BumpWatch: Kate Hudson Debuts Her Belly

01/24/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

She’s starting to show!

Expectant star Kate Hudson, who’s four months pregnant with her second child, touches down at London’s Heathrow Airport on Monday with her beau, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy.

Also ready for the new baby? Big brother Ryder, 7. “There’s a great relationship between Ryder and Cheyenne,” Kurt Russell says of Hudson’s ex-husband Chris Robinson‘s 13-month-old daughter.

“He was very excited about that. And he’s very excited about this too.”

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Elecia Stevens-Markulis on

I don’t know about this because she goes thru men like a drop of a hat! I AM JUST SAYING!

Debbie on

I can’t help but think this woman is an irresponsible mother. She has a revolving door of boyfriends – all of whom she introduces to her son.

And for her to have a second child with a short-term boyfriend irresponsible as well. There is no indication that she is in a lasting, committed relationship.

She will soon have two children who will grow up very confused by all the different men coming into and out of their lives.

s on

you really don’t know her. its not ok to judge her.

MomtoThree on

I agree ladies…however, at least she does care for her child and is responsible in that way. And we must remember…people do much worse all the time and are not ridiculed like those in the public eye.

Anonymous on

One word to describe this kind of woman: DESPERATE!

Randi on

@ Debbie… I totally agree! She goes from one guy to the next, never even taking a break in between. Who has a baby with someone they’ve only known for 6 months? Hollyweird!

Jen on

It’s such a shame but i really don’t think they will last as a couple.

Benilde on

Where is the bump?

Meems on

It’s nice y’all are so perfect that you can sit in judgement of a complete stranger.

Jennifer on

Of course she’s pregnant again. She has boyfriend after boyfriend. Not to mention…she’s only famous because of her mother. Her movies always flop! Her pregnancy is what will keep the paparazzi clicking and searching for her now!


Who cares how many children she has, she can afford them, at least your not supporting them with welfare and food stamps..and how do you know she does not love him and if she doesn’t it is still none of your business as long as we don’t have to pay for them…I say have all you want…hell adopt some also..

Mommy of 2 on

@Randi…I cant believe you are actually putting her down for having a baby with someone she hasnt known for ” a long enough period” There are MANY people that have kids with people they have been with for years and years only to have that person leave them, and there are people that have a baby with someone they have only known for a shorter period of time and they last forever. who are you to decide what is the approiprite amount of time to know someone before having a baby?!!!

Tammy on

OMG, a single, beautiful, rich woman dating men… one at a time. What a tramp! God you women are catty!!!

Kate on

Who gets pregnant only after dating his woman for two months? Johnny Depp and I believe he and Vanessa Paradis are still together and parents to a second child.

So while I am not a fan of Kate it does happen and people do stay together.

kathy on

Are you kidding me!!!! Are you all saying you can only have a child with someone you have known for a certain amount of time and if you do happen to get pregnant, you must give it up!! People are married for years, have kids and split up because of whatever reason but that’s ok because they were together for what you all believe to be a certain amount of time! Get off your high horses!

Ali on

Are all of you so miserable in your lives that you find it necessary to critize a celebrity in order to feel superior? You have no idea who she is as a person, as a mother, as a partner, etc.

Keep reading all the gossip magazines you want, and if you must then go ahead and judge her (and others) based on the reportings of failed journalists and sell-out photographers… It will never make you any happier, in fact it is really just pathetic.

Congrats to her and to anyone (celebrity or not) who is expecting. It’s such an exciting thing, knowing you’re about to bring a baby into this world and I wish everyone who is experiencing motherhood, or impending motherhood all the happiness in the world. Those who are truly happy do not need to judge others for their lifestyle choices.

Lisa on

It kills me Kate is not the only one to have a child out of wed lock so give it up the only reason people judge her is she’s in the spot light so I agree get over it I think it’s great..

tracie on

She seems to be doing just fine with her son. Just because a young mother dates doesn’t mean she is irresponsible. Shes living her life and is taking her child with her. If we could predict who the absolute positive “one” is then we could all by pass the bad dates, bad boyfriends, and divorces. She owes no one an explanation. Let her live!

Michelle Thomas on

she’s had more men than hot dinners!

kelly on

uh…where is the bump exactly?

klutzy_girl on

Way to judge Kate. She seems like a good mother to me. And would you be saying this if it was a male celeb? So what if she dates a lot?

I’m excited for her and Matt, and hope everything works out!

jealous on

i’m just jealous b/c it’s matt bellamy! he’s mine! anyone else i could’ve care less, but why him?!?

Wendy on

Yes, revolving door of men, I agree…..and her mother was the same way…unfortunately, the apple does not fall far from the tree!

Lisa on

I for one, am happy for Kate and want to wish her a healthy pregnancy! It’s not a crime for an UNMARRIED person to date several different men…I’m sure all that are sitting in judgement here on this message board didn’t marry or have a child with the first and only man they dated in their life. People date around until they find someone they want to spend the rest of their life with…they have children with that person. I think that babies are a blessing from GOD, and we should just wish this young woman the best of luck in her pregnancy journey and leave it at that.

Bethanie on

Umm what belly? And yes she does go through men like we all breathe air. It won’t be long before she leaves this one and moves on to the next rocker.

christina on

Best of luck to her and her new baby. I would wish that for anyone having a child regardless of their situation. Children are such a blessing!

Anonymous on

why be so judgemental?

