Jennie Finch’s Blog: We’re Having a Boy!

01/21/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Jennie Finch

Please give a warm welcome to our newest celebrity blogger, Jennie Finch! The recently retired softball player is expecting her second child in late June and will be sharing her pregnancy experience with us monthly.

The Olympian, 30 — who won gold in Athens and silver in Beijing — and her husband, Major League Baseball pitcher Casey Daigle, are already parents to son Ace Shane, 4½.

Currently 17 weeks along, Finch kicks her blog off by sharing the sex of her baby on the way — and wondering why fruits and vegetables are used to describe the size of her son!


We were so elated to share our baby news with everyone through The outpouring of thoughtful notes and support since last week has been amazing! It’s so fun to be able to celebrate our baby blessing with others. We have a little more news to share, too — we’re having a boy! A little brother for Ace. We’re working on names as we speak. Casey had Ace’s name picked out since we started dating, and we need one equally as special for his little brother. Any suggestions are welcome!

It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the physical changes and feelings of pregnancy these days. Feeling tired, feeling nauseated, expanding everywhere … but then I’m brought back to reality and am humbled with the incredible miracle of motherhood. It is indeed a miracle. It’s so wild to think that our baby — who started as two cells — is now the size of a turnip. I’m not sure why the baby books all use fruits and vegetables to explain the size of your child, but a turnip he is! He went from a grape to a lime to a turnip.

What a miracle to see the ultrasounds … absolutely incredible. I want to stay there for hours watching our sweet baby on the screen. It is so fascinating and reassuring to see the baby moving and all his precious growing body parts. It’s just wild. I’ve posted our ultrasound from the day we found out he was a boy — he’s giving a thumbs up!

It’s been so fun to experience this pregnancy with Ace. He is so pumped for his little brother to come along. Casey and Ace have been with me to every doctor’s visit, wanting to share the experience and know what’s going on.

With all the changes to our own bodies during pregnancy, I’ve had to take a look at my own eating and exercise habits. This is my first year of retirement from playing, and I haven’t been as disciplined as I was when I was pregnant with Ace. Back then, I was looking to try out for Team USA six weeks after giving birth, so I was eating healthy all the time and working out regularly. This time I have indulged myself a little more, especially over the holidays!

My doctor is threatening to put me on a diet to curb my cravings after I gained 12 lbs. in between visits. I’ve been loving the spicy stuff – jalapenos, Tabasco and lots of kick. Luckily heartburn hasn’t set in yet! It’s been easier to be healthier since the holidays ended. I started to think of it as feeding a life within me. One of the best parts of motherhood is that it teaches you selflessness. It’s not about me anymore, but about what’s best for our children and this baby within.

I’ve been exercising, but maybe not as regularly as I should. I’ve always worked out but it’s a whole new experience these days! The baby is just chillin’ right on top of my bladder, using it as a water bed. Especially this week when I exercised I realized I only have a few more weeks of being able to jog without feeling too much pressure. And I don’t know about other mommies-to-be, but it’s tough to find a sports bra with enough support to keep my chest comfortable — a new problem for me! I’m busting out!!

Luckily I have some good friends at my equipment company, Mizuno, who helped me out with some extra support. Meanwhile, I had to laugh when I requested some larger pants from them. My pants are busting, too … yes, I literally ripped a hole in a pair already, much to Casey’s amusement! I was trying some on for a shoot I was doing for The Doctors, and there they went! I’m down to only two pairs that still fit from my existing wardrobe. Time for maternity clothes!

It’s a little crazy because we’re packing up for spring training. Casey is a professional pitcher and has signed with the San Francisco Giants, so we’re headed to Scottsdale, Arizona soon, where the Giants have their spring training complex. We’re getting ready for the eight months of baseball season, but I’m leaving all my clothes behind except for my sweats. It doesn’t feel right!

More news and pictures from the road! Can’t wait to see what fruit our baby turns into next!!

Courtesy Jennie Finch


— Jennie Finch

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kelsey on

what about the name ‘Deuce’?

Lisa on

This blog is lovely! Wonderful and fresh! I’m excited to read more. Congratulations on another boy!

