Willow Smith Films New Music Video

01/25/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Willow Smith is on a roll.

Following the runaway success of her debut single “Whip My Hair” last fall, the 10-year-old pop star shot a video for her second single, “21st Century Girl,” in Los Angeles this week, as dad Will Smith and mom Jada Pinkett Smith looked on.

Even big brother Jaden Smith, 12½, jumped in to help film his little sister.

Willow also recently debuted a snippet of her new song in a video post on her Facebook page.

The tween, who calls the new song “a dance record,” is also hard at work on her album, reportedly due this spring, for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label.

“It is very cool, because Jay really welcomes me and makes me feel like the record label is a place where I can have fun and talk about my career,” she told Vanity Fair‘s February issue. “He and his people make me feel like I’m a part of something. And I love Beyoncé — she’s awesome!”

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Brooke on

This is actually starting to bother me a little. It is like the Smith’s cannot allow their children to be children. And i do not want to hear about “Oh the kids WANT to be in showbiz”. Anyone ever heard of the word “No”.

Willow has said herself that she really doesn’t do school or act like a normal kid. This crap has Danny Bonaduce written all over it.

Jen on

Blech – go away already.

Sarah on

I thought we had laws in place against child labor.

Alyssa on

She’s such a gimmick, look at her what a joke. I wish parents, especially ones who know about being int he spotlight would allow their kids to be kids…not package them up like they are something marketable. The Smith’s don’t need any more money, so what’s with wh0ring their kids out at every possible opportunity?

molly on

Runaway Hit!!! You mean people actually liked this SONG

Alyssa on

Wait another 8-10 years and we’re going to have another Lohan. Over-indulged child actors/performers who don’t know the value of a dollar, have never been told “No” and have people catering to their every need. Yeah, that’s going to go over well.

Anonymous on

Sooo over them already

Tee on

I don’t know this family in real life, obviously, but it really does appear that Jada and Will are in an awfully big hurry to have their children grow up!

Hea on

She’ll be on drugs within five years if you look at the statistics for child stars in Hollywood.

Kay on

I must say that I don’t know anyone (of any age) that liked Willow’s first song. Any child’s voice can be auto-tuned and have techno music added in. It has nothing to do with talent. The Smith’s can pay to have their children put out there in whatever form of ‘entertainment’ they wish, but it’s a shame that they can’t just let them be children. Hopefully they won’t have to pay for it in another way later.

Ashley on

Ugh ugh ugh…enough said

Amy on

Have you bittys ever thought that maybe they are just letting her “live her dream”? When I was her age I wanted to be the next Michelle Kwan, but I never had the opportunity to do it. Point is, she sounds like she loves music and her parents are helping her do her thing.

stacy on

I use to be a Will Smith Fan, I don’t understand what they are thinking. I think if she lived a normal child like life, which lots of celeb kids do, she’d be much cuter!

steph on

i know they arent scientologist but they hang with those who practice this. And i thought that they believed that kids arent kids but should be allowed to do what they want and explore all opportunities. You can tell a big difference in Will’s oldest child and his younger two. The oldest one you only see a premiers and went to school etc.


Marilyn on

Will & Jada need to let her just be a child — period. All they seem to care about is fame and money. Willow doesn’t seem to like some of the things she’s doing, according to her interviews.

Booo on

I said it when the advertisements for the remake of “The Karate Kid” began (which turned out to be a pretty good movie) and I’ll say it again: I’m sick of Will Smith’s children. You would think there were no other children in the world with dreams of showbiz stardom…

Meghan on

@Amy, her parents aren’t ENCOURAGING a music career. They HANDED IT TO HER on a silver platter. She didn’t have to work for it, she didn’t have to put herself out there to face rejection. Her parents created a career for her. If music is truly Willow’s passion, it will still be her passion at eighteen, when she can record her own demos herself and face rejection like every hopeful musician does. If you hand a nine year old a career, they don’t learn anything about life. They learn that everything can be handed to them with the minimum of effort.