Andrea on

I can’t stand Kate Hudson. This realationship will falter just as the others have. she will be left with two children with two different fathers. In reality land that’s called a ” slut. ” In Hollywoodland, it’s deemed acceptable by both them, their families, and their peers.

However, look at her mom, she’s never married Kurt Russell and they have an out of wedlock child. Although, that relationship has been going for close to 30 yrs. or so.

Ugh, I’m going to have to watch her ass get fat and more ugly for the next 6 months. I hope in the future she’ll remember to A. Take her bcp, B. Tell him to use a condom or C. Abstain.

C.A.L. on

Wow, you women are a bunch of winners, well 99% of you that commented on this. Get over yourselves, its all jealousy.

@Tracie, you hit the nail on the head.

April on

What bump? You can’t see anything with those baggy clothes.

Helen on

Everyone that has made negative comments on here… who are you to judge so harshly. Think of all your flaws and then imagine having them plastered in the public eye, and having judgemental know it alls commenting on it… how would that make you feel!?

merry on

@Ali, well said!!

I don’t really care much about Kate, but I love Matt Bellamy and his lyrics for Muse. I’m wondering how will his music change with the baby 🙂

Anonymous on

All you out there who are so critical of celebrities lifes should be ashamed of yourselves. You have NO RIGHT to judge people that you don’t even know. Look at your own lives there must be some reason why your acting stuck up this way and so that is why you should critique YOUR own Life and NOT somebody else’s!!!!!!!!


Casey on

I think it’s interesting that so many people assume they really know her and her life based on the media exposure. She does not owe anyone an explanation of her life and those who judge her better have PERFECT lives of their own.

nich on

I don’t see a “bump”…it’s a baggy sweater

Nella on

It’s sad that I read so many negative comments regarding this. I don’t think that Kate is a bad mother, why do people think that, because she dates?? Wow! She’s a young woman who obviously wants a relationship and i don’t see anything wrong with that. None of us know how many men she has been with and let’s face it gossip sites and magazines aren’t the best source of information. I am sure other celebs had several relationships, the only difference is that she is more in the spotlight.

It’s not right to judge someone you don’t even know. People need to relax regarding Kate, if you dislike her so much why waste your time commenting on her. Is it going to be like this throughout her whole pregnancy, just negative, judgemental, and mean comments? It’s just very immature.

Personally, there are a few celebs that I don’t really like, but when I see posts about them I just skip it because it’s not important for me to comment on them and waste my time.

Kat on

She seems to have a great personality (at least on camera) but she can’t keep a man (something’s wrong with the picture). Shes dated this Mathew guy for 9 months and is pregnant already?
One things for sure, she will never be an Icon and a sweetheart like her mother Goldie.

Mel on

Most people forget that there is still a double standard for mothers than there is for fathers. Kate Hudson has dated some very high-profile men for short periods of time. That’s a fact. Her being in the public eye has removed that cloak of privacy. Why shouldn’t she have a responsibility to her son to be a stable force? Let’s face it, she doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to dating; her ex is the one who moved on, got remarried, and has another child in addition to Ryder. She’s the main role model he’s going to have when it comes to the type of woman he dates. She strikes me as awfully flighty with a short attention span. If I’m wrong, fine.

To those of you talking about judgmental haters, why do you feel the need to defend Miss Hudson? She’s a big girl, she doesn’t need your defending. Furthermore, why do you care? If you’re offended by the judgmental comments, it says more about you than it does about the commenters. A little personal shame about something, maybe?

sky on

kate is a happy free spirited individual. congrats to her. she supports her family and herself. why is it men can hop around from relationship to relationship and not be judged? @ jennifer: i thought she was great in ‘almost famous’ and she was nominated for an oscar, hardly a bad actress. ladies it’s 2011, get out of the dark ages and stop passing negative judgement!

Indira on

I thought it said “Kate MOSS debuts her belly” and I got super excited. I’m not a big fan of kate hudson but, physically speaking the girls got great taste. I’m definitely into the gossip sites and it’s true kate hudson is tied very often to a lot of men. If anything, she should be more discreet but, it’s her life.

kelly on

umm I really don’t notice a baby bump?? Or is it just me?

anon on

A woman is not a slut because they have two kids by two different men. Is Kate’s ex husband a slut because he has two kids by two different women? I don’t recall anyone here calling him that. She seems like a good mother. Is she never supposed to have another child because she got divorced? It’s none of our business who she introduces to her kid. The amount of judging on here is pathetic. Just because someone doesn’t live up to your morals, does not make them a bad mother or person, or a slut, and so what if the relationship doesn’t last. As long as they both are good parents and put this child first, then it doesn’t really matter.

Greenshoes on

I can’t wait to see how she dresses the bump through the coming months. It’s my favorite part of the bump watch!

soph on

“she will be left with two children with two different fathers. In reality land that’s called a ” slut. ””

Really, Andrea? Kate married Chris Robinson in 2000, they had Ryder in 2004. Whoa, scandalous. And now she’s having another child seven long years later. And this is slutty…how exactly? All because Matt is her boyfriend, not her husband? Get over yourself.

As for watching her “ass get fat and more ugly,” yeah, people are interested in her pregnancy. She’s pretty, rich, famous. All things I’m guessing you’re not? Deal with it.

