Kimora Lee Simmons ‘Obsessed’ With Son’s Diaper Changes

01/24/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

It doesn’t take much to faze Kimora Lee Simmons, but almost two years after welcoming her third child Kenzo, now 19 months, she is still in shock over finally having a son.

“My husband [Djimon Hounsou] told me I have to stop talking about [Kenzo’s] penis, but I’m so obsessed with it because I always wanted a boy,” the fashion designer, 35, tells Pop Eater.

“When I’m changing his diaper I’m always calling my husband in and saying, ‘Look, look at it now.’ He’s like, ‘Honey, put the diaper on, it’s normal.’ And I’m like, ‘Is it normal that it should be so firm when I’m changing the diaper?’ and he’s like, ‘Yes, leave the kid alone.'”

Also mom to Ming Lee, 11, and Aoki Lee, 8, her daughters with ex-husband Russell Simmons, Simmons admits the “fashionista” girls are into their “capsule collections” and even have sewing machines in their rooms. The same, however, can’t be said for their “rambunctious” younger brother.

“With girls they can sit quietly in a corner and play with dolls or books and he wants to throw the book or jump off the bed with the doll’s head,” the Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane star muses. “I realize he has no fear of dying. He wants to jump off everything.”

— Anya Leon

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Momof3girls on

I don’t know what to say about the little boy comments…lol…as far as the little girls who sit quietly and play…I got skipped over in that department!! My girls are crazy!!

Anorah on

Ummm… a lil weird…

lisnrick on

Classic overshare. Keep those stories to yourself.

Olivia on

Um okay….way to gender stereotype (girls play quietly/boys throw things)

Jgirl on

Anorah, Agree completely. This is a very weird article. Sometimes things just don’t need to be discussed in public – just saying!

aj on

I get that she is excited about having a son, but this is slightly disturbing.

Kelly on

While I *think* I get the gist of her comment about wanting a boy and his subsequent boy parts, I think such statements could easily be taken out of context and blown out of proportion…

Rachel on

lol… seriously though, is nothing at all sacred? I SO cannot imagine any boy growing up and thinking “Oh how sweet, my mom talked to all her friends and MAGAZINES about my penis.”

As for the comment about little girls going off and playing with dolls and sitting quietly… she hasn’t met half of my preschool class… or my goddaughter. They girls are by far the most rambunctious in my opinion! I can pretty much count on my group of boys to set themselves to building block towers or puzzles or playing cops and robbers with guns (even though it’s forboden! – they’ll fashion guns out of anything I tell ya) and they’re always have FUN.

The girls on the other hand, I’m constantly having to break up hair pulling, pinching, nasty name calling “she’s NOT my friend anyyyymoooore, eveeeer agaaain!” fights between the girls.

Yes… hands down, I’ll take the boys anyday! lol.

Shannon on

She cannot be this clueless. Come on Kimora! lol

TC on

Really? She had to share that? Come on lady, I wasn’t impressed with you to begin with and this just makes me like you even less.

I don’t care about your son’s penis and neither does anyone else.

You have a son, wooopdedo, now get over yourself.

XOXO12 on

LOL I agree is to much info, but I kinda agree with her, we are all girls in my family, my older sister has 3 girls and I have one girl and my younger sister has a girl. My older sister just had a little boy and we are all so excited about everything!!! even diaper changing is so different…lol

I do love Kimora, even though she is loud I think she is a nice person and a wonderful mother…Ming, Aoki and Kenzo are adorable!

Mina on

WoW. I would never go to a magazine and say I was obsessed with my daughters vagina. Or imagine a father, say like Matt Damon, saying he is obsessed with his daughters vagina? LoL. This is gross!

Jennifer on

Good gracious. Who would say something like that? Very weird.

Ivey on

Oh dear……..

Sky on

I actually don’t think she’s gender stereotyping because she’s just saying what he likes to do. I think her obsession with his penis is just a little too much.

jane on

Ok, TMI aside, it’s a little weird to still be fixated on your child’s male parts 19 months in. After two girls, I can imagine it would be weird for about a week…maybe. Maybe she was trying to make a joke? I hope? And yes, if a dad had said that about his daughter and maybe even his son he would be labeled a pervert “fo sho”.

Laura on

I think that was a little too much to share with the media. I know she didn’t mean anything by it, but with so many crazy people in the world I think precautions should be taken when referencing to children.

Simone on

Seriously TMI

cate on

Uh…a little creepy.

Mira on

I hope she was trying to be funny. Otherwise, this is a bit weird indeed.

Carrie Jo on

Way too much info to share with the media. Seriously.

cris on

Two words of advise to Kimora: grow up. This lady totally rubs me the wrong way and the “firm penis” comment is just disgusting.

