Look for Less: Natalie Portman’s Chic Stripes

01/25/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
David Tonnessen/Pacific Coast News

So far, we’re more than impressed with Natalie Portman‘s red carpet maternity looks.

From floor-length gowns to swingy minis, she wraps up her bump beautifully.

But what about her everyday style?

Just days before donning a gorgeous Viktor & Rolf pink-and-red dress at the Golden Globes, the newly engaged and expecting actress opted for a more casual ensemble while shopping in Los Angeles on Jan. 11.

She wore a Michael Kors cobalt and black striped cashmere sweater ($1195), skinny black pants and black sneakers, along with a chic black scarf.

Love Natalie’s edgy nautical style?

You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $50!


Courtesy Forever21


For barely-there bumps like Natalie’s, Forever21‘s Striped Angora Blend Sweater ($24.80) is perfect.

It has plenty of room in the belly area and the body-hugging cut will flatter your growing curves.


Courtesy Gap Maternity


Every mom-to-be needs a chic pair of go-to black jeans. We suggest Gap Maternity‘s No Panel Five-Pocket Ponte Pants ($49.50).

Not only are they super soft and slimming, but the slightly higher rise in the back ensures your assets stay covered.


Courtesy Piperlime


Want to add polish to a casual outfit? Check out Lucky Brand‘s Soft Shore Scarf ($18) , which also comes in grey and hot pink.


Courtesy DSW


Take a break from heels and get comfy with Keds Champion Black Canvas Sneaker ($30).

These casual kicks help support tired feet before baby, while making it easy to keep up with them after they arrive.

— Anya Leon


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Amy Y. on

$1195 for a sweater? Wow, if you pay that much for a sweater it makes me wonder how much disposable income she really has. Just saying. Also she doesn’t look pregnant at all, I can’t wait to see what she is wearing when she is really showing.

Tess on

I could knit that sweater for the cost of the yarn.

LadyL on

That much for a SWEATER?!? I could get a WAY cuter from from Target for 19.99…idc how much you make…that’s a bit ridiculous!!

Indira on

I have a very similar looking sweater but, I didn’t pay that much for it. She honestly doesn’t look all that chic and her pregnancy style thus far has been a pretty big letdown. She was so fashionable before.

Brooklyn on

$1195.00 for a sweater? That’s nuts! Even if I had as much money as Natalie I don’t think I would spend that much on a sweater! Although, I guess she could’ve gotten it for free.

Lacey on

Even if I was a billionaire, I still wouldn’t pay that much for a sweater! Talk about a waste of money!

SAR on

Edgy? What’s edgy about that outfit, other than the huge price tag, which only someone like Little Miss Portman, another overrated and OVERPAID actress, could afford?

Oh, and she’s “coyly” concealing her bump with her purse and “coyly” wearing big sunglasses. “See, see…I really AM private, and I don’t seek out publicity like all those *sniff* Hollywood prostitutes…my publicity-seeking behavior, including flinging off my clothes for the highest bidder, were all done FOR ART!!”

torgster on

Hey if you’ve got the bucks, whatever, pay over a grand for a beautiful sweater. But THAT sweater? And then team it up with sneakers that look like ten buck Walmart specials…meh…and this is supposedly edgy fashion….

Kaisa on

I have a serious disliking for this feature because it always brings out the people who say that it is ridiculous to pay so and so much and they would get a much cheaper one somewhere else, etc. Of course you would but these people earn millions of dollars for one movie so a $1195 sweater is not a big deal for her. It really is pointless to say that the price is too much. And some people here just need to grow up and get a life that doesn’t recquire them to say things like SAR does.

annachestnut on

she’s pretty and smart

Sasha on

Wow, I could pay three months rent with that sweater! She sure does look cute though!

Jill on

When you make A LOT of money…..a sweater of $119 is not that much money! It is cashmere, so that is a pretty good deal. We don’t make anywhere near as much as she does and we just bought a cashmere sweater for $68 on sale.

rachel on

I agree with Kaisa, but I would take it one step further and not have this feature at all. Why not dispense with the ads disguised as celebrity stories and keep the ads to the top and sides of the page?

tlc on

This SAR person really ought to be banned from this site for harrassment. She seems VERY unstable!

Tee on

Wow, SAR, I’ve never said this to anybody in my life but there’s a first time for everything. You really need to get a grip! What, did Natalie Portman kill your cat or something? I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone have so much hostility towards a stranger that wasn’t named Hitler!

