Doutzen Kroes Welcomes Son Phyllon Joy

01/21/2011 at 09:45 AM ET
Marion Curtis/Startraks

She’s a model mama!

Doutzen Kroes welcomed a son, Phyllon Joy Gorré, on Friday morning, Jan. 21 in Amsterdam, her rep confirms.

The baby boy, who weighed in at 8 lbs., is the first child for the Victoria’s Secret stunner, 25, and husband Sunnery James.

“Sunnery and I are very excited to welcome our healthy and beautiful baby boy, Phyllon, into the world and into our lives. We couldn’t be happier,” Kroes tells PEOPLE.

“We’re in love with him! Can’t describe this feeling! Phyllon (pronounce: Fillen) is in our life!” the proud new father Tweeted.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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Louanne on

Congratulations. I’m so happy for her.

klutzy_girl on

And there’s our announcement for today! Wonder if the celeb baby news will take another weekend break or continue on.

Congratulations to them! Interesting name. (I keep wanting to pronounce it as phy-lon, though instead of fillen.)

jessicad on

Ooooh I like the name! His parents have neat and unique names so that’s no surprise. Congrats to them!

Macy on

Well I expected nothing less than an interesting name for their kid with parents named Doutzen and Sunnery. Really liking Phyllon.

Dana on

Congrats to her! I’m sure he is gorgeous.

M on

Second name Gorré, by the way

Anna on

Congrats to them!

I don’t like the name, does it have a meaning or background? I’ve never heard it before.

Dutch news says his name is Phyllon Gorré. Gorré is Sunnery James’s last name. Sunnery James might be his stage name? Doutzen is a traditional name where she is from, so it’s not a strange name.

Shannon on

Cute name!

Allie-Rose on

So he was born just a few hours ago!! Congratulations to Doutzen and Sunnery. Their baby must be beautiful.

I wonder where they got the name Phyllon from and the meaning behind it. It sounds Greek-like but it’s not Greek

Barbi on

Congratulations on the new baby! I’m not too fond of the name, but it’s their choice. The only thing I wonder though is why a parent would give a child a name that they will ALWAYS need to spell for others? Can’t imagine doing that each and every single time.

Jerz on

Beautiful couple, congrats on the baby!

Lynne on

Yay! I love them and have been eagerly waiting this announcement. What a cute name!

noam on

don’t know if it has other meanings, but phyllon is a greek word for leaf, according to wordnik…different, but cute.

showbizmom on

I love the name, it might not be “not normal” to some of us because most of us are in America. She’s Dutch and gave birth in Amsterdam so to them it might be like John or Sam. Who knows, it’s beautiful.

I’ve leaned to not judge names because everyone’s culture is different,and the names they choose might have a cultural significances to them. It does with my kids names and I don’t mind correcting those who want to turn their noes up at the names.

Julie on

Congratulations to the family!

Like Noam said, Phyllon is Greek for ‘leaf’. I don’t think it’s usually used as a name (especially in Dutch,) but rather used in compound words like phyllosphere and phyllopod.

There was an ancient Greek architect with the similar name Philon. That name means ‘to love’, which is would be a sweet sentiment to convey with a name.

Indira on

The pronounciation they gave doesn’t really help? Is it an ‘I’ sound her a short ‘I’ sound? As in the word file or fill?

Ceja on

Congrats to Doutzen and Sunnery!

At first I was a bit skeptical about the name, but it’s growing on me. Especially knowing how it’s pronounced and the meaning behind it.

As someone from the Netherlands I can definitely say this is an unusual name – I have never heard it in our country.

The pronunciation is just as Sunnery said: “Fillen” (Fill-uhn)

Indira on

Ceja- See that’s not how it would be pronunciated where I’m from. It’d be pronounced Fill-IN. Like Jaden or Braden. So, to me at least her attempt at providing a phonic pronunciation wasn’t all that helpful. It doesn’t make a difference, I was just curious.

Mallory on

Maybe Phyllon and Flynn can have playdates together! Haha. 🙂

Congrats to Doutzen and Sunnery! With their names, it’d be a little weird for them to have a son named Benjamin or Tyler or something.

Georgina on

Aww I’ve never heard that before, used as a name, I do agree with Julie though, hearing “Phyll” on other things, so I don’t think it will be that hard to spell.

It just sounds really romantic and intelligent as a name. Im sure he’s going to gorgeous too, if we go by mum and dad, so the babe has hit the jackpot.

