is most definitely HUGE.

Alexandra on

I never liked Mariah Carey especially when she went from early 90s pop princess to diva and wore these horribly unappropriate outfits. BUT I really like them as a couple, they seem extremely happy and cute. Strange how opinions change ^^ I wish them all the best, a happy healthy pregnancy and cute, healthy babies. 🙂

Annie on

I like the story of getting around the cravings. She probably just tastes everything a little while she’s cooking and, by the time she’s done, she’s satisfied. I imagine with twins in there you’d fill up fast and probably be hungry again in a little while.

stacy on

way to go mariah i love you always!!!!!

xyz on

looks like she’s gaining weight just fine….

cait42 on

kathy, she is expecting twins. you would expect her to get bigger than one who is expecting a single baby.

Tee on

She’s carrying twins. Odds are she eats small amounts of food several times a day! The more babies tucked inside your uterus, the less room you have in your stomach! I would love to see them with one boy and one girl… not sure why, but that’s what I see for them!

Katie on

@Kathy… LOL!! 🙂 I agree. She is big and I love it, because I got big too! More celebrities should be enjoying their pregnancy. And I don’t mean eat junk, but eat good foods.

Romy on

I have the hardest time believing all of this. Mariah really cooks all that all the time? in a magazine before he said McDonald’s cheeseburgers at midnight was what she wanted so he would make the run.
He probably got in trouble for that, lol

jessicad on

I can’t wait to find out what the twins are, kinda feeling one of each for some reason:) I don’t get the rude comments on her weight, she miscarried before and I’m sure she’s relaxing and enjoying food and keep the activity level down, which is what I would do.

Indira on

Why is it so hard to believe that she cooked all that? She had a normal upbringing so, I’m sure she knows how to cook in some capacity. Plus, they seem to have a very “old fashioned” relationship in someways. I thought this coupling was odd at first but,they seem very much in love and in it for the long haul. Mariah was never a small-boned woman. She was never really fat but, she’s 5’9 carrying twins in her 40s. Cut her some slack.

Mira on

Yeah, I’m not buying a word of this either.

clair on

Kellog’s crunchy nut is a new breakfast food? I’ve been eating it for about 20 years. Or is it just new to the U.S?

Terri on

Is there some reason she wouldn’t be able to cook? People act like he’s claiming she spread her wings and flew.

SH on

Kathy, why don’t you get pregnant with twins and see if you’re HUGE.

Amanda on

I never cooked anything beyond mac and cheese or frozen pizzas until I was pregnant with my first child. I decided I wanted to cook great, healthy food for my kids and I learned. It’s really not that hard to believe she might feel the same. She’s waited a long time to be a mom.

The comments about weight are just rediculous, she’s pregnant with TWINS! I know when I was pregnant with one baby I could barely eat anything at the end, so I imagine with 2 babies competing with your stomach for room she can’t eat much at a time. I for one hope she is fully enjoying every minute and despite what those commenting about her weight say (even though I’m sure those commenting about it are probably Mariah’s weight or heavier when not pregnant) I hope she doesn’t stress about losing the weight and lets it happen on it’s own with healthy eating and moderate exercise

Jennifer on

Microwaving the plate the chef left you isn’t really cooking Nick!

Paula on

Wow, Mariah actually cooks?? That’s hard to believe. I remember someone in one of the tabloids saying that she wanted someone to cook for her at all times and she didn’t want to cook and everyone had to wait on her hand and foot and whatever she says is the way it goes. She was always a big boned woman and looked like she could gain weight very easily, but now being pregnant and especially with twins, she might not lose that weight as quickly as she might think. When I first saw them together I thought they were such a mismatch and didn’t look good together, but who knows right?

Michelle on

I was the same way! I would crave something so much, but the minute I smelled it or tasted it, I would feel nauseated. I felt sick to my stomach throughout my pregnancies, but I’d still get these very strong cravings. I just couldn’t stand to eat what I was craving.

klutzy_girl on

Paula – Because everything the tabloids say is true, amiright?

I don’t understand why everyone thinks she’s lying about cooking. Maybe she likes it?

CelebBabyLover on

Romy- Cravings can change over time. 🙂

klutzy_girl- I agree! Anyway, I wonder when the twins are due? Also, I’m hoping she’ll have two girls, since it seems like it’s been awhile since there’s been a set of girl/girl twins in Hollywood. Most seem to be boy/girl, and the most common after that seems to be boy/boy.

Dee on

I was the same, I would crave something…cook it and then looked at it and lose my appetite.

