Doutzen Kroes Introduces Son Phyllon Joy

01/28/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Courtesy Gorré Family

Meet Phyllon Joy Gorré!

Model Doutzen Kroes and her husband, DJ Sunnery James, introduced their 1-week-old son on his own Twitter account Friday.

“Here is my picture! Thanks to daddy and mommy,” read the post, purportedly from the newborn.

Kroes, 26, and James, who wed in November, welcomed their baby boy on Friday, Jan. 21 in Amsterdam.

— Sarah Michaud

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JMO on

Joy as a name for a baby boy! That could be a first!! Cute baby nonetheless!

klutzy_girl on

He’s adorable!

And huh, I never heard Joy for a boy before. It’s only the middle name, but I like it.

Nella on

Awwww he’s sooo cute! I like his name, First time I’m hearing joy for a baby boy’s name, but for some reason it goes with the name and it’s cute.

Jessica on

The baby has his own twitter account? haha

Cute little boy though!

Mandy on

Cute baby but making him his own Twitter page? C’mon. That’s as nuts as those people who make Facebooks for their unborn babies and then proceed to post on their own walls as if the baby is talking. Its ridiculous.

brannon on

Gorgeous baby! Why not joy for a boy?

Bree on

Look at all that hair!! He is so adorable!!

Julie on

Very Cute!

Joy for a boy’s middle name is interesting. They could of used the Frisian translation instead… blydskip.

Annie on

@Mandy I’ve never heard of that! LOL. Sounds obnoxious. I know some people who I can imagine doing that though. Heh-heh.

Zakiyyah Yasin on

OMG! I thought that was my baby at first…I saw this on my fb newsfeed and I said to myself who took this picture of my newborn…Too cute, and also too funny!

Mallory on

Hey, Lance Armstrong created a Twitter account for Max, and he had one for Olivia when Anna was only 3 months pregnant! So Doutzen and Sunnery aren’t the only ones.

Phyllon is BEAUTIFUL! Surprised to see Joy as his middle name, but I actually really like it!

Taylor on

What a beautiful little boy! Not surprising, though, when you see his parents.

harley on

He is beautiful!! Intriguing name, then again, they could have gotten Joy as the English meaning of a Danish name. Either way, it fits well with his family and I have a feeling he will carry it well!

Lisa on

Congratulations!!! He is absolutely beautiful!!

Capri on

What an angel…quit taking everything so seriously people. Their clearly just joking & having a great time w their new little one. Ease up & smile!!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

What a cutie!

Cynthia on

Cute! Is that a newborn’s hand on the bottom?

Candace on

He’s so handsome! Absolutely adorable! I really like his name, too.

tanya on

I’ve never heard the name Joy used in a baby boy’s name, but I actually really like it.

Jill on

Capri, what is the joke? He has a page. If he didn’t…..they would be joking 🙂

Ashley on

Wow! Not a huge kid fan, but that is the most gorgeous baby I have ever laid eyes on! Given his parents, it’s no wonder.

CeCe on

Gorgeous baby … almost as gorgeous as his dad 🙂

NM on

He has huge hands for a 1 week old!

Martha Sabrina Kampe, on

He is a handsome little boy. He does get his looks from his parents. They are a beautiful couple. Congratulations Doutzen Kroes & Sunnery James. I have never heard of Joy as a boys name but it does fit well with his first name. I like his name.

M on

I’d guess he first name is a made up one and you pronounce the two names as “feeling joy”

Dee on

He’s Gorgeous!

B.J. on

M – Interesting theory! Does anyone know if Phyllon is real name…?

Joy is a family name for me, I think it’s a great middle name, even for a boy. It’s sweet 🙂

Anderson on

Cute baby, really stupid name and even more dumb to give a 1 week old his own Twitter account. Don’t these parents have anything better to do.

Mandee on

B.J.: Well, it’s a “real name” now!! I kinda like it. It sounds kind of ancient and modern at the same time. I don’t think it is in danger of getting over-used either 😉 I love newborn photos, it brings back those early days, and this sure is a beautiful baby boy. Looking forward to seeing how he looks as he grows.

Taylor on

That would be an interesting theory but Phyllon, while not normally used as a first name is definitely not made up. It’s the Greek word for leaf.

Julianna on

Gorgeous baby! He has his daddy’s looks.

Tara on

They are a stunning couple! Phyllon is adorable (he looks like he’s a big baby!). I think it’s cute that the parents have a Twitter account for him. Don’t let the sourpusses ruin your fun guys!

Stephanie on

hes adorable! i love the middle name. Joy.. as in he is his parents JOY. works out lovely!

Jiji on

He is adorable! No, he doesn’t have big hands, the camera was just too close to his hands. He seems like a great source of it, so why not joy? I think it should be a unisex name.

Anna on

He’s gorgeous! The name is growing on me.
This website has some insight on the name:

Gem on

Does anyone think that Phyllon is a bit similar to Phallus? But adorable baby!

