Family Photo: Shooter, Drea and Alabama Do Disney (On Ice!)

01/26/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Baby bump debut!

An expectant Drea de Matteo and Shooter Jennings take daughter Alabama Gypsyrose, 3, to Disney on Ice‘s Princess Wishes opening night, held Friday at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The actress, 39, and her rocker fiancé will welcome their second child this spring.

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Brooke on

Drea is further along than I was expecting! The whole family looks adorable.

Amy on

I love the look on Shooter Jennings face. You can tell never in a million years did he ever expect to find himself at a Disney on Ice event. What a good dad for going along!!! Drea looks great as well!

Anonymous on

why do they have so much stuff with them? how annoying. they look uncomfotbable.

Jgirl on

Cute family. Alabama is a cutie!

Kristin on

Anonymous, it’s winter in New York. Everyone’s dragging around their coats, hats, scarves, bags…

Amy, so true!! Love it.

They look great. Drea must be due in April, she is farther along than I expected too.

Nella on

Alabama looks soooo adorable! The whole family looks great.

Anonymous on

I didn’t realize how far along Drea was! I’m looking forward to hearing about their baby when he or she is born! Alabama is absolutely precious and I’m sure the new baby will be, too!

JustMe on

LOL & “awwwwed” when I saw that lil’ sweetie pie… goodness gracious, love the way she’s decked out- cuteness overload!

Mia on

I bet it’s a boy-have one of each!

Now I’m just curious-they’re engaged. They’re now going to have 2 kids-when are they getting married? I’m sure it’s a situation of where things are really busy and they’re too busy with the kids to plan a wedding right now.

The upcoming trend of people not getting married and having kids or getting married later on-I’m curious on the reasons/statistics. I don’t get how someone can be in a committed relationship-be committed enough to have kids-but not get married. Strategically-legally and financial it’s greater security to be married. You’re together anyway-have kids.

Not directed to them-but the trend in general. For the people that say “it’s just a piece of paper”-what’s the harm in it? If it’s just a piece of paper.

Crimpe on

What a fabulous family portrait – how can you not love them?

Sat on

So cute!!! Drea looks great!!

CelebBabyLover on

Kristin- Excatly! I live in the midwest, and at this time of year we practically need suitcases to lug around all of our winter gear (okay, I’m exagerating….but not by much!)!

Anyway, it does look like Drea might be due in April. If so, then perhaps it will be an Easter baby (Easter falls on April 24th this year)! 🙂

B.R on

Anonymous like Kristin and CelebBabyLover have pointed out it winter. For most that means cold temps which means you need a hat, gloves, scarf, then you add your kids coat, hat, gloves, scarf, plus everything else a 3 year old need, everything a pregnant women needs and congratulations like CelebBabyLover has put it you need a suitcase just to fit it all. And if you live where I do double it. Plus I just can’t see what is so annoying about it. They look like a normal family out to see a show. I for one love the fact that they are not perfectly put together without a hair out of place. It’s just not how the really world is.

Alabama is adorable, so cute, I really like them together they look like such a cute happy family. And the new baby will be just as beautiful as her/his big sister, can’t wait to see and hear about the new addition.

B.R on

Mia reasons are endless to why people have kids and marry later or never. Money, having to choose between a house for the child or a wedding, some only marry cause their children have requested it, other are simply happy being engaged for ever and never marrying, personally I think that one is to make the family surrounding the couple happy. This way they can always say we have plans to marry but never do it. Others hate the idea of marriage so they never do it. Yes to them it’s just a piece of paper so why bother spending the money and the time to get married when you just as happy being together with out. As for the harm in it, to some like my really good friend, it feels like a trap and she feels cornered second you say the word relationship, engagement, or marriage. She has two wonderful kids and has been with the same man since high school and if you ever ask her what he is to her the answer is the father of my children and the man I love, not boyfriend, partner, husband, and you know what I like her answer more that any other. She is committed to him,as he is to her, they would do anything for each other, but marriage to them is a trap set to fail and they will never do it.

