Rachel Zoe Finds Tarty Cravings Refreshing

01/28/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Matt Baron/BEImages

Rachel Zoe is known for her bitingly witty comments towards others, but now it’s the stylist herself who is tasting all things sour.

“I really enjoy things that are tart, that’s especially refreshing to me,” The Rachel Zoe Project star told PEOPLE at the ELLE Women in Television event, held Thursday at Soho House in West Hollywood. “Strawberries, grapefruit, things that are really sour.”

Expecting a boy this March, Zoe, 39, and husband Rodger Berman are looking forward to experiencing parenthood for themselves.

“From what I can tell just from being an aunt, [motherhood] is the greatest thing that ever happened,” she adds.

— Patrick Gomez

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Brooke on

I think in this picture, she might look better than she ever has. She has a little meat on her bones, her face is no longer gaunt and she looks genuinely happy.

Angi on

Looks like someone popped! Plus,she looks SO happy!

Romy on

wow she is small, but she looks better than ever, I agree.

Sandy Esparza on

Rachel has a genuine smile on her face. She looks so happy and healthy. Congrats.

Candy on

She looks sooooo healthy!!! Congrats!!!

Angel on

Rachel is radiant! I agree, the best she has ever looked! I am so happy for her and her husband. They seem to be such a great couple and I wish them every happiness!

Annie on

A Rachel Zoe post! Thank you! I love seeing her pregnant. She always looks SO happy and healthy now. She hides the belly so well and dresses adorably. So happy for them!

Nella on

Rachel looks amazing! It seems that she gained a bit of weight, and she looks genuinely happy.

KimM on

Rachel has never looked better in her life than she looks in this picture! I am very happy for her and Roger!

juju on

She looks better then ever and so so happy!! Positively GLOWING!!

Laila on

She looks great! I always thought she looked like walking death, but she looks fantastic now. Generally, I’m not too in tune with celebrities & their personal affairs, but I’m genuinely excited for her. I remember seeing how badly her husband wanted a child & she kept saying she wasn’t ready. It broke my heart for him, but now they’re gonna have a baby : ) It’s a great thing. Best wishes to them & their budding family!

Shana on

Rachel look fabulous!!! She needs to stay pregnant.

sheri on

Wow she looks so healthy and amazing. I hope she feels like she is beautiful because she looks healthy.

Jess on

She looks stunningly radiant- the very best she has ever looked. Even just looking from the neck up- she should maintain this size even after she delivers- WOW! Hotness!

NYmom on

Agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, and agree. Rodger and Rachel, may God bless your family.

minousy on

She looks stunning! Radiant, gaunt-less, with a twinkle in her eye. I wish her and hubby nothing but joy, happiness, love – and may those sleepless nights teach you the power of love!!

Lisa on

Zoe looks amazing! I agree with everyone else!

JadeEllen on

Rachel actually looks younger pregnant. When she is bone-thin and all pale, she looks so much older than her real age.

Pregnancy becomes her. I wish Rachel could embrace having a woman’s body and would learn that super-skinny is ugly.

The walking skeleton look is not sexy, nor glam.

mochababe73 on

With a little meat on her bones, she actually looks younger.

Niche on

I have to say Rachel looks great with the pregnancy weight. She looks younger and more vibrant. Not to mention, full of life! (Pun intended :)) I have to admit, when she’s really skinny I tend not to like her as much, not that it matters any… But I feel like she doesn’t embrace her femininity and womanly figure because she’s (SO) tiny. But now, she just looks absolutely fantastic! I wish she and Roger nothing but the best! I think they deserve it 😉

Gigi on

She looks so much better in this photo. A little weight is what she needed.

Lia on

She looks so different, I didn’t recognize her from the photo. I love her show so I hope she’s filming while she’s pregnant.

To all the people who complain that she’s super skinny, some of us just are petite and small built. I’ve seen photos of her from 10+ years ago and she was just as skinny then and all the stress of her job…. I hope she gets to chill out more when her child is born and not work so hard.

CookieBear on

Wow, she looks so amazing pregnant. She needs to stay preggers. Meat on her bones makes her look so healthy and not so gaunt looking. She’s glowing, love her this way. Congrats to her. Hope she keeps most of the baby weight on her, because it makes her look so much better. Usually we’re wanting to shed the pounds after pregnancy, but she needs the pounds. The weight also makes her appear younger as well. To another poster, she might look so tiny for being pregnant, because she was so tiny and skinny herself.

dsfg on

JadeEllen, women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful! Including the overweight and the underweight!

Lisa on

It is so nice to see her this way. Pregnancy makes her glow. All the best to mom- and dad-to-be.

Dawn on

Rachel looks wonderful pregnant. She is absolutely glowing. I hope that she doesn’t go back to that superskinny look after the baby is born. Babies are such a blessing. There is nothing like being a mother and Rachel will soon know the joys of motherhood. I’m really excited for her and her husband.

keri on

Soo excited for Rachel and Rog–They are going to go “bah-nan-uahhs” over their new baby boy and parenthood-

I can only speak for myself, but I remember having a huge turning point about my personal body image and that of what it truly meant to be a woman.. I am believing with all of you that she sees herself in a whole new light after pregnancy..If not, then who are we to judge..just trust that she is ‘good’ with where she is at..

Kris on

She has never looked better. So healthy and beautiful.

Buddies Mama on

Rachel looks incredible! Everyone is right, she needs to keep the extra pounds. I have never seen her look so happy and so healthy. I hope she reads these posts and takes them seriously. Rachel much love and light to you, Roger and your precious baby boy. Can’t wait to see how you style him!

Anonymous on

I LOVE her! She looks amazing!

Cammy on

I could be wrong, but based on those cravings, I say girl….

beau on

Zoe looks beautiful, Happy, glowing…

jessicad on

She does look absolutely amazing and so much younger! I really like her on the show, and think she and Roger will make great parents.

Emily on

Cammy- she has confirmed that it’s a boy. Granted, thats not always 100%…but the little doodle is hard to miss!

Karen on

This is great news for Rachel, her hubby and family. I’ve watched The Rachel Zoe Project show for years and I am very impressed how passionate she is about fashion and the love of her family and friends. I admire strong women who have careers and who carve time out of their busy lives to have a family. This is great and a blessing all in one!

Jennifer on

She looks great!! I am so happy for her and Roger!

Lisa on

Yaaay your pregnant Congratulations Mrs Berman. Think with your heart and not with your head and all those decisions will fall into place. enjoy motherhood, your children are all that really matters in your life. Have fun to rodge.

Crystal on

She has never looked so good. She should leave some(or all) weight on after the baby. She fills out and looks gorgeous. She’s radiant. Congrats to her and Rodger!

michelle on

Rachel looks not only healthier but YOUNGER with some weight on. Maybe she’ll see how much better she looks and want to keep it on!

Anonymous on

rachel looks awesome! best look ever, keep the weight on, rachel!

Anonymous on

Best she has ever looked! There is such a thing as too skinny.

lala on

She looks 10 years younger! Does anyone know what she ate when she was pregs?