Fatherhood ‘Surprisingly Relaxing’ For Elton John

01/24/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

He may drape himself in glitter and sequins while on stage, but at home Elton John says his demeanor is surprisingly calm, especially since son Zachary Jackson Levon was born Christmas Day.

“It’s the most wonderful feeling,” said John, 62, at a press conference for the animated film Gnomeo & Juliet — for which he composed the music — of being a father.

“It’s been the most wonderful thing that’s probably ever happened to me after meeting [husband] David.”

The couple welcomed their son via surrogate in California four weeks ago.

Fatherhood, says John, “is surprisingly very relaxing because this little soul that you are feeding, changing, bathing and that you’re telling bedtime stories to is a blank palette, a blank canvas and all it needs is love and nurturing.”

But, jokes the singer, “When he gets to talking and running around I’ll probably feel a little different. But the adventures in daddy-land — it’s fantastic!”

— Jessica Herndon

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kct on

congrats to elton & david!

miriam on

Elton is one of my favorites’s singers of all times I always admire his musica and his career, his excentric way is just HIM; ELTON JOHN, unique!! congratulations for such a wonderful decision of having a new member in your family, you really are exemplary and thanks to your husband too i am pretty sure that it will bring just joy and hapiness for both of you.

LeeInOceanside on

Lucky parents. Lucky kid!! The best to EJ & David and their new son.

anna on

sure it’s relaxing to be a parent when you have other people doing all the work. be honest – since the birth of your baby you’ve been seen out on the town more than before he was born. you have a separate apartment for the kid and a TEAM of nannies and assistants for him. i’d find raising my son relaxing too if someone else was doing all the work!

Carolyn on

Best Wishes to Sir Elton. I lived on “The Lion King” music when my son was a little boy.

Leah on

Good for them! I truly believe that when people wait until they are a little older to have children, they have a calm and more relaxed way of parenting. Often they are able to be more objective and less emotional about the ups and downs of parenting because they have seen friends and family members go through it.

I waited until I was a bit older to have a child and recieve compliments from family members about how relaxed I am with my son. I have no doubt that these two will make great parents to little Zack!

Sky on

Really, some of you posters, really?! Are you jealous or something? Like why does it make a difference to you if he has a nanny or not? He’s “Dad” and the nanny(ies) are not.

Anonymous on

super cute couple, best wishes!!

Cheryl on

To the fools that are assuming that he has a separate apartment and a team of nannies….or that the child’s life will be strange…I have one question….DO YOU KNOW HIM, PERSONALLY??? How about shutting your ignorant traps if you don’t!

anna on

ellie on


Stacey M on

Cheryl- BAM- Anna got you!! Unfortunately, a lot of celebrities, because of their wealth, hire a slew of people to help raise the kids. It’s ashame because before you know it, the hired help is being called “dada”. People shouldn’t have kids if they aren’t going to raise them, be there for them, change diapers, make meals, etc. Although, I’m sure their little one will have all the conveniences that money can buy and probably love from the two dads, what they won’t have is the security of a hands on parent.

Samantha on

Good for them! It seems he’s really enjoying being a father.


I am so happy for this amazing couple, I have always loved Elton John, he is nothing less than a genius, I had the honour of seeing him play in Kelowna Canada and had tears running down my eyes the whole concert, disbelief that i was actually watching him live and his music period. This baby will be so loved and bring so much love to a couple that truly deserve it. Elton and David, i wish you so many years of happiness with this beautiful baby boy.

emily on

Good for ya’ll!
He’s a darling child and I’m so happy for you all!

Cheryl on

Parent hood is wonderful, not another thing like it on this planet. And I am glad that Elton John and his husband has the chance to be parents. They have a beautiful son who will never want for anything in his entire life. Am I jealous? Heck yes, I would have loved to have the nannies to take the night feedings and the diaper changes. Do I hate them for being able to provide that for their son? NO, I wish them all the happiness in the world for their family.

susanne on

sure its relaxing…you didn’t give birth nor are you dealing with a spouse who did. You are not breastfeeding nor is your spouse. You have plenty of money to buy as many nannies as you want. Poor kid..his “dad” 72 yrs old when the kid wants to play catch ( as in catch the old man before he falls down again)will be 80 yrs old when the child graduates high school. Poor kid will never know the love and warmth of a mother since these two have chosen to deny him such.

Georgina on

He sounds quite content with little Zack, it’s quite sweet. And they’ve said they’re going to bring him up in England, and we don’t have apartments here!

And Anna, yes there are a lot of articles about him, and the *army* of helpers he has, but do you believe everything you read in the papers? A lot of the people giving details about Elton and Davids life are described as “a source.” So we don’t even know who they are, let alone what they’re saying has any weight to it.

