Go Green with FuzziBunz Diapers and Rockin’ Green Soap

01/26/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy of FuzziBunz

You’ve probably noticed we’ve been raving a lot about cloth diapers lately. And why wouldn’t we? They’re one of the simplest ways to go green with baby. FuzziBunz is another cloth diaper collection that we love to pieces. And we’re not the only ones. Matthew McConaughey, Tori Spelling and Angela Bassett are all fans. And who can blame them? These diapers are super cute and a breeze to use.

Known as the company that invented the modern cloth diaper, FuzziBunz has been trusted to keep little bums dry since 1999. And with their new One-Size option, they’re making it even easier — and more affordable — for parents to use cloth.

The One-Size style features easy-to-adjust elastic — similar to maternity waistbands — that allows you to customize the waist and thigh openings to suit your growing baby (they fit from newborn up to 35 pounds). Even better? They’re not as bulky as other one-size versions.

Courtesy of Rockin’ Green

The next question, of course, is how to care for cloth diapers?

Well, we had the chance to try Rockin’ Green laundry detergent and we’re loving it.

Targeted specifically at cloth diapering families, this detergent doesn’t leave any residue so there’s no build-up, which eventually affects absorbency and can cause rashes.

Available in yummy natural scents including Smashing Watermelons and Mighty Mighty Marshmallow, Rockin’ Green also works great for the rest of your laundry too.

There’s also an unscented option too, aptly called Bare Naked Babies. And depending on where you live, you can also buy formulas for hard, regular and soft water to increase the effectiveness.

Want to check these products out? Go to fuzzibunz.com and rockingreensoap.com for more information.

Stephanie Phoenix

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TC on

I just saw an article about rockin green soap in my local…ok Houston..paper.

They are based right here in the Lone Star state in San Antonio and it’s a mom who invented the soap because her baby had sensitive skin. The prices are actually about the same as any other name brand detergent and you can use them for your regular clothes too not just cloth diapers.

Lucky for me there are a few stores in the area that carry Rockin Green and I’m going to check them out, but I hear they sell out SUPER FAST so if not I will be ordering it online.

I love supporting local businesses.

Julie on

I use Rockin’ Green even though I don’t have babies/kids. I suffer from eczema and it “Soft Rock” works great with my skin. Love how it always smells great when washing too, their scents are fabulous! It only costs around $40 for my husband and I to use Rockin’ Green for a whole year!

Angela on

We use Fuzzibunz and Rockin Green!! Love them both! Can’t say enough good things about them.

Olivia on

I use fuzzi bunz and Rockin’ Green and love them both. Rockin’ Green really gets the funk out of cloth diapers and is less expensive than other detergents recommended for cloth. Plus, their customer service and speed of delivery is great.

Selena on

We started carrying Rockin’ Green at our store, Global Enfant just before the holidays last year. I tested it for quite a few months before I brought it in to our store, and was impressed. So far I have found it to be the most effective detergent with hard water. My little ones are both out of diapers, but we have hard water in general so I use it for all of our laundry (and will for sure use it for diaper laundry with the next baby). You don’t have to cloth diaper to use it, so it’s great to see it on CBB.

Ashley on

I use Rockin’ Green & Fuzzibunz and love both! Great products and fabulous companies.

Bridget on

I love both FuzziBunz AND Rockin’ Green! Cloth diapers are so easy and make so much less mess than disposables. I haven’t seen a poopy blowout since I started cloth diapering!! We recently switched to Rockin’ Green (my favorite scent is Lavender Mint Revival) and not only did it make our diaper stink issues disappear, but it has made them as soft as they were then they were new! Can’t say enough good things about either prodcut. I will be very sad when my babies potty train and I no longer have use for my cloth diapers.

Pamela on

You don’t have to have a nanny (like these celebs may have) to use cloth diapers! My family uses cloth and we loooove it. Even my husband raves about how easy it is and how much money it saves us. Plus, they are adorable 🙂

Rebecca on

We LOVE our FuzziBunz and Rockin’ Green (soft rock for my little guy’s sensitive skin). I’d highly recommend both products to anyone interested in getting into cloth diapering ~ so easy and affordable!!