I wish them all the best, Mariah seems to have settled into marriage and impending motherhood like a pro 🙂

I wish them, healthy, happy babies!!!

brannon on

Why are people so mean to pregnant women? Laughing at her weight gain? Really??

Kristine on

Grow up ladies… usual, woman attacking other woman for they lack happiness and are jealous. Get a life of your own and you will find you have nothing to say about a woman you don’t even know!

Hea on

Homemade whipped cream. What a master chef! 😉

Hope she has a great last few weeks of her pregnancy.

Meghan on

Some people find cooking and baking to be an enjoyable activity, not a chore. Maybe Mariah is one of them, Maybe she’s in nesting mode. The people on this site can be so nasty!

Capri on

Love this family…glad they are staying strong + loving up this time to themselves!! Cant wait to hear the babies names…excited =]

Stephanie on

I was the same way! I would make these lavish dinners, and as soon as I was done I was SO disgusted by the smell I couldn’t eat it anymore. I ended up eating a lot of salad, grilled chicken, salmon, and fruit when I was pregnant with my third. I was SO sick! I disagree with people saying she is HUGE…who here when pregnant didn’t gain a ton of weight? Plus she looks swollen…not chubby. That’s the bad thing about twins, you hold onto a lot of water weight.

Wishing her and Nick the best!

Alyssa on

When is she due, it seems like she’s been pregnant for years now.

C on

KATHY – YOU are probably HUGE! At least Mariah has an excuse for getting big. I’m sure that once she has the babies, she will do what she has to do to get in shape. I am not a fan of Mariah at all, but I do wish her the best with her pregnancy and babies.

Jill on

There is no way she cooks–she is too much of a diva. And healthy eating? That woman is huge, twins or no. She’s eating something fattening.

Kim on

Shouldn’t that read “her cook whips up meals”? I can’t picture this diva lifting a spoon for hear of breaking a nail.

Carla on

When I had my twins I didnt find out til the 4.5 month mark and my belly already looked like 6 months! She looks like shes on par, and dr’s encourage you to gain between 35-45 lbs. as a MINIMUM as it can help you carry the babies to term. Shes on her way and she looks awesome!

Nancy L. on

Mariah is glowing & is beautiful pregnant. You’re suppose to gain weight. I am praying that her babies are healthy. I’m so happy for her & Nick. Leave mariah alone!!!!!

brynniebean on

I myself am pregnant with twins and have been cooking like that, but I taste the food while I am cooking and then get way too full to eat anything else. When you are having twins, you dont have a lot of space in your stomache for huge amounts of fod, so you eat a little bit several times a day. Some of you people are so mean!!! She looks beautiful and I wish her and her family all the best!

gg on

People,please. All because she didn’t cook all the time does not mean that she can’t. Now that she has a reason to cook and eat healthier, she’s doing just that.

frid on

Mariah Carey IS huge. Where I’m from, the crown princess had twins (january 8)- and she wasn’t that big….. And that was her third pregnancy… So Mariah is just fat- and pregnant….

Julie on

@momof3boys – actually when I was pregnant with my twins I did the same thing. I’d cook and cook but hardly eat. With limited space it is hard to get food in there.

Good luck to them.

Jenn on

Wow, Kathy. Someone already came into this forum hating Mariah! Go away! Must be some Jealousy…

Jenn on

Lots of rude jealous people on here… the woman is in her 40’s, is married and had miscarriages prior. I love Mariah and if you don’t have something nice to say I’m sure when you were pregnant you weren’t Kate moss A-holes

Lady on

Frid…you are really rude…let’s see what you look like talking ish behind ur computer screen? Some of you women are really disgusting.

Anyways, just confirmed their having a BOY & GIRL…so happy 4 them!

Tanya on

I’m happy for Mariah ❤ Hopefully the twin are born with her talent and NOT his…lol

Susan Lewis on

Hubby is so hyper-excited, it’s adorable. It is very clear how much he loves his wife, and is looking forward ti being a Dad.

giggles on

Congrats on the babies~ you finally deserve happiness!!!!! 🙂

Andrea on

She was born in 1969. She is 41 going on 42 in March. Ticks me off when people try to shave years off their age.

gerry on

I wish Mariah & Nick all the best with the anticipated arrival of their twins. Here’s hoping for a happy & healthy family all around and may God Bless!

SweetDiva on

A lot of people change when they get married. Nick and Mariah seem like a very happy couple and perhaps she decided she’d like to cook her hubby a meal every now and then. People are allowed to change!