And with regards to Elton going to the studio after the baby has been born, how many normal parents go back to work after their baby is born, and do longer hours than Elton. He could have left for a few hours, and be home in time for dinner. And this premier, its likely this was all in the pipe line before the baby was concieved, so Elton can’t just give up his obligations because he has a son. The baby hasn’t been left at home alone either, having an evening with his nanny isn’t going to damage him!

Vicki on

It’s relaxing because he has a team of nanny’s 24/7 taking care of the baby, do you really think he’s changing a poppy diaper?!?!?!?!?

Brooke on

I love Elton John, but he’s clearly in that honeymoon phase where everything the baby does is remarkable and you’re just head over heels with this little miracle. I felt that way, too. Then my kids became teenagers. 🙂
All the best to the happy family!

anna on

cheryl – this is not an issue of jealousy. there is a huge difference between having occasional nighttime help and having a team of nannies and servants raising your child (like tori spelling had when she was little – look how well that turned out) i think being a parent is amazing too and i don’t think people should feel bad for needing help. what i’m talking about is having a child as a vanity project… having other people completely raise your child – to me, that is NOT parenting.

psshhh on

The only difference between EJ and families of the working class is the fact that he has the ability to have his baby sitters at his disposal round the clock. I have hired sitters to go work, dropped them off at a family members to go out for the night, taken them to the in laws and my mothers to go on vacations ect ect. And I don’t know a single person who hasn’t. Because he’s a father now, does that make him dead? Is he now supposed to become a piece of furniture that collects dust and never leaves the house? Your judgement leaves your envy exposed.

Leslee on

Even with a “team of nannies and servants” to assist, almost any kid would be lucky to be assured of having the benefit of top notch nutrition, clothing, supervision, education and opportunities.

So many kids aren’t even assured a meal a day much less all that, so I won’t feel sorry for this sweet little baby at all 🙂

Hopefully, they will be able to adopt the little Ukrainian HIV positive boy and his sibling at some point.

B.R on

@ Stacey M grow up would you, you sound worse then my 16 year old, there is not need to be so ignorant and rude toward Cheryl.

@ susanne really so only a mother can be warm and loving toward a child and father are what cruel and mean and only there to punish the child? Seriously? So two loving, caring men have a baby together and one of them is older. Who cares? I would rather take two loving dads at any age over the women who gave birth to my son. A warm and loving person as you put is susanne that tried to kill him, and managed to kill his baby sister and dad. So yes I will take to wonderful, loving dads for any child in the world over a bio mother like my son’s. And get over the whole Gay community shouldn’t have children cause birth genders are not present all the time in the child’s life. You don’t need a mother and a father, all you need is someone to love you, care for you, be there for you through all of your ups and downs, tell you every day that they are proud of you that they love you and would do anything for you. As long as every child could have one person in this world that would do that for them they will be just fine, and if you are luck enough in your life to have two people that feel that way about you regardless of their gender, well count your blessings cause half of the worlds children doesn’t even have that.

showbizmom on

Oh Anna and anyone else that believes what they read in the mass media. The daily mail is hardly the New Yorker or even People for that matter. They have had hundreds of lawsuits against them for false stories and have retracted a lot of what they’ve said. Before you speak, really people take a class in Journalism and learn a little word called Sensationalism and what it means. Then come to LA I’ll even put you up in my guest room and learn about “the Beast” that is Hollywood. Half of everything you read is edited and the other half is wrong especially when it’s from “trusted sources” AKA a waiter/F-list Actor or dude at Starbucks/F-list screenwriter that overheard something and the Daily Mail paid them to tell them more.

Paula on

It’ so weird how many people come here just to criticize parents without any info about their lives. Just read the “articles” on the dailynews and they all seem so jealous and silly…

Parents must as much as they can to raise a happy and healthy child, and for me, that’s exactly what this couple is doing.

Oh, and the “Only a rich, old, gay man could have said such idiocity” comment should be removed, it’s just desrespectful to both gay parents and older ones.

Diane M on

I’m very happy to Elton and David, and I’m betting they’ll be loving parents. But I think the fathers should spend a few days really taking care of their son full time to see how much work it is, especially those nighttime feedings.

anna on

showbizmom – i live in los angeles and work in “the business”

Lori on

Yeah buddy,
Just wait til he gets big enough to get into everything…..

Jen S on

I love Elton and am very happy for him and his family. I will admit that I am totally jealous of the “relaxing” comment. I really do hope the separate apartment report isn’t true. Can you imagine how that kid will feel in a few years when he figures out that he’s the only kid in playschool that’s not allowed to live with his parents? 😦

Carolyn on

it is his age that bothers me. his husband is also in his 40’s. If he is 62 now, he will be 82 when the kid is in college. i hope he will still be around to see that and guide him. I don’t care if they are gay, but I think a lot of these couples in Hollywood think they are raising puppies and not children. You have to be there with them, not just shove them to a nanny when you have something better to do. I don’t think I would even get a puppy at 62.

