Elisabeth Röhm’s Blog: Proudly Potty-Trained

01/27/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Kimberly Metz

Thanks for welcoming our celebrity blogger — Elisabeth Röhm! The actress, 37, best known for her role as Serena Southerlyn on Law & Order, has a busy 2011 ahead of her.

She can be seen on the big screen in the upcoming films Chlorine, Transit and Abduction, and plans to continue her role as spokesmom for Juno Baby.

In her latest blog, Röhm — who is mom to 2½-year-old daughter Easton August with fiancé Ron Anthony — celebrates her little girl’s (finally) productive potty-training.


Big news today on the Western Front! EASTON IS OFFICIALLY POTTY-TRAINED! We are sending a ticker tape out with the announcement!

This is big news in our household. I often wondered how Easton herself could handle the saggy pants almost three years later. I always thought, “That cannot feel good!” Well, I wish my mom was around to share in the good news today. Instead I have you, PEOPLE.com readers, to share Easton’s latest with. I love that! Thanks for sharing our moments with us.

I had honestly began to run out of ideas for suggesting the benefits of potty-training. It’s a major life improvement, right? We clearly live a far more enjoyable life with our clean panties! Still, Easton was resistant and very much attached to her diaper.

My friends who all have older kids, as well as my beloved Aunty-Lolly, gave tips that didn’t seem to move us along. We used the stickers she loves so much as incentive to each potty success. I’d exhausted the books. No luck with the naked summer of plastic pools and the big girls playing outside without diapers. The discussions of lacy big girl underpants didn’t seem to work either.

I have learned that Easton does things in her own sweet time and makes decisions just for the mere pleasure of making decisions. She had decided she wasn’t ready and no amount of suggestion or support was going to make her ready! Until this Sunday, when she proudly strode into the living room while we were watching football and announced her news.

When Easton does something she goes all the way! “I pooped in the potty,” she said as she stood center stage. We were shocked! We gave her a big, “Wow!” This wasn’t just a pee-pee announcement. This was the whole she-bang!

I actually love this about Easton. She trusts her judgment time and time again and likes to do big girl things in general. It makes sense to me that she wanted to wait until she could wrap her head around the whole potty experience. We ran into the bathroom in excitement as Easton laughed with accomplishment. We were proud, but she was even more proud! Very sweet.

My friend Jocelyn — who I turn to for all mommy advice — suggested I make a big deal over the incident and declare, “No more diapers.” Good thing we had tried the big girl underwear as incentive already and were prepared with a package of the cutest Esme undies in Easton’s closet. So Jocelyn, her daughters Dylan, 7, and Luna, 5, and I celebrated Easton as she put on her new purple panties with the pink lace. “No more diapers!” she exclaimed.

Easton taps me on the shoulder deliberately in the middle of the night — twice already this week — just to say, “Mommy, I need to potty.” Now mind you, she had a diaper on in case of accidents, but my kid was determined to go all the way and make her potty experience a complete success.

Oh no, will I ever sleep again?! For now, I’m okay with these nightly potty runs because it’s awesome to witness her pride and self-satisfaction. This is a big one — for our family, anyway. Potty-training seemed altogether confusing and elusive as we were nearing the three-year mark.

We have only had one accident so far. Easton was sitting naked as a jaybird (whatever that means) on a stool in the kitchen, watching her beloved Scooby-Doo on my computer when I heard, “Whoopsie!” I looked up to see a large stream of pee-pee spraying up like a fountain around her.

She was so disappointed. I truly felt her frustration. It always sucks to take a step backwards, but it happens all the time. We can’t win them all! But we can keep trying.

— Elisabeth Röhm

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Patricia on

Love your blog! Keep it up!

Cindy on

This is so funny! What a cool mom, her daughter is so lucky. Elisabeth should write a book, these blogs are just too great to read and I hope they don’t stop!!!

sdr on

Great blog- congrats to Easton! My daughter is the same age and we are not there yet so this is giving me confidence to keep holding on and wait for a signal from my little lady. I love your blog and appreciate you sharing your wonderful life stories with the mom world!

Cate on

Most kids will only potty train on their own schedule, it doesn’t matter what tricks you try! I know, as I am trying to train my 2 1/2 year old right now, and she has her own ideas! Slow and steady is my method…

tracey on

I really like her approach to it! My 3yo son is only now day-time potty trained. He just wasn’t into it earlier and I didn’t want to force him with it (messy messy…). It’s not a bad thing to let them decide when they’re ready, I think they learn quicker once they make the decision themselves.

emma on

i know i’m going to get blasted but if she has only been doing it since ‘sunday’ then i wouldn’t call that potty trained. every kid i know relapses.