Liz on

If it weren’t for her getting pregnant, she would have been through a half a dozen guys by now! What a disgrace.

momof3boys on

I can’t see a belly. I can see a great resemblance to her mom though!

Joanna on

Don’t judge someone you don’t know. It’s sad, a baby is a happy time in a womans life and her special time is being shadowed by all the negative talk about her in the media and such. If you don’t like her that much….Don’t say anything! Why waste your time?

Peyton on

Yes agreed there is some level of judgement going on… she’s an adult and as such can date whom ever she wants however it is very disturbing to say the least that she introduces her son to every man that she dates.That’s what most people have a problem with.

Sue on

Wow! Who made you jealous beeotches judge and jury of morality. If you look in the mirror I bet you have just as many sins. Kate seems like a lovely lady. Her family seems like there is much love from all generations. Just because her first marriage or some of her dating didn’t leave to marriage doesn’t mean she’s the devil. Glad I don’t have to live up to your expectations.

Amanda on

Good luck to her. I hope she knows what a blessing it is to be pregnant. I lost a pregnancy in 2009 and my husband and I have been unable to conceive again so I have to admit I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. Congrats to both of them.

Taylor on

It amuses me that someone criticized her mother. She’s been in a relationship with Kurt Russell for almost 28 years. While those around her with a piece of paper were getting divorces, she and Kurt remained in a committed relationship. The nerve of her!

Rita on

I can’t believe all the negativity here!! They have been together going on 10 mos already. What is the big deal to all of you anyway. If none of you have ever had a baby out of wedlock or with a man you’ve not known for a while, have never had a man leave you after you had a baby with him or gotten a divorce after you’ve had kids, or have never dated anyone after your divorces…then cast the 1st stone. Otherwise, leave this couple and their unborn child, a blessing nonetheless, alone. God bless all you read this, as you all seem to think you don’t need any forgiveness.

B.R on

Andrea please go seek mental help, the amount of sick pleasure that you get out of calling a complete stranger a slut and watching her get fat as you put it is disturbing by any and all standards. There are opinions, there is trashing someone, your post crosses both of those lines into person obsession. Creepy.

JC on

Wow…a woman gets pregnant…out of wedlock…happens EVERY day all over the world. Why speculate on her situation…maybe her birth control failed. At least she’s having the baby and not an abortion. Obviously she has the financial means to support another child and it seems she’s a great mother to her first. Guess you sanctimonious jerks
are bashing all unwed mothers…or do you just like to rant about rich celebrities? Regardless whether the pregnancy was intended or an accident, I find it admirable that she’s choosing to bring a cherished life into this world and expressing joy about it.

B.R on

Randi I married my husband after 6 weeks 9 weeks in we were parents. People like you need to open up your eyes and see the world around you. Not just the parts of the world you want to look at but all of it. Marriage counts for nothing these day, it’s not even worth the paper it’s written on any more. Arizona comes with a quick marriage option that has you divorce papers and fee already for you the day you marry. More and more people are choosing to live happily together, having children but never marrying. More and more people are going the right thing that when you know you want to be with someone and have their baby, you do it, none of this we must date for a year, get married, then have a baby it’s the old proper way to do it. It doesn’t matter anymore, and I for one am happy for it. Congratulations to the happy couple. I can’t wait to see some really baby belly photos of her.

Erin on

Funny. I don’t remember people trashing Angelina Jolie for hooking up with different men when Maddox was a baby. Or hooking up with/getting pregnant with a still-married man. Or raising six kids with a “partner” and not a *gasp* husband. Apparently all her public good works excuses her behavior. (I don’t have an issue with either woman – just interesting that one gets picked and another gets canonized)

klutzy_girl on

JC – What do you mean by at “least” she’s having the baby and didn’t get an abortion? There would be nothing wrong with it if she had aborted the pregnancy. That would have been her decision and there would have been nothing wrong with if that had happened. But it didn’t.

Anyway, I still can’t believe most of these comments. Why does she get shamed for this when others don’t? This baby is going to be loved and well taken care of by Kate and Matt.

Shannon on

I wonder if she’ll gain 70 pounds like she did with her first pregnancy! 🙂

Katherine on

Funny, people are saying “why would you have a baby with someone you’ve known 6 months?”… I met my Husband and 5 months later, we were married. I had literally known him 5 months when I married him and a lot of that 5 months was spent physically apart and our only source of communication was letters (not even Email!) and the occasional phone call. Yet I married him and he married me. Seven years ago. 6 months after our wedding, I was pregnant. Our daughter turns 6 tomorrow.

You can have a quick romance/courtship, make a serious commitment and still be together years down the line.

CelebBabyLover on

Nella- Exactly! None of us has ANY idea how many men Kate has been with since she and Chris split up. Just because gossip sites have her linked her to several different men doesn’t mean that she’s actually dated all of them! And like someone else said, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had only been together for about two months when Vanessa got pregnant with Lily-Rose….and 10+ years later they are still together and have a second child together (Jack, obviously)!

Also, several of the other celebs that have recently announced pregnancies have been together for under a year, or for just over a year….and hardly anyone is critcizing them for having a child with someone they’ve known for such a short time! Why the double-standard?

Anyway, when you think about it, Kate HAS dated more than a few men since she divorced Chris and before she got together with Matt (again, I don’t neccesarily believe that she’s date all the men the media has claimed she has, but she has obviously dated more than just one or two!), and she didn’t have a kid with any of them.