Donna on

I read that Elton’s partner is taking lots of time off to be a full time daddy. Elton will be bringing home the bacon that will make his son’s life completely financially secure forever. That’s what daddies do.

P. Brown on

Umm, first of all as a dead giveaway – any parent of a newborn that says it’s relaxing, DEFINITELY has nannies!

Secondly, I live in LA and one of my best friends is a celebrity nanny.

97% of celebs have nannies, and often MULTIPLE nannies. So whomever was sticking up for him, is not in the know. They have day nannies, night nurses, weekend nannies, sometimes even wet nurses for new babies. And these are people way less rich or famous or male than Elton, so you know he has nannies.

So congrats to Elton for having such a relaxing experience. And I’m happy for him, although I’m concerned about the kids having 1 REALLY OLD father and one fairly old father. I hope they have a lot of other people in their lives who are younger so that the kid has somebody to participate in their wedding and to help out with their children when they have them. Gay or straight, age counts. Kids don’t like being orphaned in their 20s, or 30s either actually!

blahblahblah on

suzanne – you say,”he won’t know the warmth and love of a mother” – yeah – well that’s what millions of nasty women do to fathers after a divorce – withhold visitation or leave the state – they don’t think that fathers are important. I think it’s great for elton to have a biological child that a mom isn’t part of – michael jackson’s kids seem to be kind, good people – all without a mom. The picture of orlando bloom with his new baby looks just as nurturing as the mom would be.

blahblahblah on

I had my first 29 years ago . My husband was gone for 12 hrs a day and I did all the work. He was the one who bathed our child at night for special bonding time. When our child was an infant and before he was ambulatory it was relaxing – you were able to know where your child was at all times and that he couldn’t leave your sight. I nursed so it was quite easy to feed our baby. I did not have any help whatsoever – but i was already 30. I also was not a drama queen like some of you ladies.

denise on

“Umm, first of all as a dead giveaway – any parent of a newborn that says it’s relaxing, DEFINITELY has nannies!”

no. we never had any help and my husband returned to work fulltime after a week. we were relaxed, some babies are just easy.

but with all the articles about elton john you never know. I don’t know him personally so I can’t say if it’s true that nannies look after his son fulltime or if he has just occasional help or if his baby lives in it’s own apartment (that sounds so weird to me that I can’t really believe that!).

I just hope for little Zachary that he has loving people around him and his Dads don’t just give interviews but are really as hands-on as they say. Who cares if he has Mom&Dad or Dad&Daddy?

Alyssa on


Sorry, a newborn is NOT relaxing. It’s only relaxing when you have hired help to take on the challenge of feeding, changing and rocking a baby around the clock. I seriously doubt ol’ Elton is going into the nursery at midnight, 2am, 4am, 6am, 8am for that baby’s needs. Sorry, that is NOT relaxing in any way, shape or form.

showbizmom on

I have a Nanny, I know how nannies work.I also know a lot of folks way far outside of Hollywood that have nannies. They’ve been around forever like it or not. My nanny is only around when my husband and I aren’t. To those that use them round the clock, that’s their business not mine. We don’t know their family dynamics. I get s**t for my one part time nanny from some friends and family.

I’m saying for Anna if you live and work in the business you should know of all people that you CANNOT believe what you read. I’d be interested in knowing what it is you do? In my particular field we listen and read the news stories and if it’s about one of our people, we have a excellent research team that go and find the truth. That’s all I’m saying, so if you are in the “business” you should know better unless you’re in the business of gossip and Sensationalism. If you are God bless you, it’s hard work that I could never do. Speaking of work, I should get back to mine 🙂

um ... yeah on

I wouldn’t exactly trust the Daily Fail to be a reliable news source.

B.J. on

I’ve loved Elton’s music since I was a toddler. The Lion King is and always has been my favorite movie of all time. I’ve been collecting garden gnomes for years.

So Elton, thank you once again for creating music I’m certain to love! Can’t wait to see Gnomeo & Juliet.

Baby Zachary is precious, I feel so happy every time I see his cute little face.