Jess on

Definatly an overshare and very odd on her part. It could be taken out of context so easily. And in my opinion is a little creepy.

But how did this become a huge debate on boys over girls? I’ve got 3 boys and 2 girls. My little girls, while they do get into trouble, are the quietest little ones i’ve ever met, while my boys are all american and destroy everything. I had my girls first (age 9 and 7) and then my boys came along, one right after the other (4, 3 and 2).

I’m not stereotyping, i’m just being honest. How can people sit there and call people stupid and names for being honest about their kids? My sister has 2 girls and 4 boys, her boys are quiet as can be, her girls are insane, destroy things, and are loud. Every child is different, boy or girl. My littlest boy is always into trouble, but he’s a hard one to catch since he is so much quieter than the other 2 boys.

Parents need to stop attacking each other over sharing personal stories. My boys are insane, always into something. And my girls are quiet, reading in corners, always 1 step behind mama or daddy. So it’s not a stereotype, it’s just truth. Get over it guys.

Amber on

And she decided to tell a reporter about this? Does she have a brain in her head? Poor kid will be mortified and/or teased all about when he gets older!

Lotus on

Kimora is hilarious and she never comes off as if she’s reading some PC script to impress the people. She’s so outspoken so I’m not surprised by her candor in this article. I’m glad she’s enjoying her handsome little boy!

Catherine on

Good point, Mina! If it was a father saying this about his daughter’s privates, people would consider him a near pedophile. Shame on Celebrity Baby Blog/People for printing this!

acorr on

Mina, your comment made me laugh wicked hard! But I’m with Kimora on this one. I’m a very open person and can just picture myself letting something personal like that slip out of my mouth. So, since it’s out there I’ve always thought my boys had the cutest weinie’s EVER. And just like most of you, my family thinks I’m crazy when I’ve talked about it. I can’t help it, I love EVERYTHING about them. So, Kimora I applaud you for loving your little boy so much that you cannot contain yourself!

Charity on

Ewwww! Why did CBB print this? Some things should be kept to yourself.

JM on

my goodness this woman comes off as ignorant. i hate it when people gender stereotype. i have three boys and two girls and they are ALL different to each other. and you know what? they’re different on different days. my girls sometimes have days when they’re a bit moody and throw tantrums. my boys have days when they are sweet and quiet and vice versa and it changes all the time. my youngest son and my youngest daughter are probably my two boisterous kids generally speaking, my oldest daughter and my middle son are generally the quieter ones. so every child is different regardless of their gender.

as for the penis comment, that is just weird. i agree that it’s obviously a different experience if you’ve only ever had children of one particular sex, but to still be obsessed with it 19 months in. not to mention, as mina said, if a father had said that about his daughter all hell would break loose. i have heard comments from posters here saying their wouldn’t even let their husbands share a bath with their daughters or help them wash themeselves. can you imagine if a guys said something like what she is saying?

B.J. on


SAR on

My sister and I were as rambunctious as any boy.

Brooklyn on

I agree with the posters who said, “if that were a father talking about his daughter . . . ” yikes, that was the first thing that crossed my mind! How would she feel if her ex-husband had made similar public comments about their daughters??

steph on

I have no comment on the penis thing, but for the fools ranting about tomboy girls and quiet boys, the woman described her family not yours and she did not stereotype anything. Get over yourselves.

Sarah on

I can understand to a degree, I feel proud that we left our son Intact and that makes me appreciate his body in a way I never figured I would.

HOWEVER comments like hers don’t belong in public.. weird

Amanda on

Wow, I had two girls and then a boy and I’ll admit 13 months in I still have diaper changes that are just…different. But I wouldn’t talk about them to people, let alone a MAGAZINE! I thought that was overshare and then to go on and describe his penis! Wow, just wow. I agree with someone else, what if a dad was sharing his obsession with his daughter’s vagina and commented on it in some sort of graphic way, ICK!

Tess on

Not an endearing story.

trishia on

My comments on this story is it is absolutely disgusting.
I never cared for this woman to begin with and how she treated russell when they were together…I have a son and yes sometimes at night when i change him the same thing will happen but i dont got to the media to advertise it.
Se should watch out because it only takes that 1 wrong person to hear this and she’ll be in trouble..she should just be a mother not obsessing over her sons penis…isn’t that what she has a husband for!

Tee on

Wow, I’m not sure what to say! I think it’s wonderful that she finally got the son she wanted. It’s clear that she loves him! However, I’m not sure that was the best way to go about expressing that to the public!