So, to me, that actually shows that Kate actually was being responsible….by waiting until she found the right man to have another kid AND practicing safe sex with her former boyfriends (of course, it’s possible that she didn’t practice safe sex and simply got lucky….but the odds of that are pretty slim!).

On another note….How do we know she’s four months pregnant? She’s never said anything about a due date.

Sassy on

Kate H will be ok. She really loved Owen but his life was spiraling and he did not take her serious. Kate was pursued by A-Rod, Lance, and others…I hope she will find true happiness with the right guy. Most of us would accept dates from the same guys who pursued Kate. None of us would have said no.

sky on

hey mel, you are missing the point. what i find offensive is your backward comments about women. there is no personal shame (what a stupid comment by the way) for a woman to own her own life and not live by the standards/morals that others think she should lead. wow, you would think we are living in the 1950s!

KZ on

Wow… a lot of judgement in these comments! Kate may have dated what seems like a lot of men, but she was single – how else are you supposed to find another relationship? Only because they were with men in the public eye do we even know about it. Funny how men who play the field aren’t judged in the same way. I wish her all the best in her pregnancy and hope she is happy! And for all the people judging her, how long was Nicole Ritchie dating Joel Madden before she got pregnant and they seem to be be a happy family now? We don’t even know these people so why all the negativity?

CelebBabyLover on

Erin- I agree with you about the double-standard with Angie not getting criticized for hooking up with different men while Maddox was a baby.

However, people don’t critcize Angie for getting pregnant by a still-married man because Brad WASN’T married when Angie got pregnant (from what I’ve read, a judge actually signed off on the divorce in early August of 2005, and the October “decree” was just a formality having to do with the division of property. There is also a two-month waiting period in California for divorces, but from what I understand, that’s just a formality as well. For all intents and purposes, Brad was techincally offically divorced in early August…and Shi, going by her birthdate, wasn’t concieved until late August/early September.)

As for her hooking up with a still-married man…believe me, she gets critcized PLENTY for that (not that I think she should, but I’m not going to say anything more as I really don’t think that it’s approprite to get into a debate about Angelina Jolie on a post about Kate Hudson!).

That being said, I get what you’re saying and I completely agree. In fact, that was basically what I said just now when I mentioned that other pregnant celebs who haven’t been with their significant others that long aren’t being criticized for it.

anon- Exactly! I’d also like to point out that we don’t know how many of her boyfriends she’s introduced to Ryder. We know she’s introduced some of them to him because we’ve seen him with some of them, but we don’t know that’s she introduced him to ALL of them!

klutzy_girl- This part of JC’s comment explains it clearly to me: “Regardless whether the pregnancy was intended or an accident, I find it admirable that she’s choosing to bring a cherished life into this world and expressing joy about it.”

Clearly, like me, JC feels that abortion IS wrong (at least under most circumstances. If the baby has such a severe defect that s/he almost certainly won’t survive after birth, the pregnancy is putting the mother’s life at risk, or the baby was concieved as the result of rape or incest, then I understand abortion. But I feel that, if you simply didn’t plan on the baby or don’t want the baby, either deal with the consequences of your actions and raise him or her, or give him or her up for adoption. There are lots of couples out there who would give anything to have a baby but can’t concieve!) and that she’s glad that Kate didn’t kill her innocent child just because she didn’t plan on him/her. I also have a feeling that JC was trying to say that if you’re going to have unprotected sex, be prepard to deal with the consequences that might result!

Kellie on

Wow Andrea if Kate is what is known as a slut you are what is known as a B**** Also she is a grown up with a career, money, and lots of support. I’m sure she’ll be ok.

To you ladies saying that you are surprised she is pregnant again act like this is her 15 child. This is her second after 7 years so take a damn chill pill. If the only problem with this girl is some of you feel like she has to many boyfriends, Kate has nothing to worry about.

Ali on

@ Anomymous
“The public has a right to judge these celebs. These forums are for commenting and we have FREEDON OF EXPRESSION. Just cause you dont agree with someone’s comment doesnt make them “judgemental” or “crtiticaL”..These are public figures/celebrities and everything is fair game with them.”

I suppose if that makes you feel better about posting hateful comments about someone you have never met, then great. But maybe people should reserve that judgement for the people who are actually out there doing things that hurt the rest of humanity (world leaders promoting genocide for example, or men that go into grocery stores and kill 9 year-olds).

All the negative comments won’t affect Kate Hudson, but they certainly show what kind of people are posting on this forum. I hope that I raise my daughter to be strong and confident so that she doesn’t feel the need to prove her superiority by and making rude and distasteful comments in online forums.

And PS: Passing unfounded judgements (and they are unfounded unless you can honestly say you know her as a person) DOES make a person judgemental, and the criticisms do in fact make a person critical. By suggesting it is not okay that I voice my opinion on the matter makes your point completely moot.

Tracy on

Is it me or does Kate Hudson go through men at an alarmingly fast rate? Poor Matt Bellamy, he has no idea what is in store for him. She probably will suck the life out of him like she does to every other man.