I imagine that Mariah may be hungry, but with twins your stomach feels smaller and every meal feels like it lands in your chest.

CAB on

Wow such nasty comments! Why is it hard to believe she can cook? Let me tell you if I was rich, I wouldn’t do anything for myself, I wouldn’t cook or clean or do laundry…nothing! Moreover, I think like any of us who has ever had a baby knows, weight goes to all places…I gained only 27 pounds with my baby, but it was all in my butt and legs, from my shoulders up I looked wonderful, then as you went down it was like…omg what happened!? LOL-she looks great and I hope she has two beautiful healthy babies. God Bless

gagirl on

Ummmm…..actually Andrea she was born 3/27/70. To use your words, it ticks me off when people come on blogs talking junk and are WRONG! LOL I cannot wait for her to have those babies! They’re going to be absolutely gorgeous. I am the biggest Mariah fan and I never thought I’d see this happen in her life. I’m really happy for her. I knew she cooked but had no idea she was throwing down like that! Get it Mariah w/ your pork chops and greens! BTW, you people claiming she’s so “big-boned” are killing me. Really?? No one ever said that until she wasn’t as skinny as her Dreamlover days. She’s not big-boned at all; she’s totally average in that regard. I think people were just used to seeing a 21 yr old skinny chick and then she grew into a woman. Khloe Kardashian is big-boned, Mariah is not.

Janet on

Was never really a Mariah fan myself… but she looks blissfully happy with her hubby and I am thrilled for her and the upcoming birth of her twins. Nick seems like he is really such a sweetie. How cute that he dotes on his wife like he does. I love that. And those babies are going to have everything they could ever want or need. Nick and Mariah will be wonderful parents. Was a bit doubting when they married so quickly… but sometimes you just know. And they certainly knew! My son was over ten pounds and I was HUGE! He was sitting on my chest my entire last trimester and it was hard to sleep laying down. She’s carrying twins. I can ONLY imagine! Be nice people. This little family doesn’t need to read such negativity… especially during such a joyful time in their lives. Try to be just a little happy for them. Just sayin!

Puckersbabe on

Shes having a boy and a girl! It was confirmed in another magazine! Congrats to them!

MamaMia on

Kathy you are extremely bitter. You NEVER call a pregnant woman huge, it’s just not appropriate. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and if I was called huge, I’m sure I would seriously lose my cool and use plenty of expletives. Mariah looks fabulous and I can’t wait to hear the sex and the names of her babies!

Rhonda on

To all the haters (especially Kathy)….the woman is carrying twins! Yes, she has gotten big, but that’s what happens when you’re pregnant. Furthermore, Mariah was not a bean pole before she got pregnant. I’m sure she’s being monitored very closely by her physician and she’s as healthy as she can be.

I wish her and Nick only the best and I cannot wait to see those babies!

B.J. on

Love Mimi 🙂 Always Be My Baby was my favorite song when I was younger. I am very excited to hear what they name their little twins!!

Haters gonna hate. I think MC looks marvelous!

Jill on

Boy/girl twins how cute and about 3 months to go!

Lose the word haters……

Kim on

I read on that they are having a girl and boy. Congratulations to them both! It will be nice to have one of each.

You people calling Mariah fat are really rude. She’s expecting twins and so what if she’s gained some weight, that’s what happens when you are pregnant.

Shannon on

Can’t wait to hear the names!

LawShar on

Nick and Mariah make a beautiful couple, so stop hating on them. Some people must be VERY miserable and unhappy. Leave your bad feelings at home for your own miserable family to deal with.

I pray Nick and Mariah have a safe delivery without incident or accidents, and beautiful healthy babies. Foolish chatter leave for your foolish and hateful friends, but leave this happy couple alone.

Nuf said…zzzzzzz!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Kim- So it’s Life & Style that “confirmed” she’s have a boy and a girl. Unless Mariah or Nick themselves confirmed to Life & Style (sometimes they DO get exclusives from celebs) I would that report with an entire salt shaker! L&S is not only a tab, but one of the most unreliable ones out there (in fact, on another blog I frequent, us commentors commonly refer to them as “Lies and S*&t”!).

As for Mariah’s weight, like another commentor said, how do we know it’s not water weight? Some women retain a lot of water while they’re pregnant (my grandmother being one of them. Her legs blew up like balloons when she was pregnant with my mother….due to water retention).

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I just read the Life & Style article, and it sounds like Mariah and Nick DID talk to them directly. The article also says they are “set to welcome their bundles of joy in April”. If that’s true, I wonder if that means April is when Mariah is due, or that April is when she’s expected to give birth (twins often come early)?