Anonymous on

Can’t believe she’s only just turned 10 years old! She’s just a little girl but seems to be growing up far too fast…scary

Amanda on

I feel so bad for this little girl. She is growing up WAY too fast and we’ve all seen what that does for child entertainers in the long run. Sometimes parents need to be parents, there’s a difference between letting her do her own thing and exploiting her. My 7 year old sees me being a mom and says she wants to be a mommy when she grows up, that doesn’t mean I adopt her a baby so she can be just like me, it means I give her baby dolls. My 4 year old wants to be a doctor, so I buy her a doctor kit and she pretends with her stuffed animals, dolls and siblints. I don’t pay someone off so she can pretend she’s a doctor and be exposedto all the sickness and death real doctors are. And a lot of things in the entertainment industry are very comparable to sickness and death for the soul.

cat on

I feel so angry at her parents when I see her working so much. She is only ten years ol. Regardless of her talent and ambition, she has her whole life to be an artist, and her childhood has been cut short.

charlotte on

Her shirt says “boys need training” ??? No 10 year old should be wearing a shirt that says that!

Desiree on

First, ‘runaway success’ of her first single is way too generous. Kay is right – auto-tune does not equal talent and bless her heart, that little girl cannot sing. And she most definitely has NOT had to work for her ‘career.’ If they’re not careful, Will and Jada are going to find out the heart-breaking way that children need parents, not friends OR managers.

It makes me sad for Willow – she’s only 10! Poor kid.

Sam on

@Meghan – you said it best, in my opinion. Young Willow didn’t have any rejections with her music, (that I read about anywhere), she just suddenly had a record. Willow didn’t get any good acting roles so all of a sudden she is an amazing singer??? To me that was definitely her parents making sure she didn’t feel ‘left out’ while her brother Jaden was acting. All little girls love to sing and dance around, but Will and Jaden mae one phone call to their buddy and BAM, Willow has a GREAT record. Right.

Julia A on

It’s disturbing to listen to Willow talk about her “career.” Jaden and Willow just seem to be trying a little too hard to sound like adults. What would a 10-year-old do with a “career” anyways? If she really likes to sing, she should be getting a proper music education, not her own records.

Amanda on

You know, I would be a lot less resentful of Jayden and Willow’s success if they were actually deserving of it. Because let’s face it, if they weren’t who they are, he wouldn’t be in movies and she wouldn’t be forcing her terrible music on us. These oppurtunities have been given to them because of who their father is. That’s it. I don’t know what Will and Jada’s obssession is with turning their kids into mini-me superstars but they really should learn the word ‘no’. Their kids already come off as spoilt, bratty and arrogant and it will only get worse.

cris on

These parents are turning their children into jokes. It doesn’t surprise me that Willow and Jaden are in the ‘entertainment (used very loosely) industry’ Their parents need to get over themselves…they even named their children after them? I thought Willow was cute in that American Girl movie- however, she really has just become a joke-and as far as friends, what kid is going to be worthy enough to be these kids friends? adults?

Shannon on

I thought she just made that one song for fun. She’s doing this full time now? Seems a bit young for all this but whatever.

Indira on

I agree with most people sentiments about children being children. In regards to talent, she’s a pop “singer” and is no more short of talent than other pop “singers”out there. She’s no Adele or Winehouse but, she’s not much different from what’s out there now.

nettrice on

#1. Willow is having a BLAST. She’s happy. Be happy for her or don’t be happy. It doesn’t matter.

#2. Stop hatin’.

Kristen on

How many mothers or fathers would let their son wear a “girls need training” shirt? What a stupid family.

Mimz on

I agree with anyone and everyone who is OVER this crap. She’s a kid. Like someone above said. There is a little important word called NO. And I know for a fact that Will not only knows how to say no but, hell no at that!

Nelle on

I find this very sad.