Allison on

Cloth is so easy that anyone can do it: moms, dads, grandparents, babysitters, daycare centers, older siblings!!! We’ve used FuzziBunz for the past five years and I loved them so much I opened my own brick and mortar cloth diaper store, samozrejme in Troy, Ohio! FB changed our family footprint. Cloth diapering is better for your baby’s health, better for the earth, and better for your wallet. What would YOU do with another $2500 or more in your wallet to spend?

Cloth diapers are an amazing way to diaper your baby and change your impact on this earth. Gorgeous colors and great fit!

Manal on

That baby is beautiful!!

Lisa on

Love cloth diapering and love Rockin Green soap!! Cant say enough good things about either of them!

Elisabeth on

We love our Fuzzibunz!!! So soft against the babies skin, no AWFUL chemicals to break out my little ones rear, and SUPER CUTE COLORS! Not to mention the ease of use. These aren’t your grandma’s cloth diapers. They are so functional, and NO LEAKS OR BLOW OUTS! A much better option for your baby, and for the planet. 🙂

Amanda on

I love cloth but Fuzzi Bunz just don’t seem to fit my kids ‘right’. I still use the one I have but I prefer other brands. Another thing, they get trim but they didn’t fit my son well until he was heavier than 7lbs, maybe closer to 10, mine don’t have crossover snaps at the waist so as small as you adjust the elastic for the rise it doesn’t matter if you can’t get the waist tight enough. I bought it a little over a year ago so maybe they’ve fixed that issue with their one-size. Either way I’ve found a lot of the less expenive brands tend to work better for us anyways.

I do love our Rockin Green though. I’ve been using Rocking Green exclusively with our diapers (still prefer Tide for the rest of our clothes!) for over a year and have only had to buy 2 bags so far, we still have some left in our second bag too. We used Purex Free and Clear on our diapers when my daughter was in diapers and we had recurrent stink issues, no problems with the Rockin Green!

Kate on

Love Best Bottoms Diapers and Rockin Green! Loved Fuzzi Bunz until I came across Best Bottoms! So great!

Kira on

I LOVE my FuzziBunz perfect sized diapers, but sorry, not a fan of Rockin Green detergent. It used to work just fine for a while, but then the ammonia hit and we tried everything from vinegar to stripping. Then RnG came out with Ammonia bouncer. It was everywhere and selling like crazy (so I guess a lot of other people were having ammonia stink too). To spend the money for the detergent PLUS the money for the ammonia bouncer it was ridiculous. I switched to Eco Sprout Soap (cloth diaper detergent) and have never had a problem since.

Cameron on


John on

What a stud!!

Janice on

Thats my Great Grand Baby. How proud we are
He is a doll.You should see his twin sister
with her big blues.

Tiffany T. on

That baby is GORGEOUS! 🙂 Cameron and Jessica, he is a star!!

Allison on

I’m clearancing out all my cloth diapers for sale, including fuzzi bunz. they are totally the best cloth diaper out there.

Tanya on

My daughter babysits for the owners of Rockin Green and I consider the Webbs friends of mine. I don’t have any babies but I use Rockin Green soap when my cats have accidents and I love it!

Colleen on

My sister uses Fuzzi Buns one size diapers with her infant daughter and they seem to work great. I was skeptical but I have to say that they seem to be better for baby, the environment, AND they’re extremely affordable. WIN WIN WIN! I’ll be using them too when I have kids because they save close to $3000 per kid on diaper expenses, and in this day in age if you have more than one that is a VERY good thing.

Anonymous on

Dang! I can’t believe that I haven’t tried Rockin Green! I am definitely going to try it soon. I do love my Fuzzi Bunz and ecoBritches diapers! Cloth diapering has been one of my best decisions ever.

Crystal Cline on

I really enjoyed this article! As a work at home mom selling cloth diapers & diapering / mom/ baby products myself, this is a great thing for parents hoping to go green! We have a great online store selling safe/natural/organic products such as these and more at http://www.naturebumz.com! Thank you People for recognizing these great products 🙂

Miney on

We used FB and Rockin Green and liked both. I wish the article mentioned more wondeful brands like Kissa’s and Marvels by Kissaluvs, BumGenius and the like so people new to CD can check more options…

Jane on

This is so cool! I love Rockin’ Green for all of my laundry! I started using it for my cloth diapers and loved how well it worked that I became a fan of all things Rockin’ Green. My favorite right now is the Sport Rock. It’s amazing on my jiu jitsu gis! Those suckers are hard to get clean and fresh without damaging the fabric, but Rockin’ Green does it!