Mark Wahlberg: If I Fail at Fatherhood, ‘I Fail at Everything’

01/27/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Gilbert Flores/Celebrity

In Mark Wahlberg‘s eyes, nothing beats being a father to Ella Rae, 7, Michael Robert, 4½, Brendan Joseph, 2, and Grace Margaret, 1, his children with wife Rhea Durham.

“I want to give my kids the world, but I also want them to appreciate everything, to succeed, to be good people, to enjoy life,” The Fighter star, 39, tells Boston Common.

“This is my most important role. If I fail at this, I fail at everything.”

That said, the actor admits his tough persona instantly melts when it comes to his kids.

“I think of myself as strict, though I can be a pushover,” he explains. “If my kids want something, they can usually get it. But they’re not getting away with stuff.”

However, there is one special request from Ella that Wahlberg never saw coming: Justin Bieber. “My daughter has an obsession,” he reveals. “I thought that wouldn’t kick in until 12 or 13. She’s seven.”

— Anya Leon

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Tee on

This was a wonderful article to read! He’s right… your biggest and most important role in life is child raising!

momof3boys on

who in a million years would have thought that ‘Marky Mark’ would be such a family man?

tink1217 on

please Mark..don’t feed the Bieber fever!!!! I have loved him since the Funky Bunch..actually saw them in concert back in the pants dropping though LOL! He seems like a good dad with a huge heart!

Heather Lynn on

I love Mark! He seems like a great dad and I can totally relate to the way that he feels.

Anonymous on

he’s so sexy. his wife has a large jaw. yes. i am jealous that he’s not mine.

Debbie on

He is still dreamy, and sounds like a great dad!!!
I totally agree with him.
I love this guy!!! LOL

Holiday on

I agree with him 100 percent. Raising my kids is really the only thing I put everything I have into.

Bancie1031 on

My daughter (she’s 10 though) has the same Bieber obsession!

I love Mark Wahlberg and have always been a huge fan of his! I love how he is such a loving and hands on dad! I honestly just can’t get enough of him and his family ….. I love his outlook on family and parenting. He’s an awesome man!

ELO on

momof3boys-I was thinking the exact same thing.
He seems like such a great dad.

Jgirl on

I love this man. Rhea is a lucky lucky lady.

Tifany on

What a stand up guy! I love him and love that he is not afraid to say he prays and goes to church every day. Not that I’m overly religious, but that says something about him!

Jaedyn on

This is the first time I have ever seen Michael’s middle name! In every article I read up to now it always was Ella Rae, Michael, Brendan Joseph and Grace Margaret! Thank you so much for revealing that Michael has a middle name 🙂

JM on

Tifany, i don’t really understand your comment. what does it say about mark?

B.R on

momof3boys I am so with you “Marky Mark” a family man? It just sounds odd, when you think about it. But he has grown since the days for Marky Mark and has grown into a wonderful husband and a father by the looks of it. He wife and kids are really luck to have him, as is he to have them. I agree with him 100% if you fail your children, you fail life, I just wish more people in this world would look at it that way.

Tifany only cause a man goes to church it doesn’t make him a good man, or a faithful man, or a good father. Some of the sickest people on this earth go to church every day. Religion says nothing about a person, but their treatment of their family, friends, children, and animals does. So look at every people individually and how they treat others, and not their religious beliefs.

Bancie1031 on

I read on another site that Mark and Rhea were expecting their 5th baby this year …. does anyone know if there is ANY truth to this????


this man is the greatest actor and the SEXIEST man alive, i love him and he looks like my fiance!!! GO MARKY MARK


I think it is wonderful he is such a great dad. I would sign a pre nup anyday to have just one night with him…. 😉

Allison J on

I had such a crush on Marky Mark back in the day! Who knew he would grow up to be such a great family man? I still swoon! Rhea is a lucky lady.

VAR on

Wow Mark, you have totally blown me away with how much of a family man you are, great father and husband, successful actor..I read somewhere that you go to church often. He hears ya man and has blessed you. You are an inspiration to all of the young men and women out here who can turn their lives around. Continued success and God bless.

Kristina on

Okay, be into your kids, be into being a parent .. fine. But stop with the ridiculous aggrandizement of it. You DO NOT fail at everything if you fail at being a parent .. you simply fail at being a parent, but could have many other successes in life. I know what these statements are trying to express, but I’m really tired of hearing them. Try saying something more like “Being a parent is more important to me than other roles in my life,” or “being a success at parenting is the most important priority to me,” but stop with the drama.