Kate Hudson Thinks She’s Having a Girl

01/27/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
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If Kate Hudson‘s family are indeed secretly hoping she has a girl, they may get their wish.

“I’m just starting to pop,” the actress, 31, who is four months pregnant with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy‘s child, says in an interview airing Friday on Britain’s The Graham Norton Show.

“It feels like a girl, but I don’t know. Ryder thinks it’s a girl,” she adds, referring to her 7-year-old son with ex-husband Chris Robinson.

Hudson and Bellamy, the frontman for the rock band Muse, even have a few names picked out. “But we’re not telling anyone,” Hudson says. “People tell you so much [when they’re pregnant], it drives me nuts.”

The Golden Globe-winning actress also puts to rest rumors that she and Bellamy recently got engaged. “No, no, not that I know of!” she says. “I don’t like putting that sort of pressure on it, and I don’t feel it necessary to get married.”

She adds: “I am 31, I already have one child and have had one divorce, so it is not necessarily the golden ticket. I just want to be happy.”

— Tim Nudd

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klutzy_girl on

I think they already know it’s a girl, thus all the comments about the sex of the baby. Or it could just be wishful thinking.

And there’s nothing wrong with Kate not wanting to get married again. She’s just following in her parents’ footsteps. Kurt and Goldie have been together for almost thirty years and they’re happy!

Can’t wait to hear the name!

2little on

“I am 31, I already have one child and have had one divorce, so it is not necessarily the golden ticket. I just want to be happy.”

THANK YOU!!!! Marriage is not the golden ticket to happiness. Not saying marriage doesn’t mean something to some folks, but it also does not mean everything to everybody. Good for her.

Ryder is such a lil cutie. Can’t wait to meet his brother/sister.

Rachel on

Congrats to Kate on her pregnancy! Whatever she has is still a blessing. I think women’s intuition can be strong and usually correct. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I just knew it was going to be a boy! Sure enough I had my beautiful little guy 4 months ago! Love, love motherhood!

Mia on

-I hope she has a girl!

I don’t get why getting married is a big deal if you’re already committed and having a child together-it’s just signing off on a piece of paper. Why not just make it legal? I don’t view marriage as necessarily the “symbol of happiness”. It’s whatever works for the relationship and I guess it’s one thing if someone has been married and is getting divorced.

However, legally and financially the union of “marriage” gives a little extra security “in-case something happens” It’s the most symbolic gesture of commitment to be married. You can have a baby with anyone-but getting married is something special. It’s a partnership in your relationship.

C on

I’m sure there’s going to be so many comments bashing Kate’s personal life. I just want to say Kate’s gorgeous, successful, and has the love and obvious support of her family, she can do whatever she wants. No one can judge her. A single woman can date. And not to mention, the only men I can remember her publicly dating after her divorce (and before meeting Matt Bellamy) are Owen Wilson and A-Rod. In 5 years time, two men isn’t so awful. at all. Unless anyone wants to enlighten me?

Hea on

Good for you, Kate! 🙂

Etsy on

I agree with you, Mia. Although marriage is not for everyone, it gives that little extra commitment/tie that makes it that much harder to leave the relationship.

On another note, it’s so nice that Kate has found someone else who makes her happy. She looks great!

tink1217 on

I love her attitude!! And I really hope she is very happy!

Debbie on

Of course she doesn’t want to get married. That would cut down her serial dating! Once she gives birth, she will drop the baby daddy like a hot potato and be back to going through men like an alcoholic goes through whiskey!

Sorry, but I’m NOT a fan of Kate. I think she is irresponsible for introducing all of her boyfriends to her son and getting pregnant by a man she had known for less than six months!

Donna on

I think children these days aren’t stigmatized as “illegitimate” as they were in the past. A lot of kids don’t even know who their biological fathers are, let alone have parents who are wed.

With donated eggs and sperms so prevalent, a lot of kids don’t know either biological parent.

In a crazy world reproductively speaking, Kate is almost ‘normal’ I’d say. Baby daddy will at least be known by the child. Marriage isn’t a commitment anymore, just an excuse for a very expensive party called a wedding. Rarely do these relationships last anymore than people who just hook up like Matt and Kate, so what’s the difference if she marries. Who really cares?

~ on

Kate Hudson dated both Lance Armstrong and Owen Wilson who have both had children with other women since being with her. Are they awful people/parents too? I don’t think they’re married to their new “baby mamas.”

bella on

congrats to kate and matt. and it’s true she dated both owen wilson and lance armstrong and from what i know both owen and lance had been with the mothers of their new children for only 3 or 4 months before they got pregnant and yet all of you were estatic for them but when kate does that you call her a slut. am i the only one who see something wrong with that? you don’t have to like kate, it’s her life and her family and from what i’ve heard she seams to be a great mother.