Stacey M on

To BR, I was not being rude towards Cheryl, she’s the one who said that other’s should “shut their ignorant traps”. Anna provided the proof that Cheryl was referring to others as fools. If people are on here making comments, than people need to be prepared to take them in return – Now you GROW UP!

blahblahblah on

sorry – but not every baby is up at 12 2 4 6 8 etc. After the first 2 weeks of life and having a healthy baby the dr suggested weaning the baby to 4 hrs – it works – then after another 2 weeks, 6 hrs, etc. mothers who talk about it being NOT realxing only have the right to say that if the baby is not healthy, baby colicky, twins, or other children. Cmon, what adult woman cannot take care of a newborn who does sleep a lot and eats? Not much work unless you dont enjoy it. It was relaxing. I got to sit around a lot holding my baby and talking on the phone, watching tv, eating, sleeping etc. You are all drama queens who say it was hard – UNLESS you had/have a sick baby or other children, or you yourself are sick.

cindy on

Oh my goodness, you guys are soooo jealous! Congrats Elton and David.

anna on

showbizmom – i work for CAA and am well placed. so yes, i get what you are saying. BUT i know and have spent time with many, many celebrities (as well as having my son attend a private school that is full of their kids) and i can say with 100% certainty that a good chunk of these celeb parents that you all are worshiping are lackluster parents. fobbing their kids off on a team of nannies is just the tip of the iceberg.

showbizmom on

This is so funny,and a small planet! I was just about to have my assistant call over to CAA! I know what you’re saying, trust me! My kids just might attend your kids school and we both probably know those parents that we just want to shake and say COME ON! My point was that you can’t trust everything you read especially the Daily Mail!
PS, I hear you guys signed Akon, I have a director that interested in him.

anna on

showbizmom – yeah, that was a coup of sorts lol and he is a really nice guy – big things for him in the future!

Denise on

While I wish them both the best with their new son, I truly hope that this child is not going to actually be living separately from his parents. That seems totally bizarre. While other celebrity male couples who have recently had a baby(ies) seem to bask in every little detail of their newborn’s life, I don’t get that feeling from Elton and his partner. If he wanted a child that bad you would think he is wanting to be involved in every part of this child’s life, including changing dirty diapers and middle of the night feedings. When you become a parent it is part of the terrority. It has nothing to do with wealth. Hopefully, this is all just gossip and he really is involved.

Liz on

To “Anna” and any other skeptics, Elton & David have denied reports – which originated in the UK Daily Mail – that they have hired a team of nannies and that they are keeping the baby in a separate apartment. Here are a couple of official links:

Also, since you say you live in LA, you might want to check out the current issue of US Weekly, which profiles the happy couple with their son. Elton and David talk about their new fatherly experience and make it quite clear that they are being hands-on parents.

Jennifer on

Lets see, when Elton is 77, his child will be 16!! See how relaxing that will be – and, I usually do not write negative comments, but I agree, take away the nannies and I can reassure Elton that having a baby is not relaxing at all………..

lilly on

I think its crazy at elton’s age to raise a baby, and i dont agree in supporting gay couples, i know ill get a lot of negative feedback from this comment, but its the truth, i’ve grown up and believed that each child should have a mommy and a daddy not two daddies or two mommies, that alone is hard enough to grow up. Elton is old enough to be a grandfather. I hope the child dont grow up with nsnnies all the time, and i hope its not true about the child having a seperate apartment,

Jessica on

Don’t be bitter, Anna. It’s unbecoming.

Jill on

Why oh why oh why, do people through out the “you are just jealous” comment? Come up with something original. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you or the actor/actrees, doesn’t make them jealous.

I am sure they have a nanny. Who cares? I don’t live in Hollywood and half of my neighbors have nannies. My friends are nannies. There is nothing wrong with having one.

I also do not understand why people believe gossip/trashy mags/articles. Jennifer Anniston would have about 20 kids by now.

Missy on

I find it kinda funny that people are jumping on someone for posting links to news media that he doesnt take care of the baby. Saying do you believe everything you read and blah blah. Well guess what.. You arent in the home so how do YOU know that he IS taking care of the baby?

Why cant people just be happy for others. I dont really care if his baby is being taken care of by nannies. As long as the baby is being taken care of. This child is loved and will have many things at his disposal. Good for him. I wish him, Elton and David all the happiness in the world. NO matter HOW they get it….

Leah on

@ anna, the Daily Mail is known for making things up and is often called the Daily Fail!

Kaia on

1. What Elton said he found relaxing was that his baby is a blank canvas and it’s his job to love and nurture him at this stage. if you read the way the sentence is organized, he didn’t actually say the feeding, changing, and bathing aspects were relaxing. he then contrasted the loving and nurturing of a newborn with when how it is when they’re older and talking and running and wreaking havoc. it might be more of a relaxing thing for elton to focus on just cuddling and loving his baby compared to the daunting task of having to discipline, etc.