Jerz on

She’s so cute, I always liked her when I was younger playing softball & she was playing too!! Welcome Jennie!!

Allie on

Great post!

Here are some name suggestions:


And some more traditional ones:


TC on

So cute! Love it!

Mommy of 2 on

love love love Jennie as the newest blogger!! So refreshing!! I am so happy for her!! I have got a couple of names to throw out there…Jett and Jaxson?!! I am sure what ever she chooses, though, will be great! So excited to read more from her!

Amy on

YAYYYY!!!! I love Jennie! So excited she’s the new celeb blogger!!

jessicad on

I agree about the food references. My Dr described my daughter as a gummy bear, an average pickle, and a fork, too funny! I put the items on my belly and took pictures each time, made for fun pregnancy pics:)

It will be fun to have 2 boys! I think the name for this one should be one syllable and just as “manly” as Ace, or some folks like to use the same starting letter so maybe something with an A. Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing!

Ashley on

I like the blogging during pregnancy! She’s too cute.

Macy on

Suggestions: Ezra, Riley, Kayden, Rory, Elisha, Karter, Enzo, Avery, Luka, Jaylen, Gauge, Levi, Jayse, Easton, Shaya, Peyton, Milo, Skyler, Amari, Akira, Kai, Shiloh, Drew, Laken, Bryn, Tate, Salem, Theo, Kallyx, Bailey.

Jodi on

My suggestions are

Kate on

How awesome is the thumbs up in the ultrasound pic?!? He’s already letting you know everything’s A-ok in here! So happy and excited for Jennie. Watched her play in the WCWS in OKC every year during college. She was phenomenal and fun to watch. Now it will be fun to watch her in this new game called life. Congrats!

Name suggestion: Gunner

Sheena on

Great blog! I love the perspective of someone who is pregnant since most of the other bloggers have already had their children. My name suggestions are: Finn, Wyatt, Sawyer and Max!

Debbie on

Hey Jennie – congrats on your retirement and your pregnancy!

How about Cy?

It’s a great name for a baseball/softball family!

Good luck and we wish you the best!

ForeverMoore on

I love all the name suggestions so far! I’m partial to Asher ’cause its my son’s middle name (Nolan Asher)…our friend’s had their 3rd baby right after we had our baby and one of their first choices was Ace but they ended up naming him Bo…its one syllable and can stand up to the name Ace too! Congrats on the new baby…I loved watching the ultrasounds too, amazed me every time.

Brandee on

How about the name Jace? Ace with a J?

LadyL on

Awesome new blogger choice!

My name suggestions would be:


Congrats again, look forward to your blogs!

JerryLCates on

I like the name Gunner that the previous poster listed. With both of you being pitchers and the first child being named Ace…Gunner just seems natural.

Bridget on

Congrats to her and her family!

I am also having my second boy and can’t wait to see my son as a big brother. My son’s name is Oliver, so of course I love that name. But our new little guy is going to be Jack. So those would be my suggestion.

Can’t wait to read more of her blogs!

Hazel's momma on

Welcome Jennie!

My name suggestions:

Bo (or Beau)

Serena on

what a cute blog!

name suggestions:


Holiday on

I love that thumbs up the baby is giving. I like Cael, Ashton and Ryan for a boy.

Brooklyn on

Congrats Jennie!

Some suggestions:


Jen on

How about BOB, for Bases On Balls? (:

Well, then again, no pitcher wants to walk any players. Congrats!

Luna on

Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy! I’m wondering what your naming style is, because Casey had the first one picked out.

Finn -like Finch 🙂

Like i said, I have no idea what your style is, so I tried to come up with a couple. When I was pregnant, I had no clue what to name any of my kids so I took any and every suggestion made. Are you more traditional or unique but not unheard of or completely crazy? Congrats to you, Casey, and Ace.

Jaymie on

Jennie – what about Stryker? (Or Striker)? Or Penn (as in pennant) or Pepper (common baseball game, practice)? Stick with the baseball terminology! Will make it all the more meaningful in your fam!

Tee on

What a precious ultrasound picture! Congratulations on your second son!

Fairy Princess on

how about Camdyn/Kamdyn like in Yards?

