Mini Must-Have: Suri Cruise’s Colorful Rainboots

01/20/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
R Chiang/Splash News Online

Those boots were made for walking!

We recently spotted Suri Cruise out and about with mom Katie Holmes in Vancouver, Canada on Jan. 7 and we couldn’t help but notice her bright footwear.

Turns out, the 4½-year-old was sporting the Cowboy Bronco rain boots ($39) by däv.

From the adorable stars and cowgirl design to the fun mix of pink and red, these rubber western-style shoes would brighten any rainy day.

Added bonus: There’s a matching umbrella ($24).

Love her boots as much as we do? Check out the full kids collection at

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Patty on

glad to see this child in a coat in cold weather – finally!!!

jordan on

Now I realize having your picture taken a lot is not a fun thing, but this child NEVER looks happy. Never see her smiling.

missy on

There have been tons of photos of Suri smiling. Just last week there photos of her smiling at a little piggie while visiting Katie at work, but CBB didn’t choose that photo.

Love her boots!

Sarah S. on

Cute boots!

Stef on

Love those boots. I want a pair for myself!!

Jgirl on

She is so cute. It could be the most darling photo of Suri, and people would find something wrong. It is disgusting. She is a child.

Toya L. on

She is a gorgeous little girl.

J on

Patty she’s been seen in coats for a while now, you may just not have seen them. That or you just want to be one of those people to never let that go years down the road.

Patty on

J, in all the pictures I have seen of Suri, I have never seen her in a coat. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t worn any in the past – I just haven’t seen it. And I agree with all the other posts that she is a beautiful little girl, with or without her smile. I’m sure it must get to be a little too much, especially for a 4-year old, to have grown people sticking cameras in your face whenever you go outside!

Jill on

This is one family that I feel so bad for when they are shown on this site. They have the cutest pictures taken of them smiling and playing and then the moment she isn’t smiling they put it here. If she takes her coat off, they put it here. No matter what, people will find something to complain about. People complained about her fur coat….guess what it is fake. The company has it on their site. People complained that she didn’t have tights on the other day, while she was wearing a coat….and the weather was in the 60’s. I am not saying they are a perfect or even a great family…..but she is A CHILD. And this site picks the pictures.

Brooklyn on

Definitely the perfect boots for here in (rainy) Vancouver!

B.J. on

I hate to be the one to say it, but must Suri’s legs always be showing from beneath a dress? Leggings are fashionable and oh-so-cute for chilly weather!

Jill on

B.J. Not all children think they are “oh-so-cute” or like them. The last time this comment was made the weather was in the upper 60’s. While it is much cooler in Vancouver…..maybe she just doesn’t like them. I am sure she is warm enough in her really warm coat, boats and skirt, especially since most of their shopping was done indoors. Mom even wasn’t wearing her coat for most of the shopping.

Paula on

Wow, she looks so grown up in this picture! And so beautiful!

Not a big fan of her family – Tom Cruise is so weird, in my opinion, and I think that they expose her too much in interviews – but is so sad that people always find bas stuff to say about her, she’s only a child!

JM on

Jill i know exactly what you mean, i see a post about this family and i just feel sorry for them. let’s see, the possibilities include: not dressed warmly enough, looks unhappy, too old to be carried, wearing heels, cut her hair, tie her hair back, put a jacket on her, she never does things normal kids do, they treat her like a fashion accessory, she carries a blanket around with her, she should really be in bed….hm, have i missed anything?

i have said it so many times but this site has some incredible double standards. there are things that people complain about with the suri that they never even mention with other celebs. i am FAR from being a fan of tom or katie, but i would feel ashamed of myself for being such a hypocrite and always finding something to complain about with this family.

Lis on

If a kid is uncomfortable with her clothes, you’re going to know about it. 🙂

Also, I’m plenty happy as a person and I don’t wander around smiling all the time. I don’t see the big deal.

KF on

Jill – Who cares whether Suri “likes” them or not? She is a small CHILD, and clearly needs serious boundries. I am so tired of hearing people say, “but he/she doesn’t like ‘x,y,z.’ If you choose to be a parent, be a freaking parent, and stop blaming it on your own inability to discipline a child by (God-forbid) saying, no!