B.R on

Debbie so by what you are saying is that cause I met my husband and married him six weeks later, and we met our adopted son three weeks after that, that my life is a lie and a mistake and that only cause I met my child so soon after my husband that I shouldn’t have adopted him and should have waited what people like you think is an appropriate amount of time? People like you drive me nuts, when something is right it’s right and no amount of time is going to change that.

Mia- Legally and financially marriage means nothing. Did you know that even if a married couple share an bank account that is one of them dies the bank will still freeze the account until otherwise told by court? Unless your account has something that is called a power of survivalship, and that you can give to whom ever you want, mine goes to my son not my husband. That alone should tell you the bank or the law could care less if you are married or not, it’s all about the paperwork that has nothing to do with marriage. Government could care less if you are married to someone if you are not in the will and have power of attorney, plus have your name on everything you both own as a couple if something happens to one of you, no one is going to care about the fact that you were married. You are still going to have to go to court and fight for your house, car, bank accounts, insurance (if it wasn’t set up correctly) and you are going to have the judge ask the same thing he did a good friend of mine after his wife past “how do I know she wasn’t planing on leaving you just before her death? How do I know she was happy being married to you? You think cause you were married for 12years that means something? let me tell you here in the court of law it doesn’t. now go and find evidence that she had no plans on leaving you or everything goes to the child’s guardian and you only get visitation right” Likely I am the child’s guardian so it would have mattered but when a judge tells you your marriage means nothing in the court of law it doesn’t give you much hope for the future.

I hope her son is right and she has a girl. I like how her dad is so excited about having another baby around the house as is her son. I truly wish her and Matt all the happiness it the world.

Ryan on

I hope she has a girl too! Her family has been all-boys and it would be nice for a little girl to join them! Her brother Oliver has two boys and she already has a son and she has no sisters…so it would be a nice addition! 🙂

rhyssa on

debbie – i got preg and engaged early (after being divorced with 2 kids) and I am still madly in love, not married and have one child with my fiance.

just because you don’t understand true love doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

SO Kate had a few boys before settling down again, and…? That’s what I did too. How else are you supposed to know what you like in your mate? And when you find him, it’s like, BAM! Chemistry.

Kate can do what she wants, I don’t care. Who said she introduced Ryder to a ton of men?? I never saw that.

Megan on

Let me first say CONGRATULATIONS to Kate, Matt, Ryder, and the whole family…this baby is obviously loved and cared for and will continue to be and that’s all we need to care about. Those of you passing judgement on any assortment of things…shame on you. Honestly it is NOT our place to rag on or judge someone we don’t know based on things we read in a tabloid or hear from a “source” marriage or NOT is a choice made by everyone–it’s not for us to say what’s best for anyone else or what makes a “family.”

And Kate only has to look as far as her very own parents to see that marriage isn’t a NECESSISITY to happiness as they’ve been together for almsot 30 years. Some want to and some don’t and whatever you choose is great for YOU and everyone else can get over it. And as for boyfriends, when did it become a crime to date a few men before settling down or before finding the right one for you? Honestly people do it all the time, it’s called dating and yet all of a sudden now she’s some sort of bad person for it? Get a grip people…some people’s lives must be absolutely perfect, lucky them.

I for one am HAPPY for Kate and Matt and the whole family and cannot wait to meet the newest member.

JMO on

Actually I remember an interview with Kate I believe it was Letterman when she was pregnant with Ryder and she told him she didn’t know the sex but felt she had a lot of testosterone (spelling ?) running through her body and she just had a strong feeling she was having a boy. I think the inteview was kinda cute and funny like she said she just felt like he male parts were there. Then I remember at her baby shower though everyone was leaving with pink baggies and the rumors swirled it was a girl! So she either knew or and was throwing the media off or that she just had a girly baby shower. Either way I am sure she would like a girl as many do after they already have one gender. And Goldie has 3 grandson’s now so I’m sure she secretly hopes so too! nothing wrong with that.

harley on

I have a brilliant idea – stop commenting on someone’s family plan/status unless it’s a complete and utter chaotic failure in which you feel you may be offering advice that could help. This is not one of those. Two happy, healthy, hell, even wealthy people bringing a child into this world is a far cry from the 14 year old crack head down the street.

Either way, they seem thrilled and Ryder will make a fantastic big brother for the second time!