Jgirl on

I have a son named Ace. Obviously, I like your style. Whatever you choose, it will be perfect for you! Thanks for blogging, I have always been a fan.

Karen on

OMG Kelsey, I love ‘Deuce’ for a name. It would be really cute w/ Ace!

Courtney on

You guys, deuce is slang for poop, I don’t think she should name her baby after excrement…

oh dear on

Some of these names suggested are so wrong and truly bogan/chav/redneck. I suggest the Finch-Daigles avoid the following names listed here.

Charles Eavenson on

Hi there, I am so happy for you and your new son to be. You are so blessed. I wishes for you and your family many blesses this coming year. Happy New Years to you and your family. I am a fan of yours. A fellow former U of A student.
Peace,Blesses,Grace,Love and Best Wishes to you and your family.
May the Grace and the Love of the Lord be with you and your family.

Jen on

Love her husband’s name, as I am mom to a “Casey”, thinking of baseball when we named him 18 yrs ago. I am sure that is part of their thought process, what would be good baseball player names?

Ryan is a great one (or Nolan) after one of my favorite pitchers of all time. I think Shane would be a great name as well.

Jessie on

Congrats!! Two boys will be so much fun!! 🙂

What about Brooks? It’s an awesome name! LOL My son is named that and it’s a good baseball name should he follow into the family business!!

Don’t stress about the weight, just enjoy yourself and the miracle of pregnancy!!

Lori on

Jodi…I think Lael is predominantly female these days. I actually had it on my short list for my daughter.

Jennie, I think you should keep the same trend with boy #2. Give him a first and middle name both consisting of one syllable just like his brother. My son’s name would be a great compliment to Ace.

His name is Thayne. Traditional spelling is Thane. It means warrior or land owner.

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and an easy delivery!

Congrats to the entire family!

Names4Real on

Congratulations on baby #2. How exciting? Let’s see. Names that go with Ace.

How about Athen? I know the cutest little boy named Athen, named after Athens, Georgia, but you could use it to honor GOLD in Athens, Greece.

Other suggestions . . .

Ace and Gray
Ace and Grove
Ace and Finch
Ace and Bay
Ace and Kai
Ace and Duke
Ace and Kingston (Ace & King)
Ace and Atlas

Good luck!


Elizabeth on

I’m 17 weeks, too, but we’re not doing the ultrasound to find out sex until week 20. How about Jack?

Amanda on

How about Knox, Jett, or Gage?

kelli on

I have a suggestion, how about Trey Finch Daigle? A baseball sounding name!

Amanda on

How about Knox, Jett, Cannon, Gunnar, or Gage? I like Gunnar, it goes well with Ace!

Deserae on

Always nice to read about normal people. Ace sounds lucky to have such good parents. Cant wait to read more about you & your family!!

As for names…what about Jett? Or Kade? Something short & simple to go with Ace.

Rhyan on

What about Cannon? Or Cooper? Those are both baseball-ish and go well with Ace!

~Jaye on

How about “Scout?”

Robin Schlager on

My teen age daughter is a softball player & we love Jennie. She’s a great role model for young girls and we wish her all the best.

LStew on

I vote for Bo or Gunner!

leslie on

What about Cayden?

Caroline on

Congrats, Jennie! I’ve been following you for years (also grew up playing softball in LA in the ’80s) and have always admired your wholesome attitudes and values-driven life. Hope you continue to have a restful pregnancy.
~ What about the name “Dutch” for a boy?
Blessing to you and your lovely family!

Trina on

Hey Jennie, congrats on baby # 2. I think you should name him Cooper after Cooperstown. All the best on your pregnancy, you look awesome!

sandra on

Great post!

Jan on

We are baseball folks, and we like the idea of naming your son something like Mickey, Duke or Cy or possibly Kason. Just thinking about how blessed you are to have the beautiful son you have, with another one on the way. And you and Casey are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. Congratulations!

Sandy S. on

Congrats! How about:


mirtie on

Congratulations!!! I like the name Weston!

Kristi on

Kleitt Michael Daigle

Astrid on

How about the name Cash?

