BumpWatch: Natalie Portman Wows In White

01/31/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Natalie Portman, who’s expecting her first child with fiancé Benjamin Millepied, made quite the statement in a form-fitting white Azzaro gown with sequined detail and Roger Vivier black satin clutch on the red carpet Sunday night.

Wearing $2 million worth of Tiffany’s jewelry, the actress joked, “I don’t wanna advertise that because I feel like people are gonna come chop my ears off or something. I need my ears.”

Portman, 29, kept her ears — and went home with the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Actress for her role in Black Swan.

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Sarah on

She looks radiant, probably the most beautiful she has ever looked! Can’t wait to see what she wears at the Oscars (and when she wins!)

Natasha on

She looks absolutely beautiful

Rachel on

Hands down, she looked the most beautiful at the SAG awards (so did Jane!). Pregnancy gives women such a natural glow, found in no beauty products out there!

Nella on

Wow! Just stunning!

Tee on

Goodness, pregnancy certainly agrees with Natalie! She is quite lovely!

jessicad on

Now this is a gorgeous choice, she looks amazing!

Ali on

Where the heart is is a guilty pleasure of mine. I think she’s going to have a girl!

mia on

she looks GORGEOUS. although i get the feeling from her that she doesn’t exactly “enjoy” being pregnant. i shouldn’t comment about the life of someone i obviously don’t know, but i just get the feeling that if she could have waited she would have- or maybe she’s just extremely private.

victoriajh on

gorgeous!!!!! i love her!!! from the side picture ( shwon on peolpe i think) she looks pretty far along!

Indira on

I read that she’s actually only 3.5 months along. If that’s the case then she’s pretty big. She is petite tho. Plus the way the dress is draping makes her bump look bigger. She looks nice but, i prefer more clingy dresses on pregnant women. I liked what jane had on!

Olivia on

victoriajh, that what i thought. they say she is four months along. i would give her more. anyway i love her dress. my favourit till now from her pregnency red carpet.

Jessica on

I think Natalie is looking really elegant here in this photo. I have always thought she was so beautiful.

Lora on

Natalie’s looking so pretty. She’s showing so much already, assuming she’s about 3.5, 4 months pregnant 🙂 She’s been getting so many mean comments lately, however, I sincerely wish her all the best!

Mia on

She is probably 4 months going on 5 in February-due around June. She just started to pop which is commonly around the 4 month mark + plus she is quite small.

I think she’s also having a girl-Congrats to them! Can’t wait to read/hear about their wedding soon too! I’m sure her dress will be gorgeous.

Ryan on

She actually looks pretty big for being 4 months along!! Probably because she is a petite person though. She looks WAY better then she did at the Golden Globes (I hated that tacky Rose dress! Eeeek!) and she definitely has a pregnancy glow going on. She is gorgeous!

I’m guessing a boy for her.

TV on

Mia – The Jewish are very superstitious when it comes to pregnancy because you never know what can happen. During my friend’s entire pregnancy she didn’t want to know about the sex or anything else except that it was developing correctly. In fact she never had a baby shower, decorated the nursery or bought anything for the baby until after she gave birth. She said the reason why was because the Jewish faith doesn’t allow them to celebrate a life until it actually begins.

Sara on

Mia, I don’t think Natalie is private. She’s been talking about her engagement and pregnancy constantly for the free press to increase her chances for an Oscar. With all the buzz from the movie and the baby and the hot French guy she snagged away from a ballerina, I think Natalie is a shoo in for the award. Betcha, she DOES get private once she wins and has no reason to be friendly anymore.

Anonymous on

I wish I was her, she is absolutely georgous

SAR on

That is one ugly dress. It looks like a long laundry sack held up by pieces of duct tape.

You don’t want to advertise that you’re wearing $2 million worth of jewelry, Little Miss Portman? You just DID.

Lilith'smommy on

SAR- you are one pathetic person.

Claudia on

SAR please get a life. Thanks.

Jazzy on

She looks gorgeous! I would like to know where I could get such a laundry sack for my dirty clothes!

