Spotted: Kendra Wilkinson’s Running Man

01/26/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Follow the leader!

Kendra Wilkinson chases after 13-month-old son Hank IV during a day at the park Tuesday in L.A.

“This is the only time in my entire life that I can actually look in the mirror and say that I’m proud of myself,” the reality star, 25,  said recently.

“I’m so f—in proud of myself because I’m taking the time to be a mom.”

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Brookie on

LOVE this entire family! He is such a handsome little man. I hope they have more one day. You go Kendra! You should be proud of yourself! 🙂

Lis on

Wow! Kendra looks really skinny!

sky on

yeah, someone who actually looks and dresses like a real mom!

Manal on

is there a better pic of him?! i want to see his face!

bobby h on

enough of kendra already

dana on

I think they are an adorable family but she needs to stop with the cussing.

kelsey on

Really? She’s proud of herself for actually taking the time to raise her child? That just sounds weird to me. Aside from that, he is one cute kid.

Jill on

I really like this family. Based on her life and the life she has lived this is a moment to be proud of, for the first time. Good job Kendra. YOu have matured so much. Keep showing up the cute little baby!

Astrid on

I like her, but really? Can you really be said to be “taking the time to be a mom” when you have left your child and husband for months at a time so you can play around in Los Angeles because you’re bored of Minneapolis? Let’s be real, here.

Jill on

Astrid, huh? A

CelebBabyLover on

Astrid- It’s my understand that Baby Hank was with Kendra in LA most of the time, rather than in Minneapolis with his dad!

Hea on

kelsey – Sooo many people don’t spend enough time with their kids these days. It’s work work work to them.

Amy on

I love Kendra. She is a great example of someone turning their life around for the better. I have watched her since she was on Girls Next Door, and she has matured so much since she first came on the scene. She is so realtable and “real”.

Amanda on

Even though she may not be my fav person, you can’t bash her for not being in Minneapolis with her husband, she wants a stable environment & home for lil Hank and football players matriculate a lot. She goes to Minneapolis a lot to spend time with him.

blessedwithboys on

Baby Hank is hands-down the cutest baby in Hollywood and possibly the cutest baby ever!

Marva on

“yeah, someone who actually looks and dresses like a real mom!”

– sky on January 26th, 2011

I’m sorry, but I don’t know a single “real” mother who would leave the house in SWEATPANTS. Maybe that’s common in the US, but certainly not where I live. I’m not saying European mothers go to the playground in fancy dresses, but what’s wrong with classic, basic clothes?

Sweatpants (and pyjamas in general) as outerwear is for hip-hop teens and people you’d probably describe as “white trash”. I’m sorry if that offends anyone, but that’s just how the majority sees it.

And no, I’m not an old frump who doesn’t “get” it, I’m 22 years old and prefer wearing “real” clothes.

Holiday on

Marva well things tend to be more casual here in the USA. I live in California and I am a young mom and we do wear stuff like this to go to the park to play with our kids.

JAE on

So the majority (of people) is European moms? Wow, good to know……….

Terri on

Nice language “mom”. Maybe the first word that sweet baby Hank says will be “f…in”. What has happened to people’s use of the English language? There has to be a better way to express yourself that gross four letter words.