Lilyrose on

Emma, I have potty trained 2 children and neither of them ever relapsed. In fact, my now 5 year old have never even had an accident.

Whenever I have had friends ask me the best way to potty train I always tell them to let the child take the lead. They will do it when they are ready so don’t force it.

Tee on

Emma, nothing you said deserves “blasting!” I’ve had the opposite experience though. I’ve never had a child relapse after being trained!

Congratulations Easton!

Meghan on

Emma, that’s perfectly fair to say. Lots of kids do have relapses, others don’t. Each kid is different. 🙂

ali on

That is an interesting looking child. She looks like Dwight Shrute.

Anonymous on

i love this woman. not only because of Law and Order, but also because she’s so articulate and obviously intelligent. that’s missing from this world.

Shannon on

This was a nice read. Good job Easton! You’re a big girl now. 🙂

Mina on

I agree with Emma, I know alot of kids who relapse. Their parents get so excited and brag about it to everyone. Some kids do it just for the praise they get from their parents and others then they go back to whats familiar and comfortable. I’d wait a couple months before claiming any kid is potty trained. But thats just me..

Holiday on

Lots of kids do not relapse but some do. My son was fully trained at 22 months and never ever had accidents since then.

Lauren on

Another “please don’t blast” moment– does anyone know if her daughter is developmentally disabled? From the above picture she looks very much like one of my friend’s children who has Down’s Syndrome.

No offense intended to anyone, just curious as to whether this is an issue, if she’s addressed it, and if she’s working with advocacy groups. Again, no bad vibes, just asking!

Krissa on

That’s a HUGE milestone! Just another sign that your baby is no longer a baby – very bittersweet!

When my youngest was finally trained it was like I had reached the peak of a mountain – I had kids in diapers for 8 years straight. To know I never have to buy them again was such a wonderful feeling!

Congrats Easton!!

Maddie on

Potty training is such an achievement! Well done Easton! I used to look after a wee girl Easton’s age, and she potty trained herself relatively quickly – when she was ready to. Sometimes you just have to let the child take the lead 🙂

@ Lauren – Easton to me is an extremely beautiful child, perhaps this isn’t the best picture of her, but as far as I can see – she looks like every other two year old.. in terms of development.

dsfg on

That’s a curious question. I’ve known many people with Down’s Syndrome and Easton looks absolutely nothing like a child with Down’s Syndrome.

Mina on

Lauren I thought that too. I dont think it looks like Downs, but it looks like something.

Watch the backlash, but in all honesty, I think that kid slightly resembles Sloth from The Goonies.

Kristin on

Rude much? This isn’t the best picture of Easton but she’s looked fine in all the others Elisabeth has posted.

My daughter pottytrained over a weekend and that was it – hardly any accidents and we never went back. My son was a different story, it took him about six months before he was fully pottytrained. He had a tough time identifying when he had to go before it was too late. All kids are different.

Angie on

I remember her when she was on Angel 🙂

heather on

Mina…how immature and completely rude can you get!!! Easton is a beautiful child. Any GROWN adult who would hurl an insult (and dont say you didnt mean to be insulting) at a small CHILD is a gross human being.

Jamia on

Lauren that’s not rude at all….I asked the same question about a year ago as Easton appeared to me developmentally delayed in the picture I saw….

Jill on

Lauren, that is an honest question. I don’t believe so. I believe CBB likes to use bad pics once in awhile for drama…..see Mina’s comment.

Don’t give Mina attention…..she does this ALL the time!!

Kate on

Jill, i completely agree with about CBB posting pictures that are not the best ones but the ones that will get a rise out of ‘pot stirrers’, and those do get the most hits. She looks like she’s laughing just like kids do.

lilly on

well i have to agree i thought she also looked “different” i know i will get harsh comments too, but i also thought she looked a little developmentally delayed, also i thought the same from another pic here posted. Shes still a beautiful child no doubt, even if shes special

Mina on

People can judge, and they can judge kids too. They do. Everyone does. Looks matter in life, sad but true. I’m sure she is friendly and smart and brings lots of joy to those around her…but she is strange looking to the point of not only me thinking she had some kind of developmental problem.

Janna on

I’m sure this child is going to be thrilled when she’s a teenager and gets to read internet archives of her mother talking about her being potty-trained.

If you want to share your every bowel movement with the world, that’s great. Seriously. But how ’bout giving your kids some privacy and letting THEM decide if they want 6 billion people to know about their bathroom habits?