2. personally, i had one baby who was peaceful and easy and smooth sailing. i did find it relaxing to just hold my baby and rock him and stare at him. i also had another baby who was fussy and had colic and wouldn’t sleep well. if you had asked me if i found motherhood relaxing when i just had the first, well i would have said yes. and sorry to some of you, but that didn’t automatically mean i had a nanny, was wrong, or was a liar.

3. maybe they have nannies, maybe they don’t. i can’t believe how many people are so quick to tear down a comment about a father loving his son instead of seeing the good in that. there’s nothing about nannies in this whole quote. the rest is just speculation. the question is why does everyone feel the need to do that.

congrats to the new fathers. enjoy it!

But, jokes the singer, “When he gets to talking and running around I’ll probably feel a little different. But the adventures in daddy-land — it’s fantastic!”

JM on

suzanne you sad sad ignorant person.
that is all i have to say.

Taylor on

I just find it creepy that Anna had a slew of rubbish articles to pull out at the drop of a hat. Perhaps instead of being so concerned with someone else’s life, you can focus on your own. I know it’s a WILD thought but just a suggestion.

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, some people must have read a completely different article than In just did. This is what I read:

Fatherhood, says John, “is surprisingly very relaxing because this little soul that you are feeding, changing, bathing and that you’re telling bedtime stories to is a blank palette, a blank canvas and all it needs is love and nurturing.”

But, jokes the singer, “When he gets to talking and running around I’ll probably feel a little different. But the adventures in daddy-land — it’s fantastic!”

To me, that clearly says that he is simply, as another poster said, in a “honeymoon” phase of parenthood. Also, keep in mind that he didn’t give birth to Zachary. Obviously parenting a new baby is going to be a little easier when you aren’t recovering from childbirth at the same time! Plus, he obviously isn’t breastfeeding either, so he isn’t dealing with the hurdles that new moms often face with that (sore nipples, baby not latching right, etc.) on top of caring for a newborn.

As far as Zachary having two daddies and no mommy goes, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Fathers can be just as loving and caring as mothers can be. Also, just because Zachary doesn’t have mother doesn’t mean he doesn’t and won’t have mother-figures in his life. For example, he probably has at least one grandmother in his life (given Elton’s age, it’s possible his mother is no longer alive, but David’s might very well still be), and he may have aunts as well. In addition, Elton and David probably have female friends as well.

So I’m sure Zachary will have plenty of females in his life!

And finally, about Elton’s age….In my opinion, age is just a number. I have known plenty of people who were/are very active and more than capable of playing catch or other games well into their 80s and even 90s! Likewise, I’ve known fairly young people who can’t do those things. Granted, you’re more likely to be unable to keep up with a kid or teenager in your 80s or 90s than you are in, for example, your 40s, but my point is that everyone’s different, and we have no idea that Elton won’t be able to be an active father when he’s older.

Also, just because someone has children when they’re older doesn’t mean they won’t live to see them become adults and have children of their own. And likewise, having kids when you’re young doesn’t neccesarily mean you’ll live to see them become adults and have children of their own. One of my great-grandfathers died of a heart attack whe he was in his early 50s….leaving behind three college-aged daughters.

In anycase, Elton may be 62, but he seems to be in very good shape, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he lives long enough to see Zachary grow up and have kids of his own. Bottomline: Everyone’s different, and everyone’s family situation is different, and I don’t think it’s right to judge.

CelebBabyLover on

Kaia- That’s exactly what I was trying to say!

Teri on

Congratulations to you both. David, we worked together many years ago, when you were at Ogilvy and Mather. We did an Aunt Jemima shoot and the set fell down, everything went wrong. It was the worst film shoot i’ve ever been on. I was pregnant with my second child and let me tell you, there is nothing more wonderful than to have children in your life. May you both enjoy every second of your son’s life.

Peter Q Wolfe on

My thing about Elton John like others is can you not adopt a child? Surely there are children in his own back yard in Britain or perhaps in Ireland needing homes right now. Moreover, they should banned fertility medicine as we live in an over populated world already. We should have required talks about environmental sustainability of over population or else Malthus will be correct. Contraceptives should be targetted at the at risk poor or distituteof disfranchizement in society as a requirement wit parenting requirements to paraleel the students progress in quarterly or yearly required classes on education. Children should be forced to have sex education adaquate enough in te clas room and the affect of science due to over population. Moreoer, climate change with fossil fuls are being exhausted with prhaps ozone layer diffusione that will destroy all of the human race. I almost want to support sterilization of some populations but would rather not agree on the other hand. Wake up world over population is for real.

kevin on

No, they are like arrows: Kahlil Gibran:

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might
that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable.

Erin on

Wow, you all put the fun back in dysfunction…

trbluv123 on

I will preface what I am about to say… that I am an avid Elton John fan for his incredible ability to compose, sing, and make astounding music. I remember my parents at an early age jamming Rocket Man almost weekly when I was growing up. But, I have a real problem with this type of media support.