Angelina on

Ok ladies…here goes 🙂 Today is actually my 2 year divorceaversary, and I wouldn’t change a thing!! I have 2 wonderful little boys, and I’m not at all opposed to having more. I’m also not hell bent on getting married again. Not that I wouldn’t, but I don’t think I need that to make me feel complete…and I see nothing wrong with having kids and not being married. I wasn’t married when I had my first son, and to be honest, I never should have gotten married after I had him…at least not to the man I married. I’m not jaded, I love the thought of marriage, but I don’t think it’s a prerequisite to starting a family. To each his own…

Tee on

Well, personally I feel that a person should be married before having a child. That goes for a man and a women. But I don’t believe in pre-marital sex though, so that pretty much sums it all up. However, that’s my beliefs and I don’t push them on otehr people.

It’s nice to see Kate so excited about her pregnancy! I kind of hope she has a girl just because I would love to see her with a son and a daughter!

Jill on

I am happy for anyone who is happy. Isn’t that what we are suppose to be?

Debbie, How do you know who she has introduced her son to and when?

B.R., I think I could tell your story by now. You don’t have to tell it on every post or every other post. These posts are not about YOU. They are about the celebrities. It is quite possible to comment without telling your story ALL THE TIME.

BP on

It was always a dream of mine to get married and have a baby, which I did – in that order. While I have no regrets I will say that it is no garuntee of happiness. I imagine I would be just as happy had we done it “backwards” or had not been marrid at all. Just enjoy those you have in your life!

Maria on

@ Debbie :

Wow, what is wrong with you? Are you by any chance stuck in the 1800’s? Or do you happen to live in the middle east under taliban rule? Because your way of thinking is so primitive.

So you are NOT a fan of Kate because she’s had a lot of boyfriends? Why do you care how many men she has been with? Would it be better if we lived in Afghanistan where women get stoned to death if they have pre-marital sex?

There’s nothing wrong with dating and having casual sex. Its year 2011, wake up! It sounds like her and Matthew Bellamy are in love, but if she lived her life by your primitive standards, she would be single right now. How is that better?

She is not irresponsible. You do not know her personally and it is unfair for you to pass that judgment on a complete stranger. Yes, she may have dated a lot of men, but how do you know she introduced them to her son? Are you a stalker, did you put cameras in her house?

You need to stop being so bitter and narrow minded.

momof3boys on

I wonder if she will give this child three ‘B’ initials as she did with her son, Ryder Russell Robinson.

stacey on

Debbie, i couldn’t agree with you more! It is awful to introduce every single man to your young child and it seems like she doesn’t take a break in between relationships. I can understand the argument with having a child as result from a marriage or from a non-marital relationship- both sides have good arguments!

It’s my personal opinion that she does go through men- more than the average person and she’s not setting a very good example for her son. I do believe, other than that, she is a good mother. She may want to look into birth control after this little one is born! And for all of you thinking that I just made a horrible comment, go back and look at her “resume” of men, it’s quite long!

Sara on

My problem with Kate isn’t that she sleeps around and is a sl*t. I’m one too, but I don’t introduce my kids to each dude I’m hooking up with. Hey, this is my friend. Let’s hang out with him and, if he has kids, let’s pal around with them too. Oh, guess what, mommy’s bored with this guy so hello new dude!

I doubt this thing with Matt will last. I know that everyone wants to think it will because wouldn’t that be swell, but Kate’s pregnancy was an accident in a fun relationship and the guy is too classy to run for now. He’ll wait until the baby is out and they put on a good show then they’ll go their seperate ways. From what I hear this guy is on the rebound and Kate’s loving the single gal life too much.

That’s cool, but seriously, keep your kids and your sex life seperate because they only get to be innocent once. My sister does that same shtick (sl*t like me!) but she’s always getting her kids involved and now that they’re over the age of eight, her kids are figuring out that mommy is a h0! My kids won’t probably figure it out until they’re in their teens! Really cuts down on the shrink bills, not to mention birth control for the girls who wanna be like mommy. I just hope that with two kids at home, that Kate will keep her lovin on the DL for the kids’ sakes.

Lou x on

Glad some of the comments on here are more supportive than they have been on the last couple of posts about her!

Personally, i am happy for her. Just because she has been divorced doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be happy and allowed to move on with someone else! I’m happy for her (and Matt) and sure they’ll make fantastic parents. how long they’ve been together is totally irrelevant-when you know, you know- and he may be her ‘one’.

Congratulations and good luck for the pregnancy to them both.

Anonymous on

Awww she looks so happy.

Ari on

I think she just used him for his seed. It could have been any of her boy toys.