Jill on

Everyone doesn’t judge kids looks……cause I don’t. Every child is beautiful in their own way. Two things I don’t understand….one, how anyone can say something so rude about a child and two, how this site can allow it.

fuzibuni on

wow folks. Some of you are so RUDE. She shares her child’s life with you and you respond by posting invasive and mean comments. And phrasing your cruel words in a passive aggressive way does not make you nicer people. ):

I’m sure Elisabeth reads the posts on her own blog… and I imagine you are making her think twice about doing this. If I were her, I would want to reach through the computer and tell you where to put it. SMH.

Tee on

Lauren, for the record, I don’t think there was anything wrong with your question. The only reason I would think it rude is if you were nasty in the reason you asked and you weren’t! I don’t think Elizabeth has addressed this though, so I don’t know the answer.

lilly on

Well if anyone here is to blame, it would be the mother, she dont have to post things about her daughter on here, and people are allowed to comment on kids, even if its not 100 percent positive, people are just stating that the kid looks a little different, so what we can say how we feel here, like i said before the child is still beautiful and i bet shes a great kid, and this is a blog and allows comments, geez like people freak out here for no reason.

Jill on

I want to clarify…..the comment I think is rude is comparing the Childs look to Gonies

Anonymous on

But Jill, shouldnt you think Sloth from the Goonies is beautiful since everyone is beautiful in their own way like you say? Do you think EVERYONE is beautiful, physically? So you have NEVER seen one ugly person because everyone is beautiful in their own way? If so, then you should have some magical eyes. Unfortunatly, not everyone is like you, or has your eyes, or will agree with you.

Jill on

Hopefully the comment will be deleted. No parent should have to read that about their child.
Sloth is not real. I said, every child is beautiful in their own way. I believe this. It is a shame more people don’t believe this and continue to be ignorant and raise their children to be ignorant. Judging an innocent child on their looks……can’t get much lower than that one.

chelsea on

Mina, I can only imagine how unattractive your children are.

chelsea on

Elisabeth, please do not listen to all of the negative comments on here about your beautiful daughter. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives than to criticize others.

I think this is a lovely little story. You can certainly feel your pride and excitment. Whether Easton continues to potty train easily or has a relapse is irrelevant. The fact that she is starting to understand the process and take pride in using her potty which is a huge milestone in its own.

I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but have any of you ever been taught by your own parents that if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all? If these negative mothers feel they are better parents with better things to say and more attractive children then maybe they should start their own blogs. Since they are not celebrities I guarantee they will have less people reading their blogs. I also guarantee that other mothers will have negative things to say about their parenting styles and children.

I read the celebrity mom blogs all the time and am appaulled by all the no-it-alls and negativity. If you do not like what the bloggers have to say then simply stop reading….period.

lilly on

just because some ppl think the child has somethign wrong with them doesnt mean there ugly, most people are saying the child looks like she has downs or developmentally delayed, only person here said she looked like the guy on goonies, this is a blog and ppl have the right to say how they feel, negative and positive are allowed, and if ppl said such bad things im sure ppl here on the site would remove the post

Mina on

Every child is not beautiful, just like every person is not beautiful…but keep telling yourself that and you might just convince yourself, however, you wont convince me. This woman can read it and weep for all I care…she chose to pimp out her daughters personal life. Boo-hoo for her. The world isnt all sunshines and rainbows…even when it comes to kids. Welcome to a wake up call to all you saints. This child will be called a lot of negative things in her life, and so will attractive people. Its life. I actually think its a good thing to not be good looking because then you find someone who loves you for you and wont leave you when you get a wrinkle or something. I never said I or my kids are good looking. Get off your high horses and come into REALITY! I’m not being mean, I am being HONEST!

Paige on

I rarely read these blog postings, but because I am potting training myself, I looked at it.

I am just horrified at the ugly things people have posted here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that child – she’s beautiful. And if anything were wrong with her or any other child shown here a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL would be the ONLY one who should dare to say anything to the parent. But again, I see absolutely NOTHING that would cause anyone to comment about anything but how happy and healthy she looks. My question, as Ann Landers always said was the best way to respond to completely inappropriate comments or questions is, “Why would you say something like that? Why would you feel the need to?”

This woman is trying to help other mothers by sharing her experiences in child-rearing. Please don’t make her sorry for trying to help others. It’s just ugly and doesn’t make anyone feel better.