As for your comment of “Strategically-legally and financial it’s greater security to be married.” no, no it’s not, in any shape or form. Legally marriage counts for ever little these day. Prenuptial agreement that state how many time a week you have to have sex, how to put on toilet paper or it’s divorce and you get nothing make marriage a joke. Or when my sister Simi died even married her husband had to fight to keep his daughter cause her grandmother that no one knew was still alive wanted the child for the money. They froze all the accounts that were in her name, kicked them out of their home (cause it was in her name) it took three lawyers and months of court dates to get it fixed. If she had put his name on the house, and the bank accounts it would have avoided her husband and child that part of the problem. Name on a right piece of paper would have helped, cause the fact that he was her husband didn’t matter at all. Or you can have a look at Arizona’s idea of marriage, quick option A your marriage and divorce all paid for and set up the day you marry, option B just your marriage figure out your divorce later and pay for it later. And financially hon marriage has nothing to do with it. I am married and have been for years, we still have our own bank accounts, he doesn’t touch mine and I don’t touch his. It’s not lack of trust but just how we like things to be. Either one of us dies it will take lawyers for the other one to get the bank accounts. Likely unlike Simi and her husband we have already done all the paper work for the house, cars, helicopters, and bank accounts. Health benefits you can get from each other after living together for 90days married or not, and any children you have together get both. See at the end of it all there is no good reason to marry. Unless like me you believe in it, and that it’s something that will help hold you together when the times as rough, and the times when life seems to good to be true. And honestly that is the one and only reason why people should marry. But these are just answers of one person to your questions. Other may know something I don’t.

amy on

Well I’m glad B.R. that the question of who gets the helicopters when you or your husband dies is all taken care of.

Jill on

I really wish this site had the block feature like facebook does 🙂

torgster on

This is just my opinion re the married not married debate for what it’s worth…I asked my two daughters in their 20s and they say why bother? When their generation has pretty much seen one out of every two marriages fall apart, they aren’t so naive as to think things would be any different for them. Between the cost of the wedding, then the horrendous cost for the potential messy divorce, they just don’t see any point. Kinda sad but that’s what the world has come to.

Corrie on

Helicopters, B.R.? Really? Like someone else said, must be nice to know who gets the helicopters if & when you & Mr. B.R. split up.

Kristin on

Glad others are seeing the inanity of B.R./Simi’s posts now. Hilariously awful.

Mia on

A lot of relationships don’t work out-but it’s all about commitment and partnership. It just seems a little irresponsible/unbalanced to have a child with somebody that you don’t plan on being committed to or in a relationship with- Granted, I understand some people can be great parents but just not be able to be in a relationship together because they are not compilable (for whatever the reason is).

But if someone doesn’t want to “label” a relationship that seems like some kind of commitment issue. If labeling a relationship makes someone feel “trapped” -yet living it is Ok. That doesn’t make sense. If you’re committed just call it what it is… It’s all the same….?

Debbie on

Alabama is dressed like a mini version of her Dad! Cute 🙂

Jill on

Mia, I am not really sure what you are trying to say. What is compilable? And beyond that…what?

Maria on

Mia –

I choose not to get married for a few reasons…

a) Marriage is a religious tradition. I am an Atheist.

b) I’d prefer things to be simpler in case we split up. My things are mine, his things are his. As a successful woman who makes more money than my partner, I’d prefer not to be screwed over in a divorce.

c) Marriage IS just a piece of paper. What’s next, I have to pay for a license for each friendship I have?

d) I really do not want to give ANY more money to the government. Taxes are high enough as it is, so I try to avoid any additional, unnecessary legal fees. I know its cheap (only $45 dollars), but as I said before, the government already rips me off enough in other ways, so I’d prefer not to further support them by getting married.

kim on

I love how they look like they are totally schlepping just like every non-celeb family!!!

Holiday on

BR I am glad you have it all squared away with who will get all the helicopters if you or your husband pass away haha.