Gaia and Laban's mom on

Honestly I think that kimora is inarticulate and what she said came out wrong. Having two girls first everything involving her boy might seem peculiar and a bit funny. Also as his mother, I think its, probably unfathomable to her that her comment could be misunderstood to be pedophilic.

Look, there are gender roles and some people fit into them naturally. Maybe shes creating these expectations and she doesnt even realize it. My daughter is exuberant. She is just so lively, jovial and in this world! My son is serene and more of an observer,compared to my girl at his age. since these are the only children I have real contact with, it would be easy for me to assume they are all this way. Its a mental trap thats easy to fall into.

lisa on

kimora’s just plain crazy, always has been and always will be!

Ryan on

All I can think of saying is just…EEEEEEEEEK!!

Rachel on

Umm Jess… I’m missing the “huge debate” on boys and girls. I think one person mentioned something about stereotyping… but all of the other comments I have read (mine included – about the boys and girls in my class – and how I’d take the boys over the girls anyday) are all pretty much people just sharing their own personal experiences… no debating going on! No one said she’s wrong to say her girls were quiet and just sat in the corner playing (obviously she has very quiet girls) we were just sharing our own experiences.

Nothing wrong there.

Luna on

Well, i hope she doesn’t continue this awkward behavior when the boy is a teenager or an adult cause she’s gonna be a real embarrassment for the poor fella.

Niche on

I don’t think Kimora “ran to the media” with this interview. Who would, seriously? Obviously this is a snippet of an interview that got a little carried away. I think its clear that she has always marveled about her children and this is no different.

What’s really creepy is the way the moms here blow things out of proportion just for the sake of indifference. And its irresponsible on the part of People to publish this interview knowing it would lead people to think ridiculous thoughts and equate her mothering and doting on her children to that of a pedophile.

Get a grip and quit showing your ignorance and disdain for others through your simple minded comments!

fuzibuni on

In her defense, I think Kimora was probably talking to the reporter like a girlfriend would. She most likely wasn’t thinking about the fact it was going to be quoted in mass media.

But yeah, a bit of an over-share. I guess now her husband can surely say “I told you so.”

Sade on

TMI I really did not need to know that…. I think that kind of topic is best left unsaid in interviews…. She should know better…. yes it would be weird to only having girls to have a boy as well… just one request Kimora Please censor your self to avoid embarrassment for your self and you son… and as for the gender stereotyping — not all girls are quiet… according to my parents my sister and I could be little hell raisers ….

chick on

I think that you should be exicted about any gender. Theres so much sexism towards girls, its terrible to see.

B.R on

I get the difference between having a boy and a girl and how fascinating it can be to watch the two different genders grow and develop. After having two girls and knowing what to expect with them she had a boy and everything changed. But there is no need to discuss it with a reporter, none. Should could have just said in amazing, fascinating to discover their difference rather then I am obsessed with my sons private parts.

I worked at a daycare for a while and we just got this 5 year old little boy, who has always been in the care of his mother and has never really interacted with any other children. Well in the morning we had all age groups together until more kids and staff came. So one morning I am changing a little girl and the change table was set up in a way that kids could see what I was doing and I could keep a eye out on the kids. So he comes up to ask a question looks at the little girl on the change table just as I am putting a clean dipper under her bum as I set her down as he sees between her legs he starts screaming goes all green and start yelling at me “why did you cut off her penis” it took three workers about an hour to calm his down. He had never seen a girl before in his life and had no idea that they looked differently then he does.

So I do get the curiosity about the other gender after all we were all 5 once, but she is a grown up, she should know better by now, and if she isn’t sure what is right for a boy vs girl there are books out there for that or ask your doctor no need to be sharing with a reporter or the world for that matter

Dee on

HAHAHAHA I dunno what’s so weird or creepy about that I think it’s hilarious because I have a 6 month old and my husband is the one who always talk about it.

And ya I admit I am obsessive about diaper changes, I examine him at every change, I lift and wash everything at bath time and always make sure everything is good to go!!!

I guess for Kimora after having two girls its new and exciting with a boy, she already knows how girls are…’s a laugh people. And the fact that Djimon is so non-chalant about it is funny because in my mind’s eye I can just picture diaper change time and he is all exasperated like…”Kimora honey, leave the boy alone!” LOL

There is too much seriousness in the world today people, take a moment to read something and not be so critical…jeez!!!

jessicad on

I’ve had a similar conversation with my girl friends, after I watched their sons. I’m used to my daughter and it is a little different seeing a penis, but it’s just a penis people!

I find it weird that so many people make her comment sexual and find it weird.

Jessie on

i don’t think kenzo would be too happy reading later on what she’s said about his anatomy,lol

Lis on

I am beond appaulled at the comments she made about diaper changes. As a mom to an 11 month old son, I cannot on ANY level relate to that comment and it just really makes me feel sorry for Kenzo.