Mrs. Potato Head on

She is having a boy and girl. Their names will not be ‘unique’ they will most likely be dumb, although I will love to hear them. I like her singing and im sure her lil babies will love her singing too. I doubt she cooks, dude isnt getting fat, and please dont say this was a natural pregnancy. I cant stand those invetro people lieing.

jordansmommy on

she looks GREAT for being pregnant with twins.. wish i could have cooked like that when i was pregnant with just ONE kid. and seeings as shes carrying TWO babies instead of ONE.. she doesnt look ‘huge’ as some of you put it.. she looks like a HEALTHY PREGNANT MOMMY OF TWINS… sounds like shes eatting healthy as well. which is good. so back off her and let her be. shes only HUMAN for goodness sakes…. your doing GREAT mariah!!

Celia on

So happy for them!!

Mia on

I figured she was having a boy + a girl. One of each-lucky!! Apparently boy/girl twins is the most common. And she’s apparently due late April/early May-but she’ll probably have them in early/mid-April since it’s twins.

kazumi on

i’m just curious, are you most likely to have twins if the babies were conceived via artificial insemination?..i don’t have any facts or scientific studies to back this up, i just heard it somewhere, so if anybody knows, feel free to answer cause i really would like to know and congrats to M & N, it’s good that they not only expect one but two bundles of joy!

bruce on

Greens, red beans and rice…pecan pie??

She sings AND cooks?
Well all I can say is, don’t slip up Nick….cause I’ll be right there if you do my friend.

MiB on

Why is it so difficult to believe she is cooking? Some people like to cook, especially when they have time off (like she has right now). Then there are the varying degrees of nesting, from researching every bit of baby gadget to spending months trying to pick the perfect going home outfit or obsessing over names.

I had a friend who hated anything that had to do with house work, could hardly boil an egg and who furnished her flat with mismatching bits and pieces because she just didn’t care, then she met a guy, got pregnant and became what we called “Martha Steward on speed”, before the nine months were over she had (almost single handedly) repainted the flat, put new covers on the furniture, learned how to operate a sewing machine, made new curtains, arranged the cupboards, started growing herbs on her balcony, learnt to cook and started to learn how to knit (if the baby hadn’t been a week early I’m sure it would have had plenty of home knitted blankets, cardigans and hats). The baby got home to a spotless flat with a well stocked fridge and a colour coordinated nursery.

Whether she has a newfound love of cooking or has always loved it, Mariah Carey seems happy, and that is really what’s important here. Also, I haven’t seen any recent pictures of her, but she doesn’t look particularly huge or fat in any of the ones I have seen. She is expecting twins, so she is meant to gain a bit of weight, and she looks quite in line with every other twin mother I have seen (as did crown proncess Mary of Denmark).

Nmanswell on

stop hating on M & C, I think they make a great couple and look forward to them havig happy, health babies and people come doesn’t matter how the babies were concieved they’re here and M & C are very happy. So back off

sue on

U look beautiful mariah! I love you. Much kisses……….

tahoegeminii on

well that is a good try Nick-but Mariah has been packing on the pounds for 2 years now and it is obvious that he is just as skinny as he always was -and since he is only now becoming a full grown man he should be putting on some weight-but isn’t-and if anyone here thinks it was luck they have one of each twins-you are really ignorant-she has done every unnatural freaky Dr. Frankenstein procedure she could pay for to get pregnant-so the amount and sex of the babies is a science experiment not luck-and she will have her babies on a Dr.’s schedule complete with C-section and epiderals-I am sure they already have it set-so all the guessing when her due date is only to get more attention-you don’t for one instance think Mariah is going to do the birth naturally-nothing else in this pregnancy is natural-you think she even tolerates the cramps??? She is not doing labor without epiderals and pain killers

Anonymous on

now maybe she will dress like a mom instead of a porn star!!

PaperDoll on

Spread your wings and prepare to fly, for you have become a butterfly… Im so cheesey haha

Mariah was my first Idol (and gwen stefani) from when I was about 7 on up. Im happy to see shes having babies finally! They say women who get old and never have a child get cranky! I dont know if her first husband was even still fertile so this is good for her! yay!

I still remember everyone singing Hero in my dang elementary school talent show! These babies will be glamorous!

gbaby on

in my opinion Mariah carey is way to old for him he is 30 and she is 11 yrs older than him and i feel anything between the age 30 and 48 anything can come between that

tianlivS5i on

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