Amy Y. on

The thing that bothers me with Will Smith and his kids is that he wanted The Karate Kid remade. The original actors and I believe director did not want it remade but Will Smith pushed the issue so his kid could ‘star’ in it and it was made. Now I hear he wants Annie remade so Willow can star in it. These kids may be very artistic but giving it to them is not the answer. And in my OPINION they are way too young, why not build on their education and then allow them to follow their dreams? It has really been offsetting how they push their kids out there with such outlandish outfits to boot. And no, those are not stylish unless you are Betsy Johnson. Tacky in every sense of the word.
Does anyone else notice how long and thin Willows hands and arms are? I not judging that it just looks odd in this picture!

Anonymous on

i’m hoping that if i wish hard enough, she’ll go away!!!!!!!!!!

Maeve on

im all for letting kids live their dreams but kids need boundries and rules which will and jada dont have what happens when their career goes down the toilet then what do they have to fall back on

Crystal on

I cannot believe the negative comments about this CHILD!! I don’t care if she doesn’t act like a child, her parents don’t treat her like a child, she dresses too adult, etc., she is STILL A CHILD!!! Sheesh! I for one loved “Whip My Hair” and I am 28 years old!!! It played on the radio all the time here in Dallas and I thought it was age appropriate and catchy. I am SHOCKED by all the terribly hateful comments about a 10 year old girl. Her parents have not forced her to do anything. She wanted this job and I think she and her parents are doing a good job managing her career. She works hard and I think she should be commended not ripped apart. The tabloids do enough of that. She doesn’t need it from a bunch of bitter, old nobodies!! We need to encourage and uplift our youth not tear them down. Seriously! Willow, you are extremely talented and will have a wonderful career ahead of you. Keep your head up and you will go far in this business. Stay grounded and adhere to your roots and upbringing and you will be JUST FINE!!! =)

JM on

i don’t understand why people don’t complain about hannah montana, or the jonas brothers, people like that. how is that any different?
personally i hate all of that kind of music, but i don’t have one rule for one person and another rule for another person….

dholmas on

Will and Jada need to let the children be children. I wonder what Willow sounds like without all of the technology in a studio. Most likely like every other ten year old only without parents who will pay for it. Would like to here her voice acappela. The songs I have heard are AWFUL.

Dee on

What a bunch of HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Willow my dear, whether your career was handed to you or not, you are awesome. Dont listen to the negativity of these jealous people!!!!

Anonymous on

Blah, Blah, Blah, seriously? And a little pop star!!!

Anonymous on

Seriously, why are they making her look like that? Not cute at all…

Jaime on

Hannah Montana always dressed her age and wore stuff her age. She was on disney channel and disney Channel are made for children to watch so they cant put her out there like that, like thier doing willow. Miley is now running wild because she;s 18 now. But if you let a child go crazy, let her do the makeup, the weave and outfits now with no rules to follow behind them, she’s going to go wild also. There’s a time for everything, and she;s growing up too fast. She made it tooo easy, no hard work,no nothing, just a title. When ppl begging for a deal and its No. Like some of you said she never heard the word NO. She lives by no rules anyway, she do what she wants. TOOO GROWN!!

Jill on

jealous…..oh yep….that must be it! Hilarious, what a stupid third grade comeback! Oh and “haters!” Please! Just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t make them a hater.

She is a child and is not leading the life of a child. I had no idea her age, just by looking at her picture. That is very sad 😦 That is one of the big differences between her and Miley Cyrus. When Miley was this age, she acted and looked her age. Oh boy….I must stop now.

Sasha on

@Hea you ought to be ashamed for saying that this child is going to be on drugs in five years. You should keep such negativity to yourself. Willow and Jaden are not the first child stars to exist. Just because they are in the business does not mean they are destined to be troubled adults. There have been successes and failures amongst child stars. From the looks of it, Will and Jada seem to be very involved in the process. Yes, when your parents have money, you are afforded certain privileges. The Smith’s did not invent nepotism. That’s life…get over it!