Ali on

Okay, sick much!!!! Sorry my first was a boy and I too was kind of shocked of his 1st diaper change (Newborn). But come on, K.Lee, your son is almost 2 and you are still shocked over this . Grow up and find something else to ramble about to the media. It would have been slighty ok if the kid was a new born and the word Obsessed left out. An like every has said so help me if a guy would have said this about his daughter. He would be braned a “Perv”. I think she should have kept that to her self. And I cant believe the mag printed this crap. Let a man/ celeb say he is obsessed with his daughter female parts and see his face plastered all over the news .

Allie-Rose on

TMI, Kimora, TMI!

JMO on

I read this a few days ago and my first thought was, this girl is a little odd!! Yeah I get it’s different after 2 girls but exciting? Amazed about what it does? umm okay?! TMI!!

And I nanny for 2 girls (6,1) and have since the first was born. They are so completely different. The first was so quiet and well behaved. You could sit her in the middle of the floor and say don’t move and she would literally stay! The second one…forget about it! She’s into everything. Throws things, likes to play rough, screams if she doesn’te get her own way! So it doesn’t have to be quiet girls and obnoxious rough boys it just depends on the kids personalities. I have met some crazy girls in my time as well as some very quiet boys!

torgster on

Kimora is such a media whore – she’ll say anything for attention and while I agree this story is majorly stupid, am I wrong to still kind of laugh? She’s just so ballsy and doesn’t care why ANYBODY says about her. I can’t help but admire her for that – as opposed to so many of the celebs out there being so phony and PC when it’s so transparent.

Na'eema on

I agree with Niche’s comment that she is just another mom who is really into her children – after I had 2 girls in a row, having my son was also very different for me and I was surprised by some things. Now I wouldn’t share that with the world, but it is something I have shared with my husband and others so I certainly relate.

Yes it was not wise to talk about this with a magazine or in any other public forum, but other than that I don’t think it is creepy at all and to say that if it was a dad talking about a vagina is unnecessary because that is not the case here, that didn’t happen. I would think THAT was definitely weird, but I know that I myself among MANY MANY other parents to their first-time son are surprised that a baby boy’s private part can do that. It was definitely a lesson learned about human anatomy that I didn’t learn in school! I think she just felt really comfortable sharing that at the time with whoever the interviewer was, like they were just having a nice conversation and she was gushing about her son!

nettrice on

About as creepy as Family Guy and it’s a hit TV show. Come on folks. It’s not that serious!

Kelly on

That’s just……strange. It gave me the creeps. . . .

Just Saying on

creepy doesn’t even begin to describe this….

Doctor on


Kimora Lee Simmons, seem to be a down to earth person, but the comment she made about her son penis, I believe was taken out of context. Sometimes we can say things without realizing how we sound and I truly feel she didn’t mean it the way some carnal minded people think.

I myself have two brothers, raised three sons and have two wonderful little grandsons, 1 yr and 3yr and for to be little boys their penis are very large to be small boys, but that is something that runs through both sides of me and my husband families. I travel the world a lot and what I have heard is the morjority of most African men have very large penis. Her huband is African and most likely his penis is large and so, therefore her baby boy has a large penis and it’s problably just amazing to see a little baby boy with a penis that size to be so little can be a “wow” factor. Something she’s probably not used of seeing and it’s probably shocking and amazing to her. (without meaning any harm)

I do admit there are somethings we shouldn’t speak of to the public especially when you didn’t mean any harm, more people should utalize their intelligence more then their ignorance. Not everybody think the same way and feel the same way you do. So, I hope in the future she will think about what she say before saying it.

KimDione on

While it may be TMI, I don’t find it creepy or disturbing.Ive worked with toddlers for over ten yrs& am a bit desensitized to their bathroom behavior.Not much fazes me at this point.I have seen it all!!!!Just wait until he’s potty training! I truly believe she was just sharing her opinion on something that’s foreign to her after two girls.Of course,it would be inappropriate for a male to do so,but its besides the point in this situation.

jetty on

i understand its exciting to most mothers, what could make you happier than your children and now a boy you have probably wished for all this time. every age matters, enjoy your babies and it is okey to analyse it all. every thing on him and every day, you brought sme one in the world so enjoy them.

any other mother would understand you

Normalwoman on

If this was a man admiring a little girl’s genitals, people would be all over it. When you give women a free pass for the same type of behaviour, you encourage female sexual abuse of children. Again and again, once one is finally brought before the law, we discover that she had been behaving inappropriately for ages and nobody said anything, because she was female. This needs investigating.