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01/27/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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JC on

One thing that bugged me about cursive was the dependence on making the letters look exactly the same as the model. If everyone followed that we would all have the same signature. I do think it is important to know the basics of cursive but there are several letters I don’t write the cursive. The Q is the main one.

Jen DC on


Funny you should mention that! A few years ago, I wrote direct mail and my “signature” (my Catholic schoolgirl signature) was used on the piece. And my name is common: Jennifer Johnson. ANOTHER Jennifer Johnson, ALSO EDUCATED IN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS called me to make sure that we (my firm) hadn’t stolen her mail or something and used her signature on our piece. I assured her that I was real, that my signature had been developed in school and no one from our organization was digging through her trash or had stolen her identity.

Hilarious, but true, hand to G*d.

Alice on

It’s funny that cursive is learnt specifically to sign your name… I use it all the time, I never learnt to write in print. It’s much faster, actually.

amandamay on

I also prefer to write in cursive; It’s much, much faster. I definitely want my son to learn cursive! I feel that it’s as important as learning proper grammar and spelling.

MiB on

Alice, I agree, cursive is much faster than print, I can do both, but never really bother with print unless I’m writing to a child who has just started to read or filling in a form. The funny thing is, that a lot of people complain that I write my signature differently from my cursive writing, but that’s really the point with the signature, that it should be personal in order to differentiate you from all the other Jennifer Johnsons out there (not that my name is very common, but I do know at least one person that has the same name as me, she is also the same age).

JM on

that gun article is ridiculous. it is one of the things i don’t understand about america. they always seem so surprised when there is ANOTHER shooting. well yeah… if you have those kinds of gun laws that WILL happen. why not just change the law? why should everyone be allowed to own a gun? look what happens…

Laura on

I don’t feel learning cursive is important. Maybe teach the child to sign their name and that is it. There is so little time in a day for everything a child needs to learn at school so I feel cursive should be on the very bottom of that list. I think typing is actually something I’d rather see more time devoted to. By the time the child reaches high school (and maybe even earlier than that these days), the child will be required to type up many papers and different things. Learning to use technology seems much more appropriate for this day and age. But that’s just my opinion as a soon to be teacher!

Indira on

I’m one of the few people I know who use cursive in everyday life. I find it faster and just more attractive. I’m sure it’ll make a comeback.