Anonymous on

Congrats on baby boy#2!! So exciting!!! As for names, I like Chasin..Ace and Chasin..sounds cute to me! 😀

Lis on

Congratulations on the 2nd baby, and that ultrasound pic is soooo precious! As far as a name, when I saw your son’s name Ace Shane, the first thing that came to mind was Jax Dalton. Whatever name you do choose, I’m sure it’ll match perfectly with the special little guy. 🙂

Corinne Carey on

Congrats on your pregnancy…I thought of a few names that relate to baseball and softball…Hill( for pitching mound) Ash ( baseball bat) Easton ( bat & glove) and Anderson ( softball bat)…Hope you like these names and congrats to you and your husband!!!!

Ashley on

Love your blog! I am also expecting and love to hear everyone elses journey through pregnancy. My husband and I loved watching you pitch! So bummed you are retired now, but so happy for your soon to be new addition. A couple boy names we are on the fence about: Jackson, Jacob, Carson and Carter. Cant wait to read more!

ARZ on

I look forward to reading your blog! So fun to hear others views on pregnancy. I have two daughers, 3 and 1, so it’s fun to think of boy names.

I’ve always liked Cannon for a boy, we’re both big baseball fans (Go Brewers!) and played baseball/softball back in the day 🙂 Fits your “theme” too, and how fitting for you!


I like the suggestions above of Gunner, Cooper, Nolan, Ryan, Camden, Cy, and Fin as well. Beau has always been on our boys list too but not really baseball-related….

good luck!

steph on

Hahaha I was thinking the same thing Oh Dear! Some of these suggestions, ESPECIALLY the misspelled ones, are awful :/
And these same people get really rude when celebrities name their kids weird stuff…things boguns like is an awesome site too 😉

Keri on


I’m partial to Tate Delsin, but then again that is what I named my son! Congrats!

Corinne Carey on

Congrats again, here are some other names I thought of that relate to baseball and softball: Oakley,Wilson,Baden,Pearson,and Striker..Hope you like them!! Good luck 😀

Krystle on


Ellen on

I love the idea of keeping the first initial the same as your first child…so the names that come to mind are Aidan, Addison, Alex, Alden, Avery and Abram.

L on

Congrats! I can’t wait to see what name y’all choose! My suggestion is Cooper after Cooperstown, NY home of the Baseball Hall of Fame!I think Ace is such an awesome name btw!

kelly on

I’m not sure if this is the reason because I never had a kid so don’t attack me. I think they use vegetables and fruits so its a better visual and something easy to think about? That is what I think when someone tells me their baby is the size of an orange and I see one it gives me a visual idea in my head. I’ll think of some boys names. I really like the Jayden.

Miranda on

Here are some suggestions


Leigh Z. on

I love that Jennie is blogging on! I had the pleasure of meeting her in Beijing at the 2008 Olympic Games and she is an absolute doll! So down-to-earth and friendly to everyone! She is a great role model for our youth today and I am excited to follow her new blog! Congrats Jennie & Family! Thanks again for your kindness in Beijing 🙂

elle on

i have got 2 great sons and their names are Tanner and Landon. a little less run-of-the-mill but not too out there either. i also like names where the child gets called by the name , no short forms.

cris on

I definitely agree with Steph! Oh my! Some of these names are hideous! Atlas, Homer, Striker, Delsin, Chasin and Klieet??

Riordan, …why are so many of you caught up with having the siblings names match or begin with the same letter, isn’t that a bit ‘duggerish?’

With that said, I grew up playing fastpitch and really enjoyed reading Jennie’s blog and look forward to her future blogs as her little vegetable continues to grow!

I do like some of the name selections on here, such as: Bo, Dalton, Ryan and Jackson.

B on

Try an ENELL Sports Bra for tons of support during pregnancy. Easy access front hook and eye closure make it a nice nursing bra as well. Available at: with free shipping.

shazam on

how about dasher
or blitzen
or even

some of the name suggestions are hideous…..what about a normal name that a boy can grow to be a man with such as Thomas, James, Michael, Robert or Michael….

CCK3 on

My son’s name is Myles, though in Canada, we’ve nicknamed him Kilometres or Kilo for short.

ann sullivan on

congratulations, jenny!

