Idina Menzel Relives Childhood Through Motherhood

01/30/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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With the birth of her first child Walker Nathaniel, now 16 months, Idina Menzel took a step back in time — and has been loving every minute of it.

“You get to relive your childhood when you have a baby and you see these toys and these books you read when you were little — the innocence that you are able to maintain … to connect with your child keeps you in a special state of mind,” the actress, 39, tells Broadway World.

Despite Menzel’s hectic schedule, special moments with her family — including husband Taye Diggs — remain her first priority.

“It’s great because I have a routine. Like this weekend; I have a show in St. Louis, so I’ll fly out late Saturday night after I put [Walker] down to sleep, so I’ll only miss a couple of hours on Sunday,” she explains.

“If I’m going to be away for more than one night, I always bring baby with me.”

Feeling “better about myself because I like who I am as a mother,” Menzel admits motherhood has forced her to focus on the present.

“Between changing diapers and touring preschools, I’m still getting some other stuff done,” she explains. “I think that’s why being a mommy keeps you in the moment more. You can’t really think much about other stuff because you have life happening right in front of you — you have to feed him, and change his diapers, and play with him, and read to him.”

Fortunately, the Glee actress is able to regroup during her short overnight business trips — even if she does so on the plane ride!

“I can really appreciate all that while I’m sitting on the plane by myself, then I come back and I have my baby and my husband and reality waiting for me,” she muses. “All that balancing stuff is really challenging, but I feel more alive than I have in a long time.”

Aside from a busy year and a few sleepless nights, Menzel sees more children in her near future. “I would love Walker to have a sibling. I believe in that. Of course, I turn 40 in a couple of months so we will see what the universe has in store for me,” she shares.

“Right now, I am enjoying him so much that I just want to focus all my energy on him.”

— Anya Leon

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Marissa on

I love seeing interracial couples, and they are so cute together (:

anonymous on

I love this couple, and am happy to see them both seem so elated with their son.

Sarah on

Really, you have to comment on their race? They are a beautiful couple, regardless.

Love Idina, she seems like such an amazing genuine woman.

Tam on

It’s still kind of a rare thing to see celebrity interracial couples that actually talk to the media every once in a while. I myself am in an interracial marriage and it is a very beautiful thing to cherish and recognize. I don’t think Marissa meant to make her comment seem biased.

Shaye on

I took Marissa’s comment completely different than Sarah I guess. I read it like she meant it’s beautiful to see people love each other for who they are… to not see color but rather their heart. Reality, sad as it is, is that some people still see each other for their color and some people still have issues with interracial marriages. I too think it’s a beautiful thing and they are an adorable couple with an adorable son! 🙂

Stella Bella on

Every time I see a picture of this couple, I just let my eyes drink in their gorgeousness. They are truly one of the most beautiful, charismatic couples I can think of.

Jill on

I love this couple! Which they would post a different picture though. And Sarah I agree and thought the same thing.

CelebBabyLover on

Shaye- That’s how I took Marissa’s comment, too! Anyway, I love what Idina had to say! I wonder if she Taye will ever have another baby?

Anonymous on

I think it would be adorable if they had a little girl. Taye could teach her all about fashion and Idina could teach her how to be strong and independent.

Walker is such a cute little boy, I hope he gets a sibling!

May on

What I love most about this couple (aside from my head-over-heals type love for Rent) is how they both seem to possess a quality I am so envious of: patience. They got together as two young unknown stage actors, rode the fame of Rent in the mid-nineties, made decisions about their careers that made them happy, etc, etc. and let marraige and kids come when the time was right. They’ve been together for more than 15 years!!! It’s so rare to see celebrities who are able to have the patience to let life happen at its own pace. 8 years together before they got married and another 6 before they had their first kid. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this couple is here to stay. Gotta love that for them and their kid(s).

Jessie on


I agree with May. That is amazing. They took their time and just let it fall into place. I admire that. Also their son is beyond adorable. I hope they have another.

B.R on

They are such a beautiful couple inside and out. And Walker is just adorable, I really hope that the universe has another baby or two in store for them.

ScarlettsMom on

Wow, I didn’t even know they were together, much less married with a baby! It’s nice they can keep their personal lives out of the spotlight for the most part. I remember when I first saw Taye Diggs on TV, I don’t even remember what show (maybe Ally McBeal?) but he had his shirt off and I think my mouth was just hanging open! He is so good-looking and she is beautiful. Ok, having Taye Diggs flash backs now…remember “how Stella got her groove back”?

Vi on

One of the cutest couples ever! And I don’t want that pic to change. It’s adorable.

Becky on

Would love to be able to say how ugly she is and other bad things about her, but…Taye Diggs is beautiful and they make such a cute couple, so will push aside my jealousy(sp) and wish them lots of happiness…Love the name that they gave him also..

Michelle on

I have known Idina since she was a child – we grew up together on LI. She is and has always been a genuine, sweet, talented, humble and lovely person. She has definitely not let fame go to her head. I am so happy for her and Taye Diggs.

Anonymous on