Crystal on

B.R.-Could you clarify. Are you saying that you and your husband married after 6 weeks of knowing each other and then 3 weeks later you became pregnant? Cause you can’t know each other for 6 weeks and then 9 weeks into your relationship you had a baby. I’m guessing it’s the latter. Anyway, Kate Hudson has had her fair share of high profile romances. She and her boyfriend haven’t been together that long and the likelihood of it lasting is pretty slim. Of course, with the divorce rate in this country being so high the chances of most marriages lasting is also slim. It’s a lose/lose BUT I’m still a strong believer in marriage and family! =) Anyway, I do wish her all the best in her pregnancy and a healthy baby.

jessicad on

Andrea’s comment is beyond ridiculous, and as a single mother it was extremely offensive and sounded really childish.

The person talking about Angelina Jolie is EXACTLY right! How many men in Hollywood has she been with or “stolen” from another woman? and how do we know Kate Hudson sleeps with all the men she dates? I really don’t understand the negativity over not being married either, what’s the divorce rate up to these days? If it works for you that’s great, but not everyone wants to or has to do it.

Amanda on

The women making comments about Kate Hudson are the same women that talking smack about Natalie Portman. All of a sudden these women are cheap tramps and that they shouldn’t be role models. The last time I checked Natalie Portman spoke 4 different languages and graduated from an Ivy league school. Both of these women are self-sufficent, have their own money and can support these children. If people still feel the need to make negative comments then they should direct them towards the girls from Teen Mom who make $280,000 a year from being on that show.

Heather on

Ladies please retract your claws and look inside for why you feel so judgmental of someone who you truly know nothing about. Seems to me there are some women on here that grew up in the wrong century.

cris on

If that is a baby bump, than I am a freakin oompa-loompa!

Jealous 2 on



Katie on

I can’t believe how criticizing everyone is being. Who cares what she does with her life, if she’s happy then what else matters? And besides, if you don’t like her don’t read her articles/look at her pictures/judge what she’s doing.

What would people say about you?

Yo on

Hmmm maybe she’s this way because,,, well her dad wasn’t in her life and her “parents” NEVER MARRIED!! And the cycle continues. Babies should be brought into the world with two married parents. A man and a woman!! I’m not naive. I know this world isn’t idealistic like that. Nonetheless that’s the way it should be. I like Kate! She’ll figure it out and I’ll still enjoy her movies.

Sincerity on

Kate Hudson is entitled to live her life anyway she deems fit as long as she abides by local, state and federal laws. However, being a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re obligated to publicize all aspects of your life. Doing so was her choice and not one that everyone appreciates. Placing personal relationships under constant public scrutiny isn’t always wise and may send those involved with you the wrong message which may inadvertently end them. What goes on “privately” between Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy as parents is far more important than what is published in the media. I wish the both of them the best of luck!

EdieRose on

So another unmarried female celebrity has a baby bump..what else is new. She is 31 yrs old and old enough to take care of her baby.
I am sure she will have her baby do fine and get back to her job of acting soon. Best of Good Health Kate

Jen on

I’d just like to say I agree with several of the other posters here — that even though a pregnancy may happen early in a relationship, it doesn’t mean it can’t work. I got pregnant eight weeks into my relationship with my then-boyfriend — we’ve now been happily married for 2.5 years and he’s the love of my life! So it does happen, hopefully the same for Kate 🙂

Brenda on

Its her life and her choice and its very hyoocritical to say that she is a bad mother and all these bad things about a woman you do not even know. You should be happy for her and hope that she has a very healthy pregnancy and baby. Because to all the commenters that are just cruel, this woman makes more in a year than probably anyone who has a shitty opinion of her, and can more than afford and take great care and love a child, so quit being rude about it. I just found out for her and am what everyone SHOULD be happy and hope that the family is healthy and stays that way.

Kim on

Any bets on rather or not she’ll still be with the baby daddy when the kid is born…..

Brenda on

You should congrate her and get on with YOUR life cause it sure isnt your life that you are all worried about making such nasty comments about a beautiful, pretty great acctress and has from what I can tell taken great care of her son Ryder. I mean cmon, people just grow the hell up!

Laura on

I am so happy to hear that so many of you are so perfect that you can judge her, Congratulations on the new baby Kate

Sheila on

I take offense to every comment made about how long she has been in the relationship… I got pregnant maybe 6 months into our relationship–our daughter is now 5 and we’ve been together 6 years!! Maybe it didn’t work out for YOU–I can’t imagine why *sarcasm*–but it does work for some people!

LL on

Why do we insist on doing this? Lets be kind and use words that build others up. We get to live our lives the way we see fit. We can’t put our moral decisions on others. Lets all grow and take our own journeys and not spend so much time tearing others down. What are we, as a community, getting out of such hurtful words?

Kim on

I can say honestly from the bottom of my heart I’ve never liked being my mother’s illegitimate child.

betsy on

She cares for her child? Possibly true, but when exactly does she? Seems to me like she’s out most of the time, looking for a man. I have no doubt she loves her child, but cares for him, I don’t see it.

Is no one in Hollywood aware that birth control has indeed been invented?

soph on

Well, that’s your issue now, isn’t it, Kim? Nothing to do with Kate Hudson.

soph on

“Seems” is the key word here, betsy. And you don’t see it? Probably because you don’t know Kate. Or her son. Or any of her family or friends. Is it clearer now?

Patty on

My gosh. As a mom, I cannot even imagine “touching down” in London with my so-called boyfriend, pregnant with another baby, but somehow my existing child is never anywhere to be seen. Really. Where is her son? I think this gal is so NOT committed to anything but herself. Her ex-husband coincidentally had another child about a year ago. Now she has to what, compete? She barely even knows THIS guy, and as a matter of fact, he is still married. It’s so sickening to me. Can anyone get married or give one crap about what statement their lives are making to all the young girls in the world? UGH.