All of those that support this… are not of the faith. Trust me, I don’t consider myself a “bible thumper” but I am of Christianity. This is an example of the media glorifying Elton John to gather dollars and to signifiy that two “dads” having a child should be acceptable. Trust me folks. It is not. It is unnatural, immoral, and disgusting.

While he and his man may be a grandiose provider…. it is not acceptable. Our society is too accepting. And this is just another example. A child brought into this world is a gift from the heavens. And, reading this is an atrocity.

Von on

Shame on you Elt for not doing your research properly.Babies are not blank slates, they are a produce of their genetic inheritance, all of it.You may be lucky enough to have some influence but with attitudes like those not much we hope.

Jasmine on

I find it funny that there is so much support here for Elton John.

I could care less if he is straight or gay but the fact of the matter is that he is becoming a parent at the good age of 62! If you saw an article on here about some woman becoming a mother at the age of 62, many of you would call it selfish yet in this case he’s getting praise from some of you for ‘waiting until an older age’ to have a child.


Had he done this years ago, I’d be plenty of praise, but the fact of the matter is, he is risking leaving this child without one father before the kid gets a chance to truly grow up.

Becky on

They will need a nanny especially when this little one turns 3. I have a 3 yr old grandson and he runs me ragged when he’s at my house. I am 57 and he wears me out.

Steve on

Anybody that thinks kids are a blank canvas is in for a rude awakening the first time they spit their vegetables.

Martina on

Obviously, Anna, you (like most people in LA) have way too much time to read all those articles about celebrities. May be, you just need to get a life.

___ on

Kids are NOT a blank canvas. I remember being a baby. I had very distinct thoughts, like, “I don’t like being put on my back for naps. If I could roll over they couldn’t do this to me.”

Troy on

How about the fact that this child could very possibly have to go through the early death of one of his parents. He is 63 years old and he will be lucky to see this child hit 10. Yes the child will be financially taken care of but he will lose one of his parents very young and it just seems to me like a very selfish thing for Elton to do. If he was younger I would absolutely applaud his decision but it seems in the last few years Elton has lost touch with reality. Yelling about Madonna and the such. I love his music, but that’s where it stops. He should be ashamed of himself. Poor kid!

Leighton Cooper on

Elton I’m suprized by what you are saying. Most people do not exist as a self-contained soul. People can have threads that run in and out of themselves into other people Who they may never physically be in the same room together but that person affects you. The same is true of symbols. For example I am doing a project using pre-algebra to analyze Classical Piano works and delineating into the various pre-algebra math categories sections from Bach, Beethoven, Chopan Debusssy etc. I should get a foreshadow of the tastes that these folks would call to get patience. That is the real magic; talk about what you are doing to give your child that special patient magic. Blank slate with a peek and poke reference manual is an eye sore prayer of repeat until nothing happens Baptist loving spilled bucket of hate. Which is a guarentee to not develop and systemize references to patience. I love you that is why I won’t let you talk nonsense Be real make people grow up. Explain that; I know you can explain it. You’ve never cared before Please don’t start now!!!

Mark C on

“He is 63 years old and he will be lucky to see this child hit 10”

Wow, such ignorance. The life expectancy for British males at 63 is more than 19 years.

Mary on

It irks me when people post about them having an issue with this because of how old Elton is. How he’s going to leave his young child without a father. Really? Elton could live to about 100. Not saying he will but he could. Another thing that could happen: a young 25 year first time mother dying hours after childbirth. Or a 30 year old father of 2 dying in a car accident. Happens all the time. We’re all pretty much dying. All of our children face the risk of losing a parent young. You wouldn’t call them selfish or irresponsible though.

LEB on

Actually, no, babies aren’t blank canvases. The child is going to wind up with some of his biological mother’s behavioral traits, innate talents, and innate flaws, no matter how Sir Elton John and his partner choose to raise them. A child personality is part nature, part nurture.

James on

When you have a Team to take care of your child, baby-care is relaxing. So, Brad Pit and Jollie can adapt so many children. We live abroad and there is no kin around us. Our only son is 2 years old and we don’t remember when did we slept more than 3 hours continously

DJ on

I think it is selfish to have a baby at 62. He will be dead before this kid gets out of high school. How sad.

edub on

really???!!! the man is on tour too. so who is at home are you telling me david is sitting at home playing mr. mom????? no there is nannies and everything else under the sun to make them comfortable as new parents. I want one to breast feed deal with colic and push a stroller meant for a 4’6 human!!!!