B.R on

Who cares if she is wearing a coat if this was taken in Vancouver, I was there last week, you don’t need a coat. Heck I walked around in flip flops and just a light sweater and pants. Only cause you find it cold outside doesn’t mean she does. Most people find it too cold to live where i do, polar bear country, yet to me it’s fine, a snow fall means you put on a sweater on top of your t-shirt it’s till -15 to -25 celsius (3 to -13 farenheit) that when the light jackets come out. Temps drop as low as -62 celsius (-80 fahrenheit) and that is normal for me but something tell me most of you would not want to live here. So leave the kid be and let her wear what she feels comfy in, as much as you don’ agree with it.

Jill on

Bea…..If she doesn’t like leggings and the weather is 60 in California like it was last week, why should she wear them? If she doens’t like leggings and the weather is in the 50’s in Vancouver why should she wear them? That is my point. If the weather is below zero…..then that is a different story. You pick your battles with your children. Why make them where something because YOU think they are “oh-so-cute?”

Evelyn B. on

Suri looks cute, I also like her boots! I have to say I agree with JM on this one. While, I am not the biggest fan of Tom and Katie’s, i do feel like people are extremely picky and rude with this family, more so than other celeb families. Not only do the people pick at Tom and Katie, but also on Suri, who is just a child! She’s a little girl who didn’t ask to be in the limelight and people need to stop being so critical of a four year old.

Anonymous on

come on people she’s cute and just a child.

Marky on

I’m reading these posts, and I have to say, I can hardly believe all the “apologies” for even thinking that these 2 might do something inappropriate with their daughter. If this was a picture of one of the Jolie-Pitts children, there would be 200 obnoxious comments. Why the double standard?

Suri is generally an attractive little girl, but her parents are not in charge, according to their own statements, so however she’s dressed is her idea, not theirs.

B.R on

there are always going to be double standards after all we all like some people more then others in our daily lives. what gets me is that this is a child, and while other celebs do talk about their children, to me it fees differently when it’s tom and kate doing it. it’s as if they are always trying to prove that their child is better, smarter, more grown up. all that goes through my mind when i read or see pictures, she is a child, let her be one, while you see other celeb kids such as jolie-pitt running around in a park playing with each other and other kids, i have never seen a picture of suri doing anything even remotely child like, she is always on movie sets or shopping in high end clothing stores with her parents, i would love to see her go to kids book store, art store, getting dirty and muddy playing outside in a park. am yet to see a story or a picture that shows this beautiful little girl being just that a little girl, a child, not a mini adult. i guess what i am trying to say is thanks to her parents and they way they put suri out there in the media, and how often they do it, there is always going to be a double standard when it comes to her. it’s almost impossible not to with everything that her parents have said about her.

Cat on

I find it hard to believe how judgmental and up to arms people get over pictures on this site. You would think and hope everyone would know they don’t show the whole picture. Put your energies in protesting and helping children who are abused and really do need help.

Jill on

Marky, Not true. There is a picture of a Jolie Pitt child and not 200 obnoxious comments. There is no reason for people to be rude in any way shape or form to a child.

Example, Last week there was a picture of Suri in California with a jacket on and skirt, no leggings or tights. People commented on how could they dress her without anything on her legs. That very same day Jessica Alba’s daughter was also dressed in a skirt, jacket and no leggings or tights in the next town over and no comment was made. That is what is called a double standard. people do not like Tom Cruise and/or Katie Holmes. I am not really a fan of either of them….but I would never nitpick an article about a child because I don’t like their parents or their parenting styles. That is quite petty.

B.R. There are many pictures of Suri playing at the park with Tom, Katie, her sister, her brother. Even with other children. I have seen her shopping at fun stores. I have seen her running on the set and having fun. This site chooses the pictures to post based on what will get the most hits/comments. Those pictures don’t bring controversy and that is what sells. If you go to other sites, you will see beautiful pictures of her smiling and having a fun and happy life!

samantha on

This child is the most spoiled child in Hollywood/New York or wherever they take her!! she tells her parents what SHE wants and when she wants it and that’s just NOT RIGHT!! The gifts just keep on getting more expansive and expensive and not is Suri ever going to grown up with humility and graciousness and appreciation for others as well as herself when she’s just indulged ALL THE TIME!!?? Does Suri know the word “NO”?? obviously her parents don’t know!!

Jill on