Sandra on

Okay, what really got me is when she said it feels like a girl. Alright now, how can anyone feel if it is a girl or a boy??? Seriously??? I am hoping she does have a little girl so Ryder can be a big brother. Anyways, congratulations and all the best!!

SAR on

I couldn’t care less whether Kate is married. She hasn’t put herself out there as a role model and an arbiter of class like some self-important, self-righteous, hypocritical actresses *cough* Natalie Portman *cough*. Also, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s unmarried-and-happy state is one of Hollywood’s longest-running romances, so it’s no big deal to Kate.

It’d be nice if the baby is a girl, as Goldie & Kurt already have three grandsons and no granddaughters. (Kurt isn’t Kate or Oliver’s biological father but he’s raised them since they were little.) But another boy would be just dandy, I’m sure.

Taylor on

SAR, since you have so much time on your hands, why don’t you comment on Natalie Portman in every article that appears on this website, regardless if it has anything to do with her or not? You sure know how to have fun!

soph on

That “people tell you so much” comment is interesting. Why would she choose to tell the world then that she and her son think the baby is a girl? Are we supposed to think they’ll be disappointed if it turns out to be a boy? Just keep the gender thoughts private, for heaven’s sake. That’s just my opinion on it, I know some others won’t agree.

Jacqui on

It’s unfair to assume Kate is constantly going through men left and right, dropping one and moving on to the next. For all we know, she could just as often be the dumpee and not the dumper.

I know some people believe you shouldn’t date when you have a small child. But we are not meant to be alone! Humans are designed for companionship. How good a parent can you be when you’re alone, lonely, and closing yourself off to an essential part of life?

Ryan on

Sandra- Ryder is ALREADY a big brother. He has a little sister from his dad’s marriage.

I could care less about Kate’s dating record. So what if she has had a few different boyfriend’s over the last 5 years? She doesn’t have a kid with each of them! She has Ryder with a man she was MARRIED to but even if she hadn’t been married to him her son is a blessing regardless.

I still think Kate is being a responsible woman for HAVING the baby. She could have said, “Oh darn! An accident happened! I’ll just get an abortion!” but she made an adult decision and is excited about being a mom again. GOD! People…open your eyes…couples outside of marriage HAVE SEX and accidents happen! Deal with it! Stop judging and being rude about a person you DON’T KNOW!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Sandra- Some women just know instincatively what gender baby they’re having!

Maria- I agree! None of us know Kate personally, so we can’t possibly know that she’s introduced ALL of her boyfriends to her son. In fact, the only ones (other than Matt) that we know she introduced to Ryder are Lance, Owen, and A-Rod, because we saw her and Ryder out together with them.

We have no idea if she introduced Ryder to her other boyfriends. And speaking of which, just because the media’s linked her with several guys doesn’t mean she’s dated all those guys!

bella- Lance isn’t really a good example to use, as thought he was sterlie due to his cancer treatments. So he didn’t expect to have babies with his girlfriend at all, let alone have one so soon after they got together! That being said, I do agree with your general comment, and about what you said about Owen. I also want to add that several of the other celebs who’ve recently announced pregnancies haven’t been with their significant others for more than several months, either….yet they aren’t getting criticized for it. Why the double-standard?

Jacqui- Very good point!

Anyway, I hope Kate does have a girl….and I hope she and Matt prove all the doubters wrong and stay together!

Emmy on

She wants a girl, thats why she thinks its girl, as for her not being married who cares!

Alexis on

Wow, way to hijack a thread away from Kate’s gender prediction and turn it into a rant for/against children outside of marriage. I’m sure Kate wants a girl really badly, but the way her face is already filling out makes me guess it’s a boy. I’m sure her family will be thrilled either way, though.

Mrs.B on

Kate looks so happy! Still very excited for her and Matt!

I married my husband after only month and a half of dating almost 10 years ago. Happy and long lasting relationship is not relevant to how long you know your partner it’s about having the same goals in life and working together to achieve them it’s about partnership.

Kate has been divorced for almost 4 years when she met Matt and for that time she dated Owen Wilson, Lance Armstrong and A-Rod. How this makes her a sl*t?

seila on

hope for a girl! love to see matt with a little daughter joining the muse family, so sweet ! ♥

Hea on

Debbie – Are you by any chance a mormon?

KMP on

Why is everyone jumping all over Debbie? ARE WE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE OUR OWN OPINIONS ON THIS SITE???!!!
I have 3 kids and Im married. If I wasnt married there is no way in h*ll I would bring guy after guy around my kids.

soph on

Ryan – women who get abortions are irresponsible? Abortions aren’t adult decisions? You’re amusing.