Fifi on

I can’t believe how judgemental the comments on this page are! None of you even know Kate Hudson. None of you know her partner, or her child, or her family.

You all need to take a good look at yourselves.

Niki on

::sigh:: Poor, stupid Matt.


Well, how long until she is ‘rid’ of this boyfriend and moving on / in with someone else?? She has been around the block more times than a meter maid on patrol! We had a name for gals like Kate in college – I shall not repeat it here … but y’all have heard it and others to describe her frenetic love life. And … please let us hope it IS a girl so she also has an excuse for not cutting the child’s hair!!!!!
Some mother!

Allie-Rose on

I don’t see any bump and, so far as I remember, there has been no confirmation that Kate is pregnant.

anon on

Kate is beatiful. Goldie is beautiful. Her kids will turn out beautiful. Stop being so hateful. All of you haters are so “ugly” inside. Your personalities are so clouded and ugly. Why? Do you realize you will never be as beautiful as them? Maybe you should stop hating on others and learn to love yourself.

B.R on

Crystal I have actually never been pregnant, I can’t carry a child, I have too much scar tissue (from the time I call concentration camp my home) on and inside my stomach so my belly couldn’t grow with the baby. Thankfully there are other ways to become a parents. We choose to adopt our son who is now 16. Due to what had happened to him and his age he came to live with us as soon as our criminal check were complete, normally a child has to be fully adopted before move date. But he was 11 and his bio-mother had tried to kill him a few years before we came along. She murdered his baby sister who was only a few months old, his father, and she almost got him. He has a scar that starts on his left hip and ends on his chin. He had been in foster homes, hospitals and it wasn’t working, he wouldn’t talk to anyone, do anything at all followed by a fight, he was a mess. He walked into my friends yard from his last foster home. We looked at each other then both ran into each others arms and started cry. Honestly all I remember when I first looked at him is this is my son, my child. If you ask him about that moment he will tell you the same thing the moment he looked into my eyes he thought my mom, finally I found my mom. The rest is history. He moved in the day after we met him and finally legally become ours after just over a year. I met my husband in Somalia working in a hospital with my friend. He was on his way out from Ethiopia and knew that doctors were needed badly in Somalia so he came for a few weeks to help. We wanted to marry each other with in a few days on meeting but we had to get to a safely out of Somalia and into USA or Canada. So six weeks after we met we went State side and married right after we got off the plane, no shower, no meet the family, we when right to the court house and got married (big ceremony was about six months later for his grandmother and our son) We spend another week in the States trying to decided who is moving where and decided on norther Canada for our future home. We moved that week and two weeks after that we met and started to adopt our son. So in 9 weeks total my life did a complete turn around, and I have never been happier. I have a beautiful family and that is more then I ever though would happen to someone like me. I just hope that the same thing happened to Matt and Kate. They met fell in love and are having a child together. Should they get married? Who can really tell these days. Legally marriage means nothing these day. When I was getting married they gave us an option A) marriage and divorce combo in one, assets are already divided and divorce is paid for or B)marriage but you have to play for the divorce later. So clearly the government could care less if your marriage works or not. We did it cause like you personally it means something to us, but both of us could have gone either way when it comes down to it, cause nothing but death would have ever kept us apart. But that is just us. I am really sorry about the novel for your short question I got carried away in the memories of it all. Thank you for asking about my family I was having a bad night but after thinking about the beginning of it all I feel really happy and blessed at the moment. Thank you.

I wish you and your family all the best in the future. May it be filled with health, happiness, and never ending joy.

Chloe on

I have never seen such rude and nasty comments on a thread before. Ever since this site has been owned by People.com, it seems the bitchy comments have increased more and more each day, it’s not the nice website it used to be and its a shame.

Did nobody tell you that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?

Congratulations to Kate, Matt and Ryder.

Buzzby09 on

What the hell is she wearing??? Are they going directly to Matt’s hemp farm?? Matt why why why????

frid on

Ever since she dumped Owen and went after his friends and Madonnas and pretty much everybody elses x-boyfriends/lovers I thought she was a disgusting and very desperate person…. I feel sorry for Matt Belamy- he could do so much better… But I guess he hopes he’s going to be the next Chris Martin, since he’s dating (and having a baby) with a “huge” hollywood star…..

Jane on

What does Angelina Jolie have to do with a Kate Hudson thread? The comparisons between these two are way off. Angelina has stated in several interviews that she was celibate the first year after she broke up with Billy Bob.And when she did begin to date again the men where NEVER in her house or around her son Maddox. Angelina said that she took it very serious for man to be around her son and enter her home. That’s how I knew Brad was the real deal for her.(because he was in her home and around her son) Kate Hudson on the other hand has had a parade of different men interacting with Ryder…and that I cannot agree with. I wish her nothing but the best and hope she has a healthy baby. I also hope she can find a stable relationship for the sake of her children.

MiB on

Oh my! So she was seen out with men after she got divorced? Could that possibly mean that she was looking for someone to love and cherish again? I admit that I don’t like dating much, but how else are you going to find out if you want to start or continue a relationship with someone if you never meet them on a one to one basis? Counseling? Terlepathy? Divine intervention?