DJ on

Cutoff for me having kids was late 30’s and that is w/ a husband 7 years old than me. Of course he didn’t carry the child, but why oh why do these people wait until their 50’s, 60’s and now 70’s for children?!? One thing kudos on — he must be healthy. I do not know many people that age to be in the health to take care of a newborn or a toddler. But then again, I don’t know that many who would want to either.

MPLArms on

How he’s going to leave his young child without a father.

By his OWN admission, isn’t he the mother?
Just a glitch in your posting.

Angi on

Elton and his husband love their son and he will not want. What more could a child ask for. Also,they were denied adopting two brother because they are gay. Yet ,they are still willing to help the boys even if another family is raising them.I wish there more people like that in the world.

George on

A newborn child is not a blank canvas upon which we paint our own picture of life. He will develop his own sense of being, albeit tainted by the actions of those around him. Because someone has a musical genius, or is extremely wealthy, does not automatically qualify that person as a great parent.

Mary on

The important thing is that this baby will be LOVED. It doesn’t matter how old his parents are. There are a lot of kids out there with young parents who are ignored and abused. It’s the quality of parenting that matters. And if they have nannies helping out sometimes, that’s just that many more people loving this child. And no one who has waited this long for a child will allow the nannies to be the primary caregivers. Much, much joy to Elton, David and baby Zachary.

David on

what are a couple of 60+ year old men doing having a baby? i don’t care if they’re gay. they’re not parents, they’re grandparents. and they won’t be raising that child, nannies and butlers will because elton will never be around. that child will not have a true real set of parents.

Nancy on

No human being is “a blank canvas” at any time- I hope Sir Elton remembers that this little boy is his own person, or little guy is in for a tough ride.

Corey on

It seems Elton John has a great attitude about everything. He is a gay man who isn’t afraid to be who he is, but nor does he allow his orientation to be the sole definition of who he is. He’s also very tolerant of people who don’t necessarily share his political and social views, as his comments regarding Rush Limbaugh and his wedding performance demonstrate. Good for him, I hope the child grows up healthy and well.

Robin Bray on

Be sure to prime that canvas properly for best results.

Budderfly on

Live and let live.

Congratulations, Sir Elton John & David & Zachary!

Dee on

Elton’s statement that the baby is a blank canvas knows very little about psychology and biology. Babies come into the world with many genetic factors pre-set.

Dee on

Mark, life expectancy applies to newborns, not adults.

les on

But will he change the dirtiest of diapers and stay up when the baby is sick?

Or will he bring on the servants to handle all that unpleasant stuff and stay on tour?

Jake on


Petey on

A “blank canvas”?

Nope, no chance of a tormented childhood there.

DMB on

To the poster David. Elton’s husband is not in his 60’s. You obviously never even looked at his photo. Elton’s husband is only 48 years old. Just because Elton may be out doing some celebrity business doesn’t mean he’s not taking care of his child. Both he and David are completely hands on with the baby. They are taking great care of the child. I guess what Elton means is maybe he thought being a parent would be hard and sometimes stressful. But for him it relaxes him even more.

As for a blank canvass. He’s kind of right. Babies quickly gain their smarts but in the first few weeks everything is completely new. So like a blank canvass they suck all the paint in. I can understand what Elton means.

Zachary has great loving parents who I just know will protect him. I can only wish I could say the same thing.

Marita on

So happy for you. God bless the three of you.

Indyman on

No issue with their lifestyle whatsoever….but, doing the math, he’ll be 80 when the child is 18.

Matrix1000 on

Congrats to Elton John and his hubby. I wonder who will provide this baby with the maternal influence that is crucial for healthy development? After all he was born in a womb and not an incubator…

tripletmom on

A blank palette? What, that he gets to paint on? A child has a personality even in the womb! An infant can communicate so much in non-verbal ways. I hardly think a baby is “blank” in any way.

I have 8 year-old triplets and we could tell considerable differences between them at one day old!

Alina77 on

That baby is sooo lucky, Elton probably singing him every night (for freeeee)..

jules on

Love Elton. But a blank canvas ? Really, pick up a genetics book.

Stella on

Blank canvas. Ha, ha. They’ll find out. Babies have their own personalities, etc., from day one.

Veronica on

A family, by choice – what could get better? They have a child that they wanted and he has parents who will love, support, nurture and spoil him. Hired help? It is preferable to have carefully picked people who will help them love/raise their child. They have someone else do the work so they can just enjoy being fathers. Plus, they do work and someone has to watch the baby! People who complain about Nannies are just jealous they didn’t have one/couldn’t afford one. I was a Nanny for 12 years, before becoming a parent and I knew I would hire someone to help me in my home. They know who Nanny is and they know who Mummy is and I am a more relaxed, happy parent who gets to spend more time having fun with my kids instead of doing laundry, cleaning the house, doing dishes, etc.