Allie-Rose on

He’s such a cutie! Congratulations to Doutzen and Sunnery.

I’m not particularly bothered by his middle name

Lala on

@ harley, I think you mean Dutch instead of Danish. Dutch = Netherlands/Holland, Danish = Denmark.

Anonymous on

Wow! What à cuty! Frisian/dutch, so that’s okay anyway!!

Rose on

I love Doutzen she’s my favorite and not to mention the MOST beautiful Victoria secret model EVER, Her husband is pretty handsome too, Congrats Doutzen this little fella is sooo cute!

Laura on

Harley, people from the Netherlands are Dutch. People from Denmark are Danish.

Jessica on

Wow, he sure is beautiful. I love his middle name and I love all that hair!!

Amanda C on

So adorable.

Kim on

What a beautiful baby! And what’s wrong with babies who have Twitter and Facebook pages? I think it’s cute and a great way for family to keep up on pics and news. If you don’t like them I’m sure nobody is forcing you to look at them. Jeez!

Lori on

Love the name and he is so adorable! CONGRATS!

Daisy! on

May be the only one here, but I have heard of Joy as a boys middle name before. Used on and off around where I live becasuse of the fact that Henry Joy McCracken (Irish history) was from our area.

JMO on

@ Mandy I know people who do that for their pets! Crazy but sometimes it is comical to read the postings! And baby Lily from Modern family has her own twitter account and the stuff “she” post is really cute!! You just have to have a sense of humor about it even as cheesy as it may be!

Marian on

Usually children here in the Netherlands are called by their first name, which the tabloids here say, is pronounced as “Fillen”. Joy is merely to pronounce how happy they are with their baby. So I guess this little boy will be call Phillon.
The Dutch as well as Frisian meaning of Joy is ‘Blijdschap’ or ‘Vreugde’

MiB on

What a qutie! There was an ancient greek architect, engineer and mathematician named Philon, who sometimes went under the name Philo as well as a Greek orthodox saint. The philosopher Philo of Alexandria is also called Philon in French and according to “Behind the Name” Philon is the ancient Greek form of Philo, which is derived from the word phileo, which means “to love”. So I think we can say that the name exists and that they have just done like millions of parents have done, and tweked the spelling a bit.

Jennifer Redgrave on

Is Gorré Sunnery’s last name or a middle name ?

Anonymous on

as in pile on some joy…baby is very cute

CelebBabyLover on

Jennifer Redgrave- It’s his last name (hence why the baby’s last name is also Gorre). 🙂

amy on

if you think about it, it’s gonna be pronounced like “fillin’ joy” which is very meaningful. I love this family 😀 God bless..

Stella Bella on

There are only two kinds of people in the world: those who think it’s stupid for babies and pets to have their own Facebook pages, and those who don’t.

lily on

Such a beautiful photo!

Manal on

is this hid hand?! it looks huge!! Beautiful baby thou!

Jill on

Cbl, There you go with a snide, know it all remark! Geeze….people can’t ask anything!

I assumed Gorre was a middle name for the baby, as when the baby was born that was the name along with his first released. I didn’t know that was his fathers last name and obviously Jennifer didn’t either……otherwise she wouldn’t have asked. Can you try and not be so rude…..

Jennifer Redgrave on

Thank you so much Jill .

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- I actually wasn’t trying to be rude at all. I was simply answering Jennifer’s question. I know I come off as rude sometimes, and I apologize. But rest assured that is never my intent to be rude! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Stella Bella- LOL!

yeah on

Sure you don’t mean to be rude, CBL. It shows by the content of all your posts and the way you address people, even after some of the other posters criticize you. Hypocritical much?

2little on

He is gorgeous. I adore his name. I like names that are of the parent’s native land. It’s so interesting to me.

I think I see the problem some people may have with CelebBabyLover…I always do a little mental eye roll every time she responds to someone’s post. She tends to come off as a know it all regarding celebs/babies & sometimes a lil bit smug & almost always has a relatable story regardless of the subject matter. Now, she may be a perfectly nice person & I never have found her posts to be rude or disrespectful in any way. It’s just a little annoying. This is all just my opinion tho.

Jill on

CBL, Thanks…..

2little, I think you got part of it there….I think it is knowing it all and a story about her family. I feel like on half of the posts, CBl, you swoop in and are the school teacher telling us how we did in school. You list some of our names and say I agree to you and you. Then to “Susie”, why would you think that, “Mary” didn’t meant that, why did you take it that way I didn’t. And “Amy” that is not what the celebrity meant, she meant this and I agree. You have said before you don’t mean to come off rude and maybe that is the wrong word…..not sure what it is, maybe it is “knowing it all.” You may be a nice person, I don’t doubt it. But none of us need to be schooled. I just came on today and the first 5 posts I went to had comments just like this from you…..I am not trying to be rude, I figured I would try and explain it instead of leaving rude comments.

Sarah on


Joy is normal for a boy name in Suriname.