Mira on

Haha, Jill, look at the price again.

Jenner on

Right on, SAR! Couldn’t agree with you more.

Jill on

HOLY CRAPOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed a 1! Okay….. I thought $119 was a little low. The price makes a bit more sense….for HER.

Three months of rent for $1195….Sasha…WOW. That isn’t even one month of our mortgage. You are lucky!

SAR, we all know you hate her! Bravo, bravo, bravo! She is successful and is not going anywhere. Continue posting your comments. I actually enjoy reading them. Makes me and everyone else look smarter and you look ________. Obsessive SAR, don’t leave!

Shannon on

She looks OK but the similar items listed look better to me.

Bree on

SAR where does it say anything about her trying to be coy and hide anything?? I dress in similar outfits and I am not pregnant, it looks like she is out running erands and walking her dog. You really need to get over yourself.

Jill, love your comments, I missed the second 1 the first time too!!

I am cronically cheep so I have a hard time with the idea of spending that kind of money on a sweater but she has obviously got the money so why not??

Gaia and Laban's mom on

Not feeling this style at all and the sweater for less is even worse. My “issue” isn’t that its $1195 for A sweater but for THAT sweater? Please. In my mind having the money to pay for an item if doesn’t mean its worth what you paid. Half the crap people buy in forever 21 isn’t worth the cost either.

I dont know who created this article but theres nothing edgy about a rugby style shirt, ill fitting pants and keds.

Devon on

SAR is almost bang on the money. Natalie’s not the first game player and she most certainly won’t be the last but she plays the Hollywood game very well. She plays it so well that it will get her a nice piece of gold hardware next month. The normally uber private Natalie (as seen here) does not talk about her private life or display it out in public. Ever. There are no stories of her falling out of clubs drunk, no escapades with multiple men, no tales of drug use. There are none because she does/did all of her shit on the d/l. But now, during the Oscar race, she’s found herself pregnant and is pimping out her pregnancy/engagement in order to further her career. Her goopy, vomit inducing Golden Globes speech nailed it. Non-pregnant Natalie would not have done it but she knows who her audience is and she’s playing right to them. I personally feel that Jennifer Lawrence from Winter’s Bone or Annette Bening from The Kids Are Alright should win the Oscar but Natalie sealed the little man right then and there. You could argue that it’s all because she’s experiencing the happiest time of her life, which is most likely true, but this is a 180 to everything she’s ever done in the past which makes it suspect.

I could be totally wrong, and if I am then sorry to Natalie Portman but I don’t think I am and the poster SAR doesn’t deserve to be called out for her opinion.

Tee on

Devon, you have a good point but make no mistake, I’m not calling SAR out for her opinion. Everyone has the right to their opinion. I’m calling her out for her over the top nasty attitude. No matter what you think about anybody, you don’t have the right to talk about them the way SAR talks about this woman. It’s wildly inappropriate and incredibly immature.

Devon on

Tee, you too make a good point. I didn’t really think it SAR’s post was that horrid compared to a lot of other crap out there but I can see how it has been taken negatively. I get a kick out of all the posters who just seem to take everything that actors, actresses, singers, celebs at face value. They are there to entertain and most will play whatever card will get them what they want whether it’s money, more fame or awards. You can’t forget that they are actors and they are good actors for a reason!

As for the “OMG, that sweater’s $1195?!?!” $1195 is a drop in the bucket for her and it’d be like someone with an average income spending $19 on a sweater.

kmb on

Hahahaha, wow, at first I hated it, but honestly I’m starting to love when SAR makes posts. Not only do they make me feel better about myself as a human being, but they’re pathetically entertaining. And anyway we should embrace SAR, it’s good to see they’re allowing internet use in the loony bin.

Cate on

Isn’t she vegan? What is she doing wearing a cashmere sweater then???

Anonymous on

how can this outfit be considered “chic”? she looks like a 12 year old emo kid

B.R on

Tee you first post made me laugh so much thank you for that I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

As for her look and the price. No. It just not who I am or how I dress. Plus there is no way it the world I would spend that much money on a sweater. I mean that much money could give me enough antibiotics for a over a 100 people in Somalia. Does she have any idea how many kids she could have helped instead of buy that sweater? Which in my opinion does nothing for her.