Missy :) on

Elisabeth –

I love your blogs! I laughed out loud twice while reading about sweet little Easton’s endeavors! My daughter just turned two, and I’m so anxious about this whole potty-training thing (so much judgement from other moms!!); especially since my daughter is not showing ANY interest! I’ve taken the attitude that I’ll encourage her to try, but will let her show me when she’s truely ready (keep your fingers crossed that it comes soon!!)…

Mina on

I can say something like that because its a free country and I have a right to. I said it because it was on my mind. I can say what I am thinking. Welcome to the REAL world, where strangers dont give a crap about you. I’m so sick of these saints who think the world revolves around children. Thats why kids are so rotten these days. They get complimented and rewarded for EVERYTHING. The suicide rate among teens is overflowing because these kids are so sheltered by their parents that when they hit the real world, they crumble. Teasing has been around for a long time. Everyone survived it and came out better people who know how to deal with bad things and pass that along to their kids…where did we go wrong? All I see is ungrateful sheltered kids…and judging by this board alone I can see why…its the parents’ fault.

JulieA on

I liked this blog posting by Elisabeth. It was different from her other blogs…not as preachy and a little more down-to-earth. Clearly, she loves her daughter and wants the best for her. I like how she considers her child’s independence.

Indeed, all children PT in their own time. I have three grown children, and they did it at 19 mos., 3.5 years, and 2.5 years, respectively…and all 3 are university graduates with PhD.’s. We worried about the middle child at 3.5 years, though! But he turned out fine. He loved horses, so I tied a rope around the potty, had him sit backwards like he was riding, and voila…success! Just hope he doesn’t still sit backwards! LOL

Jill on

There are a lot of things I think, but don’t say if I know it could hurt someone.

The reason why teen suicide rtes are up is because of bullying. Teens are being bullied. Why? Bc they say what they want when they want. They have parents who are ignorant and didn’t teach them proper manners. And didn’t teach them to shut their mouths. That is what is wrong with this world today. It is because people think they have a right to say it so they do. They see an overweight teen and everyday they call him names. So yes, it is the parents faults. I hope that my children and my family don’t grow up near your son.

Mina on

Thats right, shelter your kid some more. Do you think my kid would be the ONLY one to tease yours? No. How about teaching your child to grow a thick skin, move forward, and be strong rather than coddle him and pat him on the back for every little thing. My son doesnt tease because he knows he will get punished (and not a time out or some baby way these kids get punished nowadays that causes them to be ungratefull rude brats). He gets teased sometimes and thats fine by the both of us. I have taught him well. Thanx, I know my kid will be a success in the world and fight for what he wants and what he believes in…and if push comes to shove, he wont be putting a bullet in his head…he will move forward. =)

Ronnie on

I think everyone needs to simply ignore Mina’s comments so she will go away. She is obviously enjoying spinning people up on here. Based on what she wrote, she seems to think that this is a harsh world and being bullied or teased is completely normal. She is sadly mistaken and needs a reality check herself.

Anyways, congrats to Easton on being potty trained so young. I’ve read that girls are notoriously difficult to potty train.

Lovinlife on

Why are people so rude? What does it matter what she looks like? Those of you who mentioned her looks are rude, inconsiderate, insensitive morons. Didn’t you ever hear the saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? Grow up!! And I sure hope your kids don’t end up as hateful as you!

Jill on

Ronnie, Agree!
Lovinlife, Agree with you too!

Josie on

Wow…if I were Elisabeth I wouldn’t post ever again…

I feel bad and sad that she may read some of these comments…

PEOPLE.com…you need to employ moderators to filter out some of this stuff…most every site has them, I don’t get it!

Mina on

Ronnie it is a harsh world.

Caroline on

You know, just becaue we live in a free country and someone has a right to say something- does that mean you should? No one is threatening to take away free speech when they simply point out that context and the right place and time is often something that people with a well adjusted thought process will employ.

This is a blog designed to offer personal experiences regarding child rearing. People Magazine obviously felt that Ms. Rohm would be an interesting addition and asked her to post her thoughts.

Does that constitute “pimping” or make her some sort of attention whore that deserves to have rude and inflammatory comments posted about her child that she obviously loves and cares about?

Just because you can say hurtful things, does it make it ok? Do you somehow feel that you have progressed mankind to a better place because you offer up your skewed opinions on how society is raising their children? Because you feel that people are raising their children wrong, you must also feel that you are doing it right.

I truly hope that no one I care about ever meets the likes of you or your children that you area raising- but then again, from the sounds of it- while you think your children wond be “putting a bullet” in their own brains- it would surprise me little if they wound up in prison for putting one in some one’s else- preferably yours, Mina.

Aunt Laurie aka Lolly on

I feel compelled to write, never thought I’d be blogging. Let’s set the record straight. Easton is not developmentally delayed or Down’s Syndrome, she is a beautiful, bright, happy and a developmentally normal little girl. If she were, is the only way that I think we could love her any more than we do now. Lis is the most thoughtful, caring and loving mother I have ever seen.

