Pink Tries Her Hand at Building Baby’s Crib

01/28/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

It’s nursery – 1, Pink – 0.

Despite her best attempts to assemble a crib Thursday evening, mama-to-be Pink — who’s expecting her first child this spring — admits victory wasn’t quite hers.

“Ok baby room, it’s me and you tonight,” the songstress, 31, Tweeted. “How many think I can put a crib together?”

However less than an hour later, Pink — armed with a set of tools — admitted her hard work was going nowhere. “I don’t think any of them work,” she wrote. “They’re just sitting there.”

Still confident in her efforts — no matter the outcome! — Pink reached out to husband Carey Hart to show off her skills. “Watch when you come home, I will have a crib set up and hanging from a silk with a changing table on the ceiling,” she added.

Fortunately, Hart eventually showed up to save the day.

“Ok, I’m not gonna lie. I got completely distracted with baby clothes and Carey came home and built the crib,” she revealed. “He cursed a lot.”

And Hart’s advice for his hands-on wife? “Step away from the baby room,” he joked Friday morning.

— Anya Leon

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c on

I think they will be awesome parents!! Love them!

Bree on

I can totally see my husband and I going through the same thing when we try to put together our baby crib lol

They seem like they are going to be such awesome parents!! Can’t wait to see what they name the baby and see pictures, with those two you know that little one is going to be a cutie!!

Amber on

They are ADORABLE!

tink1217 on

so cute!!!!! I cannot wait til this baby is born!!

Ashley on

They are so cute! I love them!!

klutzy_girl on

LOL. I probably wouldn’t be able to put the crib together either.

Jes on

LOVE this couple!!!! they were friends 1st and fell crazy in love. This is going to be 1 lucky child to have such love and friendship surrounding it. My hubby and I are the same way. Several years and 3 daughters later he is still my very best friend and I still get butterflies when we kiss. Best advice I ever got was to marry my best friend and I tell my daughters the same thing all the time.

Shannon on

They are so perfect together. Can’t wait for their baby to be born!

Barbra on

Totally adorbs!!! I love Pink & Carey. I’m so happy they are still together & having baby #1. They will be the coolest parents.

Kim on

I might be able to get a crib together, but it wouldn’t be safe for a baby to lay in. LOL! LOVE Pink and Carey. They’re going to be great parents.

Jane on

oh and the instructions are on the back of the main board of the crib, so you are bending your head upside down trying to figure what goes where and how to get it so the sides will slide… As a single mom I had this big belly, parts and screw drivers all over the place – gave up in a fit realizing the process was completly silly – called in a contractor who put it together as he is a grandpa and had done it all before!!!

But can relate to their pain… wait to you set up the change table and you think you have placed all the necessary items (wipes, garbage pail) in completely logical positions – the first baby poop explosion at home and NO not logical!!!! Enjoy – it is wonderful being a parent.

Amanda on

I must have a super easy to put together crib based on this and the comments. I can put mine together, by myself, pregnant or not, within 10 minutes start to finish and that’s being very generous with the time, it’s probably closer to 5 minutes.

epp on

Wait til they have to install the car seat!

Marguerite on

it is so refreshing to see such down to earth celebrities. i can remember my hubby putting together our daughters cribs took forever but was well worth it. i think pink will be a great mom.

Cheri on

I love these two. I’m so glad they got back together and so happy they are about to be parents.

Jenna on

Seriously, I dont understand why peoople have such a hard time putting a crib together, I did it by myself (husband was deployed) When I was almost 9 months pregnant and it was no sweat!

Raina on

Congrats to them both they sound like they will be great parents. Can’t wait for pics

Karen on

They are just SOOO Adorable together they sound like FUN PARENTS!

bubbaness on

Nice to see involved parents that have the means to wave their hands toward a room and hire a decorator but want to do it themselves.

Sonny Losoya on

I Love the both of them!!! What a story!!! Who Knew!!! In PEACE and LOVE!!! Sonny

Angel on

LOL cute story! Cribs are a pain to put together. Can’t wait ’til they have the baby, love them & and am happy for them! Love her music, she’s awesome!

DW on

I adore Pink, always have, and am happy for her and her husband.

LaLa Kaminski on

I love them! They’re normal people & glad that they are able to stay together. I think that they will have a cute baby. Hope they pick a good name.

Lana on

Jenny Lind cribs are very easy to put together. Of course, it would have been easier with help, but I was able to do without help and without instructions. I am sure some of the fancier cribs are more difficult.

Me on

She has to be the cutest damn thing alive!

Capri on

Their sooooo cute together, love it!!!!

RS on

I am so happy these two stayed together. And I’m curious to see which one the baby takes after. Either way that child will have awesome parents, and grow up to be completely laid back. That child will never want or need for anything. Good luck you two !

Lisa on

I’m so happy for them. =) At least she’s real about it. Most people in her position would have hired someone to do it, as opposed to tackling it herself.

Jody on

At least they didn’t hire some fancy pants over the top designer to just pull the room together for them like other celebs. Some of the nurseries in the past have been atrocious. They are a delightful down to earth couple and I wish them the very best. They will be cool parents. I think they would be enjoying this time in their lives, it is a fun and exciting time.