To me, dating several different men in a short time span means that you want to meet someone, and that you are not willing to waste time on people you feel are not the right one for you. I have gone on plenty of dates that haven’t lead to anything, not even a good night kiss on the doorstep, because I don’t feel any obligation to sleep with a man just because he bought me a coffee, or a meal or a drink. Maybe she feels the same? We should never assume that just because there is a picture of a man and a woman doing something together, there must have bee sex involved. In the case of her and Matthew Bellamy, there obviously has been sex involved at least once, but for the rest? Who knows.

Catherine on

I remember the good old days when Celebrity Baby Blog wasn’t affiliated with People and actually regulated its comments. Now we have people hiding behind their computer screens who apparently forgot their manners and feel the need to say the rudest things.

karen mccarthy on

I think Kate is a playful, lovely and energetic person who has had a hard time finding love….a lot of people accept mediocrity, so they are predictable…she doesn’t…pictures with her and Ryder show two things 1) she is not even aware of the camera on her and 2) she is totally involved in him….let her be, and focus on loving the people in your life

Letsy on

Why do so many people think getting pregnant so early in a relationship means the relationship is doomed? My mom fell pregnant 3 months after meeting my dad and married him @ 3 months pregnant. 42 years, 3 kids and 7 grandkids later, they are still together and still crazy about each other. Was it an ideal situation? No, definitely not back in the 1960s when nice girls didn’t do that kind of thing, but at least she didn’t have the general public scrutinizing her every move, but my mom was 20 years old when she met my dad, and knew he was “The One”. Maybe Matt is “The One” for Kate.

Anna on

Some people make such mean comments because she dates a lot, so they assume she isn’t responsible and a good mother. You know what … she is a normal, healthy woman in her early 30’s. She’s looking for love and is meeting different men to find that person. Isn’t that what all well adjusted single people do? She’s a grown women who is able to afford to have another baby, so why shouldn’t she? Is it better to be married and then have a baby the traditional way? Sure, maybe. But that isn’t everyone lifestyle choice anymore. I know so many kids (myself included) who had a bad childhood despite being in a “traditional” family, so no one can ever convince me that is the “ideal”
Good luck to Kate and her family.

Shannon on

Didn’t she say she moved in with Chris Robinson (ex husband) a week after they met? This should be no surprise. Maybe she likes to take risks. She seems like a free spirit.

Jonna on

I think the person who said she was really in love with Owen was right on. When you saw pictures of them together, the way she looked at him -you could just tell. I see that same look in pictures of Katy Perry with Russell Brand – the way she looks at him.

Also, I think it’s interesting that Owen’s gf had a baby within a year and a half of him breaking up with Kate (for the last time in March 2009) and Kate WILL have a baby within a year and a half of breaking up with Owen.

It seems like both Jade and Matt are both rebound relationships and that Owen and Kate are both trying to forget each other desperately.

Well, I’m sure both babies will be loved and well-cared for…

heather on

i don’t see a bump.

and it was only a matter of time before she got knocked up.

Hea on

Love that you guys are insinuating that Kate is a whore. As if you know anything about her. How utterly self degrading and stupid of you.

Kate is a gorgeous woman with her own life to live. She has not gone through man after man as far as I know. Yes, that’s right, I said as far as I KNOW. If she has – fine with me. Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. It’s a modern time and age we live in. Get your heads out of that collective medieval ass.

Georgina on

The only thing I’d be concerned about is the fact that as a couple they live in different countries! When the baby is born, its going to need a home! Due to the fact her son is in school in America, and his Dad is there, its practical/logical for Matt to move there? But then what about the rest of the band?? Oh no!!

Also, Id like to know how so many of you know so much about Kate? Specifically what she tells her son? I mean there might be pictures of her and X man with Ryder having lunch, but did your parents not have friends? How likely is it that shes going to say this is mummy’s boyfriend over and over.

And finally he has a father, so she could be spending time with these men whilst Ryder’s with his dad. Its not like she has to sit at home and twiddle her thumbs is it?

Anonymous on

uh, let’s see…this is all kate’s fault b/c she got HERSELF pregnant, right? the man had NOTHING to do with it so it MUST be her fault….riiiiiiiiiiight.

Crystal on

B.R.- WOW!!!! That is an AMAZING STORY!!! I have tears in my eyes. Thank you sooo much for sharing. I wish your family all the happiness, love and blessings this world has to offer!!! I am truly touched!!! =)

Crystal on

Frid- Coldplay was AWESOME before he got with Gwyneth! She did not make him a star. He did that all by himself. He’s extremely talented and I looove his music!

cb on

Why does everyone have to fit into the same mold? We live in a world where the classic structure of a family no longer exists. There are different ways of living life! For anyone to judge her isn’t right. Just my opinion..

Kat on

sorry, don’t see any “bump”, just a gal in a baggy sweater…

klutzy_girl on

Allie – I think both Goldie and Kurt talking about the pregnancy pretty much confirms it!

And oh my God, I can’t believe some of the comments. They’re making me rage here.

Catca on


No, the public does not have the “right” to make nasty comments. The public has the “ability” to make those comments – but that’s not the same thing as the right. And the fact that someone is famous does not make it “okay” for you to make rude comments about them, nor does the fact that the Internet gives you a measure of unaccountability. Are making comments like the ones made on this board common? Sure, it’s done all the time with non-celebrities as the target as well. It’s called “gossip/talking behind someone’s back”. The vast majority of us, myself included, have done it. I’m not proud to admit it, but I do admit I’ve done it and no point will I ever claim that it’s okay for me to do it.