Valerie on

I agree that she is gorgeous and a good actress. However, something about her rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it is just because she’s generating press for her Oscar nomination, but she seems to play the humble nice-girl type too much. By constantly talking about her pregnancy, engagement, how she wants to be normal, etc, she is in fact portraying just the opposite. I know I shouldn’t judge and should keep in mind the fact that it is awards season, but lately the way she has conducted herself is irritating.

B.R on

SAR why do you hate her so much? Or are you posting just to see other peoples reactions to your comments?

I think the dress is beautiful. Finally something that shows her true beauty. What I find strange is that same stylist would pick this beautiful dress and some of her other less then flattering looks. Can’t wait to see what she wears to the Oscars. Hopefully something equally as beautiful as this dress.

jessicad on

SAR, your hatred for this woman is starting to come off as creepy.

showbizmom on

SAR you are a hoot! I can’t even argue with you anymore. You gave me a good laugh, so thanks!

Sara, her talking about her private life has nothing to do with her chances at a Academy Award. Academy members are well…. they aren’t ones to read People or pay much attention to that kind of media. They are paying attention to the trades. She’s going to win because she was amazing in Black Swan.

kmb on

I think SAR is a scorned lover from natalie portman’s past, disguised as a bitter, pathetic woman. Or maybe an obsessed fan trying to go through a special sort of therapy by bashing natalie constantly with the same comments? Or maybe she’s just a b*tch? I’m thinking number 3?

We love you SAR! Keep posting, you really brighten my day with your beautiful attitude! The people in your life are so lucky, you’re obviously a real treat!

Natalie looks great, good for her.

Ari on

I agree with those who have said that she’s having a girl.

mary on

Perhaps SAR is a scorned ex girlfriend of Benjamin’s AKA ISABELLA BOYLSTON. SAR has not only left horrible silly things on this site but also posts on the New York Posts as well if not this is truly a jealous person. jealous can be ugly SAR

Tee on

You know, in a way SAR kind of impresses me. Think about it… it takes some serious talent to find a way to be so dang critical of a stranger in a beautiful dress!

Ryan on

I wonder when she is due? Has she made any statements? I saw her on ET tonight and she looked even BIGGER from the side! I can’t believe she is only 4 months along. That is insanity! My friend who is of similar build and height is 8 months along and looks as big as Natalie is now! Crazy how women carry so differently!

yeah on

I think SAR is in love with Natalie and pissed that she’s getting married. This is the only way she knows how to cope with her emotions. Poor her.

Tina on

@ Valerie i am sure that the press is targeting her more since it is awards season. You should not asssume that she is seeking more attention, could just be she is getting more with the baby and the awards.

@ SAR I agree with the others, your daily Natalie bashing is bordering on insanity and it always makes me laugh. Seriously, how much more pathetic can a person get??

Rosalie on

She looks wonderful, i’m feeling a girl for her.

tlc on

She didn’t bring up the earrings..by the sounds of it, she was ANSWERING the reporter’s question about her earrings. That’s what STARS do..they answer questions on the red carpet.

SAR..YOU are the loser and your pathetic attempts at looking all tough and your hatred for someone you don’t know (but I’ve said before You sound like Natalie stole your boyfriend in high school or something), make you look RIDICULOUS. Get a new hobby…it’s getting redundant now.

Natalie looks gorgeous and don’t forget as well, her MOVIE makes her do publicity..it’s part of her contract!

marina on

Girls stop bashing SAR, you are doing exactly the same she does doing it.

Natalie looks quite beautiful in this dress. I cannot wait to see what she is going to have!

marina on

erg… I mean what she is having! It’s very early in the morning here!

Capri on

SAR- Dont hate because you wish you were wearing Tiffanys jewels…hell, I wish I was!!!

Beautiful look. Cheers!!!

LQ on

SAR: I’ve seen a lot of your posts in the past few weeks. It seems like you have a lot of pent up anger and frustration. So, on behalf of everyone else posting here: please do us all a favor and get laid. Thanks a bundle! Hope it helps! 🙂

SadieA on

Does anyone else kind of look forward to Natalie posts to read more craziness from SAR? lol I find it so amusing!