Robin on

Pink an Carey careers will put pressure on their family life…and thus its nice for them to be the way they are now…hope the joy of these happy days be theirs forever.

mms on

lol they’re sooooo cute. cant wait to see some baby pics!!

victoria on

Carey tweeted last week that we was home on a Friday night painting the nuserey rocking out to music. I love them both!!!

Tiff on

I love Pink and have for a long time…

SN- I put together my children’s cribs, by myself!

Steven Duane Newcomb on

It’s amazing they were able to pull out of their marital issues and find happiness again. Good for them.

Beth on

I love them together. They are so real and normal. I think they will be wonderful parents.

CelebBabyLover on

Pink sounds hilarious! My father, likes to tell the story of his rather embarassing mis-hap assembling my brother’s crib (which later went on to become mine as well). As he was getting all the parts out, he could not for the life of him figure out why the crib company (I don’t know what brand the crib was) hadn’t included an instruction manual.

But he figured “Oh well, no big deal. This looks pretty simple and I should be able to put this thing together without instructions!” Well, the assembly was fairly easy, and my dad was fairly proud of himself….until, upon completion of the assembly, he realized that he had not used all the parts that had come with the crib. knew that things like cribs usually come with spare parts just in case….but this was more than the usual amount of “spare parts”!

As he was investigating that, he picked up the box the unassembled crib had come in….and as he did so, out slid a little white pamphlet clearly labeled “instructions”. So he disassembled the crib and started over….and when he re-assembled it following the instructions, he did use all the parts, shockingly enough (for anyone who doesn’t get it, I’m being sarcastic in that last sentence!). 😉

As you can probably guess, that was the last time he ever assembled anything like that without reading the instructions! 🙂

Alice on

That’s a great story!! I can totally imagine her with all the tools and then going “oooooh, baby clothes!!” So cute!

CL on

I have always liked him and follows his career long before I knew anything of her or her music. Why I admire them as a unit? They do seem to know what “commitment” and “marriage” are really all about. They admit they’ve had some serious issues and they’ve also dealt with them-in the public eye no less-and in the ened; they managed to stay together and make it work. And THEN have a baby!

I wish them all the best.

Janna on

It’s just great that YOU can put your crib together with your hands tied behind your back and a blindfold on, but has it occurred to you that this thread isn’t about YOU?

CAB on

I think we all do that! I was going to build it because of course I could not wait for him! Yeah…needless to say he build it, with me directing the whole time! He appreciated my input greatly!

Gaia and Laban's mom on


That’s funny! Lol probably very frustrating at the time. My husband actually tried to build our first crib. From scratch. His father made the bassinet for us and my husband -the master craftsman- (eyeroll lol) thought he could build a crib. It looked like a topless cage!! I had to hurt his feelings and we were loaned a crib from a family member. The cage made a nice crate for our lab when we took the legs and one of the sides off!! Lol

Rain on

Those cribs and changing tables are always a pain!!!….but us mamas gotta get it together so we r ready when our little ones come home….wait til u get to strollers and care seats and all those little snaps on the clothes at 2 am LOL.

Good luck Babe:)

Susan Lewis on

Here’s another expectant couple who are so excited, they’re adorable. Pink may well be a heckuva Mom.

lisa on

Cribs are nightmares.We used a play&pack for as long as we could before we attempted the crib.Back fired tho…The crib didnt have all the parts so we had to make some calls….2 weeks later the screws came but they were too small. Another call…2 weeks later,screws are here but ended up striping the hole…trip to the hardware store with crib raling…need the other park so ran home to get it&was told that no screw was gonna work…another call to the crib company…cribs not made anymore so will send us a replacement

AFTER we send a reciept of purchase to prove the thing was bought in the last year…4 weeks later we got a new crib.I think my kid was off to college by

Celia on

Everyone in Hollywood is pregnant!! I can’t keep up!

VAR on

Pink could come across as this hard a– in her videos but just wait until that precious bundle is in her arms!! She will be a total softie and the baby will have her wrapped around its little finger…lol! God bless them both and wish them much happiness.

A on

Yea Pink, Why should we care about what your life brings you that you may be at the end of your rope, pregnant as all get out, dealing with way more public pressure than anyone will ever realize, and you, being down to earth like you are, trying to do a normal thing for your baby, in that moment in time you needed a helping hand from your HUSBAND. You are inferior dont you know! We’ve got women who did it 9 months pregnant in 5 minutes singlehandedly and screwed it together with their teeth. Their TEETH!! Nevermind that your husband is amazing, and came in and did it for you out of love, Because we are SURE that at any other moment in time you absolutley, in no way shape or form when that push came to shove that you could do it in any time frame of any sort. You should be ashamed of yourself. Please go visit Amanda’s house and she will teach you how to be a REAL mother. She’s got all the answers because she is freaking Jesus. So there you go. Amanda, will you be teaching classes for the rest of us inferior women? PLEASE let us know. Please let us know your website too, oh guru of all things 🙂