I think HOMER is a great name : )

AT on

Ok, mine all all baseball names:

Perry (Gaylord Perry)
Brett (George Brett)
Kirby (Kirby Puckett)
Gehrig (Lou Gehrig)
Red (Red Faber)

Sadie on

Congrats Jennie! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. So names…
Jaxon (Jax for short)
Beau or Bo
Kincaid / Cade

Maybe in your next post, let us know your naming style so we get a better sense of what you are after. Best wishes to the whole family!

jessicad on

Cris, for me naming my next child with the letter M will tie my kids together in a sense, since they won’t have the same father. My sister is a half sister technically even though I’ve never seen her that way, but she said at times she felt left out because her last name was different and she didn’t have a full sibling. This is just something small I want to do for my daughter and any future kids to make sure they feel connected in other ways. I’ll probably just have one more to make sure my daughter doesn’t resent her half siblings for being full blooded, if that makes sense. I don’t plan on having 19 or 20, so hopefully it won’t seem “duggarish”. 🙂

Barb on

For Jessicad above, no offense, but there should never be any “half” or “full” in a description of a family. Family comes from the heart, regardless if one is adopted, have the same mother and father, or just share one. Love is what binds, not genetics. *Hugs*

MaryBeth on

Congratulations! We are also expecting our second, a boy, on June 25th. I love the idea of a blog – it helps other mommies and mommies-to-be relate in the crazy world we live in, full of puke, weight gain, and sore boobs. 😉 Preach it sista. I was thrilled to read you are expecting around the same time as I. I grew up playing fast pitch in high school, leagues, and college. I didn’t pitch, but was catcher. I LOVED it and miss it so much. Anyways, I loved watching your games and just the spirit of team, as we know in softball. As much as I miss softball, I’ll never trade it for mommyhood. Now this is my destiny! I look forward to reading about your pregnancy. I hope you have a wonderful, healthy one! (PS – Squats. Focus on the squats. Life-saver for me on baby #1, plus, kept my legs somewhat cankle free).

Suzanne on

Congratulations!! Ace and his cousins will love a new little dude in their life. Enjoy Arizona and take care of yourself when it begins to heat up.

One name option Hayes Finch Daigle or Holden Finch Daigle

Best Wishes!

Rachel on

I play fastpitch softball, I have for 7 years already & im currently 15. jenny is a great role model !
Baby names ;
Tucker ,
Bentley ,
or Alec .

IMO on

Barb, well said!
Jessicad, while I respect your opinion, I would never have a child so my child doesn’t resent her siblings bc it’s a half. I would instead spend my time uniting them and explaining how they are sisters. What a horrible reason to have a child! And then tell the baby…hi baby, I had you so you sister wouldn’t resent her half siblings?! Instead, exclude the word half from your vocabulary.

Kristen on

Congrats Jenny and Casey on the 2nd boy!!
My name suggestions are:


Good luck!!

fan of you on

How about Spencer

k on

EASTON! Baseball/softball equipment company – perfect for you guys!

Olympicfan on

How about Maverick? It is one of my favorite boys names that I was never able to use. Sounds great with Ace!

softball mom on

Congratulations Jennie, Casey, and Ace! I can not wait to tell my daughter about your blog! You are such a precious role model and I am thankful my daughter had the opportunity to meet you. My daughter attended one of your camps and is looking forward to attending more in the future. Take care!

Rita on

Can’t believe no one has thought of the name “HANK”. I Love that name. My daughter is hoping to have a little boy someday and that is the name she has chosen.

Congratulations to The Daigle Family.

Lighten up folks on

I think she should name her son Slyder!

1003 on

How about Easton (like the brand of bat) 🙂

Autumn on

what about Asa?

Maddie on

What about the names Peyton, Sean , Kai, Lilio, Kayden

patti on

Congrats on baby #2!

Since this is a post of Jennie Finch fans, any idea where I can find a Jennie Finch USA jersey in YOUTH size? My daughter is a huge fan and is playing “Jennie Finch” in her third grade wax museum. I am looking for a jersey for her to wear and believe it or not, cannot find anything on the internet. Any ideas? Want to represent well.