Hea on

Sasha – Keeping such negativity to oneself is contributing and stupid so I will not keep mum. Drug awareness is important and life saving. Few places are as inviting as the entertainment industry. Look at the kids in Hollywood. Look at for example Jodie Sweetin, Drew Barrymore, Haley Joel Osment, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Shannen Doherty, Edward Furlong, Tatum O’Neal, the Olsen twins, River Phoenix… All child stars in Hollywood and all severe addicts at a young age. Some of them are not with us today because of their addictions. If you work a child too hard, especially in the entertainment industry, it will pay off in more ways than just money. It is not a freaking walk in a park or a bed of roses.

SH on

ok, so all you NON-HATERS think that it’s OK for a 10 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL to have a shirt on that says “BOYS NEED TRAINING”…

you think that’s ok??? you think that’s setting a good example for other little girls out there??? you think you want YOUR little girls to look up to THAT??????


erilynne on

Fact for all the people calling others who don’t agree to this does NOT consider them a HATER. You say one word or not agreeing sentence and you get called that. It is completely BS. If you want to have an argument on the way a child should be raised think of another word or maybe more intelligent word or sentence instead of just labeling someone a hater.

Crystal on

SH-YES!!!! I think that shirt is fine!!! There is NOTHING wrong with that shirt. Boys do need training to act like GENTLEMAN!!!! I think you guys are reading wayyyy too much into a shirt. It’s just that………… A SHIRT!!!

Estella on

I cant believe that Will Smith has turned into this kind of parent. Will grew up normal, so did Jada, and now they think they have super kids who will take over the world. Its pathetic, I mean it really is, these kids dont stand a chance, what arrogant people.

Sarah on

Will and Jada should take a step back and let there kids be children. Jaden already ruined karate kids, I hope the rumours about Willow being in a remake of Annie are untrue. Just because your parents are rich and famous doesn’t mean that makes you talented.

Jill on

erilynne…..Totally agree!

Crystal, She is 10….10….yes 10! The shirt is NOT age appropriate. 10 year old boys do NOT need to be trained to be anything other than themselves at this age. The whole purpose of shirts with words is for people to read and interpret them. And this is a stupid shirt for a 10 year old to wear, but then again, it goes with the whole bad outfits she wears all the time.

kendrajoi on

I agree with the general consensus. It’s just really weird how they are literally pushing their kids on everyone. I guess the acting in Will’s movies doesn’t bother me much, but it’s like, enough already. Would she be getting this attention or the movie roles if her parents were not Will and Jada Smith? Probably not.

nettrice on

LOL at all the HATERS getting all mad because I called them out. WIllow seems to be having a great time so have at it here. I’m sure she’ll never see your comments or care that you don’t like the way she dresses or looks. Spend more time worshipping those other girl stars you all like better and let this one be! No matter how these “haters” try and spin it there is nothing wrong with a little black girl getting her shine at the age of 10. In fact, it’s extremely rare for such a thing to occur. If you disagree please tell me what other little black girl has had the same spotlight as Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana or Lindsey Lohan. Name them.

Daniella on

Nettrice, I clearly remember Tia & Tamera Mowry being extremely popular when I was younger & every girl in my classes loved the show “Sister, Sister” as well as their younger brother Tahj’s show, “Smart Guy”. However, they had to work hard for their success & have stated that their education was always a priority, leading them to pursue college after the show ended. This appears to be the opposite situation for Willow & Jaden, which is what truly annoys or upsets most of the people on here.

Her skin color has nothing to do with it & a person is not a “hater” if they disagree with something, it’s called a difference of opinion. Plus, very few people agreed with the vast marketing that Miley Cyrus & Lindsey Lohan underwent in their teenage years. It was obvious that they were pushed too hard & expected to practically give up having a childhood in order to pursue their “careers”. We all know what can happen to child stars who are forced to forsake their childhoods & many big-time adult stars (namely Michael Jackson, Jodie Sweetin & Gary Coleman) have spoken about the severe trials they had to face as a result.

