Family Photo: The Spelling-McDermotts – Ahoy Matey!

01/31/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Argh! Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and their kids Liam Aaron, 3½, and Stella Doreen, 2½, pose with The Never Land Pirate Band from Disney Junior’s upcoming animated series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. The new show premieres Feb. 14 with the debut of the new Disney Junior block on Disney Channel.



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Angi on

I hate to guess this stuff….but it looks like Tori has a bump. I could be wrong,but I know they wanted my kids.

Mina on

And now will come the “is she pregnant?” posts.

laura on

Is it just the way she is standing or does Tori totally look pregnant?

Amanda on

Ok, now I’m not one to speculate, but she looks pregnant! I love this family!

Jennifer Redgrave on

Beautiful kids ! Tori looks pregnant ?!

Emilie on

Is she pregnant ? It look like a baby bump in the picture… 🙂

Sophie on

Omg she soooooooooo looks pregnant in this pic :-o! Or it’s a really bad angle, but I think we can add her to the ever-growing list of pregnant celebs ;-).

Sara on

Is Tori pregnant again?

Stefanie on

Is Tori pregnant???

Sadye on

Is she pregnant again??

Amy on

Stella and Liam are getting so big!!! I really hope Tori and Dean do another season of “Home Sweet Hollywood.” I loved Liam, he always was cracking me up.

inge on

is she pregnant?

Nikki on

Tori looks like she’s pregnant in this picture. Even though her kids are beautiful, please let it not be so.

TM on

I’m never usually one to ask this, but is that a baby bump on Tori? It’s probably just the cut of the dress.

Mom03girls on

Really people!!! You don’t think she would have announced it if she was pregnant again??? She loves getting attention 🙂

klutzy_girl on

I thought she looked pregnant, too, but here’s photos from the 21st that seems to indicate she isn’t:

She could have popped since then, though.

Amanda on

She definitely looks like she has a bump, but it could just be the way she’s standing too. Time will tell! If she’s still doing the reality show they may not be allowed to announce it until the show airs.

brannon on

Oh dear … if not, you may all be responsible for her final exit into starvation.

southern mama on

From that angle, she definitely looks like she’s got a bump, but here’s a pic Tori tweeted from the event and she doesn’t appear to pregnant.

Kimber Christian on

She didn’t announce that she was pregnant with Stella until paparazzi shots came out of her with a very noticable bump. I think she’s DEFINITELY pregnant. With as skinny as she is, there is no way she’d have a belly like that unless she was expecting!

urbanadventurertales on

I agree with Kimber! I think b/c of how scrawny Tori normally is, there’s no way this could be “just a bad angle”.

Shannon on

I thought they already said they were trying for a third baby? Or maybe that was a blind item. lol

Mandy on

I also heard Liam had a scare a few weeks ago. He fell and hit his head and was vomiting and Tori had to rush him to the E.R. but he was ok.

southern mama- Even in that picture you posted she looks like she has a bump.

I guess only time will tell.

Jill on

Last week she looks like this….

She really grew a “belly” in a week….or maybe her dress fluffed out.

Jen on

Tori totally has a baby bump!

Sam on

Liam and Stella are adorable! I love Liam’s little voice, he is a funny we guy! But another baby? Why? You have a boy and a girl. Dean has two boys and a girl. Where is young Jack on ‘family’ outings like this? I can’t imagine him seeing so many ‘family’ pictures with his own dad in them – – and him not in them. I don’t think she is pregnant, she has a full plate now with her kids clothing line, doing weddings and having two young kids, according to an interview I read.

Alysia on

The picture that came out on the 21st could have been shot who knows how long ago. She is so skinny that she has to be with child. Shes expressed she wanted more kids about when Stella was like 2. Shes due to have another kid and im sure she is having a baby. She is an attention hog but her husband may not want to say anything.

Zayas mommie on

I’m glad everyone else is saying the same thing, because I was thinking she looks like she has a little baby bump. I hope so, they are an awesome family!

Sam on

Notice the date this was taken, Tori is not pregnant…..yet!

Amanda on

Sam –
Jack is usually with them but his mother doesn’t like him to be photographed a lot so that’s why he doesn’t appear in the picture and headlines.

Jeanne on

I’m shocked by this picture – if she’s not pregnant she should fire the stylist who picked that dress and the photographer who snapped the picture! It’s cleaaaaaaaaaaarly a baby bump!

Jill on

The only reason this site posted this picture is to cause speculation which means she is most likely not pregnant….check out the picture of her during yoga…LAST WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

She should really talk to the person who dresses her because that is one bad dress. And now she will be starving herself for a long time.