Jaedyn on

Congrats! I love the name! Wow… Never heard it before, but I totally like it (would spell it Fyllan, though). Very, very cute!

Anna on

“She’s Dutch and gave birth in Amsterdam so to them it might be like John or Sam.”

It’s not a Dutch name. I don’t think anyone in the Netherlands has ever heard this name before.

mm on

As long as he’s healthy who cares?
But Phyllon means leaf and in the language that Doutzen speaks that means sweet,so i love it!

Lyoness on

Yay!! So happy for a happy healthy pregnancy, birth, and babykins. Seriously, I love his name!! (May have to steal) I keep pronouncing it “Phy-lon” in my head. LOL!! He’s going to be gorgeous; look at his parents. He’s going to be a heartbreaker. 🙂

Gaia and Laban's mom on

wow, she is a very pretty woman. Something that is kinda rare in the newer VS models. We actually looked at the name Philo (fye-loh) for our son since my daughter also has a greek name. I’m also unsure as to how her sons name is pronounced.

Lilith'smommy on

I’m all into the unique names but I really hate the name Phyllon. It sounds geeky to me.

Sophie on

@ mm: where did you read that ‘phyllon’ means ‘sweet’ in Dutch (or Frisian)…? ‘Doutzen’ means ‘sweet’ in Frisian, but has no real meaning in Dutch.

@ showbizmom: Phyllon is not a common name in the Netherlands at all. I’m sure most people here have never even heard of it. Maybe Doutzen will explain why they chose the name later on.

showbizmom on

Well I said it might be normal in the Netherlands.I didn’t know but thanks to those from the great land of the Netherlands. Love your country! Either way it’s a beautiful name and like Sophie
(love that name) said maybe the proud parents will explain the meaning behind it. If not It’s still beautiful

mm on

No Sophie,Phyllon is greek for leaf and leaf is frisian for sweet.

mm on

O yeah and Doutzen means dove or protector of the people in the male form(douwe).

magali on

I love to read about them how proud they are and how happy…They deserve all the luck of the world and it started now with the lovely baby

Sophie on

“No Sophie,Phyllon is greek for leaf and leaf is frisian for sweet”

Oh ok, sorry, misunderstood :).

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to them. I figured the name is Dutch as they are so that’s good. And, not that it matter, but I can’t help thinking of phyllo dough.

Kelli on

Happy for them. Her husband is gorgeous!

Sanne on

I’m also from the Netherlands and wanted to clear one other thing up: Gorré is his last name. Sunnery’s full name is Sunnery James Gorré.

And the meaning behind Phyllon’s name is leaf or sweet in Frisian but the Frisian flag has leaves on it as well. They’re called pompeblêden.

joyce on

Yes, Sunnery James is his stage name. Gorre is surinamese (african) surname.

Doutzen is a real Fries (in dutch) name, she’s from Friesland.


shavawn on

Phyllon is not a dutch name, i’m from holland.
They chose an unqiue name for their child.

Sunnery name is actually Sunnery James Gorre and he is south-american, from surinam with a mix of chinese and native american.

And Doutzen is a normal name from the place that she comes from in Holland (Friesland).

Larissa on

Hihi Sophie, are you THE Sophie I think you are?? (my friend from The Hague?)

JM on

congrats to them. i don’t like the name particularly. it just sounds weird i think.

visitor from holland on

Am I the only one who thinks the name, if pronounced properly, sounds like villain, except for the f? I also agree with the person who said the boy has to go through life spelling his name for others.

lydia on

Doutzen is not a typical dutch name, but a name from Friesland (province in Holland). Anyway I haven’t seen any pictures yet here on Dutch television. But looking at his parents, it must be a beautiful baby boy.

stacey on

Congratulations, I’m sure baby Phyllon is beautiful. I think Doutzen is one pretty lady!!

rm on

She looks like Hanna or Alison from Pretty Little Liars

Sarah M. on

I would pronounce it fie-len, based on the spelling. I’m from the US, though, and don’t usually hear names from that origin. So I would then expect to be corrected due to the fact that I’d know I was guessing on the pronunciation.

As to the having to spell the name all the time, I have to spell my name all the time. It’s Sarah. 75% of the time when people are first writing my name “Is that with or without an ‘h’?” So I have a common, everyday name and STILL have to spell it all the time.

Congrats to them! I bet he’s super adorable!!

Anonymous on

i like phyllon. it’s a twist on classic ‘dylan’ or ‘ dillon’

Olivia on

Baby pic online! 😀 Cutie!