Again, we don’t know how many people Kate has introduced her son to, we just know she did a few. As a celebrity, whether she introduces her son or not, he’s probably aware of who she is dating. Kind of hard to avoid so whether she introduces her son or not is a different decision for someone like Kate then it is for those of us who aren’t famous. We also don’t the context she introduced her son to these men. Maybe she introduced them casually but they only met a few times. Perhaps she was thinking about getting serious and wanted to see how son interacted with the man. None of us really know.

And someone made a comment about Goldie Hawn having a revolving door. Where did that come from? Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together for 3 decades and she was married to the father of her two children before that. How on earth is that a revolving door????

tfez on

Wow…I can’t believe how many people seem to have such a narrow and rude point of view.

How many one-night stands or short-term relationshps have there been that resulted in children? Plenty..yet do you gossip/talk about them?…Probably not. What Kate chooses to do with her life is her own choice. She is an excellent mother with a very supportive family. Everyone is so quick to point the finger at a celebrity, but people forget that there are worse people out there that make the choice to sleep with everyone and anyone and keep having children they can’t support…those are the people that need help and some guidence.

Think before you begin to lash out at someone that you don’t know or know what their family life is like. You think it’s easy to be famous…I’d like to see any one of one be put in that same position of having zero privacy and having the whole world watch your every move and see how you’d act.

Taylor on

Yo, you are a sad individual. I truly feel sorry for you if you think the only successful parents in the world are a married man and woman.

Roxanne on

UMMM I thought the article was about her baby bump? Why all the ugliness regarding who & how many she dates & her abilities as a mother. So hateful towards someone you’ve never met. BTW I didn’t see a baby bump just a baggy sweater though her face seems a bit fuller than usual.

Marla on

I’m just curious and hope some of you who keep talking about a “revolving door of men” can enlighten us about just how many men can a single woman date. Is there some kind of formula for this, like, 1 year equals one man, or maybe one year equals two men. Please, speak for all women and tell us, lest we be called sluts. And also, is there some other formula for how long one should know somebody before getting pregnant? Do you have research on the success of a relationship based on the duration of it prior to conception? I’m just wondering. It seems like we have so many experts here.

JMO on

@Randi “Who has a baby with someone they’ve only known for 6 months? Hollyweird!”

My brother was dating a girl for 3 months when she got pregnant. Four years later he got another girl pregnant he only knew for 5 months! Yep it’s not just hollyweird! It happens ALL the time!

How come it’s mostly women though that get berated for it? What about P diddy and all his kids with different women. Lil Wayne…..Alicia Keys man….I could go on and on about all the men that sleep around too and get girls knocked up left and right.

Kate has been with several guys in a 1 year period which isn’t always healthy for your kid but only Kate knows her child and how he will handle all of this. It’s not for us to judge. I just hope this man sticks around or they atleast try and make it work.

Crystal on

JMO-I get your point but your brother really needs to learn to use protection. That’s ridiculous!

alice jane on

All these comments are poor Matt, what a “slut” Kate is. Did it ever occur to anyone that Matt is just as responsible for this baby as Kate is?

I wish them all the happiness in the world, and I’m excited to see their baby when he/she comes! To the people with these pathetic, nasty comments about Kate, your words say a hell of a lot more about you than they do about Kate.

Millie on

I don’t particularly have a problem with Kate Hudson. I’m sure she’s lovely and her mom is in one of my favourite films. However, I do feel that Bellamy is going out with her as a rebound from his long term (now ex)girlfriend, Gaia. I don’t think Matt’s ready for another long term relationship (espesh with a Hollywood star – Matt keeps himself to himself usually) and I don’t think Kate is one to stick around going by her past. Who knows? Maybe this’ll be different 🙂

anne on

i am very sad to see all these awlful things being said about kate- soooooo judgemental! it is her life- there are much worse in hollywood and no one slams them like this. look at ms. diaz trotting around the world w/arod-is this okay w/you? talk about desperate- even justin didn’t wander her way when they made a movie together. kate hudson seems a very good mom to ryder- her parents are awesome- helloooooooo- be opinionated w/your movie stars but to the degree you all are here- unbelievable! lots of stars are always in relationships- i could name many way worse than kate- way way worse! kate is beautiful and wears her clothes the same- i can’t wait to see the collaspe of the diaz/arod couple talking about trash- she looked like the perfect mommy w/his kids on one vacation huh?? be real!

Becky on

Babies are a gift from God. He said ” be fruitful and multiply” he had/has a plan. I wasn’t blessed with his gift. And I’m so happy for anyone that has been gifted. NO MATTER the circumstances. I don’t sit in judgement of others. Congratulations Kate and family of the new baby on the way.

Halley on

Wow, Andrea… hateful much?

Andy on

So many people are complaining at Kate for having boyfriends and having a child with one so short after dating?

What about the women who have children with a guy that they had a one night stand with? What about the women you see on TV shows that have to test ten different men to see who the father of their child is and it turns out that none of them are?

Whether or not Kate and Matt stay together is not the concern at hand, that child will be taken care of and it will loved (this I assume seeing how Kate seems with her son) and that should be the concerns of any child, yet these often go over looked.

She is living her life the way that she wants and if you don’t agree with that, who are you to say that she’s wrong? You all are not perfect and you need to get over yourselves.