Sam on

@ Amanda – I’ve heard that but I’ve also seen pictures of Jack on occasion out with them. Maybe the ones I’ve seen are from the paps, rather then arranged ones like the one above. 🙂

Sam on

@ Jill, good post! I agree. She is not pregnant, it’s just the flow of that top she is wearing.

Tee on

Sam, I don’t know if she is pregnant or not, although she certainly looks pregnant in this picture. But not everyone is okay with only having a boy and a girl. (They’ve made it clear why Dean’s son isn’t usually in pictures.) I’m quiverful… I don’t believe in birth control at all. While my guess would be that Tori doesn’t believe the way I do, that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t want more than two children!

Jordan on

I think Tori is pregnant! I know this is not an excuse but normally she would be holding one of the kids.

klutzy_girl on

I found these pictures from Saturday and she definitely doesn’t look pregnant there:

I think it’s the dress.

elle on

First thing that came to mind is Tori’s sporting a bump. Her face looks the way it did when she was pregnant with the last two. Her nose in particular looks a little wider 🙂

Missy on

I do think she looks pregnant! Congrats to them if it’s true!

Abi on

She is not pregnant, look how low her supposed baby bump is. Its just an ugly, unflattering dress.

Sam on

@Tee – two (actually three) children are enough for the world. That is my belief and I like it!

If you go to Tori’s twitter you will see a few recent pictures of her, one in a very slim dress from about 4 days ago. There is also a picture of her in the same top she is wearing in the above picture. Not pregnant, just a flowing top.

maritan on

Her face looks different and the ugly dress, with poor posture could be accentuating a small bump. I think she is preggo, but I am completely shocked that she hasn’t announced it, if it’s true.

Tee on

Sam, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion! I just wanted to point out that there are people that believe otherwise!

Abby on

The yoga pics are straight-on shots, and it’s always difficult to tell, especially if someone hasn’t really popped, that someone’s preg from straight on, while the recent pics, and even her Tweeted one, are side views and seem to show off a bump. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if she is pregnant, and waiting to time the announcement with something else she wants to promote – like her next book or TV show. Thats how she went about announcing the last two pregnancies, wasn’t it? (no judgment here, just saying…)

Sam on

@Tee – thankyou! I do know that people have their own opinion and I never suggested one couldn’t have it. Glad you agree.

Terri on

Cute family picture!

Kat_momof3 on

even in the one she tweeted… I say she’s preggers… but not just because of the bump… with each of her kids, her nose got wider during the pregnancy, then went back… she’s one of those who gets fuller faced when they gain preggo weight… and she’s doing it again.

Olivia on

There were pics a couple weeks ago of her in a bikini laying in the snow and her stomach was completely flat. She’s not pregnant!

klutzy_girl on

LOL, after several hours, I may be coming around to the side of “pregnant”. I’ve definitely noticed the nose getting wider thing, so I’m now wondering if we have another member of the ’11 baby boom.

Sam on

LOL, oh my! Her nose gets wider when she is pregnant? Come on peeps! Perhaps her nose was bigger looking when she was heavier, when she was younger and heavier too. I think that has to do with any weight she would put on, not just because she is pregnant. She isn’t as ‘scrawny’ as she was a few months ago, she has put on a bit of weight so maybe that’s why her nose is wider.


Sat on

She’s definitely pregnant ( my 2 cents;). Congrats!! Their little girl is cute!

CelebBabyLover on

Olivia- She was laying in the snow in a bikini? BRRRRRRRR! Anyway, after looking at all the pictures people have posted, I’m saying she’s not pregnant.

As for the issue of whether two or three kids is enough….Not everyone wants just two or three kids. Some people want large families, some small. I think it’s fine if people want more than two or three kids. 🙂

LQ on

Sam: It’s called Pregnancy Rhinitis. It can happen. Not saying it’s happening with Tori, but it’s a real thing.

I think speculating whether someone is pregnant is silly, as it’s not going to change the actual outcome. In any case, I think this family is great, and I truly love seeing pics of them.

Jill on

Just saw a picture of her from her BF’s wedding….not looking pregnant either. Tori, you don’t look pregnant. Don’t worry you look great.

Sam on

@Jill – I saw that too. Not not not pregnant. And yes CBLover, I know you do.

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- I just saw that picture, too. Unless it happened in the last few days, Tori is most definitely not pregnant! But from the sounds of the article, she might be soon! It quoted her as saying that she thought it would be neat if her friend that just got married was pregnant with her first child at the same time Tori is pregnant with her third! 🙂

Jill on

True CBL…..but her friend isn’t pregnant….YET!

Kiki on

Just found this in another article, I guess she is pregnant!

Spelling, 37, jokes that her newlywed pal’s wedding may be inspiration to have another child.

“I think it would be amazing if she’s pregnant with her first and me with my third at the same time,” Spelling says.

Link to article:,,20462861,00.html