There are some who make it (such as the trio from Harry Potter or the Mowry siblings), but it’s usually because they’re not pushed too hard, education is a high priority, and their parents do not let them run amok or do whatever they please without normal limitations.

Crystal on

Jill- We’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this one because I see no problem with this shirt. It’s just a shirt to me. Nothing about it screams inappropriate! 🙂

Indira on


I’m black( i can’t verify this but take my word for it) and I don’t like her getting her shine! Nepotism has always existed in hollywood but, as a young woman in the biz myself I resent it just the same! It’s great that she’s black and she’s getting her shine on but, she’s no different than the Emma Roberts and Jamie Lynn Siglers who were literally GIVEN shows. I would be a little less turned off by Willow Smith’s act if it wasn’t so loud and trying to be different. Or if it was actually HER style and not that of her stylists. Everything about her is stylized and not the least bit about self-expression. I doubt she has a very big part in the creative process. Some people on here are complaining about her lack of a childhood but, having Will Smith and Jada as parents her childhood was never going to be what the “average” person considers “normal” or even recognizable! But with the Smiths both coming from a regular background you would think they’d appreciate hard-work and fortitude more.

Jill on

Nettrice, wow! All I read in your statement is that skin color has to do with this. When in fact…..it shouldn’t! That is what is wrong with society. Why make it about color when it has nothing to do with it?

SH on

Crystal, exactly my point…SAD!! SAD that there’s people out there that think it’s OK for LITTLE GIRLS to dress this way and be looked up to by other little girls. I’ve got boys and girls. I don’t want to be on either end of that. – My 10 year old little girl needs to worry about OTHER THINGS besides TRAINING BOYS….and my 10 year old little boy needs to learn life lessons from HIS PARENTS. If you ask me, there’s a lot of PARENTS on here that need TRAINING!!!!!

torgster on

Why does everybody care so much about this? It is what it is. She’s ten and like any kid her age, some new interest could tickle her fancy tomorrow and she no longer will give two hoots about this phase. Let it go – the world isn’t going to end regardless of what this family does or doesn’t do.

Sasha on

@Hea, Drug awareness and stating that a child will be a drug addict in five years are two different subjects. Predicting that Willow will be on drugs was in no way helpful, informative, or contributing to drug awareness. Furthermore, all child stars do not become drug addicts and lead dysfunctional adult lives. You chose to focus on the fallen child stars. Child stars that have the right guidance turn out like Raven Symone, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Dakota Fanning, Emanuel Lewis, KeKe Palmer, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Parker Posey, and the list goes on. There are child stars that grow-up to lead healthy productive lives. So please, don’t dare try to justify posting such a negative thing about a child…that’s ignorant.

Jill on

Torgster, Why do you care what people comment on?

Kelli on

I find it so ironic that no one said these mean comments about Miley Cyrus when she started out and beame a big star. I understand your point but every child is different and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors to make cazy comments lik this. I think it’s great that his kids are doing what they want to do. Karate Kid was a good movie and Willow’s music is really good so what’s the problem?

Anna on

she is a good singer live and has talent…lol. just saying. all else aside.

Danielle on

When I was 10, I wouldnt be caught dead wearing that outfit..with those tights, boots, and with that shirt and all that makeup making music videos whipping my head around talking about my ‘swag’..buuut, then again my parents aren’t Will and Jada Smith.
I used to just ADORE Will Smith back in the day, when it was just HIM.
But now that he has practically shoved his children down everybody’s throats, i’m not so sure about him anymore…What is happening to this entertainment world, Joe Bros’,Miley,Beiber, and now…’Willow’?
*tisk,tisk* to the Smith family..

uendjipa on

ok first of all u people are just jealous u guys dont have a the talent.Stop hating the chick,hating wont get u anywere in life u will regret ever saying mean stuff about willow.now most of u will hate me i dont care go ahead hate me.Jealouse Freaks