Jill on



Hea on

KMP – People are always allowed and entitled to their own opinion and I think it’s OK to jump on the ones who are plain mean, judgmental, stupid and ignorant towards their fellows. I think that kind of behavior says all you need to know about them, really. That’s my opinion.

bevvie on

Wow, can’t we just be happy that a baby is about to be born which is a precious event!

Janna on

Having a baby with someone is a much bigger commitment to a person than marriage will ever be. When you have a child, you’re going to be in the other parent’s life forever, like it or not.

You are fooling yourself if you think that a marriage certificate is a form of commitment. The commitment you make is with your heart, your mind, your body. Your government’s approval and acknowledgment of that commitment doesn’t make it any more or less real.

Holiday on

I bet she already knows its a girl, otherwise it seems kinda odd to have a article on just what you think you are having. I hope she does have a little girl. It is so neat to have one of each! I have a 5 year old son and 8 month old daughter and could not be happier.

B.R on

Jill that reply was to Mia’s question if you don’t like what I have to say there her is a thought please don’t read it and save yourself the anger you feel towards me.

Jill on

I have no anger towards you BR…….But I am allowed my opinion, just like you 🙂

Tina on

Amen Jill It is always “Welcome to the B.R. Show” seriously annoying

Taylor on

HEA- I agree with Debbie’s opinion. I know people have kids outside of marriage and I’m okay with sex before/outside of marriage, but it does seem strange that she introduces her son to every man. There have been paparazzi pictures of Kate and Ryder out with her past boyfriends before.

Also, you think her opinion is ignorant and mean so you can jump all over her and attack her? That makes no sense! I think you’re being VERY rude and ignorant towards other people’s opinions, so is it alright to jump all over you?

On a more related note, I hope she has a little girl too, but a boy would be just as adorable as Ryder! I love his name, and I can’t wait to hear what they name the new baby!

Mia's mommy on

Sara you must have consumed alcohol before posting…….

Kate isn’t hurting anybody so leave her alone

MatchboxLover on

Okay, this really is none of my business, but I think Matthew Bellamy can do SO MUCH better, so I’m not pleased. I just threw all of my Muse CDs into my closet and filled their spots on my CD shelf with Rob Thomas and Train.
Come ON Matt!

elle on

“Feeling like it’s a girl…” is probably just a strong inner desire for it to be a girl. But in any event, best of luck to you Kate on a healthy baby, boy or girl 🙂

Hi on

So, on almost every article about Samantha Harris her pose got bashed, but nobody’s commenting on Kate’s pose? It looks like she’s trying to make herself thinner by pressing her stomach into her spine!

Hea- Excuse me, but how does Debbie’s comment make her Mormon? (It’s a capital M, by the way.) All she said was that she didn’t like Kate’s serial dating and rushed pregnancy! Mormons aren’t the only people who dislike casual sex, you know. Christians, Muslims, and people with morals don’t like it either.

Ryan on

Soph- I am not trying to come off as “Anti-abortion” and wasn’t trying to sound snide about an abortion not being a “responsible” decision. I just feel that for SOME women (women that I have known throughout my life) abortion becomes almost a form of birth-control for them.

Do NOT get me wrong…I am Pro-choice for any woman but I do feel that a woman who is promiscuous and continually gets abortions has some serious issues and that is a problem.

I can’t ever understand what it would feel like to become pregnant (I am male!) or to even go through half the things a woman does so I don’t like to cause any controversy in a matter that doesn’t effect me in a way I could ever really grasp or wrap my head around. If a woman has an abortion and that is the best decision for her…then that is fine. I am not judging. I was just trying to defend Kate in some way since so many people call her a slut and other such harsh names. I feel like having a baby is the biggest decision a single woman could make so I give her props for doing it and being excited about it. I hope that kind of clarifies it. I didn’t mean to offend you or women in general. Eeeeek. This board scares me.

Michelle on

Freedom of speech is no excuse for bad manners.

I am still waiting on someone to rattle of the list of Kate’s boyfriends of the last FIVE years that classify her as a slut?
Lance, Owen, Alex…who else? Now we add Matt… so four..in five years? How is this a problem? ANd just because Ryder met them doesn’t mean he met them as her boyfriend. Are you saying that single mothers are not allowed to bring ANY men around their children? Even if they are NOT having sex with them? (The men, not the children, ewwww)

Ashley on

It is a hope because they have all boys in the family. She thinks shes having a girl because shes popping already? It is her 2nd baby you usually show faster and so much for intuition. I swore I was having a girl and boy was I wrong!