Pete Wentz Credits Bronx for New Hairstyle

01/23/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
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Pete Wentz debuted a new and all-natural hairstyle earlier this month — and says his son Bronx Mowgli was the inspiration behind his new β€˜do.

“My son, he’s got this full head of awesome curly hair, and when he gets out of the bath he’s so stoked,” Wentz, 31, told PEOPLE at the opening of his Angels and Kings bar at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago on Thursday.

“I want to get out of the shower and just be stoked, not think about how I don’t want water to touch my hair. The amount of maintenance that went into my [straight] hair was ridiculous.”

Bronx turned 2 in November, and his proud papa says it’s an “awesome” age.

“He’s really interesting, he talks and tells stories,” Wentz says. “He can tell you about what he did that day and what he wants to wear, he picks out his own outfits now. It’s an adventure.”

Wentz says Bronx is already a big fan of music, but it’s too early to tell if he’ll follow in the musical footsteps of his parents, including mom Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

“As fate would have it, he’ll probably be into math or something,” laughs Wentz. “Whatever he’s into, he’ll rock it.”

— Nadine Shabeeb

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erica on

I don’t know why some people online (not on this site) were making such a big deal about Pete Wentz’s hair. His mom is afro-caribbean so the curly hair shouldn’t come as such a shock. I think it looks fine (on him and Bronx.) πŸ™‚

Ashlee on

Hello, Erica:

I think people were just surprised to see Pete embracing the natural texture of his hair all of a sudden. We have all become accustomed to the flat-ironed style he has been rocking since his Fall Out Boy days. That said, I think the curly hair is a good look for him.

soph on

I think that’s great that his son inspired him to do that. His natural hair is a better look for him.

Mandee on

I love the look, and the reasoning behind it! I love how our kids make us look at things differently. They both look great.

Maddie on

Wow, I didn’t realise Pete’s hair was that curly!! I can see where Bronx gets it from… looks good! I never really liked the flat ironed hair on him

JM on

glad to see he got rid of that horrible emo teenage hairstyle πŸ™‚ he’s obviously matured. and looks all the better for it.

B.R on

That is a very cute story. I am glad to see that he and Ashley are enjoying being parents and his adorable little boy allowed him to look at the world and himself differently. It never seizes to amaze me how healing and wonderful kids are and what they can do to change the life of their parents for the better.

TM on

Natural is always the way to go πŸ™‚ Pete looks great!

Meredith on

The hair is fine. Although I do think it makes him look like a Jonas Brother.

mary on

I like his hair this way much better than it was when it was straight. And I agree, it does kind of make him look like a Jonas Brother!And could his little boy get any cuter!

Elizabeth on

I agree with everyone else. He looks so much better with the natural hair, but I gotta admit that it’s kinda weird. I’m so used to seeing him with the straight hair that I now have to do like a triple-take any time I see him. haha πŸ™‚

Etsy on

I love the ‘new’ hair look much better….rock the curls!

Sophie on

B.R. I think you might mean “it never ceases to amaze me”!

Allie-Rose on

So basically he decided to change his hair … because he was jealous of his son’s??

H on

He looks just fine and more important he doesnt look like a 14 year old anymore

maritan on

It’s so much easier to embrace and love what you’ve got. His hair looks great and I am sure it saves tons of time from styling. I learned my lesson and stopped using a flat iron a long time ago.

Sophia on

Ha, Meredith, I was just going to say, he looks an awful lot like Kevin Jonas with that hairstyle! Going natural is great though, and it’s cute what he said about Bronx just loving his curls.

Steph on

Love little Bronx’s Mini Shatsu onesie and his long hair.

leslie on

the natural hair looks great on him. Too bad he spent all those years flat ironing his hair. It probably took a lot of time, money and energy to do that everyday. And honestly, it looks so much better with the curls and thick texture. He has nice hair!

Shannon on

Looks much better. Bronx is so cute.

Jenni on

Is Ashlee or Pete a natural blonde?! I always wondered how they both are brunette and Bronx is blonde.

Anonymous on

I dont hate the hair, i just think he shoulda let those beautiful curls flow a few years ago…BEFORE the Jonas bros…

CelebBabyLover on

Jenni- I think Ashlee is a natural blonde.

MiB on

Jenni – it is possible that Ashley either is a natural blonde or was one as a child. I have seen plenty of children being blond as babies and toddlers and then go darker as they grow, most end up with dark blonde or light brown hair, but the mother of a school friend of mine ended up with very dark brown hair in adulthood, and both her daughters, who were blond as children, now have light brown hair. It’s not uncommon.

Alison on

I dont care what anybody says, Pete Wentz looks good no matter how his hair is… straight, curly, whatever I dont care he’s hott.

Holly on

His hair looks great…those glasses…not so much.

CelebBabyLover on

MiB- Funny you should mention that your friend’s mother was blonde as a child and now has dark brown hair….because that is also the case with my mother! She was white-blonde as a child, but now her hair is so dark it could almost pass for dark!

Shannon on

Ashlee is a natural blonde, as is her sister Jessica and their dad Joe.

Sarah S. on

I’m lovin’ his natural hair–so much better than the straight hair under the beanie!!

pam on

He somewhat resembles Paul Rudd now. (By the way, LOVE Paul Rudd!) Pete’s hair, different, but nice!