Jill on

Thank goodness I know what will happen to the helicopters!! I think I officially know everything about you and Simi! And I don’t know either of you! W…E….I…R…D….!

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- Who says you can’t be committed to someone without being married to them? And in fact, some people DO “call it what it is” when they are comitted but not married. For example, Johnny Depp has said that he and Vanessa consider themselves to be married and refer to each other as husband and wife even though they are not actually married. So they ARE “labeling” their relationship….but just not have the ceremony or piece of paper (and I’m not saying marriage is just a piece of paper, because I definitely don’t think it is. I’m just saying that it is to SOME people).

Jill- I’m pretty sure Mia meant compatible. 🙂

B.R on

Ladies if you really want to know look on a map of the world. Find Churchill Manitoba then go as high up and as close as you can to Nunavut and you have an idea of where I live. Now mind you there are no roads to Churchill (which is the closest city to me) if you want to get there it’s by train and train only. So how do you think my husband, child and I get anywhere? There are no roads. It’s either the helicopter, water airplane (saving for that next) or the dog sled. And as much as my furry babies enjoy pulling a sled it way to far for them to get me to work, not to mention it would take me days by sled to get anywhere, without killing my dogs. Just saying. I know how luck I am to have the life that I do, and I didn’t say it to prove anything, to me that helicopter is a everyday normal part of life, it’s just like other people saying I own a car, you need it to survive (depending on where you live) I need a helicopter. Just different life styles that’s all.

Jill on

Br, the point is people don’t care about where you live, your modes of transportation, your relationship to Simi, your days of trauma or actually anything…….we all have lives and trauma. People come here to read about celebrities and not the life of BR and Simi. I will be honest, ever since your rampage and telling the other poster the rudest things I have ever read……I have zero respect for you. She was entitled to say her opinion and didn’t deserve one thing you said to her. I truly wish I didn’t have to read your posts everyday. I wish this was like FB and I could block you because I find you to be offensive, self centered and hypocritical.

B.R on

Jill you are more then welcome to your opinion of me, but if you don’t like what I post you don’t have to read it. You do always have the option of skipping over it. Plus it was a post directed at Mia not you or the piece above so truly there is no need for you to read it if you do not wish it and I bug you as much as you say I do. As for me talking about my life, it’s how I learn, everything that happens is a lesson in itself, as was what happened on this site, it is just how I look my life. War, concentration camp, death, loss of my family and 9 brothers and sisters, loss of Simi and Aliana, finding my husband and son, where are live and how different it all is from most people, are lessons that I have learn something from and it’s the only way I can relate to the world around me.

Your opinion of me based on what mistake that I made, and be that as it may you are allowed to feel how ever you wish about me. I am sorry it’s negative but I don’t regret a single action of it mistake or not, things happened they way they should have. But you do have the option of not reading what I post. If I truly bother as much as you say I do, then please don’t read it, anger is not something one should feel when reading a baby site.

Jill on

Not referring to only your post to Mia… post personal stories a lot. As you have read….many people feel that way. I really hope that People magazine remove the post with your rant wishing horrible feelings to Kristen’s family upon her death and at her grave. I am sure it will take time…….but for the sake of the readers, I hope so. People don’t need to read that. You voluntarily told your story…..that was not a mistake. And I don’t read all of your posts…..just the short ones or the ones that are pertaining to the article. And thanks for telling me my opinion is welcome…….People magazine and this sites customer service felt so as well:)

Kate on

B.R. if you need to ‘learn’ by telling your ‘stories’ over and over and over then go see a shrink. I also wish I could block you.

B.R on

Kate as I told Jill your opinion of me your own and you are more the welcome to express it. As for my seeing a therapist what makes you think I don’t? Do you truly think that people like me could live without one?

Jill I do wish they would remove that post as well. I will be the first to say that was a mistake and shouldn’t have been said ever. But it’s out there and I can’t change that. All I can do is learn from it and move on.