Kevin on

Elton John now ‘Rocks’ in every sense of the word.

Mikey on

Relax while you can, just wait until he’s a teenager!!

Jake on

Zachary will have the most healty and loving environment. Unlike most familys, dropping the kids off to a day care 5 days a week, and when they pick them up, they get a baby sitter so they can go out and have fun.

Lord Binki on

So many people posting about this story that are just overjoyed that two gay men managed to have a child through a surrogate. Really, it’s that wonderful that this baby won’t have a mother? Oh yes, all that money!!!!! I guess nature was wrong about the whole thing, and gays are right. If a child loses a mother or a father, it’s considered a tragedy. If gays bring a child into the world knowing the child will not have a mother or not have a father, it’s considered a triumph. How skewed. To the people saying “It’s awesome and you don’t know Elton John personally so shut up!” Guess what, you don’t know him personally either, you’re just happy about it because it supports YOUR agenda. To hell with baby Zachary, that’s what you’re saying. Elton John may be very rich and very famous, but he won’t be able to buy Zachary one thing – a mother. But the consenting adults got what they wanted, that’s all that matters. To those accusing others of being jealous, try having an original thought and put away the cliche. Not everyone’s jealous of famous rich people the way you are.

VHM on

A blank slate? Clearly Elton hasn’t kept up on any medical research in the last few decades. This baby was born with 9 months of pre-cognitive memories of his mother and much of his physical and even emotional identity already set by his DNA.

At least nannies and other paid professionals will be raising this child, so he won’t be stunted by having a father who is almost never around, always the center of attention when he is around, and too old to do any active parenting anyway.

Outsourcing every step of the process, from conception through pregnancy through parenting: sure, raising a child is a “relaxing” “adventure” when you don’t have to do any of the work.

DH on

I’ve always liked Elton John’s music but I find he is getting very tiresome very quickly. To hear him give parenting advice when he has so very little experience only demonstrates how naive he is. A child is not a blank canvas, but he has no idea about this yet. Since two men cannot conceive a child, the spin that Elton John and his partner had a child together intentionally obscures the situation. A woman in her sixties had a child through artificial means a few years ago and only lived two more years. The parents age is significant to how they will provide for the child long term. Further, to hear him complain that he is treated like a second class citizen in California is annoying beyond belief. He is not a US citizen at all, and he is treated a whole lot better than most citizens in this country.

Mariano on

WOW!…E.J. used a metaphor “blank canvas” / “blank slate”, and so many posters rigorously interpreted this at such a literal level–clear as mud. Glory be, folks!!!! EVOLVE!!!

Mariano on

TO: susanne on January 24th, 2011—
Oh, Blessed Be, Susanne. While you’re at it with your attack and judgement on this gay couple, go ahead, extend your wrath to those widowers in the world raising a child alone, or without a mother due to their absence. Just remind yourself Blessed Be, the Mind is a powerful force. What you project into the cosmos comes back to its source, YOU. The gifts of Love and Warmth knows no gender. That’s the beauty of it–no moralizing needed. May your days treat you kindly, gently, and forgivingly, Blessed Be, Susanne. :*)

loren on

“that you’re telling bedtime stories to is a blank palette, a blank canvas and all it needs is love and nurturing.”
Well, he will find out soon enough, newborns have personality. Blank palette/canvas indeed! 🙂

Seriously on

Wow first and foremost Congrats to Elton and David! I am amazed at these posts. Such haters I had twins and did not have any help but if I had the money I surely would have. It is also sad that there are so many comments on his age. WTHeck is wrong with you people. My father died at a young age therefore I was very young and I am thankful for every second of every minute of everyday that I had with him. Elton could live to be 90 no one knows. He is in a place in his life with a man that he loves and wanted a child to bring love and joy into the family circle. More power to him. And as far as the comments that newborns don’t relax or calm a person I seriously disagree. My sons relaxed and calmed me. Feedings every two hours lack of sleep is better than having no purpose. One smile one giggle brought a peace over me. They are 30 now and they still calm me. A phone call to say I love you Mom is the best phone call anyone can receive. They have children of their own now and yes I see the same calming in them now that they brought to me. Enjoy Elton and David!

George on

Elton John / Reginald Dwight and his partner may be very accomplished Musicians, but they have NO business raising a child at their age. I believe this is just a Gay Rights stunt in the end. Elton is 63 years old. When the child is 18 years old he will be 81 years old? If he even reaches that age. He will be old enough to be his Grandfather. And for what? To show the world he and his partner can be successful parents? What a sham. This is not in the best interests of the child. Sure, he can afford to hire someone to take care of him if he passes on or becomes too old to care for him. What does that say? he can buy parenting? A Nanny? What a self-centered, Narcissistic couple.