Emily Procter Welcomes Daughter Pippa

01/20/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Michael Williams/Startraks

It’s a girl for Emily Procter!

The CSI: Miami star, 42, welcomed daughter Pippa in early December, she tells TV Guide. This is the first child for Procter and boyfriend Paul Bryan.

She returned to set this Wednesday, just in time for costar Adam Rodriguez‘s directing debut.

“I wouldn’t have missed it,” Procter says. “In a way it fits that my first day back is Adam’s first time directing because I felt like he genuinely wanted me to have a healthy baby. He wanted me to be happy, and I wish the same for him. I think that’s what you get after nine years together. It’s that genuine want for each other to be happy.”

The actress will be written out of the show for one week, returning with the March 13 episode.

— Sarah Michaud

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c on

not to be critical, but “I felt like he genuinely wanted me to have a healthy baby.” What does that mean? Are there people on the CSI Miami set who were wishing ill on her pregnancy? Sheesh

Shelly on

I have been checking everyday to see if there was a post about Emily having her baby! Congrats! I like the name.

Paige on

I’ve been waiting for this news to be announced!

Congratulations to Emily and Paul. I love the name Pippa!

Tess on

I read this a few days ago. Congrats to her.

Rachael on

Pippa?? Where did that come from?

Congrats to them both!

Tee on

I was wondering if Emily had the baby! I’m glad to hear this news!

Georgina on

What’s the deal with the way they list the announcements on here? There doesn’t seem to be an order, new things coming up in the middle of yesterdays posts, or is it just my computer?

Pippa isn’t a name you hear everyday, but its a nice, unusual, name. It always reminds me of the aussie soap Home and Away.

I like the fact they written her out of the show for one week! I know its due to the scheduling but it seems like that’s the *designated* week for labour!!


Kat on

Pippa… not a fan of the name; bad soap opera in Australia with a character Pippa lol :):) BUt congrats to Emily! I was wondering when she’d finally pop! :): ]

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats…and I just knew it was going to be a girl!

Shannyn on

Kat: Are you talking about home and away?

Congrats to them, I quite like the name Pippa

jessicad on

I got a girl vibe from her too, and love the name!

Lucy on

Oh, I totally love the name Pippa! Have loved it for quite a while now. Should I ever have a daughter I want to name her that. Congratulations on welcoming a healthy baby girl.

Holiday on

I really really dont like Pippa at all. In fact it makes me cringe its so awful. Congrats to her though! At 42 and having a first baby that is a true miracle.

Vanessa on

Yeah I think of Home and Away too when I hear the name Pippa LOL.


Sarah M. on

According to http://www.babynameaddicts.com, the name Pippa is an Old English name meaning friend of horses.

I kinda like it, as my nickname from an old friend of mine is Pippi (after Pippi Longstocking). A nickname for Pippa could be Pip, maybe…

I’ve been waiting on this news for a while. They were able to keep it quiet for some time. Good for them! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I meant to say earlier that I’ve heard the name Pippa exactly once before: A girl I went to high school with had that name! It’s unique, but I like it. 🙂

poppykai on

We were deciding between Pippa or Poppy for our daugther, but went with Poppy. Pippa is short for the name Philippa, which is the female version of Phillip(my Dad’s name). It is a much more common name in western Europe than in the U.S. I get many strange looks from Americans for naming my daughter Poppy (I won’t even go into her middle name), but in Ireland and England, there is not a bother about my daughter’s name. Every country has its own common names. I think it is lovely and I am sure the baby will be very loved and beautiful. Congrats to Emily!!!

Martina on

Congratulations to Emily Procter and her family, I’m a big fan of her acting. I love the name in English, however I got a good laugh when I read it. Here in Sweden the word pippa means f***ing. So as much as I love Emily Procter and I like the name, I certainly hope little Pippa never visits Sweden because she’ll probably get weird looks when telling people her name.

Tess on

Georgina – it’s not just your computer. New posts will come up after four old posts. It’s quite bizarre.

B.R on

Georgina like Tess said this site is just odd when it comes to time stamps not sure why. Congratulations to the new mom and dad. I love the name and hope that everyone is health and happy and enjoying the new addition. I for one can not wait to see pictures of this baby, something tells me that the two of them would make really pretty babies.

JM on

i’ve heard of several Pippa’s in my time. never really liked it much, it has a bit of a posh connotation.
could be worse though.

congrats to the family i hope everyone is happy and healthy.

vitoriapinto on

Congrats to Emily and Paul. Sice december, I was visiting this website to see something about Emily’s baby, but I didn’t see. Loved the name Pippa. It’s very unusual, but very nice!

Congrats, you guys!

Joanna on

Like all the comments above mine I’ve been waiting for quite some time to hear news of Emily’s baby. I hope both mother and daughter are doing well. The name is a bit unusual and I must say I got a good laugh out of the name as well since in Polish it means p**sy. LOL But I like the name.

brannon on

Love the name Pippa!!!