I was shocked when I read this blog, while some of you do seem to be awfully mean spirited there are many more who seem to enjoy it and are making a useful contribution. I have never seen Lis be anything but most gracious to her fans and I am sure she will take this in her stride as she always takes negativity.

Lis and E, my sweet beautiful girls, I hope you don’t mind that Lolly had to chime in on this. Anything against my angels, are “fightin words” to Lolly. Love you both a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.

Jill on

Thanks for sharing your personal story. I have enjoyed her blogs and don’t expect her to ever write one again after this one because People did nothing about it. Nice….. Whet a shame because her blogs were such a joy and I love the pictures she shared!

Stef on

Easton is adorable! What a big, beautiful smile. She seems to have a lot of personality too. I love that she did it on her own. I’ve worked in a lot of daycare centers and kids potty train at their own rate. Sometimes kids are stubborn and don’t do it because they like being babied. Other kids see their peers doing it and that makes them want to do it. Easton is at the perfect age to start potty training and I love that Elisabeth shared her story! Thank you!

Ann on

Oh, get off your high horses, you child cultists. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but not all children are beautiful just b/c they’re children. Are we free to call them ugly once they hit 18? Seriously. As for this one, she’s not the most attractive kid I’ve seen, but I don’t think (as some comments hinted at) that she has any sort of disorder. Google a picture of the father and trust me…all will become crystal clear.

Lauren on

Lolly, thanks so much for adding your insight. I asked the original question, and was genuinely just a mixture of concerned and curious to know whether that was an actual issue or just a strange camera angle, and did NOT mean to spark the incendiary discussion that ensued. I sincerely apologize if my inquiry lead to something that offended Elisabeth or any of the other readers. I was wrong and should not have even asked.

Mina on

Caroline, you sound bitter. Maybe you are jealous that I am raising my kid right and its sinking in that the kids around you are spoiled little ungrateful rude brats. I’m old fashioned. The way kids were raised for centuries was the right way. Rarely any problems. I’d say around the 90’s parenting got lazy along with everyone else. In order to make up for it, kids were coddled and rewarded for simple tasks that are expected of them. No child left behind? Do you know how many kids are 2 grades behind my son but in the same class as him? He is bored at school because he is forced to sit with kids who dont know the material and have yet to catch up…yet the “president” didnt want them to fail! Because we cant have kids fail, no way! Working things out, thinking for yourself, figuring out answers to problems…that builds character…makes you stronger and more determined. That is the life I want back. But judging by the way some of you moms/women are talking, I guess that is merely a pipe dream.

Sam on

For heaven’s sake, look at Elisabeth’s other posts for what Easton looks like. She’s in the middle of a goofy laugh!

I’m not a mom, but I love Elisabeth’s blog – she seems so down to earth, articulate, and sensible. KEEP WRITING!

roomagoo on

Oh my gosh, this Mina character is a piece of work. What a sad, bitter, hateful and awful human being. SHe has to be joking, right? No one could be that awful of a person and be a mother at the same time, right?

Josie on

I think Mina is a wounded soul who was made to feel like cr*p at some stage of her life…
It’s clear by her number of posts that she must finally feel important and validated because people are paying attention to what she’s saying…

Sad really.

robinepowell on

Elisabeth shouldn’t feel so bad. My mom had sooo much trouble with me, that it took me almost three years, if not a bit longer, to use the toilet. Maybe if she had a potty, I would have accepted it better, but Mom doesn’t like potties, lol! :p My brother on the other hand, was no problem. He learned how to do it, just by watching the struggles my parents had with and I think pretty much trained himself. 🙂

Mhappiness on

Thanks for your Blogs Elisabeth! Keep up the good work… You are an inspiration to all Mother’s out there PS Your Child is Beautiful!!!

Whitney on

how did a blog about potty training turn into debate about free-speech? I for one love reading these personal blogs and hope to read more, regardless of the comments coming from the peanut gallery.

As a human being and especially as someone in the celebrity world Elisabeth is not new to the negative commenting on every aspect of her life. I just don’t think it is appropriate from anyone to anyone to change the subject of the content of the blog. This is not a generic CBB post with a paparazzi shot of a celeb and their child in Coldwater Canyon Park (which seems to be the spot that you take your child ((if you are famous)) to have pictures taken of you for publication). This is a personal contribution from Elisabeth for our enjoyment and that is what we as readers need to keep in mind.

Oh and Elisabeth (after Carey Lowell – sorry but she was my favorite one) Serena was my favorite ADA on the best series on (a non-cable network because The Sopranos was the greatest series ever created) TV.