Ali on

Since you like Ace you also might like – Boone Jack Rex Bode Sawyer Dane Max Chuck Locke Ford Cash Lee Duke Bowen Lucky

Michelle Chambers on

As the mom of 3 girls all of whom have played fastpitch i can say our whole family is very thrilled for you and your family. I say stick with the salute to ball and call him Slyder! It is the name of a pitch and is edgy what do you think.

heather on

Bo is such a cute name! That is a good name for a little baby AND a grown man…a good name he can grow into!

aj on

How about Colt, it’s strong and definatly a boy’s name.

J on

i think Jaye would be a great name to join big brother Ace : )

krista on

Cy for sure!

diane on

How about the following names:
Good luck on your baby names

Hannah on

If I had a boy (I have 2 girls) he would have been either-

I liked the name Drew so much I wanted to name my daughter Drew. My husband said no but we compromised. We named her Jenna Drew. Good luck with the names! We were the same way with #2. Our first name had been picked out for a long time so we wanted the second to be just as special. We had a few names we liked and could not decide on so we waited until she was born. Now we can tell her that after she was born we picked out the name that seemed to suit her. She just looked like a Jenna Drew and she is as spunky as her name!

qtpeye on

totally real. Like Gunnar. Great suggestion.

shannon on

Since you went with the baseball theme for Ace, I would say Easton. That’s a very popular name around where I’m from. When I hear it I automatically think about baseball!

Leigh-Anne on

I have some name suggestions!!

What about……. Brayden,Lucas,Kaeden,Jacob,or Carsyn??? Oh, and also Cyrus, but call him Cy for short. My cousins named their son that after the famous baseball player.

Ali on

If you’re wanting to go with 3 letters again I think maybe these?

Lex Daigle
Cam Daigle
Dax Daigle

Then maybe Casey as a middle name after your husband or Finn b/c it’s close to Finch or Shawn I think fits in with Shane?

L Kittle on

Congrats, How’s the name Jace sound? Ace & Jace sounds good

jennifer clouse on

I am enjoying reading your blogs… about the name Dylan James? Go for something unique

Bridget on

Loved your blog! Very refreshing. I’m a first time Mommy to a 7 month old daughter and it is really amazing. Still trying to lose this baby weight….slowly but surely coming off now with the right nutrition.
Some names if I were to ever have another child and a boy:
Jagger Cash
Kingston (someone else said this..that would be cool)
Jack (Jackson)

Nicole M on

Congratulations! I’m happy to be reading a pregnancy blog, being 28 weeks myself w/ baby #3.
Good luck in the coming weeks and with your delivery! Can’t wait to read more!

Molly on

I’m kinda diggin’ the suggestion of Jax! Buy me some peanuts and Cracker… well you get the idea 🙂

Sammy on


Nolan Finch Dagle
Nolan Ryan Dagle
Deuce Nolan Dagle

vicky buhman on

I am from Arizona and grew up watching you play. I think Easton would be a perfect name.

vicky buhman on

What about the name Easton?

Kelly on

How about Christian!!

LaTersa Blakely on

Hello there, I’m a mom of two beautiful children and I can tell you that i was thrilled with mother of my children. But I had my son’s name picked out way before i was two months old. I wanted to name him eric jr, but his daddy wanted him to have his own identity, so we also wanted his name to mean something so we went to the bible and we chose Ishmael because it means “God hears”. My daughter’s name is Sarah “princess”. I like your cool sonogram. I kept all of mines as well.


Katie Williams on

I like the names:

Good luck.. so happy for you

gail on

Jennie congratulations!!! i saw this on people & text my friend Amber as soon as i read it. I know you two played softball together, which still blows my mind. best of luck =)

Anne on

Looking at the list I like Hank, or Brooks (Robinson), but I really like Calvin (as in Ripken!) Everybody seems to want to see their favorite player’s name on your new little man…fun. Those all work with Daigle. Have fun figuring it out!

Corinne Carey on

How about the name Base…I thought it was cute cause your son is ace and it rhymes, plus it’s like the band Ace of Base!!! Hope u like it!!

Natalie on

If we have a boy next, we want to name him Ryder. But I guess I can share. Lol…
I also think Easton would be pretty neat.

Sheena on

My suggestion is Cooper. Best of luck with the pregnancy Jennie.